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Hearts Of Darkness by sheba11696

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Author's Chapter Notes:
HEY! What do ya know?! I finally have dicided to write some FANFICTION! *gasp*! Well here it is folks, Hope you enjoy! Please read and review!

Summery: When A young girl accendently drinks from the bottle, her life is soon on a loopy roller coaster. Can she deal with the pros and cons of being a vampire? Or will she perish? Prepare yourself for an adventurous story about 4 boys, one girl, and a tabby cat named Ziggey. Lost Boys fic!

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lost Boys...Or I wouldn’t have to write this would I? Jessica belongs only to me...So please ask first before borrowing her.


Hearts Of Darkness

Jessica Alby looked up disdainfully at her popcorn ceiling. The fights with her mother were getting more freqeunt. She hated her with a passion. She knew she shouldn’t hate her, but she really was unbearable! Fortunately this was going to be the last fight. Jessica got up of her bed and walked over to her dresser. She picked out 5 black t-shirts,1 leather coat, 5 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of leather pants, 3 black bras, 5 pairs of underwear, and a pair of black-silver studded gauntlets. She snapped the gauntlets on and reached for her backpack, she stuffed her clothes into it.

Jessica walked over to her window opened it, and jumped down. The house was only one story so she didn’t have far to fall. Jessica walked across the front lawn. She wasn’t sad about leaving, her parents wouldn’t even shed a single tear when they realized she wasn’t in her bed sleeping soundly. When she got onto the hard pavement she whistled and called, “Ziggey, Ziggey”!. Ziggey hearing her call, dropped the worm he had in his mouth, which he was finding untasty, and trotted over to his beloved owner. “Hey, Ziggey”, Jessica said happy to have at least one friend.

Jessica walked around to her family’s garage and opened it a little bit, cringing at the screeching sound it made. She carefully slid under and found herself wondering which vehical to take. Jessica looked from the red Convertible to the black and red motorcycle. With some contemplating she decided on the latter. Jessica reached over and put Ziggey into her backpack, then she slung the backpack on her shoulders and jumped on. “Prepare yourself Ziggey” she said. Ziggey meowed back in reply. Jessica grabbed the keys out of her pocket and started the bike. She rode off, not caring if she woke the neighborhood with the throaty growl of her steed. She looked behind her for a split second before putting her attention back to the road. She rode on into the still but dangerous darkness.

AN: well...... I know it was short but I promise you the chapters will get longer as I get my brain into motion! R&R! Flames will be fed to the maneating wolf in my backyard, any questions? No? Okay then.*smiles* I’ll update a new chapter tomorrow, I promise! Bye guys! *waves*.

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