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I Miss You by autumn lyrical

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I Miss You

Laddie Thompson stood at the shore, the cold wind whipping around his still and slender form. A storm was coming; he could feel it in his bones, a storm that wasn’t all about the weather, one that contained conflict.

He was eighteen now, eight years having passed since the death of his family. Eight years since they had all died, his blood brothers. He liked living with Star and Michael, but he missed them so.

A memory from three years ago echoed through him, and he despaired that he would never again see his red-haired angel. Freya had always been there for him, was always there when he needed her comfort. But now she was gone. She’d moved away three years ago and he’d heard no word from her since.

‘Hello there, the angel from my nightmare,
The shadow in the background of the morgue’

He remembered her bright green eyes, slender frame and delicate features. He had loved her and told no-one, not even his adopted mother Lucy.

The waves crashed upon the sand, and you could almost see the stars tonight. Laddie raked his fingers through his short, spiked up hair, squinting his eyes against the spray of the sea. Sighing he turned and walked towards the Boardwalk, the feeling of wanting to be alone increasing. For some reason he had always felt lonely in the crowds, always had, even when he had been with Dwayne, David and the others.

He cherished the memories he’d had with them, his undead family, same as he cherished the memories of Freya. The times when they used to just simply watch a movie (something like Nightmare before Christmas, it was her favourite), or when they would just walk on the beach came rushing back to him as he wandered the bustling crowds.

‘The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley,
We can live like Jack and Sally I we want,
Where you can always find me
We’ll have Halloween on Christmas………’

The many people continued on their merry way through the tourist town of Santa Carla, Laddie walking silently between them all deep in thought. Freya was the most beautiful creature that he had ever met, and he was gone from her. He wondered if he’d ever see her again.

He stopped by the carousel, eyes misting over as he watched. He almost expected to see them there, they had always loved to terrorise the tourists. He almost expected to hear their joyous laugh, feel their comforting presence, but no more. He looked away, not wanting to look at it anymore, or hear the carousel music. This place held too many memories, too many. And they hurt, each one like a sharp stab or deep cut from a knife.

‘And in this night we’ll wish this never ends
We’ll wish this never ends…
(Miss you, Miss you)
(Miss you, Miss you)

Speeding up he walked quickly out from the Boardwalk, hurrying down dark and shadowed streets. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, hunching his figure against the harsh wind as he went.

He couldn’t get rid of the memories, they were too strong; stronger than he was. And he didn’t stop as he entered the house. Didn’t stop at the concerned look Lucy gave him. Didn’t stop at all, not until he reached the warmth and safety of his room.

‘Where are you and I’m so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight,
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting every time…’

His room was cluttered and he weaved his way through the mess to his bed near the open window. He closed his eyes tightly, silently willing the thoughts away, calming his speeding heartbeat in his chest.


He snapped his eyes open, a hauntingly familiar voice hung in the air. He bolted up right and his wide eyes scanned the darkened room. Nothing. He sighed, lying back down on the soft sheets, resting his eyes shut. He tried to beckon to the sleep, but it would not follow, so he merely lay there trying to clear his head.


Now that wasn’t just his imagination. Warily he stood and padded softly to the open window, the cool breeze floating through it. Glancing out into the darkness he once again saw nothing, nothing but the cruel shadows of the night.

‘And as I stared I counted
Webs from all the spiders,
Catching things and eating their insides,
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason,
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight’

He shook his head and turned to go back to his bed, intent on actually getting sleep, and there she was. Freya stood before him a gentle smile gracing her lips. Her red hair floated softly over her slender shoulders and it was all Laddie could do to not reach out and touch her, see if she was real.

She reached out then, cool hands touching his fevered face. Disbelief clouded his mind and he almost lost control when she placed a chaste kiss on his lips. He frowned, but she was so pale, it was unnatural. She smiled again and Laddie returned her angelic smile, his normally stormy eyes alight with happiness.

Her own forest green eyes mirrored his happiness and it all seemed like a dream. Until it turned into a nightmare.

Her visage changed, became feral. A deep primal desire reflected in her eyes that he knew all too well. Green transformed into red flecked with yellow and fangs grew from her mouth. He knew what she was, but could he believe it?

His Freya was a vampire. How and why he did not know and as she stepped forward he felt himself rooted to the spot. Still in her vampire visage she embraced him warmly and he unconsciously responded eagerly.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss, all thoughts erased and neither aware of their surroundings. Laddie felt like he was in heaven and he momentarily let his guard down, and that was all the Freya needed.

She bit down into his neck, the blood gushing down her throat. Laddie gasped at the sudden pain, the feeling of his life draining away increasing. His vision began to fade and he nearly lost himself to the darkness.

Freya broke away, holding him in her arms. Her face was now that of what she used to be, slender, beautiful and delicate. Fragile no longer, and her smile was so beautiful, he thought that it would be the last thing that he would see. Killed by the woman he loved, how ironic.

‘Oh, but I know Laddie…I’ve always known…’

Her voice was lower than a normal woman’s, but it sent shivers down his spine none the less. He looked at her, eyes mirroring confusion as she placed him gently on his bed.

Sitting down beside him she softly began to stroke his hair, that smile still on her lips now stained with blood. His blood.

“Join me Laddie, join me in blessed darkness.”

Her voice was so pleading, that he could not refuse, and as he was born into the darkness he seized all those memories of his lost family. Dwayne, Marko, Paul and David may be gone now, but he would forever remember them, no matter how much he missed them.
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