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Bond by CoalTrain

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He felt the tears racing down his cheeks as he attempted to run away from the terror behind him, his headband soaking up the perspire that formed on his forehead as he kept up his pace. Looking behind him, seeing the two figures behind him, walking--just walking, yet they never lost sight of him, even at his quick sprint.

Turning back towards the front of him, assuring to himself that there was a nice clear path, he felt his eyes widen as he saw an oddly familiar trashcan in front of him. Tripping over it, he felt himself slide forward. Groaning as he picked himself up, oddly feeling no pain shoot up his chest, he turned into an alley, intent on racing away before he skidded to a stop, breath taken away by the sight before him.

Two children, young at the age no older than six standing before him. He felt his head pounding, no sound coming to his throat as he tried to cry out before taking an unbelieving step backwards. They couldn't be here, not again. He froze and was about to run away before someone different--mysterious stepped behind them. He had blonde hair, curly on top, long braids in the back while he wore an all to familiar attire. Leaning down to whisper in their ears, they turned to him and nodded before he looked up giving him a nod. "Hey, little bro," he murmured, giving a grin before stepping back, walking in reverse until the dark consumed him and he turned, footsteps echoing throughout the alley until he had removed from sight.

Looking down at his hands, he noticed that they were small. Unlike they had been in many years. His shoes were now red, Converse Hightops. Since then he had changed color and brand. Glancing up once more to the others, he felt his blood run cold as he saw their faces.

Seeing their teeth gleaming, abnormally longer than any other being, he saw them gaze at him with blank eyes before the blood appeared on their neck, dripping slowly.

Noticing his gaze, the boy with dark brown hair stepped towards him, reaching out until he grabbed his wrist, pulling him foreward before hissing, eyes turning golden. Like a beast.

"You did this to us. You left us to become what we are," muttered the child before he lunged at him, shortly followed by a young girl only causing him to holler out in a panic, feeling his heart thudding.

And Edgar woke up, body drenched in perspire as he calmed himself from everything that he had seen in his dream, pain wrenching his heart. Looking around him, he flushed a deep color, noticing the stares he was getting from both Alan and Sam, who had been talking stocking the shelves and allowing him to rest. As of lately, after seeing that blonde man again, this time unaged, he had nearly lost it all together while nightmares flooded back.

"What was it?" Alan asked, a frown on his face as he had never noticed his brother in such a panic. Rolling his eyes when Edgar shook his head, he sighed slightly. "Don't tell me it was about Poe and Emily again--"

"Shut up!" Edgar said, standing up from where he had sat down and pressed his head to rest on top of a stack of new comics--a new issue of Spiderman.

Confusion flooding over any other emotions of alarm, Sam looked between the two. "What--?" he began, but was cut off by Alan speaking, sterness in his voice as he obviously did not approve of how Edgar was reacting.

"You can't keep denying the fact that it happened. You've got to learn to live with it!" he shot before looking at Sam. "Poe and Emily...they were our little brother and sister. A couple years ago they were on the streets and got--well--attacked by the local vampires," he responded to Sam's question, trying to hide the fact that he was choking up at his own words. "They had been going home when they wandered off and --"

"Don't you ever say it was their fault!" Edgar shouted once more, eyes flashing towards his brother.

Alan seemed to know he was treading on a mine field but he brought up his courage and raised his chin. "It was not your respo--"

"Yes it was!"

His breathing became short as Edgar glared at his brother, seething with anger. "I was supposed to be watching them!" he spat livid, suddenly losing any of his well held emotions, tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at Sam. His face was flushed, a sticky pale as his palms sweat slightly from the pressure he was under. "I was supposed to walk them home before returning to the shop. But I stopped...I stopped for no more than five seconds to look at the price of a damn Metallica record and they were gone!"

Alan and Sam both glanced at eachother quickly before Sam slowly walked up to Edgar, arms raised oddly as he moved them around a bit. Not quit sure what to do, he patted his friend lightly on the shoulder as Alan shook his head.

"For cryin' out loud, Edgar. Get ahold of yourself!" Alan shouted at his brother, head still tall as he never let his control over his own feelings take over. He felt almost as though the tables had turned...where was the Edgar that always reminded him to keep a level head, to always remember what their mission was? "There was nothing you could have done, you didn't even know. Jesus, man, you were eleven!"

"They were six years old, Alan!" Edgar shot back, looking up at his brother in one quick, jerking movement before his head was raised to show his tear stained face of which he attacked savagely, trying to erase any sign of his break down. "And I let them die because I was too stupid to do what I was asked."

"You didn't let them die! You just stopped for a couple seconds, like you said! You never bit them--drained them--you never handed them to death," was the fevered response of Alan who stood merely two inches away from their noses bumping. "It wasn't your fault."

Edgar just shook his head, taking deep breaths as he tried to forget any bit of the dream, making it unseen to the visible eye that he was still upset. Sucking in a deep breath, lips forming in an 'o', he exhaled and closed his eyes to calm himself.

"You'll see--you're wrong," he muttered, turning back to the boxes so he could stock them approprietly as he ignored the glances between his brother and Sam while they moved down to a different rack, discussing what had just happened.

"They were handed to the dead."
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