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Keeping the Heart by Keya

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A young child screamed, but was silenced by a death grip on her throat.

"Complain, complain, why must my food always complain?" Her attacker asked.

The child whimpered. Laughing, Vera placed her teeth deep within the flesh of the girl's neck, basking in the warmth of the blood and the satisfaction it brought. When she was done, she dropped the body, danced an Irish jig and looked up as her master approached.

Sereno grinned, stroking his daughter's dark hair. Vera stood motionless, sensing that he was in a dangerous mood.

"I've seen Marco," Vera's blue eyes flashed, "He has something I want."

"What does he have?" Vera daringly spoke up.

"A girl, he loves her."

Vera growled, backing up from the demon, wanting to rip the girl apart. All of a sudden power struck Vera hard, forcing her to kneel. Fire blossomed in her chest, burning her from the inside.

"No! The girl's mine. Harm her and Marco dies."

Vera stared at him, her own power crashing with his, but it was useless. Always Sereno was stronger, older, and much more dominant than she could ever hope to be.

"As you wish."

"Good. Did I hurt you?"

"Yes," Vera answered.

"Come here," Sereno commanded, holding out his hand to her. Vera slowly got up; hating what was about to happen next. Sereno changed, his golden eyes becoming dark, his skin like glass, fangs peeking out from underneath his lip.

He was a demon, an eater of souls, no matter how pretty he looked on the outside, Vera reminded herself, but his one weakness was his desire to be loved and cherished by a woman, mortal or immortal, it didn't matter. As Vera opened herself to him, allowing him to feed off her energy, she wondered if ever there would be one that could resist him, and if there was someone out there, how much chaos and absolute terror would Sereno unleash until she finally stumbled to his power. After all, nothing could kill a shadow.
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