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Saving Midnight by Lana

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Saving Midnight Part 1

     “Ok, where’s all that excitement you promised me?” Midnight asked her father. She knew he’d been teasing with her about the move and she was teasing with him now...mostly.

     “Did I promise you excitement? Hmmmm, I don’t remember that.” He patted her on the shoulder then said “There’s a boardwalk in town. It has rides and shops, all that stuff. Why don’t you go take a look.”

     “Yeah, I suppose,” she muttered. She grabbed her father’s old army jacket which she now claimed as her own and left. Once in the garage, she kick-started the old modified dirt bike to life. After slipping her sunglasses on, she took off for town.

     Tourists were everywhere and already she was getting tired of them. Families who held vigil at the beach during the day and spent their hard-earned cash on the boardwalk by night. She supposed that a little kid would see this place as exciting. It had everything they would want...water and rides. But to her it was boring and tiring and from the way she felt tonight, a little ominous.

     A twinge of anger grew inside her at her father for bringing them here. Hadn’t he told his brother on the phone just months ago that he was through moving? Although she wasn’t thrilled with her last school, it would have been nice to go to the same school more than a year at a time. None of it mattered now though, here she was.

     In and out of shops she wandered. She was looking more at the people than the goods for sale. There was a comic book store. She wasn’t into comics but to decided to go in just to waste time.

     The Frog Brothers noticed her right off and eyed her suspiciously, like they did everyone. Midnight felt their glaring eyes on her and she was angry that these two thought she was going to steal something. What would she want with stupid comic books anyway? She left there and walked over to the video store not far away.

     Her father still hadn’t found the box where he’d packed the vcr so renting a tape now would be a lesson in futility but she did see a couple she might like to return for sometime.

     Midnight looked up from the shelf to see a handsome man in front of her. Maybe man wasn’t the right word but he was certainly no boy. He was in his late teens, maybe early 20’s and absolutely gorgeous. His white/blond hair was long in the back and spiked on top. It was a style she usually didn’t care for but it looked perfect on him. He had a gentle face hidden beneath a scruffy patch of hair. She didn’t care for the unshaven look much either but again, it seemed to fit this man. His eyes were a pale blue, hypnotic. But it was his mouth that hooked her in. Curvy and sexy that eased into a slight smile.

     “Hello,” he said. His voice was deep, gravelly and extremely sexy. It poured from him smoothly like a fine old wine.

     She didn’t answer him so he said again “Hello.”

     This time she managed to answer back with a hello of her own before he said “My name is David. And you are?”


     “Very interesting name.”

     “It’s a nickname.” Midnight glanced down at her watch out of nervousness.

     “Do you have somewhere to be, Midnight?” he asked. His eyes never left her face.

     “N...No,” she said nervously.

     David smiled at her again and his voice droned “Then come take a ride with me.”


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