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Mesmerizing by dissolved_starr

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Belle had managed to have an uneventful first two weeks at Santa Carla. She was enrolled in school and was working nights at the store, she had even managed to make some friends who were at least semi sane and not complete bitches. Her schedule had been hard to deal with at first but she managed it. From nine until three she was at school and from four till nine she worked at the store.

But tonight was her night off and her new friends had decided to take her down to the boardwalk for some fun. She was glad of the break to be honest. There was a live band playing down there tonight and they had spent most of their time their. When it was ten o’clock the band changed over and the girl decided to go for a walk.

"Hey, let’s go on the roller coaster" Said Michelle

"Yea" Agreed Tanya and Clare simultaneously.

"I think I’m gonna wait here okay guys? I fell a bit sick from all that tequila and I doubt a roller coaster is a good cure for that"

"Okay then, we’ll be back in a second" They said as they ran off toward the ride.

Belle strolled through the crowd aimlessly but she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw David and his gang standing by their bikes about 25 feet in front over her. And strangely, although the boardwalk was crammed with people, the space around them was empty, as though people avoided being near them.

As if he sensed she was there he sharply turned his head to face her. He smirked and waved her over. She wanted to go over but her instincts told her to walk away. But she blocked out the nagging voice in the back of her head and sauntered toward them

"Hey" She greeted, giving them a nervous wave.

"Hello Belle" Said David grinning. "What’s a girl like you doing out this late, all by herself, hmmm? Don’t you know that the bogey men come out after dark?"

"I can take of myself" She assured him

"You sure about that? Theirs a lot of strange people round these parts, people who’d love to get their teeth into you" She giggled at his words

"Ohhhh, you mean the ‘vampires’?" She said sarcastically. "Don’t worry, the weird kid at the comic book store already warned me about those. And look, I’ve come prepared" She said, holding up her silver cross for him to see.

"What if crosses don’t work on vampires?

"Then I’ll run away from them until the sun comes up. Well that’s assuming sunlight actually kills them. I’m not really up on my vampire 101."

He laughed along with her. He was beginning to like this girl. Maybe she could be more than just a meal.

"Well maybe I can help you with that one day. I took that course in High School." He took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and put one in his mouth before silently offering her one. She took it from him and out it in her mouth

"Thanks" He took out his lighter and lit them both.

"Are you heading home from work?" He asked.

"Actually today’s my day off. I heard there was a concert down here tonight so I thought I’d come check it out. The main act just finished a few minutes ago"

"How was it?"

"Okay I guess, although the guy did a few to many pelvic thrusts for my taste and if think that the tight pants he wore are severely going to hamper his chances at having children in the future, if you get what I mean." He beamed a bright, genuine smile at her. He watched her silently for a moment.

"You wanna come back to our place?" She looked down at the ground at thought about it for a second.

‘Do you really want to go off with an absolute stranger?’ She asked herself.

"I‘d love to, but I’m here with friends. I can’t just take off. Maybe some other time, ok? I’ll see you around." She said before turning to walk away. She didn’t know whether that was the true reason she couldn’t go or just excuse for getting her out of going with him because some part of her really didn’t trust him.

"Wait, they can come too. We’ll have ourselves a little party, right boy’s?"

"Yea, the more the merrier" Said Paul

"Look I don’t know okay? I hardly know you guys. And as I been pretty much told by everyone I’ve meet that Santa Carla is the murder capital of the world, it wouldn’t be very wise for me and my friends to be going off with four strangers would it?" She stated honestly.

"Hey, come on, we promise not to bite… Well, unless you ask us to" He said, doing his best to look cherubic and innocent. She rolled her eyes.

"Well thanks…..Okay, I’ll ask them if they wanna go" She finally relented

"Where are they?"

"At the roller coaster. Wait here, I’ll go see what they wanna do." She said walking in the direction she came. After five minutes she finally spotted them in the crowd and approached

"There you are Belle. We’ve been looking for you" Said Tanya.

"Sorry. I ran into some guys. They want us to go back to their place to hang out. You guys up for it?"

"Well that depends, are they hot?" Asked Clare

"Majorly hot"

"How many are there?"


"What are their names?"

"It’s David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko"

"And which one do you like?"

"God what are you, the Spanish inquisition? Why?" She said jokingly

"So then we know who’s taken"

"It isn’t a cattle auction Michelle"

"Just spit it out girl"

"Well, I guess I kinda like David"

"Okay then, Davids off limits Claire and Tanya. See, was that so hard Belle."

"Shut up" Belle said through her giggles.

"Show me where the guys are at and you won’t hear another word out of me"

"This way" She said as she began to walk back towards David. She reached them quickly

"Okay, we’ll go. This is Tanya, Michelle and Claire" She pointed to each of the girls. "And this is David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko" They all greeted each over.

"Well let’s go. Pick a bike girl’s" Said David. Michelle, Claire and Tanya quickly took their seats but Belle was still standing in the same place. The only bike left was David and her mind had again decided to battle with itself over whether she should go with him. Once she got on that bike there was no turning back.

"Are you coming Belle?" David asked, holding his hand out to her. She looked deep in his eyes, trying to find some menace in them, but they where totally neutral and calming. Instantly forgetting her apprehensions she took a step closer and placed her hand in his. She didn’t know how he could do that to, making her feel reassured with just a few glances. A grin instantly filled his face like he’d just overcome a major obstacle. He gently tugged her towards him and helped her climb on the bike behind him.

"You’re not gonna murder me and leave me in some ditch tonight are you?" She whispered seriously. He chuckled

"I promise I won’t murder you tonight Belle" He replied

‘Can’t guarantee the same for your friends though’ He though, his smile still firmly in place.

"Okay, good" She said nervously.

"Have you ever ridden on a motorbike before?" He asked

"No. Why, am I doing something wrong?"

"Well you have to put your arms round me and hold on, otherwise your fall off"

"Oh, right. Good thinking" She said uneasily. She timidly put her hands to his sides and gripped his coat lightly. He laughed again.

"No, like this" He said as he took her arms and wrapped them round his waist.

"There that’s better. Hold on tight. Lets go boys" He ordered and they rode off into the night
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