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An End to Exile by Kira

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David walked through the streets of L.A., his hair newly cut no longer as long as it had been in England. He now wore black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a long black jacket. He pulled out a cigarette taking a deep drag as he eyes the humans scurrying about there short pointless lives. So pitifully weak and yet he envied them for the love they had in their lives. Family, lovers, friends. All the things that he longed for.

He sighed walking down a darkened alley looking for a meal. That's when he saw her. H clothing torn and bloodied. A cut and bruise on her face. She was tearing the man apart with all the viciousness of a truly enraged panther. She tossed the shredded body into the trash can as she finished and looked up, orange eyes locking with red. He gasped in recognition. "Diana?"

"D . . . David?"

Ignoring the blood now covering herself she launched into David's arms hugging him tightly. He held her just as tightly spinning her in circles and laughing. Slowly he stopped releasing her partly though his hands remained on her arms as though afraid she would vanish. "My god I thought I would never see you again, Diana."

"As did I big brother." She hugged him again.

* * * * * *

They sat near each other in the kitchen of her small house talking quietly. "I was so scared when you didn't come home that night. I disobeyed father and went out to find you. I was attacked while I was out there. Drained near death and left in the woods. But . . . " she flushed darkly. "Someone found me in time."

David lifted an eyebrow at the expression on his baby sister's face.

"Umm. . . you remember Elizabeth?"

"Stirling? From down the street?" at Di's nod he smiled. "Yes, that's the girl who you used to spend so much time with even though she was 12 years older then you. But she disappeared when you were 10."

"Which was ten years before you vanished," she added. "Well she is the one who found me and vamped me. She was my dearest friend and mentor for a while but eventually we became lovers. We've been mated for nearly a hundred years now."

"You're kidding?"

"No, she's at work now but she should be home soon."

"I've though about you a lot know."

She sighed. "I missed you big brother."

"And I you elf."

She leaned over and hugged him again. For a long while she listened to his story of what happened to him, tears filling his eyes.

"Well you aren't alone any more. You have a family and we are keeping you."


"Who I care for Lizzy does too."

David smiled, tears in his eyes.

Maybe his unlife wouldn't be so lonely after all.

The End
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