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A New Vampire by lostboysluvver

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David stopped his motorbike outside a large cave, and Melissa shivered inn the sudden cold.
"This is where me and my to hang out," David lied, leading her inside.
It was dark inside, with curtains hanging everywhere.
A young man leaned on a rock near the back of the room. He had long blond curly hair, and shining blue eyes. He wore a jacket, covered with many different badges and tassles, a pair of torn black jeans, a pair of finger-less gloves, and a pair of black boots.
Melissa stood by the entrance, and looked at the young man.
"This is Melissa," said David. "She's joining us tonight."
"Uh, hi I'm Marko," said the blond haired boy." He walked over to shake her hand. He shifted from foot to foot uneasily.
"Marko, I'm sure Melissa will be hungry. Can you go and fetch the food?"
He nodded, and began to walk down some stairs.
"That'll be heavy. I'll help." She ran over to Marko, and followed him down the stairs.
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