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Saying Goodbye by Kira

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David kneeled beside the small grassy patch on the barren hill over looking the city. The only mark that this place was special being it's lush grass and the roses that bloomed at the head. As always visiting this place tears filled his eyes and he stroked the soft grass.

"I've got to go now Zephyr. Not just from here. I'm leaving London for good." A soft breeze played with his long hair much as she used to. A strangled sob broke through him. "Oh god I miss you. I hate leaving you like this." He could almost hear her soft clucking noise, feel the way she nuzzled into his neck to comfort him.

He wiped at the tears that flowed from his eyes and plucked a rose from her bush. The only red among the white. "I'll make sure this place is cared for. If I have to hire someone your grave will always be tended."

He could hear her delicate trill in his ear and the wind playing with his hair again. A single tear fell onto the rose.

David stood rose still clutched in his hand. He stared down at the small patch of grass that was all that remained of his truest friend. She had been with him nearly thirty years, unusual in itself for a hawk. And he visited her grave every night the last ten years.

But now it was time to move on. Time to go somewhere new, leave behind painful memories. The rose still clutched in his hand he walked off into the night to prepare for his journey.

He had no doubt it would be a long and lonely one.

The End
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