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The Sam's Love Series by Nikki

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One small note: This is probably going to be the last story in the Sam’s Love series, you see i’m going to take Sam in a different direction when this is done. So with that said hope you enjoy the end of this.

Chapter 1 Friday night:12:00

     Sam paced back and forth waiting for Danny to show up. He fed about three hours ago but the hunger was setting in again and he had to tell her about him now before it was to late. He realized it was a miracle in itself that she even agreed to see him after the fight they had about Marco, but what was he suppose to think when he found his girlfriend in the arms of his second best friend. So he screwed up; he apologized to Marco and so they were cool again, but Danny would not give, and so tonight was probably the last.

     Paul sat in the shadows watching his friend pace back and forth. This would not be easy and he knew it, but Danny shouldn’t get that mad; after all she herself was a vampire too, and wasn’t that what she wanted--someone of her own kind. As he watched, a finger ran over his bottom lip and he looked down at the girl in his arms.

     Rebecca was his love and they have been together for about three months. David still teased him about it, how he was so in love but David to was in love with his Star and that was a line, as far as David was concerned, shouldn’t be crossed. Still he worried about his friend.

     Danny wasn’t ready for this, and as she brushed out her long hair she thought of how Sam loved her, but did she feel the same. For their sake she hoped so and then grabbing her jacket she grabbed her car keys and left the house.

     Her father the Master had been dead four months now yet it still hurt to be in this house surrounded by the memories of him and Drake. Thinking of her brother a chill ran down her spine for she never knew where he went after their father’s death and she didn’t really want to know, but still it would be nice to see his face again if only for awhile.

     The Boardwalk was crowded as she walked over to Sam and then she noticed the others and waved a greeting. Sam took her hand and led her to a bench where they could sit and talk out what had to be said so they had a future together. Danny held her breath as Sam spoke.

     “I want to say this and I need you to listen carefully. After I’m done you can tell me what we have, if anything is left between us. I won’t stop you if you want to leave after you here this.”

     Danny left everything sink in and knew Sam wasn’t kidding around, he was very serious and so nodding her head he began his tale.

     “That night you were with Marco and we had the fight, I was miserable. My mom was on my back about Michael leaving Star, and her going back to David, but there was nothing I could do. I went to the Boardwalk that night and met a guy, his name doesn’t matter but anyway he was a vampire. I didn’t know that right away and so I hung out with him. You see that girl with Paul; well this guy liked her alot and was furious that she wanted Paul over him. So he formed a plan of his own and decided to form his own pack to fight against the boys to win the girl and Star.

     “I was miserable like I said, and he picked up on that. I guess I didn’t want to feel anymore, so as I got drunk he took the opportunity to drink my blood. I in turn drank his. I am now a vampire like him. So you now know, what will you do about us?”

     Danny couldn’t believe what she just heard. Sam was a vampire. This was too much and she found she couldn’t speak for there was a lump in her throat. This guy whoever he was turned her love into a vampire and he was basically blaming her and his mother for it. That hurt the most. So gathering her strength she asked the only question she could at the moment.

     “What does your mother say or didn’t you tell her yet either? I mean, do the boys even know about this? I know David offered you life eternal before and you turned him down flat. I just can’t believe you turned down a friend and let a stranger do it. Where is this guy at now, or don’t you know? Because I would like to have a few words with him myself about what he has done to you.”

     Neither saw David walk over as the two were talking but when he spoke Danny jumped off the bench until she saw who it was.

     “You will have to wait in line for your chance at revenge on the man who did this to Sam. You see I have a bone to pick with him myself about Star, and so he will be booked for awhile, but I will tell you this. I know about Sam’s situation and I am not mad, he was taken advantage of and so he couldn’t prevent it. I do however promise you the man will pay. With that I bid you both good-night.”

     Danny was glad David cared about Sam like that and hoped he was right that Sam would be ok. Then she looked at her watch; it was time for her to feed and then get home. Looking at Sam she hated to leave him and said quietly, “I have to go hunt now and then go home. I want you to go with David and the boys tonight stay at the cave and meet me back here tomorrow night. I will give you my answer’s then, but for now know that I still love you and if I choose to stay we will work this out together. Please go now and get some rest.”

     Kissing him on the cheek Danny got up and left. Walking away from Sam was so hard right now because he really seemed to need her and she did miss him terribly when they fought. But she now faced a whole new situation with him and it brought the conclusion maybe it was for the best if she broke up with him and left him get his thoughts in order before she or him got hurt by it.

     As she climbed in her car she saw Sam get on Marco’s motorcycle and then they took off. At least he will be safe with them and she knew he could sleep in the hidden room of the cave because David now slept in the bed with Star during the day. She knew this because she herself took refuge there once or twice from hunters of their kind and so knew all the details of what went on as far as sleeping went.

     Starting the car she found her victim and they drove to her house. When the hunger was satisfied she got rid of the body. Curling up in bed she thought of Sam… it was her last thought as sleep took over.

     The cave seemed empty without Danny by his side but still Sam tried to sleep. How he wished she would have said something tonight, but no; she had to think about it. Before they came home they stopped and fed on the beach and then came here. Sam found a dark corner far enough away to give David and Star their privacy but close enough that should one of them need him he could be found.

     Micheal’s face flashed through his mind briefly and he wondered what his brother would say now if he was here to see this. Closing his eyes the last face he saw was Johnny’s. He wondered where the vampire was now.

Chapter 2 Danny’s Diary (entry 1):

Dear Diary,

Sam and I finally spoke after being apart for awhile and I am so worried about him. Tonight he told me something that I never thought I would hear from him, and a part of me is afraid for his life. The one person I ever really gave my heart to is now a vampire like me. I can’t stand the thought of walking away from him, but I think in this matter I have no choice. I still love him very much and would do anything for him, I just don’t think I could ever be with him again.

     Lucy paced up and down the hall for hours and there was still no sign of her youngest son. She shouldn’t have been on his case like she was the past couple of days, but he was mopping around like a lost puppy and so she tried to keep him busy with the store and homework. But he was to worried about Danny and how she wasn’t talking to him and now he was gone. If only she would have listened and had been there for him this wouldn’t have happened and he would be home.

The Cave(1:00am)

     David sat in his chair and watched Sam with half closed eyes. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy and so he let him remain with them and be in the company of friends. He knew that Sam wasn’t happy with how things went with Danny and tried to take his mind off of it by having Marco take him for a ride on the bike. When they came back the boy hadn’t changed.

     Star had enough of watching Sam pace, she too felt bad for her friend but this was not helping matters. What she needed was a night out with the boys, that always cheered her up. And so grabbing David’s hand she motioned for the others to follow.

     Climbing on the back of her love’s bike she waved to Sam and they were gone. The wind felt good on her face and smiled at her friend. Instinctively she knew he was enjoying himself too.

     The Boardwalk was still in full swing when they got there and sought out their part of it. As they sat there Paul saw Rebecca and waved her over. Coming to his side she placed a kiss on his cheek and settled into his arms with pure pleasure.

     Sam sought out Danny and when he found her she didn’t return his smile. “I was hoping you would be here tonight. We still need to finish our talk and I need to know how you feel about what I said to you. Please tell me you will stay and help me through this.”

     Danny felt the tears well up in her eyes and tried to look calm but when faced with Sam she didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t going to be easy for either of them and she felt like a jerk, but it had to be done.

     “Sam, I thought about this alot and I do hope you understand my point on the subject. I shall start this way. When I met you I wanted to kill you for what you did to Drake, but then I got to know you better and I realized that what I like most was that you were human. Your love for life made me see that I could be happy and that I too loved it. I had feelings again, and I had you to thank for it. Being a vampire isn’t a wonderful thing. It’s a curse--one that I had to live with a long time. I’m sorry Sam, but I can’t be with you and see every shred of humanity you once had disappear. That was the one thing I loved about you and now I feel like I don’t even know you.”

     Sam couldn’t believe she was leaving him. He tried so hard to say that it shouldn’t matter one way or the other to her if he was a vampirem but looking at her face he knew it was pointless. This was the end, she was leaving him because of one moment of weakness on his part.

     “You can’t mean what you say; you know I love you. I was lost without you and now you tell me I’ll see your face no more. I can’t live without you Danny, and I will do everything I can to prove it to you.”

     “Sam, it’s not that simple anymore. I made up my mind before I came here tonight that this was it. Please try and understand; you mean the world to me but I can’t face a life with another vampire. You know what my life was like before, and I refuse to be trapped like that again. Drake has written me and wants me to go to Pennsylvania to a little town called Mahanoy City. He says it is quiet there and people will not know my true nature. I will be free to go where I choose and be my own person. There is nothing here but bad memories. I was hoping to make happy ones but that dream is over. Good-bye Sam. I love you.”

     David saw his friend bend over and hold his head. He realized that his relationship was over and felt bad for him. Walking over to Danny he placed a hand on her shoulder.

     “I’m not one who usually interfers with my boys problems, but are you sure the choice you are making is the right one? Before you answer hear me out. Give me a week that I can solve some of this and if it is not done to your satisfaction then you may leave, but give me and him a chance.”

     “You have a week and if things aren’t different I will be gone on the next bus out of town.”

     With that said Danny left to go home. She just hoped whatever David had planned, it worked out for the best.

Chapter 3

     David paced back and forth. Danny agreed to give him a week and he chose to make the best of it. He knew the two men he needed to see and they would help him weather they liked it or not. He looked at Sam sitting in the corner looking dejected at the way she left him, and hatred for the creature that turned him flared in David’s cold heart. Giving Star a kiss he walked out of the cave and climbed on his bike. Johnny was the first person on his list of people to see.

     Johnny felt David before he saw him and when the vampire leader came into sight the blood in Johnny’s veins froze. This was not going to be a pleasant visit and Johnny was ready for the fight that would most likely happen between the two. Of course Johnny knew he was no match for David and prayed that a fight was not in the cards for him tonight.

     David on the other hand was calm and showed it in the way he walked. Stopping in front of the young vampire he let his fangs show and gave the vampire a mental warning not to flee. Smiling his cold smile was a thing David loved to do, and he did so now.

     “Johnny, we need to talk. You see I am in a foul mood and you are the main reason. My friend Sam and his girlfriend Danny just had a fight because he told her how you turned him. I have warned you to get out of my town and you are still here. So now you will undo what was started by your carelessness and then you will be gone from here. I know you also think Star will help you, but my friend before you get your hopes up on that I should tell you there is no chance in hell of that happening, for Sam is her friend too and she doesn’t like what he has become.”

     Johnny was scared at this point because he did figure on his sister being on his side. But apparently what David said was true for Star never talked to him anymore and always threw him murderous looks when she saw him. For the first time in his life, Johnny was alone without a friend in the world and now he didn’t even have a sister. Things were going to get bad from here when Johnny told David the last thing he wanted to hear.

     “David, I can’t change anything. You of all people should know that when a person is turned by a full vampire they can’t be turned back into a mortal unless their maker is killed. So if you want Sam the way he once was you will have to kill me.”

     David was no fool and he would love nothing better then to kill Johnny, but he wanted Star’s ok first. Getting that would not be a problem, but for now he backed off and laughed silently to himself.

     This was going to be more fun then he’d seen since Michael was in town.

Danny’s Diary page 2:

I am writing this entry to get things off my mind. Last night Sam told me what he has become, and I was going to leave tonight but I talked to David and promised to give him a week. Why did this have to happen now of all times. Sam is my life and I feel my world has come to a stop in the matter of two days. I hope for Sam’s and my future that David can help. I must talk to Sam soon and clear things up front, tell him how I feel about him and pray he doesn’t do anything to end our lives together.

     Putting her book away Danny curled up on her bed. Looking at the clock it read one o’clock am. She knew Sam was at the cave with the boys and Star, she hoped that he was thinking clearly and not interfering with David’s plan.

Chapter 4

     Curses could be heard throughout the cave as David stalked into the main room. Sam was gone and no one had any idea as to his whereabouts.

     Rebecca, not use to David’s moods, huddled close to Paul and hid her face. She didn’t want to see the yellow color the vampire’s eyes would turn when she told him what she knew.

     Paul could feel her tensing and squeezed her shoulder for support. This was not going to be easy.

     Standing up Rebecca faced David on his third turn around the room. “David, I know where Sam is and he told me to inform you all when the time was right.”

     By this time Dwayne, Marco, and Star were awake and sat up straight when they heard Sam’s name. The three vampires were just as surprised as David and Paul when the mortal spoke again.

     “I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this but Sam begged me. He couldn’t do it himself because he knew you would try and stop him. He went to kill Johnny for what he has turned him into. He figured it was the only way to get Danny back and keep the love they share. When he is done he will ask Danny to marry him and all will be forgotten.”

     Star sat in a dazed state. All the boys knew she wanted a say in her brother’s death, but now Sam has taken it upon himself to do the job.

     Marco stood with slow grace that was true to his vampire status and went to the opening of their home. The rest followed him as they took to the sky and hoped they reached Sam before it was to late. All knew Johnny gained power the night he turned Sam and all feared that this was the end of their friend.

     Sam found Johnny on the bluff deep in the woods. He could see his benefactor just made a kill and fury rose up in him when he saw it was a girl he used to be friends with. Walking over to him Sam spun Johnny around and kicked him in the face. All thought went out of Sam’s head as he jumped on top of the vile creature that ruined his life, but Sam underestimated his opponent and soon he was on the receiving end of blow after blow.

     Blood dripping from his nose, Sam stood and went into fang; he charged at Johnny and hit his mark. The fight was going to be a last stand for Sam. If he died then he hoped Danny would be taken care of by the pack. If he lived his mortality would be returned.

     Johnny was stunned. He never thought Sam would come after him. David yes, but not Sam. Like Sam, Johnny bled and soon he went into fang too. So if a fight is what he wanted a fight is what he will get.

     The two combatants circled each other looking for weak points. When Johnny found his he attacked. Grabbing Sam by the throat he taunted his creation with memories that were better left in the past.

     “Sam, so you know what happened to your brother the night David got ahold of him? No, well then let me tell you. Michael was alone on the beach when we saw him. He was crying because he lost Star and his family. When he heard us he tried to run but David was fast and grabbed him by the throat much like I have you. Holding him David ripped out his heart and presented it to Star who then threw it into the ocean. I should also tell you he looked peaceful when he died. I wonder if you will look the same.”

     Sam had enough, he knew how Michael died and he forgave David for it. This was between him and Johnny and he would not fall for his tricks anymore. As Sam got loose they both saw the five vampire’s land and advance upon them.

     Sam could feel David’s rage and then he saw Danny there with them. He hated the look of horror on her face when she saw him in fang form but now was not the time to think about her, he had to focus on Johnny and the fight that would end this for good.

     Danny watched in horror as the two men went face to face. She couldn’t believe it when David told her of Sam’s plan for redemption, and had to see for herself. When she looked in Sam’s eyes all she saw was hate for himself, the creature in front of him and life itself. She had to stop this before Sam got killed.

     Johnny took that opportunity to taunt Sam some more. “Don’t worry Sam, when you die I will take good care of the girl for you. She will become my wife and bear my children. Together we will have a pack of our own and she will be treated like a queen.”

     Sam could not take him anymore and launched himself into the air with speed that shocked even David. Reaching Johnny, Sam picked him up and threw him into a tree. The branch that pierced his heart made Johnny cry out in pain. He knew Sam had won.

     Danny ran over and threw her arms around Sam. Picking her head up off his shoulder she looked at him. There in front of her was the man she loved with every fiber of her being.

     Sam felt good holding her and couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her. When her lips touched his he felt her love spread through him and for once he was content.

     Looking at Johnny’s body, Star left a tear fall down her cheek. With her head bowed she whispered so softly that the boys could just barely hear.

     “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Evil grows Evil fades, You were a brother then a foe. Your life with us is Never More.”

     Leaving the site of the battle all went to the Boardwalk. Sam would wait until later to tell Danny what was in his heart.

Saying Good-bye

     The wind howled as rain hit the asphalt. Santa Carla was quiet tonight and everyone was at home except Sam, Danny, David, and the pack. This was what Sam feared the most and now it was time to get it over with, she was leaving. Nothing he said mattered to her, the decision was made.

     David walked over and gave Danny a hug. With a tear sliding down his face he let the other members of his pack take their turn, and as they climbed on their bikes she wiped tears from her face as well. She knew they would wait there for Sam but thanked them for the privacy they gave the two loves.

     Sam was at a loss for words. This girl in front of him had changed his life so much and now she was leaving him to start a life somewhere new, with a brother she couldn’t stand. He tried time and time again in the last week to convince her a life with him would be a happy one but she insisted on going to Pennsylvania, this was something Sam did not want to face.

     “Danny, please listen to me one last time. I know what happened to me was a shock for you as it was for me, but I’m better now and I can’t see my life without you in it. You have come to be the only light I have in my life. Hell, I still remember our first date and how you looked that night. Stay here, live in the cave with David and the rest, they will take care of you and I am welcome there whenever I feel like dropping in. We could be together and have a family, just please don’t leave me now when we could have so much. I love you, Danny.

     Danny tried to keep her feelings steady, but Sam was not making it easy on her and the more he talked of a future the more she wanted to stay. She knew this was not going to be easy on either of them and tried to make the split less painful then what it should be and with her head bent and her tears flowing her words were above a whisper.

     “Sam, please try to understand. I have to do this. We can’t have a life together any more then what we had already. I am a vampire and you a mortal. We could never be anything more than that. A new life is what we both need and a fresh start. Please let me go and remember I love you too.”

     She hugged him once and then climbed in her car. Turning the key she pulled out of the parking lot. Looking back once she saw the love of her life standing in the rain, crying for a love that could never be. Sending him a message she cried vowing to see him one day soon. Pennsylvania awaited her and so did Drake.

     Stepping on the gas she felt the night take over and with it her old life was going to be an interesting affair and her old life was never more.

     Sam climbed on the back of Marco’s bike and watched her leave. Wiping the last tear from his face he went to the cave and sat with the pack that has become his second family. Sitting with his friends, he thought of the girl who left him and the life they would have had. Thinking to himself he recited the poem Star gave her brother but with different words.

Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust Love shall come Love shall go Our life together is Never More.

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