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Joining the Heart by Keya

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Let the pain end
I cannot breathe
A warm sigh against my lips
Why must you leave?

Unreal, this must be a game
Weeping regret on my hand
I feel your pain

Heavens’ caress on my soul
Love’s such a cruel fantasy
Now, you depart, looking back at me
Go, and be sad for us both
Go, and let me breathe for myself

Nothing could prepare Cassandra for the pain. It dulled her senses into mush, made her legs feel sluggish, burdensome to pick up. She stumbled, her heart franticly beating from fatigue and from the struggle to escape Sereno.

“Come on,” Cassandra urged herself through cracked, bleeding lips. Tears of anguish rolled down her dirty cheeks and she gasped, as pain once again hammered inside her stomach. She sat down hard, failing to persuade her aching limps to move one more inch.

“Marco!” Cassandra screamed. Where was he? Where were the others? Why wasn’t she with them?

All Cassandra could remember was sleeping in her bed, waking up from the feel of fingers tightly squeezing her neck, and then…nothing, but a stone wall of absolute emptiness.

“It hurts, it hurts so much,” Cassandra whispered but sat motionless as she sensed Sereno coming closer. The demon had been the first thing she saw when she woke up from the drugged sleep he had submerged her in. The feel of him on top of her had terrified her and that was when Cassandra realized that she was naked and he clothed only in leather pants. She attacked him, leaving Sereno behind in shock as she ran like a freight train, escaping the knowledge of what he could have done or already did.

“Cassandra, you’re hungry, I can feel it,” Sereno’s voice tormented her.

“Leave me alone!”

“You need to feed, little one, to make your transformation complete.”

“What transformation?” Cassandra asked, confused.

“Don’t you remember? Marco gave you his blood that forced you to change, to become a vampire.”

The wolf within Cassandra raged at what the demon had said. Cassandra closed her eyes, breathing deeply, trying to control the hunger inside. Sereno came out of nowhere and grabbed her hand. Cassandra screamed as Sereno pulled her against his chest.


He held a mirror to her face. Cassandra stared in awe at her reflection. Her eyes were yellow instead of human brown. Her teeth were long, pointed, and very sharp. She fought the impelling force to sink them into Sereno’s flesh.

“Do it.”

“Do what?”

“Feed off me,” Sereno answered as he broke the mirror.

Cassandra cried out in dismay as she watched Sereno use a piece of glass to cut his wrist. Her eyes were glued to the black blood oozing out. It was demon blood, but still desirable all the same. Her lips parted and without thinking, she gripped his arm and pressed her lips to his bleeding wound. Her eyes turned red, flaming red as the foreign blood flowed within her veins, changing her into something much more than a vampire.

Sereno smiled as his new child drank from him. “Marco, you’ve lost her. She’s drinking off of me instead of you. She’s mine now and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”
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