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Companion by Kira

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David stood on the roof of the warehouse his companion perched on his shoulder playing with his hair. David chuckled rubbing her feathers. The city was flooded with candle light. Bright to one with eyes as sharp as his kind.

They had been together nearly three years and it had only taken him a day to find her name. Zephyr for the gentle breeze that she stirred with her wings before she rose to the air to hunt.

He clucked his tongue as he inhaled deeply smelling the blood that pumped through the veins of the city and its inhabitants. Zephyr cluck purred a noise he, oddly enough seemed to be picking up as an expression of pleasure.

He chuckled as her wings fluffed against his cheek almost like she was petting him. He could feel her mind, flitting around. She wanted the hunt almost as much as he did.

In a city as full of despair, anger, and crime as London was choosing a victim would be easy enough. Taking a deep breath he nodded and dove of the roof plummeting to the ground, just before he hit he twisted diving back upwards hearing Zephyrs wings snap open and feeling her flight as she headed to the field just off of the warehouse to hunt.

David smiled taking to the air above the city in search of his own prey. Joy of the hunt filling his veins.

He howled into the air with unrestrained power and dove into the city intent on the kill.

The End
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