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Off Your Rocker by Crazy Dame

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"Talk to me. Tell me something." A hand reached out, fingertips brushing against familar skin. Unforgettable skin. Knowing it inch by inch by heart, every scar etched to memory.

"You're strange. Weird, even. Either one of those works for you." Laughter in the words. Soft, meaningful, lingering.

"I've been called worse... but have I told you you're beautiful? Because you are." The pad of a thumb brushed against a bottom lip that twitched and pulled into a smile.

"Yeah, I believe it." A younger, comfortingly warm, gaze met an older one, a brow arching. "Oh yeah, you are definitely off your rocker." Another hint of laughter before the attention of that familiar gaze was pulled elsewhere.

"You aren't what I expected."

"I could say the same for you."

"Looks can be decieving."

"Yeah, I've heard that somewhere before." Another hint of laughter. Pulling, tugging, luring.

Must... resist...
"Have I told you?" That familiar gaze flickering back up to meet the older one, brow arching once more in a look of question.


"...that I love you." Silence. A hint of a smile, a blush.

"I take back all that I said about you being strange and weird."

"What? Why?"

"Because to say something like that? You're definitely crazy." A pause, a hint of a shy smile, eyes averted so that what was there would go unseen. "I love you too."
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