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Welcome Home by Kira

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David frowned dropping from the caves ceiling to a crouch on the ground. A persistent scraping sound came from the main chamber... as well as the rancid smell of burned flesh.

Slipping into fang he walked slowly into the other room predator screamed every muscle, he was prepared to attack, to run, to kill . . . he however was not prepared for the sight of the vampire trying desperately to crawler out of the sunlight, his dark hair covering his face, the parts of his body not covered in torn jeans and a holed t-shirt were on fire, burning white hot before David's eyes. The only noises the man struggling on the floor made were whimpers of pain.

A burst of fear went through David and he bolted forward into the sun, feeling his bare arms and chest get begin to burn his hands the first to go up in flames. He grabbed the other man under the arms and dragged him into the cave and the safety of the dark shadows.

David winced knowing that his rough handling had to be hurting the man but there was no help for it. He lifted him carefully onto large bed thanking anyone that cared to listen that he had thought to buy one.

He rolled the man onto his back and studied the mutilated body with a pained expression rage growing at any who could inflict such needless pain. Play with your food as you like but never leaving *any* living or unliving being like this. No matter what you do *always* put it down after. It was one of the only rules Max had set that David already obeyed. This. . . this was just cruel.

The man, attractive despite the multitude of bruises and cuts on his face whimpered in pain and David felt his undead heart tighten with the need to help him and kill the bastard who did this.

Gently David brushed the dark hair from his pain filled now unconscious face and took assessment of him. He held a death grip on a tiny teddy bear in his left hand the other was swelled and bruised and as David touched it lightly he snarled. It was also crushed. Every bone in it shattered. Deciding he needed to know the extent of the dark haired vampire's wounds, he took out a pocket knife from the jeans and cut the shirt carefully from his guest.

He growled so violently the cave walls nearly shook with it. Bruises were carefully and artfully placed, every shade from fading yellow to dark reddish purple colored his chest, as did open cuts. One across his stomach from side to side and deep enough that he feared what it was like before it was partly healed. Another over each nipple and several slashed down each side. Bite marks on his throat and his stomach. *Above* the cut.

Carefully David removed the others mans jeans and his eyes widened pain for the dark one. His legs had taken an equal beating, for someone to bruise a vampire so badly they must have beat him with the intent of marring him. Both legs were cut deeply in small exact slices going from ankle to thigh. His inner thighs were bruised dark purple from knees up.

But what really put him in a killing rage almost ready to go out in daylight to find the bastard who could do this. The cuts that trailed up the dark haired vampire's penis.

He growled but forced himself to consider the wounds themselves not the monster that could inflict them. They should all heal given time and rest. Nothing permanent. Just them the wounded man shifted and cried out in a strangled voice. With a sick feeling building in his stomach David carefully rolled him over and hissed. His back was lined with almost whip marks . . . no this was done with something metal, a wire he decided as he touched the edge of one carefully.

His ass was bruised darkly and for the first time David noticed the dried blood on the bruises on his thighs. Eyes flashing red David blanked out the rage over taking him so greatly the room went black.

He came to a moment later as the pain of biting clean through his lip broke through his mind. He slid from the bed to fetch water and his med kit. He cleaned the wounds on the mans back and bandaged them carefully, rolling his back he cleaned the other cuts starting on his chest, he stitched the gash on his stomach before bandaging them all.

Next he cleaned the ones on his legs wrapping them, he cleaned the blood from his thighs and carefully, gently, cleaned the wounds on his penis afraid of hurting him more. He wrapped this as well. Carefully. He drew the sheet up over him, and finally noticed the collar around his neck. Frowning David picked the lock on the plain bands side and snarled again taking it off. All the around the inside were razor sharp spikes about a quarter inch long the tightness of the collar causing them to puncture his throat. After cleaning these wounds and bandaging them too David sat near the door studying the collar. It was plain save the spikes and the small name etched in the back, "Dwayne."

"Well, Dwayne" David murmured, "Let's get you healed and then I'm going to find who did this to you. And make what remains of his life a living hell . . .all ten minutes of it."

And so began David's Pack, David's power, and David's vengeful side. And his physical need to defend and protect.

And he was right, the bastard would pay greatly . . . but that is another story.

The End
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