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A New Beginning by Phoenix

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A New Beginning Part 2

Marko approached the small cave slowly, thinking over what he was going to say and ask David. His boots crunched over the hay-like grass as he neared the small sleeping cave he and the boys shared. As soon as he entered, he looked up for David. David was hanging upside down, reading a Playboy magazine.

“Oh, don’t you just wish we could find one of these women,” Paul moaned, his glassy eyes fixed on the magazine.

Dwayne swatted him in the back. From the blow, Paul was sent flying forward and smacked into David. In turn, David pushed Paul roughly away and it caused Dwayne and David to push Paul back and forth between each other. The game was to see who could hit the other with Paul. Annoyed, Paul dropped from the ceiling.

“That wasn’t funny, man! You guys could’ve crushed my smokes,” Paul snarled, dusting himself off and checking to see if his cigarettes weren’t crushed.

“David, can I talk to you,” Marko called, ignoring the funny scene going on around him.

David dropped from the ceiling, letting the magazine fly through the air into Dwayne’s outstretched hands. Marko’s solemn hazel eyes must’ve given away his thoughts, for David’s face went from amused to serious. David’s cerulean eyes fixed intently on his friend’s face.

“What is it Marko,” David demanded, crossing his arms and leaning up against the rock wall of the small cave.

“Well,” Marko started, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “Did you find anyone to head up Max’s video store yet?”

“Uh...yeah, we actually did find some old guy that reminded us of Max. Why do you ask,” David demanded again, his voice firmly stating the order.

“Well, Caleb lost her father and I just wondered...,” Marko started, his voice trailing off in nervousness. He looked up into the agitated eyes of his leader.

“You wondered if the old man could possibly be Caleb’s father,” David finished. He violently turned away and stalked to the other side of the room. “Marko, I don’t have time for your bullshit! I don’t have time for hers either! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hunt! Paul...Dwayne, come on!”

Paul and Dwayne scrambled down from their perches on the hanging bar. They followed their pissed off leader down the shaft. David slowly stalked by Caleb, glaring at the cowering female on the velvet sofa. Her green eyes filled with terror and she buried her head in her arms. David flew into the night, followed by his two friends.

Amy started awake. She looked around with glazed over eyes at her surroundings. Everything looked all hazy from the deep sleep she was in. It had been a long time since Amy could really sleep, and it was hard for her to sleep just anywhere. Somehow, Amy felt safe in this house. She decided to stay for a while, but for now she was going to visit the Boardwalk nearby.

Amy stood and stretched. Her head faced the window and she realized that it wasn’t raining anymore. This made Amy happy for she could go out without getting wet. Amy adjusted her deerskin tunic and approached the front door. As she stepped onto the porch, she could see the Boardwalk lights in the distance. Happy voices floated on the night air to Amy. The door closed behind her with a click, letting Amy know it was closed. She smoothed down her Raven hair on the way to the Boardwalk.

David stormed through the crowds of people on the Boardwalk. He didn’t even see the people, for his thoughts were on the old man. David had snatched him from a house, but he didn’t think it was Caleb’s father. David decided to find out. He entered the store, the doorbells clanging as he opened the door. He spied the old man at the counter. The man looked up at him in terror and stood frozen in his spot.

“Old man, what is your name,” David demanded, softly enough to not be threatening.

“Fred...Fredrick is my name,” the old man replied, his voice shaking without recognition.

“Okay, what is your last name? Do you have any children,” David asked, this time his voice sounded threatening. His cerulean eyes locked onto the old man before him.

“Oh no, I can’t let them get my Caleb! No way will they get my Caleb,” the old man thought to himself, looking down at the videos he was holding. On one of the cover’s, a picture of a family with a Bigfoot stood out. It read ‘Harry and the Henderson’s’. That is where the old man got the idea, not knowing they already had Caleb.

“Fredrick, or Fred Henderson,” the old man lied, looking into David’s eyes to fool him into the truth.

David nodded in satisfaction. He was about to leave, when a Native American girl entered the store. She caught David’s attention for she was quite beautiful. Her long raven hair fell down almost to her waist. The deerskin tunic she was wearing looked great tight against her golden skin. The girl’s chocolate brown eyes haunted David’s mind with such a passion he had the urge to run over and feed upon her that very second.

Amy entered the video store and went straight for the horror section. She loved scary movies and scary stories. Her love for horror was weird, but it was one of her favorite qualities. She picked up ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ and started reading the back cover, when a voice rang out from behind her.

“That’s a good one...I’ve seen it a hundred times,” the voice whispered, echoing through Amy’s mind.

Amy turned and faced a guy standing very close behind her. She could see the blonde stubble on his pale face. His spiky, blonde hair was long in the back. The guy had an earring in his left ear that dangled down. His cerulean eyes shocked Amy because they were so vivid. She backed up a few steps, startled by the black-clad figure’s appearance.

“Is it a good one? I haven’t seen it,” Amy replied, her eyes falling on the video she was holding.

“Yeah, it has a lot of vampire scenes in it...if you like that sort of thing,” David answered, his voice dipping low for the last piece of the sentence. A smile crossed his arrogant face.

“Of course, I love blood and guts! I watch the news all the time hoping that they will show us some pictures of these murders that keep on coming in Santa Carla, but to my disadvantage they don’t show shit,” Amy snarled, tossing the video back onto the wire shelf halfheartedly.

David smiled again, the smile still not reaching his eyes. If this girl liked action, he would give it to her. David snaked his arm around her slim waist and pulled her closer. He leaned down close to her ear.

“If you like action, me and my boys can show you some,” David snickered, his cerulean eyes lighting up at the thought.

“Oh no, I’m not into that three on one thing,” Amy protested, struggling out of David’s grip. He didn’t let her go that easily.

“, you have it all wrong. Let me assure you neither are me and my boys. We can show you some other types of thrills,” David assured, his voice dipping low again. He put all his will into it, trying to make Amy come along with them. He stared intently into her brown eyes, his hand wrapping in her raven hair.

“Uh...okay, lets go,” Amy decided, smiling at the snickering David, a touch of nervousness going through her body. She didn’t know what she was getting into, but she knew she wasn’t going to go down as a wimp.

Caleb sat on the velvet couch, looking into the fire that burned in the fireplace stuck in the wall. Marko sat across from her, watching her depressed moves. She slowly reached her hand out toward the fire, not getting close enough to touch it fully, but not far away enough to keep from getting burned. Caleb yanked her hand away, cradling it against her chest.

“Marko, do you think my father is in heaven,” Caleb asked blankly, her eyes shedding tears.

“I don’t know Caleb, but wherever he is I’m sure he’s okay,” Marko lied, hoping this would make the depressed female feel better. So far it worked.

“I’m sure of it, too. Thanks for making me feel so much better,” Caleb said, sliding across the couch and hugging the startled vampire.

Marko returned the hug, remembering what it was like to be touched by another. It had been so long for long since a female had touched him out of kindness. Sure, females touched him when he was feeding, but not like this. This was nice, and Marko was cherishing every moment of it. Caleb looked up into Marko’s eyes, but didn’t let go of his waist.

“Marko, what is your story,” Caleb asked, startling the vampire. “How did you come here?”

“Well, it’s a long story...and it hurts to talk about,” Marko admitted, his hazel gaze falling to the ground. A single tear slipped from his eye.

Caleb felt sorry for asking. She watched the tear as it slowly made it’s way down Marko’s face. On impulse, Caleb leaned up and swept it away with her tongue. Her hands went softly to the sides on Marko’s face as she did so. She could taste the salty sweetness of the tear on her lips still when she pulled back. She found Marko’s hazel eyes staring up at her when she sat back.

A swell of love filled her heart for the lonely vampire. Only, she didn’t know he was a vampire. Caleb leaned down and kissed Marko’s pale lips. Her hair brushed his face as she leaned down. A smothered moan escaped Marko as Caleb’s soft lips touched his. His gloved hands slowly crept up her back and moved around her shoulders. He found his hands slipping off her leather jacket. When she didn’t protest, his hands rested on her waist.

He moved his hands up the gauzy fabric of her top. Her skin underneath was soft and warm. Just touching it made Marko’s bloodlust come alive. He held it down with barely enough strength. Marko traced the curves of Caleb’s sides with his hands. When her arms lifted above her head, she slipped off her top. She slipped off his jacket, revealing his firm shoulders and ripped stomach. He picked her up and her legs went around his waist. She swung her top over her head as he carried her into what used to be Star’s room.

Amy walked with David, Paul, and Dwayne down the Boardwalk. She didn’t know where they were taking her, but she didn’t care. All she knew was what a great time she was having. David latched onto her and didn’t let go. Dwayne never said much, which didn’t bother her in the least. Paul, on the other hand, was hilarious! His jokes made Amy laugh like she had never before. Paul stopped and lit a joint. The stale smell of marijuana floated down the Boardwalk on the ocean breeze. As they continued on, Paul offered the joint to Amy. She looked at David, who nodded for her to go on, and took the joint. She had never really smoked marijuana before, but now was her chance. She inhaled the smoke and almost coughed, but she kept it in. She watched as Paul lit another one.

“You don’t want this,” Amy asked, shocked that he lit another one.

“Ah, you keep it. You’re cool enough to have your own, girl,” Paul explained, smoke exiting through his lopsided smile. His eyes were glazed over and glinted like hematite in the lights of the Boardwalk.

Amy shrugged and puffed off the shrinking joint in her hand. She was beginning to feel light-headed. Amy almost stumbled and fell on the Boardwalk, she would have if it wasn’t for David. He caught her just in time before she fell flat on her face. Amy’s goofy laughter filled the air. Soon, the Pack’s laughter was mixing with her own. She was having a blast, which was very rare for her.

“How about we go back to our place. Sound good to you Amy,” Paul asked, his voice quivering with barely traceable soberness.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Amy replied, loosely hanging onto David’s black-clad figure as they moved through the darkness.

Marko layed on the bed and indulged in having Caleb in his arms. The female was breathing softly, sleeping from the event that just took place 5 minutes before. Marko had made love for the first time in a while. In the process, he realized that he loved Caleb. It had been so long since Marko had loved another. He had never loved...since Katherine.

Katherine was a small town girl from Piedmont, North Dakota. She had long blonde hair that swept past her waist. Her pale skin was translucent and set off her dainty features. Katherine had eyes like no other. Her long, golden lashes framed her lapis lazuli blue eyes. It had only taken a moment for Marko to fall madly in love with her. He was 15 when he met Katherine.

Math class was the class Marko always hated, but somehow Katherine made it survivable. When she would hide her giggling mouth behind a small hand, Marko just wanted to kiss those giggling lips. It was Katherine who took his virginity. They were together everyday for three years, but the day before Marko’s 18th birthday was when tragedy struck. Katherine had taken her own life. That is why Marko freaked out when Caleb tried to take her own. He had past experiences with that situation and was extremely sensitive to it.

Marko swore at her funeral not to love again, but he was wrong. He is loving again. This time he wasn’t going to let anything ruin it, for Marko couldn’t take another heartbreak. He kissed Caleb’s fiery head lightly, stirring Caleb from her sleep.

“Well, hello there handsome,” Caleb whispered, moving up to plant a sweet kiss on Marko’s lips. A smile formed when she pulled away.

“They’ll be back soon, so let’s get dressed,” Marko suggested, reaching for his clothes that littered the bedroom.

“Okay, love,” Caleb said, remembering what Marko had said when they first met. Marko glanced at Caleb for a second, smiling that she had used his own words.

No sooner than a few seconds after they were dressed, David, Paul, and Dwayne entered. Marko glanced up and saw David clinging to a Native American girl. From what Marko could see, the girl was high and reeked of marijuana. The smell almost knocked Marko over as she entered.

Paul leapt onto the lip of the fountain and started pacing, humming silently to himself. It was a calming habit he had picked up over the years. He stubbed out his joint onto the lip of the fountain, almost falling in. He caught his balance and sat down, crossing his legs underneath him. The Skid Row song ‘Remember’ echoed in his head.

“Woke up to the sound of pouring rain...the wind would whisper and I’d think of you. All the tears you’d cry would call my name...and if you needed me I came through! I’d paint a picture of the days gone by...when love went bad you’d make me see. I’d stare a lifetime into your that I knew that you were there for me...time after time you were there for me,” Paul sang out loud, not caring if anyone heard him.

Caleb’s head snapped in his direction. Her green eyes were wide with surprise. She stood and walked over to the singing vampire. Her hands went softly to the sides of his face and she looked down into his eyes.

“You know that song,” Caleb uttered, not believing her ears.

“Uh...yeah. It’s one of my favorites,” Paul explained, startled by her actions.

“It’s one of my favorites, too. Oh, go on...I want to hear more,” Caleb pleaded, and she sat down in front of him.

Paul went on and Caleb swayed to the unheard beat. Soon she began to sing along with him. It became a nice duet. Marko sat staring in awe. Paul’s voice, low and throaty, mixed perfectly with Caleb’s high and clear voice. Their voices went very well together. After it was over, Caleb walked back over to Marko. Marko’s jealousy for the other vampire didn’t completely go away when she returned, but he didn’t pursue the matter anymore.

“What other songs do you like Paul,” Caleb asked, looking at the other vampire from beside Marko. Her arms were still locked around his waist.

“’s hard to say. I like Cheap Trick real well. My favorites are ‘I Want You to Want Me’ and ‘The Flame’. I like a lot of 80’s music. From the early 80’s to now, the late 80’s,” Paul explained, his eyes gazing straight back at Caleb.

Caleb nodded in agreement. She felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around. David stood behind her, the Native American girl standing at his back. He looked upon Caleb with his piercing cerulean eyes.

“Caleb, take Amy and get her changed into something. Tonight we go out, and it will be fun,” David ordered, pushing Amy gently to Caleb.

“Of course David, I’ll get her some clothes. I’ll need to get some money though,” Caleb explained, holding out her hand.

To her surprise, David reached a gloved hand into his coat pocket and pulled out a wad of bills. There had to be at least over $200 in the pile alone. Caleb looked up at David as he dumped it in her hand.

“Is that enough,” Dwayne asked, sarcasm filling his voice.

“Yeah, it’s enough,” Caleb whispered, taking Amy’s hand and leading her out into the night.

The boys were left in the cave. Paul was still singing when the girls left. His eyes were closed, caught up in his own world. David stalked over to his wheelchair and plopped down. His coat spread out around him, like a dark shadow threatening to swallow up anything that neared it. Marko stepped over to his leader and stood before him.

“David, who is that,” Marko asked, careful not to make it sound like a demand. He chewed in his right index nail.

“That...was Amy. I met her in Max’s old video store. I was talking to the old man...speaking of the old man, he isn’t Caleb’s father. I went and found out for you. His name is Fred Henderson. He has no children,” David explained, his cerulean eyes fixing on Marko triumphantly.

Marko nodded in understanding. He turned away and walked over to the velvet couch Caleb had occupied for the last few days. He plopped down, inhaling the scent she left behind. She was his now because David found someone else for himself. Amy would become David’s, and Caleb would become Marko’s.

Caleb walked through the shallow ocean water. The tide flowed up to meet her, the waves gently licking at her ankles. She looked over at Amy. Amy’s brown eyes were fixed on the shore ahead of her. Her raven hair flew behind her from the misty ocean breeze. It looked like some gigantic fan was blowing in front of her.

“So, where did you meet David at,” Caleb asked, looking over at the silent Amy.

“In that video store on the Boardwalk. I went in there to find a video and I met him,” Amy answered, looking at Caleb and making eye contact for the first time.

“Oh, are you with him now,” Caleb asked, a mist of ocean water spraying her down. She let out a shocked gasp.

“No,” Amy replied, laughing at Caleb’s startled gasp. “I guess I will be in a little while. You know...he promised to show me some action. He never paid up.”

“Oh did he,” Caleb asked, laughing and bumping Amy with her shoulder.

“Yeah,” Amy replied, laughing as well. She returned the friendly gesture.

As they entered the Boardwalk, a shadow loomed over them. The shadow belonged to a girl. The girl was rather small, with childlike features. Her waist-length blonde hair set off her pale, translucent skin. Her deep blue eyes were of lapis lazuli and were framed by long, golden eyelashes. Startled, Caleb stepped back. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Caleb’s hand flew to her chest, gripping tight over her thudding heart.

“Katherine,” Caleb uttered, gasping for breath.

The girl smiled, a triumphant smile that lingered in Amy and Caleb’s mind. She stepped forward to face both girls in front of her.

Marko sat on the couch, eagerly awaiting Caleb’s return. David could see his friend getting antsy, for he was getting the same feeling as well. David stood and stalked to the entrance of the cave. A cool breeze swept through the cave, chilling each of the Pack’s emotions. David raised his cerulean eyes to the black sky. Marko turned to his leader and stared at him with worried hazel eyes.

“Katherine,” Caleb uttered again, gripping onto Amy’s left arm.

“You know me,” Katherine replied in a small voice. It may have been small, but it carried power.

“Uh...who is this Caleb,” Amy asked, wincing in pain as Caleb gripped her arm tighter.

“What are’re dead, I thought,” Caleb went on, ignoring Amy’s question.

“Supposed to be,” Katherine said, a small smile crossing her lips. “If it wasn’t for Claude, I wouldn’t be here right now. He...changed me. That’s all I can say for now. do you know me?”

“Marko...he told me of the story about you and him,” Caleb explained, letting go of Amy’s arm and relaxing a little.

“Marko,” Katherine whispered, tensing up. “I’ve been searching for him...where is he?”

“Just down...wait, why do you want to find him,” Caleb asked, suspicion filling her voice. It echoed with anger.

“I need to find him. We belong together, he promised...and I’ve come to collect,” Katherine explained, standing a little bit taller. She faced Caleb with no fear.

Caleb stared down at the shorter female. Katherine was wearing a sundress. It’s thin straps crisscrossed down her back, revealing pale skin underneath. Her waist-length hair shone like sun gold. Katherine’s lapis lazuli blue eyes gleamed with determination. Her small hands were resting on her hips.

“I’m sorry Katherine, he’s already forgotten you. It’s been way too long, and Marko has pledged himself to me,” Caleb explained, her voice dipping low to a dangerous tone.

“Ha ha ha! Oh, has he now,” Katherine demanded, a menacing laugh escaping her throat. Though she was small, her aura emanated with power.

Suddenly, Katherine’s head jerked toward the horizon. The sky was rapidly beginning to lighten. Fear filled her eyes as she turned back to Caleb. Katherine’s eyes narrowed threateningly.

“This isn’t over yet, girl,” Katherine promised, turning and fleeing into the safety of the shadows. She disappeared, leaving Amy and Caleb staring after her.

“What...was that all about,” Amy demanded, pausing between words. She turned her brown eyes to Caleb.

Caleb stood there, panting and trying to slow her racing heartbeat. She put her hand to her rapidly rising and falling chest. She turned her green eyes and caught Amy’s confused gaze.

“I confuses me, too. Let me explain. Years ago, Katherine took her own life and Marko witnessed her funeral. Why is she here now...that I can’t answer,” Caleb whispered, leading Amy into the clothing shop on the Boardwalk. They entered, leaving the event that just happened behind them.

Sunrise hit the cave and the Pack was nowhere to be seen. They had already retired to the small sleeping cave high above the larger one. Even though they tried, neither Marko nor David could sleep. Both were too worried about their girls being out for so long. It didn’t take that long to get clothing. What worried them the most was the girls coming back to the cave and finding them nowhere in sight. They would come back here looking for them and find out what they truly were.

Marko listened to Paul’s soft breathing and Dwayne’s heavy snoring. Marko jabbed a sharp elbow into the snoring vampire’s ribs. Dwayne snorted and stopped snoring. His dark eyes opened and fixed upon Marko. He reached out and ruffled Marko’s hair. The agitated vampire bit Dwayne’s playful hand. Dwayne jerked it back, staring at Marko.

“What the hell is your problem? Still worried your girl is out there? She’s probably doing someone else,” Dwayne commented, adding the other part under his breath.

Unfortunately for him, Marko caught what he said. With a snarl, Marko transformed into his vamp face and attacked Dwayne. He lunged for the taller vampire’s throat. They fell to the floor, rolling and wrestling in the hay-like grass. Paul awoke from his sleep and watched his friend’s try to tear each other apart on the cave ground. David leaped down from the hanging bar.

“Ah, David just let them fight it out,” Paul suggested, a yawn stifling any other words that might come out.

“All right, that’s enough,” David barked angrily, pulling the snarling vampires apart. He sent Dwayne crashing into the wall. David grabbed Marko’s jacket collar. “Damn it Dwayne, how many times do I have to tell you...don’t tease Marko, unless you want your ass kicked!”

Dwayne wiped away a trickle of blood that was on his lip. One of Dwayne’s fangs pierced his lower lip when Marko’s fist connected with his chin. He looked at the other vampire. Marko was still in vampire form. His rapid breaths didn’t cease. He stood there, glaring at the taller vampire. His eyes had Dwayne’s death written in them. Dwayne jerked his gaze away from Marko’s hazel stare. He took a deep breath and resumed his position on the resting bar.

“I know how you feel Marko, but don’t waste it on an idiot like Dwayne. Understand what I’m saying,” David demanded, looking down at his enraged friend. His cerulean eyes fixed on Marko with concern.

If he didn’t get Amy and Caleb back soon, both of them would go nuts! He clapped a pale hand on his friend’s shoulder. Marko impatiently flicked the colored tassels that covered his left shoulder. His breathing started to calm and he resumed his position on the resting bar, finally finding sleep.

Amy and Caleb walked out with bags full of clothes. They went all out with the money David gave them. They bought tube-tops, halter-tops, bikini-tops, short-shorts, miniskirts, bikini bathing suits, and even some lingerie! The girls went all out.

On the walk back to the cave, Caleb and Amy really bonded. It was a wonder why they were even going to be friends. They had not a thing in common, except the boys. It was a weird start to a friendship.

“So, where were you staying before here,” Caleb asked, looking over at Amy.

“In a house not far from here. It has an ocean view, which is so beautiful! It’s on a dirt road in the outskirts of Santa Carla,” Amy explained.

“Oh, wow! Could you take me there? We have a lot of time to kill. Plus the boys sleep during the day, so we don’t have to be back for a while. Maybe after I’ll show you where I’m from. It sounds so near my house,” Caleb explained, her excited voice rising a few octaves.

“Yeah, sure! Let’s go,” Amy agreed, she waved Caleb in the opposite direction.

On the walk, Caleb thought about her house. She hoped that the police weren’t still watching it. If she went home, she could get caught. Caleb realized she didn’t care...all she wanted to do was go home.

Caleb didn’t realize they had arrived until she almost smacked into the post that held up the wrap-around porch. Wait...wrap around porch? Caleb looked up at the house. Tears flowed from her eyes as she realized she was home. Amy jumped onto the porch.

“Tada! This is it,” Amy cried, opening her arms and gesturing to the house. She stopped when she saw the look on Caleb’s face. “Are you okay Caleb?”

“I’m...home,” Caleb whispered, staring at the house lovingly. She raced past Amy into the house, leaving her on the porch staring after Caleb.

Amy entered and closed the door behind her. If this was Caleb’s house, then she’d better pick up her mess. She started to the living room. Amy started rapidly cleaning.

“Too late,” Caleb called from the kitchen. “I already saw the mess and don’t care! I turned off the television for you, though.”

Amy could hear her rummaging through the cabinets. Soon running water could be heard. Caleb came out carrying a glass of water. She slurped it loudly and plopped onto the soft, leather couch. She leaned over, patting the opposite end of the couch. Amy obediently sat down.

“I don’t care if you stay here Amy, it’s okay,” Caleb explained. She layed back and relaxed.

The girls watched television till sunset came and went. They locked up the house and hurried to the cave. David and Marko were going to be mad, but the girls didn’t care. They had a blast and that’s all that mattered. Caleb and Amy were hurrying so fast they didn’t see the shadow following close behind.

They scrambled over the jetted rocks that led to the entrance. When they entered, Marko and David sprang to their feet. David remained standing, but Marko stormed over to Caleb. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared past the cowering Caleb. His eyes went glazed over as the figure in the doorway emerged.

“Katherine,” Marko uttered, not moving. He then collapsed to the ground, passing out.

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