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Hard Choices Made by Keya

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Blood for blood. Wasn't it the way of the pack?

Kill or be killed.

Destroy, or be destroyed.

Her world, her game and she played it so well.

Until she had turned, until she had killed the wrong one.

Blood. It flows dark. Fighting it would be useless. It felt good, so utterly addicting. She laughed like a madwoman.

The heat of the fire within irritated everything but her pride. But what was pride if she didn't have him?

Fear. She never did experience fear in the past. But now, her palms were sweaty, her eyes hollow, her need to be free ever present.

The wind pulled back her hair to expose the tears, damn those tears. She chewed on her lip, tasting blood. Again blood. She looked down, giggled. Yes, blood was good. There was a lot of it pouring out.

Perhaps she should get up, make it sooner than later. But she had no strength and she wanted to wait. It was better that way. Images of the past flowed softly in her mind. But she fought them. She was good at that.

It was time.

She closed her eyes. Left the world behind. Felt the inside fire cease. Felt her heart stop feeling. Felt her eyes float up. And so Anna died. And the blood continued to pour out, making a small puddle on the hard stone floor.

And so the choice was made and her pack would remember. Because she had killed one of them and paid for the deed with her life, a choice all her own.

Except vampires heal rapidly and when she did, the pack would leave-without her. Because that was her wish and so it would be done. It was a hard choice to make.

The End
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