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Finally a Friend by Kira

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David sat outside the warehouse he was staying in, staring at the hawk that was perched on the ground near him. She was watching his as well. Walking towards him slowly. She carried a mouse clutched in beak, her feathers fluffed up.

David was hypnotized, unable to look away or even move as she spread her wings a bit hopping towards him.

She stopped a few feet away, and dropped the mouse. Seeing he didn't move she picked it back up and tossed it at him. The small corpse landed at his feet and he couldn't help the small pleased smile that crossed his face.

He tilted his head and reached out slowly touching the mouse, then reached out incredibly slowly towards her. She jumped back hopping away quickly but as she saw he remained still, not chasing her she walked forward just as slowly as he had reached for her.

She bent her head allowing him to stroke the feathers on her neck. A soft noise, almost like a purr, emanated from her throat. David chuckled, smiling as the sound didn't bother her. She merely clucked her beak and pressed up against his fingers.

David sensed the sun's approach and stood, slowly so as not to frighten the poor bird. She merely tilted her head, caught the mouse up in her beak and launched herself into the air to perch on his shoulder.

He smiled slightly, turning back into the warehouse, his new friend clinging to his shoulder, shifting her weight to keep the mouse from dropping and, oddly, to keep from hurting his as her claws dug in.

After 20 years alone, it looked like he had a friend at last.

The End
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