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Care by MarkosLover4Ever

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This is a lemon,if you don't like this than leave I will not even read a flame ,because you ahve been warned.So those of you that are still here enjoy the story.

Marko walked slowly down the stairs that led off the board walk ,and into the sand of the beach.Marko had his arms crisscrossed over his stomach ,and his face looked paler than usual.He had not been feeling well these past few days ,his stomach had been hurting.Lately though the pains in his stomach had started getting so severe he would just stay in the sunken hotel while the others went hunting.Marko suddenly stopped walking,and fell to his knees throwing up the blood he had drank while hunting with the others tonight.Marko finally stopped vomiting,tears streamed down markos face as his body shook from the after shock.It had been years since marko had thrown up,and he now wished he had told david what was wrong when he had asked yesterday.Marko wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his jacket and started to stand up.

Marko froze as he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist pulling him gently to his feet.Marko turned around and relaxed when he saw that it was only david.

"Hey david,how did you know I was here" Marko said in a hoarse wisper,wincing at the burn in his throat.

"I followed you how do you think,marko I know when something is wrong with my children" david said in a you-should-know-I-knew-something-was-wrong Tone of voice.

David was kind of upset marko hadn't told him since david was secretly in love with marko,Had been since he first saw him.Even though david was upset all he had to do was take a look at how miserable marko was for his upset mood to vanish.Marko layed his head on davids shoulder and groaned as he fought down another wave of nausia.

Davids eyes softened as he saw marko struggling not to throw up again,concern passed through him for his childe.David had gotten this when max had first sired ,it was some thing only vampires could get called vamilitronza.It gave the vampire intense stomach pains,and made it damn hard to keep blood down.

David knew marko was very sick ,and that all he wanted to do right know was lay down somewhere .Since marko was in no condition to try and fly back to the cave david gently picked marko up ,and took to the skies.David flew for about 10 minutes and landed in front of the cave entrance.David walked through the enterance and whent strait to markos room.They all slept in the sleeping cave way in the back,but each of them had there own rooms that there stuff was in.Marko had fallen asleep on the flight back to the cave ,so david layed him down very gently on the feathered bed trying not to wake him.David pulled the covers over markos small body and whent into the lobby of the sunken hotel to get some things.

Marko woke up about 2 hours later to very sharp stomach pains ripping through his abdomen.Marko whimpered and curled into a ball, tears finding there way down his face.Through the pain marko felt some one walk into the room,tensing when someone wrapped him up in a gentle hug.

To Be continued
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