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A Stroke of Luck by Heather

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Lost Boys characters or the town of Santa Carla. They are property of Warner Brothers studio. I also do not own the song "Stroke of Luck," by Garbage (I wish, the lyrics are great). This is a work of fanfiction, and I am not attempting to make any money off it. I do own the character Emma, as well as her parents, please ask my permission before using them. (I will say yes).

Notes: I am caught in between two stories. This is the ending of one of them, because I am still having trouble with the beginning.

A Stroke of Luck

“Hanging by threads of palest silver I could have stayed that way forever Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me Nothing could ever seem to touch me I lose what I love most Did you know I was lost until you found me?”

     Vampires existed. They were real. David was their leader and now he had Star and Laddie.

     Emma stumbled down the stairs of her house, past the grief stricken faces of her parents. The stepdick was hunched over the table with his face buried in his hands, his shoulders heaving. Her mother was staring blankly, clutching the Batman comic book. It was the only trace of Laddie the cops could find. Emma’s thoughts were a blur, the past few days playing in her mind.

     David wanted her. He did the one thing that could have brought her running to him. He had left the comic book as a damn business card. It told her exactly where she could find her brother.

     Join David, and Laddie would be set free.

     She hesitated at the door, fearful of what walked on this moonlit night. The candy coating on the world she had known had disappeared. She had no other choice. Looking back at her parents, she whispered goodbye and opened the door. She tried to prepare herself for what was to come next.

     How handsome David had been. Those pale, expressive eyes, his near white hair, and his little scruffy beard. She had been hooked the moment he flashed his slow sexy smile. Star had been astounded that he didn’t even glance her way, despite her best attempts. Emma shuddered. Star.

     She could see the pictures in her head, a mental slide show. Star drinking from the bottle, Marko’s fangs descending as dawn pierced through the cave, making contact with his arm. She remembered screaming and running for daylight. David’s scream of rage echoed in her head as she ran, his face transforming horribly. The worst memory was Star’s melodic voice asking her to return so they could all be together. The bastards turned Star into one of them.

     It was only when she returned home that she realized how calculating David was. He had planned for such an event. Laddie was missing. He had been gone since the previous evening. The only chance he had was for Emma to return and become part of David’s bloodsucking gang. Star was already lost.

     Emma had managed to reach her red Cabriolet in the driveway. She could feel her legs become heavier with each step. A wave of grief threatened to overtake her as she reached the door. Her mortal being resisted going any further. It was then that the figure dropped in front of her from the sky. Dwayne.

“A stroke of luck or a gift from God? The hand of fate or devil’s claws? From below or saints above? You came to me. Here comes the cold again, I feel it closing in, it’s falling down and all around me falling.”

     She covered her mouth to suppress the scream. Despite his dramatic entrance, Dwayne made no move against her. Straightening up, she snarled “Tell David I’m on my way. I didn’t need a winged escort.”

     Dwayne pushed his dark, flowing hair out of his face. He looked at her imploringly, holding out his hands as a sign of peace. “Don’t go to him Emmeline,” he pleaded.

     Her blue eyes narrowed at the sound of her given name. She did not trust his attempt to be gentle. What kind of game was this vampire playing with her? “What is this Dwayne? Some kind of test to see if I will really go?”

     He shook his head sadly. If only David had listened when he had suggested to let Emma make her own choice instead of tricking her.

     Instead of stealing her best friend and brother from her. He remembered the terror on her face when she realized what they were. Her eyes spoke of her anguish caused by David’s betrayal. She had responded as any human would, fleeing for her life from these monsters that just stepped out from a horror movie.

     David had the boy. He had let Paul give him a drink from the bottle. Idiot, he thought darkly. Laddie would always remain helpless if he became a full-fledged vampire as a child. She needed to know it all. He only hoped she would believe him. She was hell-bent on a futile mission.

     “Please Emma,” Dwayne begged her, reaching out to lightly finger her cheek. He could feel the damp trail of tears, and he bowed his head in sorrow. “Emma, Laddie…” he faltered, not knowing how to tell her.

     “Laddie, what?” she asked hysterically. “Tell me Dwayne, what have you done with my brother?”

     He wanted to tell her how much he hated the way David and the others operated. How they left their humanity behind with their first kills. However, he could not. She would not understand. She could not see the man beneath the monstrous exterior. The man within.

     “He drank from the bottle, I couldn’t stop him.” It was all he needed to say. She would understand what he was talking about. He watched her sway for a moment, reaching out to catch her balance on the car beside them. Dwayne caught her before she could fall.

     Emma knocked his hand away forcibly. No, no. No! she thought. Her mind raced, wondering why the vampire that stood before her even cared. She held his gaze, somehow knowing he was speaking truthfully. Why was he telling her? What reason could he possibly have for defying David’s wishes? She looked at him helplessly, uncertain of what to do next.

     Dwayne stood in front of her, offering her information that could jeopardize his own existence, for what? She wanted to believe he could help her, that his intentions were honorable. But…he was one of them. A monster, some evil creature feeding off any humans he could find. Emma collapsed to the ground.

     Dwayne couldn’t bear to see the pain in her face any longer. Knowing it could mean his death if David ever found out, he reached down and pulled her to her feet. She embraced him, sobbing. He stroked her hair, filled with amazement at its softness. “I’ll help you Emma, “ he whispered. “Don’t cry.”

‘You say that you’ll be here to catch me. Or will you only try to trap me? These are the rules I make. Our chains were meant to break. You’ll never change me.’

     Emma clutched at Dwayne, his words repeating in her ear. She could feel herself drowning. He held her tightly, whispering the words of comfort she needed to hear. She trembled at his touch, wanting to surrender. Her head rested against his chest. There was no heartbeat. Vampire.

     She raised her head up to look at him, pushing herself away from his touch. “What do you care about any of this Dwayne?”

     How was he to answer? Her eyes had grown cold again. She could not accept the reasons he wanted to give. He could not let David destroy her. “Let’s just say I still have a sense of honor. I couldn’t let you go through with this when David never intended on keeping his end of the bargain.”

     He opened the door to her car and took her hand in his own. “Get out of Santa Carla,” he said gently. “I’ll take care of Laddie. Whenever he is not with Star, I will keep him safe. And half human.” He cupped his hands around her face. “Come back to Santa Carla when you have the strength and the knowledge to destroy David.” He kissed her forehead, not daring anything more. “I’ll be here when you return.”

     Once more, Emma pulled away from him. She could still feel his lips against her skin. She struggled with her beliefs about vampires. She didn’t know what Dwayne truly intended. He was right about one thing. She couldn’t destroy David and save Laddie. She needed to get away from this town. She needed time to formulate a plan.

     As long as Dwayne kept his word…

     She had no choice but to trust him.

     She slowly sat in the driver’s seat, looking at Dwayne once more. “Take care of Laddie and Star,” she said. “Keep them the way they are, or when I come back for David, I’ll come back for you.” She closed the door and started the engine. Without looking back, she sped off. Dwayne was alone once more.

‘Don’t ask me why. Don’t even try. A stroke of luck or gift from God? The hand of fate or devil’s claw? From below or saints above?’

     Dwayne raised his hand in a halfhearted wave. She was gone. She left still believing he was a monster. He sighed. Now, his only link to Emma was Laddie. To gain her trust, he would protect the boy above anything else.

‘here comes the cold again. I feel it closing in’

     Emma wiped the tears from her face, as she tried to concentrate on the road. The speedometer shot past 90. She didn’t know where she was going. Somewhere, far from Santa Carla, she would find a way to beat David. That Bastard.

‘it’s falling down and all around me falling…’

     The eastern wind blew through her hair. It was as good a direction to start as any. Her mind was consumed with thoughts of David and Dwayne as she drove on.

The End

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