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Bonds Sealed by Kira

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David sat beside Dwayne on the large bed a few weeks later, checking the last of the remaining cuts. They had for the most part completely healed though the bruises remained and he was still pained. David had gleaned bits of information from the younger vampire about his master and the reason behind his sudden appearance in the cave.

If David hadn't already despised the man he would now. Dwayne was reluctant to talk about the man and David could understand why, if only from what he *wouldn't* talk about.

As a sketchy explanation went, Dwayne's Master was enraged that he had stood up to him. Something he had never done before. He had always been too afraid and done as his Master ordered putting up with the beatings and . . . the rest. But when Dwayne found him dragging a 17 year old girl and her kitten, kicking and screaming towards the cliffs over David cave Dwayne couldn't just stand there and let it happen. He had attacked his Master saving the girl but dooming himself.

His Master, enraged that his toy still had a will of his own began to beat him, tortured and raped him and through him over the cliff. He had washed up just as the sun began to edge up and he struggled for the caves safety but by the time he got inside the sun was high enough that he was lucky not to be ashes.

David dragged the Master's location from Dwayne only when he realized this wasn't just vampire for vampire vengeance. It was actual caring, protective need to kill. He hadn't had had someone care for him since he was a child. Nearly two hundred years ago.

David called Max and requested Rachael to come watch his new friend. He waited until the quiet woman was there before he took off.

* * * * * * * *

David kicked the door of the Master's home in killing several of his body guards quickly not bothering to fight, merely snapping their necks as he headed to the room Dwayne said he would likely be in.

The younger vampire was right, the Master was in his library leaning back in a chair, reading, perfectly relaxed.

David leaned against the wall arms crossed over his chest and shifted to fang. The older man turned to face David slowly a lazy smile drifting across his lips. "Are you here to be my new toy dear?"

David lifted an eyebrow. "No. I'm here to make you pay for your old one."

The older man lifted an eyebrow, "Oh? And how do you know the little . . .?"

"You in no way shape or form want to finish that statement," David said in a low dangerous tone. The older man raised an eyebrow.

"Worthless little chit found a protector did he? And what is my little toy doing to repay the favor?" he smirked knowingly.

David took a single step forward. "So help me if you say one more thing about that boy I will tear out your intestines and tie them with crosses."

"He is mine. I can say what I want about him."

"That's where you are wrong," David's voice was deathly calm. "Dwayne isn't yours. He is mine. And until the day he decides differently he will stay that way."

"And if I decide to take him away."

"That will be a bit difficult."

"And why is that?"

"Because to do that you would have to leave this room. And that ain't happening."

"Oh and who is going to stop me?" the older man stood towering over David by at least a foot. "You," he laughed. "You couldn't main a child let alone stop a Master from leaving his own stronghold."

"One should never under estimate a leader defending his family."

"And you are a leader?" he mocked.

"No." The man grinned nodding as though David was confirming his conclusions. "No, I am not a leader. I am a true Master." With that he drew up to his full height and called his powers, his own, those his maker gave him and those Max did. Combining these he throw a blow of power at the older man smiling as Dwayne's tormentor doubled over
crumpling to the floor.

"And now you bastard," David said calmly as he stepped over the near unconscious whimpering man. "You will know pain."

* * * * * * * *

Just before sunrise nearly 6 hours later David returned, covered in blood. He was silent saying nothing as he passed Dwayne and Rachel walking into the bathing cave and returning clean.

He had a blank, haunted expression in his eyes though his face remained a look of dull calm. He sat beside Dwayne and looked deeply into the younger vampires eyes. "It's done."

In the many years that followed even to this very day David has yet to say more then, "I took care of it. I take care of my own." He spoke of what occurred that night to no one, ever. The effect of what ever he had done never left him. And it showed in his eyes. As did the fact that should it ever be needed he would do it again.

And so sealed his bond to Dwayne, his bond to the pack, and his repression of his powers of a Master.

The End Story

The End David's Series
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