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Evil Has Struck And Your Luck Just Ran Out by sheba11696

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Author's Chapter Notes:
David’s eyes slowly opened and he dropped down from the metal bar. He had told the Boys last night that they could go feeding without him if he wasn’t awake when they were, they had not protested, seeing that about a week passed by without them sating their taste for blood.

David looked around not sure of what to do now. Most people if they had been taking care of Paul, Dwayne, and Marco for 50 years, they would have been throwing a huge fucking party right now seeing that they didn’t have to put up with the fights, name calling, arguments, rough housing, hair pulling, growling, loudness, and overall badness that implied to the Boys.

But no, David wasn’t like that, sure he was happy to finally be rid of them, but he wasn’t that kind of person. Oh no, David was that quiet, reserved, willing to watch the others, kind of guy. But he had and probably would always have complete control of the pack. He was their leader after all.

David could be just like the Boys if he wanted to, but the Boys could never even dream of being like him. The Boys saw that and that was perhaps why they were so submissive. Well usually. David just had that special appeal to him that you couldn’t just ignore. Dressed from head to toe in black and that bleached blonde mullet and those startling blue eyes that if you looked close enough you could clearly see that this was not the normal see-everyday person.

And if you had been around him for a long time, then you would soon realize that this guy wasn’t even human. He was a vampire.

David walked into the Main Part of the cave and sat down on one of the couches. Looking around tiredly, he counted about every crack that was in the Cave wall. It was eerily quiet and David’s ears pricked up instinctively.

Too quiet.... David suddenly jumped up from the couch, his arms out in front of him, for he thought he had heard footsteps. Whole-heartily expecting the Boys to jump down the stairs yelling, “HAHAHA! We got ya David you should’ve seen the look on your face!”. But they didn’t and all returned to quietness.

Sitting back down David scolded himself for acting like such a fool. He was just tired that was all. then he heard it again....Definitely footsteps. This time he remained sitting hoping to have the element of surprise on his hand. Staying casual he began to look around the Cave again. This time without really seeing anything. His ears were entirely focused on the noise steadily coming down the stone steps.

David turned his head very slightly when his mind told him that the person or whatever creature it was, was on the bottem step. Watching from the very corner of his eye, David saw some blurry HUGE black thing step onto the Cave floor. Okay it was most certainly not a human.

Fearing slightly what he would see when his eyes saw the being fully, David slowly turned his head all the way to look at the enormous thing. His head snapped back to the side when they laid their sight onto the beast.


And that Werewolf was looking at him hungrily.... David got up off of the couch once again and faced the Werewolf. Wishing with all of his might that the Boys would hurry up and come back, David took on a fighting stance. The Werewolf looked him up and down and David knew he was sizing him up.

The Werewolf struck first. David ducked under him and allowed his Vampire side to come through. David slashed with his talons at the creature’s unprotected left flank. The huge beast snarled in pain and David had to duck once again to avoid the hooked-claw paw.

David flew up into the air, knowing it was an disadvantage for the Werewolf. He flew at the creature and slashed at it’s face. The beast ducked and at the same time shot an arm into the air catching David on the arm. David tried to yank his arm away but the Werewolf hung tight.

Concentrating on braking the Creature’s grasp, he pulled back with all his strength as he flew backward. All it did was drag the Werewolf a few inches before the beast hooked it’s claws into the ground firmly. The lycanthrope’s paw came down in a swooping swipe that would have skinned David if it hadn’t been for his quick actions.

He pulled back again and cried out in pain when the nails tore across his chest. The Werewolf threw him down onto the ground and pounced on him. Injured but down for the count David tried to kick it off of him. It didn’t do anything, the Creature was stronger then he was.

He lifted his arms and fought like a mad-man. Thrashing, kicking, biting, scratching, spitting, hissing, growling, and doing whatever else there was to do, David was not even aware of his surroundings anymore. He snapped back to reality when the Werewolf’s teeth sunk into his shoulder. The teeth sunk all the way down to the bone and David screamed in agony. He absolutely had to kill it, he reasoned with himself, despite the amount of pain he was in. While the Creature’s sharp teeth were occupied with his shoulder, David still had his arms free. Raising them into the air he slashed down at the Beast’s neck with a strength born of desperation. David felt the Beast stop moving and he pushed it weakly off of him. He lay were he was hoping that unconsciousness would take him soon.

And when David finally saw the black spots overtaking his vision, he couldn’t and didn’t do a damn thing to stop them.

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