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Whisking Spirits by Keya

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Without Adam this insanity wouldn’t be, so thanks to Carla for creating one damn perfect man of a werewolf! And to all those that e-mailed me and told me they enjoyed my writings! Feedback is the best sort of rewards! Thank you!
One whiff told him the self-imposed cage of his wouldn’t hold. Move up or down, no in between for the Other inside him. If the wolf wanted out, it stalked, relentless, allowing the human half to weaken. Adam reeled, skin sliding to fur, his breathing ragged, uneven.

Ivory-yellow flourished. Night vision, mortal eyes switching to animal. No sum of man delayed, all changed to become the internal beast.

The wolf roughly shook his head, ears aback, sensing the danger underneath the twilight moon. Usually the land kept moving, birds daring in song, trees swaying from the gathering desert winds. But now the ground assumed barren. Almost ----- abandoned.

Jonas had come. The wolf bared his teeth, black fur rippling. The inescapable outcome, fate leaving a void imprinted to be fought. More than come. He had Challenged.

Those of the Chosen felt and followed the summons. Jonas, the First One, preferred abrupt loyalty. If one strayed from the path, death well served the punishment.

Out of the falling shadows slipped another figure, a struggling girl, her smell familiar but distant. The wolf whined, tail drooping an itch. Tomora issued warning, to take the final step in which she’ll return from altered, mutated, drained of everything but life.

If he had the strength the wolf would stop the girl, but Jonas was a mere inkling behind, his hands anchoring around the girl’s neck. The wolf growled. Jonas slightly turned in his direction, an eyebrow lurched to meet the paleness of his hair. A question, one the wolf would rather not answer. Smirking, the First One resumed leading Tomora to a burrow, pushing her towards doom. She stumbled, diving head first into the hole.

If the wolf could scream, he would bellow his rage, would snap his jaws on Jonas and take the revenge so few sought. If he could, but he couldn’t and the beast watched, helpless, as Tomora turned her head up, meeting the eyes of Jonas directly.

The wolf lowered himself to the dirt floor, confused. Adam within couldn’t help but think ----- that’s my girl. Pride. Her human half would die, but promised to go down kicking and screaming. Those screams woke Adam up.

Coldness vibrated down his back as his eyelids opened, but he dared not roll over and steal Victoria’s warmth. She would want him to talk about the dream. Impossible! Would ask him why he shook in absolute fright. No! He would tell her of the coming, but not yet at least.

He crawled out of bed, taking special care not to awaken the one that slept soundly beside him. Slithered to the entrance of the cave. Outside the dark glistened. The vampires were due to arrive in minutes, sleepy from the night’s hunts. Adam melted further back, behind a bookcase that Marko had build for Sprite and himself. As the Pack entered, he escaped, his inhuman speed rivaling the keen hearing of the boys.

He shot the cave a longing glance, running on two legs towards the city. He wore no coat. Bare chest, silk bottoms, he preferred nakedness but some modesty had to be called upon. Not that it mattered. She had seen him naked before. Not just the surface, but inwardly as well.

He needed to see her. Reassure himself that Tomora ----- Sprite lived.

Imagine his surprise when Marko had introduced them. Deep shock! Deeper her shallow eyes and firm set of shoulders, body language saying better than words to back off.

All right, kitten, he had thought, we’ll play this game.

But now the game had to end. It was happening, events reoccurring, the dream confirmed his greatest fear. Jonas! What did he want? Why had he come?

Mud caked his feet, shoes being a nuisance. The city, waking up, sounded foreign. The sunrise set the mood. Turquoise, pretty pink, juicy lemon bled together, his eyes drinking the picture, allowing the peace to quench the unrest. Whatever Jonas wanted, he wouldn’t get. But unlike before, Adam had so much to lose. Weaknesses holding him down so he couldn’t grab Sprite’s hand and run.

Speaking of which, she sensed him coming. He could tell, one by one windows slammed shut, set to keep him out. He got to the courtyard, wondering if Rilly would let him enter via the kitchen. He started that way, froze.


Her voice mentally projected the Chosen mode of speaking. It flowed, beading down to his senses, weaving a seductive sound, although that wasn’t her intention. No matter the spaces between them, the people between them, her voice continued to give him the rush. If he told her that, she would beat herself blue, separating them even further. She loved Marko. Did not want to feel anything towards Adam. But Adam, dominant, couldn’t let her run without him. He himself loved another. But he didn’t know if he could let her go ----- again.


::It’s Sprite now::

Amusing. Tomora had been the name he’d given her. Sprite, Marko’s doing. Adam couldn’t bring himself to give Marko the upper end. If he named her Sprite, out loud, he would be accepting Marko’s claim on the girl that had once been his best ----- only friend.

::You’re not his yet::

He envisioned her blush. Sex embarrassed her. One of the reasons why in the past he had not staked his claim on her as he had Victoria. Perhaps she wouldn’t of left if he had told how he felt.

::What do you want, Adam? I thought I made it clear for you to leave things be::

Through fate, both were faced with each other again.

::Yes. I got the hint, kitten:: It hurt. Damn but it hurt. She meant so much to him! Her refusal stabbed, profoundly. ::Why, Tomora? Afraid I’ll Challenge Marko? You know me better than that::

She felt his hurt. As before, she couldn’t help but soothe the wound. ::Don’t be upset, Adam. It surprised me. I ----- I didn’t know what to think. Your mate -----::

::Victoria. She knows about the Chosen::

::She does?::

::I keep no secrets from those I love:: That silenced her. She had kept secrets. Had left without so much as a note. ::You didn’t even say goodbye::

::Adam, don’t do this. If I had said goodbye, would you’d let me go?::

::No:: He closed his eyes, defeated. ::Jonas -----::

::I know. I felt him::

::Running again?::

If yes, Adam’s muscles tied in a knot, prepared to smash through a window, find her, and force her to see reason. Mark her if warranted. He could handle Marko’s wrath. The vampire had no clue on the amount of powers the Chosen kept hidden, often times for protection. Unlike the others, Adam embraced the lifestyle of the Chosen. He ran often but not from himself.

::I can’t ----- Marko -----::

Another stab, a low cut.

But expected.

::Then don’t. Missed you, Tomora::

He disappeared before he could feel her answer. Several inquisitive stares greeted him. Not many. Santa Carla, home to freaks and murderers alike, the sight of a half-naked man jogging faster than what seemed possible could be called normal in this vacation spot.

Adam soared back to the cave, able to tell Victoria of the coming of Jonas.

As he neared, something else waited for him and clashed.
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