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Little Fighter by Cat Lady

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story is dedicated to the one who inspired it and the lyrics used in this chapter belong to White Lion's "Little Fighter."
Are you cryin’ tonight?
Are you feelin’ all right?
I told the world that you were down on your luck

You were one of a kind
One who'd never give it up
Even when they put a price on your head

Has anyone heard the tales you tell?
Or seen the scars you wear?
Did anyone speak up when you fell?
Does anybody care?

Rise again little fighter
And let the world know the reason why
Shout again little fighter
And don’t let it impair the things you do

And you were one with the courts
And a reason to be
You were a fighter for peace on this earth

And you were never afraid
You put your life on the line
And you were always so long out on the sea

Without a weapon in your hand
You came to fight a war
They took your life but didnt know
That you will never die

Rise again little fighter
And let the world know the reason why
Shout again little fighter
And don't let it impair the things you do

Are you feelin’ all right?
Coz I care, care

Run along little fighter
Oh coz I was there beside you
Never stop believin’, so rise

Rise again little fighter
And let the world know the reason why
Shout again little fighter
And don't let it impair the things you do

Rise again little fighter (Don't stop believin’)
And let the world know the reason why
Shout again little fighter (And keep on movin’)
And don't let it impair the things you do

Yea, don't let it ever end the things you do

Santa Carla, the murder capital of the world, is the home to the odds and ends of civilized American society. Every and any type of person can be found in the small way-side coastal town if you look close enough. But sometimes when you look too close, you start to see things that you really don’t want to see. Like the thousands of Missing Persons notices for example. Or the overflowing cemeteries with their graffiti covered headstones. The list just goes on and on and on. But Santa Carla really isn’t that bad of a town. Really, it’s not. Carla’s got quite the night life if you’re into that thing and if you’re not, then you shouldn’t be here. You can’t play with the big boys if you aren’t prepared to get knocked around a bit and Santa Carla is as big and bad as they come. She’s a tough old bitch all right and that’s what I love about her. In Carla, it’s kill or be killed. The killed part may be a real drag but I’ll tell you this…the killing part is awesome and that’s where we come in.

“Where is she? Dwayne where the hell did she go now? You were supposed watch her.” David snapped as he stormed into the main cavern of the lair, looking extremely peeved. Wearing all black and sporting a bleached blonde mullet that only he could pull off, the leader of the small troupe of Carla vampires looked like a bad-ass sex god from the rock and roll world and the pissed off look on his face only added to his over-all appeal. Yep, David was quite the looker. Pity his personality hardly matched his appearance.

“I don’t know man. I turned my back for one second and then she was gone. She couldn’t have gotten far.” Dwayne sighed softly as he ran his hand through his hair for the tenth time that night. It had been about two weeks and already their “problem child” had given him the slip more times than he cared to admit.

“You better be right. Check the Boardwalk, I’ll hit the coast. She wouldn’t go near the residential areas.” David muttered as he yanked his trench coat off the back of a broken chair and threw it on, not missing a beat as he headed for the mouth of the cave with Dwayne at his heels.

“And if I find her?” Dwayne asked, fully knowing what the answer would be.

“Smack her and bring her back. And whatever you do don’t let Max see you.” David growled as he and Dwayne exited the cave and quickly made their way up the rickety wooden stairs that led to the top of the cliff. It took them about two seconds to mount their waiting motorcycles and speed off into the night, Dwayne heading towards the bright lights and sounds of the Boardwalk while David rode off into the night, leaving nothing but tire tracks in the sand as he headed towards Hudson’s Bluff.

David muttered something under his breath as he squinted against the wind, slowing his bike to a stop as he peered out at the lighthouse that stood like a silent sentinel near the bluff, sending its powerful beam of light out into the dark Pacific waters. It was only a matter of time before the authorities closed the lighthouse down for good. Too many “suicides” were being committed in it and the locals were starting to get suspicious.

He gave the empty expanse around the bluff a quick once-over, his keen blue eyes missing nothing. Frowning slightly, he spotted a pair of footprints in the rocky dirt that led straight towards the bluff’s edge. There was only one person in Santa Carla who wore a size eight boot with a large heart engraved in the sole of the heel. Bingo.

David killed the Triumphs engine before he kicked down the kickstand and dismounted, leaving the keys in the ignition because he knew that he wasn’t going to be gone long. As silent as a shadow David walked to the bluff’s edge and peered over it, his eyes searching the rocky outcropping below for any signs of life. The tide was out so the usually wave-covered boulders were uncovered and coated with layers of seaweed and other ocean debris so it would have been easy to miss the small denim clad figure perched on the edge of one of the larger boulders. But as per usual, David hardly missed a detail.

“How did you find me this time?” The girl said without looking over her shoulder at David as he landed silently on the boulder behind her, giving the receded tide line a guarded look.

David didn’t bat an eyelash as he stepped forward and yanked the girl roughly to her feet by her arm, not releasing her as he turned her around to face him. The girl was shorter than him by a few inches even though she was wearing combat boots with three inch heels so when he seemed to tower over her, she slouched forward and refused to meet his gaze. He stared hard at her face before he said anything; taking note that the garish eye make-up and purple eye-liner that she wore was smudged and streaked as if she had been crying.

“You’re the only vampire stupid enough to get this close to running water.” David said as he tilted her chin up, forcing the girl to look at him. “You didn’t.” He said as he dropped his hand.

“I wanted to see if it was true.” She said as she averted her eyes and stared at something over his shoulder, knowing that she was really going to hear it this time. “I didn’t get far so drop it.”

“Didn’t get far? What? You thought that we were kidding around when we said what running water could do to us? Show me.” He ordered as he released his hold on her arm, glancing down quickly to see that his glove was damp.

“No.” She said as she took a step back and crossed her arms over her chest, the dangling charms that hung off the front pockets of her jean jacket tinkling softly as they bumped up against one another. David scowled as her and instead of doing what he told her, the girl looked down at her soggy boots, not budging an inch.

“Sarah, don’t make me force you.” David said softly, his voice quiet and in control as he resisted the urge to reach out and shake some sense into her. Sarah pursed her lips at the sound of his voice and just shook her head, her frizzy curls shaking every which way as she refused once again. David gritted his teeth in annoyance as he closed his eyes for a second while his hands clenched into fists, his vampire self coming out in full force. When he opened his eyes Sarah was staring at him wide-eyed as she tried to hide her fear behind a look of nonchalance. All David had to do was arch an eyebrow to break through her hastily made barrier and after a second Sarah scowled at him before she crouched down on the boulder and pulled up the wet legs of her patched jeans, revealing the black calf-length boots underneath. Wincing slightly, she carefully pulled down the zipper of the right boot and eased her foot out of it.

“You only went knee deep?” David asked her as he crouched down beside her to look over her foot which was a painful shade of blue, purple and white. Her foot looked like it had been frost bitten.

“Not even.” Sarah said as she hissed softly between her teeth when David gently touched her ankle, bending her foot back and forth to make sure that it wasn’t as serious as it looked.

“And the other foot?” David asked, glancing up at her.

“The same.” Sarah murmured as she balanced on one leg, trying to keep herself from swaying sideways. David frowned and reached to unzip the other boot, not believing her. “I swear it is I’m not lying.” Sarah said quickly as she tried to take a step back but the second she put her bare foot on the slick surface of the boulder she let out a sharp yelp as the pain intensified tenfold and caused the muscles in her legs to cramp. If David hadn’t caught her she would have fallen off the boulder and landed on a few rather unpleasantly sharp rocks that were beside it.

“I’ll look at it when we’re back at the cave. It doesn’t look like it’ll be permanent and you’re lucky.” David muttered as he put her back on her feet, allowing her to lean on him as she carefully put her foot back into the boot. “Next time you listen to what we tell you and quit taking what we say for granted.” He growled as she dug her nails into his upper arm as she zipped up the boot, cursing quietly under her breath as she did so.

“And the next time you pull another stunt like this I’ll leave you out here and let the sun take care of you. Do you understand me?” He said with a sharp edge to his voice as he drove his point home, frowning in satisfaction at the soft sigh she let out.

Enough was enough and he had just about had it with her little pranks. Last night she had leapt off a bridge to test the theory of whether or not vampires could fly and if it hadn’t been for Marko’s quick actions, she would have been nothing but a broken heap of bones if she had hit the bottom of the ravine.

Like most newly turned vampires Sarah’s powers were still out of whack, but her inability to fly was something that David found puzzling. Usually new vampires could instantly float for a few seconds or minutes if needed be but when Sarah had jumped, she had plummeted like a stone. Maybe she was one of those rare cases where the vampire never attains the ability to fly and if so, David knew that they were going to have their work cut out for them.

“Did you feed at least?” He asked her and rolled his eyes at the dark look she gave him. “Sarah when was the last time you killed something” He asked her as she carefully stepped away from him, self-consciously trying to wipe away the smudged make-up under her eyes.

“Tuesday.” She said quietly as she turned her back to him and used the edge of her torn shirt to get most of the eye-liner off.

David turned his eyes upward and shook his head. Perfect, just perfect.

“Sarah, its Friday. You know that right? It’s been three days. What did I tell you about holding out…” He started with the speech, figuring that this was the fifth time he had to say it to her.

“I know, I know! I just…I couldn’t tonight; I don’t know what it was. I tried David but…tomorrow night. I promise I’ll do it tomorrow.” She said as she gnawed her lower lip nervously. Sarah knew what was coming and there was nowhere that she could to run to or hide.

David shook his head slightly as he adjusted his gloves and reverted back into his human visage once more.

“That’s what you said yesterday.” David said as he gazed at her steadily, calling her on her bluff.

“C’mon David don’t do this.” Sarah whined softly. With her feet the way they were and the fact that she hadn’t fed in three days, there was no way that she could out-run him even if she tried. David’s expression didn’t change as he motioned towards the cliff with a nod of his head. “David…” She tried once more but when he blinked Sarah sighed and hung her head. Without saying another word she carefully climbed off the boulder and began to pick her way towards the small steep trail that she had used to climb down the cliff face. She listened carefully and when she heard David’s footsteps close behind her she quickly made up her mind and acted instantaneously on her hasty decision. Before David knew what she was up to, Sarah lashed out with a foot and kicked him square in the groin with her heel. Simultaneously both vampires let out a holler of pain, Sarah for her injured foot and David for…well, you know…and as David fell to his knees, Sarah clenched her teeth together and took off as fast as she could. She wasn’t moving very fast by vampire standards but from a human perspective she was just a colorful blur streaking up the cliff trail.

“Fuck!” David swore loudly as he climbed to his feet, every move he made painful but that pain was quickly becoming a dull throb. Growling harshly, his eyes flashed orange as he launched himself into the air, taking to the sky in a gust of wind. Sarah gotten about a hundred yards from the bluff’s edge before David swooped down on her and crashed into her, knocking her to the ground from the force of the impact.

“Let go of me!” She shrieked as David wrapped his arms around her, pinning her flailing hands to her side as he stood up and dragged her over to where the Triumph was. All David did was growl in anger as she tried to kick him again, moving to the side so that her kicks missed his legs.

“Quit it!” David snapped as Sarah screamed out again, louder this time. Instead of obeying the girl wriggled and lunged, doing everything she could think of in order to get free but David’s iron grip was impossible to break.

“David let me go! Let me go! Let….go!” She cried as she managed to half-turn and as she did so her teeth found David’s gloved hand.

“Argh! Shit!” David yelled as she bit him as hard as she could, her teeth going right through the leather and into the back of his right hand.

Sarah managed to work her way free all right but the blow David struck her knocked her clear off her feet for the second time in three minutes. This time Sarah stayed down, her shoulders shaking as she curled up into a protective ball, her arms covering her head in order to hide her face from view.

David swore once more as he wrenched his glove off and inspected the damage that Sarah’s fangs had done. She had bit him clear to the bone but already his skin was starting to repair itself. In about ten minutes there would be no trace of the wound.

“Sarah I swear you try that again and I’ll…” David growled as he reached down to pull her to her feet. As he touched her arm he quickly leapt back with a surprised growl as Sarah snapped at him again, her orange eyes wild looking as she slowly got into a crouch, eyeing him warily.

“This is what happens when you don’t feed.” David muttered under his breath and he shook his head in annoyance. He had been trying to avoid something like this for the past two days but he knew it was only a matter of time before the girl went full-frontal out-of-control vampire. Well, there was only one thing for it. David growled dangerously at Sarah, his vampire side appearing, as he took off his other glove and stuffed it in his pocket so that he would have free use of his hands. Instead of attacking him as he expected, Sarah just scurried away from him, growling out in warning. Lowering his head slightly David locked eyes with the girl and bared his fangs, a low snarl coming from deep within his chest as he tried to provoke her to attack. Sarah hissed like an alley cat as she bared her own fangs but still she refused to move forward. Instead the girl started looking for a way out.

“C’mon!” David roared as he rushed her and stopped a few feet from her, trying to coax the response he was looking for. Sarah growled once more, becoming more agitated as he got closer but still the half-deranged vampire refused to fight. If David couldn’t dominate her in this form, as was the traditional way in dealing with unpredictable half-starved vampires, then he would have no choice but to do what he had to do in order to get her to submit, even if it meant killing her.

Such was the twisted way of the vampire.

“C’mon.” He muttered quietly under his breath as he saw her tense, preparing to lunge at him as he stood there, fangs bared in challenge. A scared half-snarl came from her as she narrowed her eyes and snapped her jaws, not knowing what to do and before she could make up her mind, another vampire joined the fray and startled her into action

“Gotcha!” Paul cried loudly as he literally dive-bombed from out of nowhere and took a mock swipe at her in order to drive her towards David. Sarah shrieked in surprise, the sound coming up somewhere between nails on a black board and a dying rabbit, and bolted forward as she whirled around, sharpened nails slashing the air where Paul had been only moments before. As Paul danced out of her reach and kept egging her on David waited a split second in order to make his move and as Paul ducked quickly in order to avoid her nails, David struck from behind with enough force to stun the girl.

“Impeccable timing Paul.” David muttered as he lowered Sarah onto the rock-strewn sand, gingerly flexing his right hand as he did so.

“Well I was in the neighborhood and I figured that you could use a hand.” Paul chuckled as he shifted back into his human form, a cheeky smirk appearing on his lips as he glanced down at Sarah who was out cold for now. “What was it this time?”

“What do you think?” David muttered as he undid the buckle of his leather belt and pulled it out of the belt loops of his jeans. “Give me yours.” He said as he knelt down and quickly lashed Sarah’s hands behind her back with the belt, making sure that it was tight enough so that she couldn’t break free when she came to. The same went for her ankles but David made sure not to cut off the circulation to her feet, least he make situation worse than it already was.

“Now what?” Paul asked after he handed David his studded belt.

David sat back on the balls of his feet and rubbed his hands over his face as he sighed tiredly. “Can you or Marko pick off one of the runaways on the beach? The last thing we need right now is for her to die on us. Max would have a field day with that.” David muttered darkly as he glanced up at Paul who scowled slightly and shoved his hands into the pockets of his tailed coat.

“Why the hell did we get stuck with the babysitting? She’s not ours. She’s Max’s problem.” Paul murmured as he gave David a knowing look.

“And we answer to Max so whatever Max says goes Paul. She’s our responsibility for as long as he says so. Hey, I don’t like it any more than you do. Do you really think that I enjoy hunting her down every night only to have to drag her back to the cave and do it all again the next night? I’d rather get rid of her and be done with it.” David said as he rose to his feet, carefully looking around quickly to make sure that they were alone on the bluff.

“Then why don’t you?” Paul asked quietly, so quietly in fact that David almost missed what he said.

“I would if I knew we could get away with it. But Max knows exactly what he’s doing and if anything happens to her, it’ll just give him an excuse to have all our heads on a plate. We want to get rid of her, he wants to get rid of us, it’s so simple it almost hurts.” David murmured quietly as he pulled his leather gloves out of his coat pockets and slipped them back on.

“I really hate that guy.” Paul said before he spat off to the side, the mere mention of Max’s name leaving a foul taste in his mouth.

“We all do. Even her. But right now there’s nothing we can do about it but grin and bear it.” David said as he bent over and gathered Sarah in his arms as if she weighed no more than a child and headed over to the Triumph while Paul trailed along behind him, grumbling under his breath. “If you run into Dwayne tell him to meet me at the cave. I’m not wasting the rest of the night force feeding her when she wakes up. Dwayne was supposed to watch her tonight so he can do it.” David said as he swung his leg over the side of the motorcycle and settled Sarah in front of him so that she was leaning against his chest as he keyed the ignition and kicked the bike to life.

“I’ll tell him. He won’t be happy but whatever. See you in ten.” Paul said as he gave David a mock salute and leapt into the air, taking off like a shot while David carefully guided his bike around and sped off back to the cave, silently cursing Max with every foul name he knew.
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