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Blood Child:Origins of Rebirth by autumn lyrical

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Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

Chapter 1

Dwayne sat dejectedly in the dark, the cold weather outside seeping through so that his room was as freezing as it was outside. He winced as he traced a large purple bruise forming on his face, the sharp stabbing pain almost making him cry out. Almost, but not quite. He was scared, scared for himself, and for his mother. Who knew what that asshole of a step-father had done to her?

It was all too quiet now, he could hear nothing. The silence was slowly getting to him, eating away at him and he didn’t know how much longer he could take. He absently brushed away a stray strand of his long brown hair and stood up slowly, careful as to not make the old floorboards creak.

Opening the wood door he peered out into the darkness, heart thumping in his chest. Dwayne slowly edged his way down the stairs, worry creasing his face. Not a sound.

Turning on the kitchen light his eyes widened and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Tears trickled their way down his cheeks as his knees gave way and he dropped down to the cold linoleum floor, the body of his mother lying in a pool of her own blood.

Suddenly he felt cold. So cold. He wanted to scream out the pain, but any sound refused to come out. He wanted to get away then, to run and never come back. Thoughts rushed through his head and pure adrenaline rushed through his veins.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, stopping only when he was far away from the place he had once called home. But the image of his mothers face, captured in agony would not leave his mind.

The cold chilled him to the bone and the heavens themselves opened, crying its tears along with him. Lightning sparked across the night sky, as if photographing his moment of sadness.

He was held in his deep despair and wandered the streets of his home town. No-one knew what he was going through, and he wished his pain on no-one.


David scanned the darkened streets, the rain seeming not to bother him. His cerulean blue eyes were sharp as they flickered over streets, looking for potential victims to quench his bloodlust. He calmly kept his growing need for blood at bay as he continued his silent search.

Eternity seemed like a good idea, until you found out that you had to spend it alone. Loneliness weighed down heavily on his heart, yearning for a companion.

With a sigh he slid into the darkness of an alleyway, a potential victim shuffling his way already. He shifted into his vampire face, eyes turning yellow tinged with red, but before he could attack something in the eyes of this mortal made him hesitate.

Soulful eyes attracted David to this youth, a pain in those deep orbs of brown that he could relate to. Seizing the chance he stepped out of the shadows, a small smirk on his face he saw the slight surprise in the youth’s eyes.

“It’s dangerous to be out this late, shouldn’t you be home and safe?” David asked, voice only slightly mocking.

The youth frowned, as if wary to tell him anything. He lowered his eyes, thick eyelashes shadowing the brown depths from the vampire. When he spoke his voice was soft, hesitant. “I don’t have a home. Not anymore.”

The last statement seemed so final and David knew that this mortal and himself had something in common. His own life hadn’t been all strawberries and cream either. Before Spike had found him he had been a loner, shunned by his family and friends. He had a feeling that he knew what he was going through.

“I’m David.” He said, holding out his gloved hand as a gesture of friendship. The mortal looked at him warily, as if waiting for the stab or cruel cut of a knife. Hesitantly he took the offered hand, his voice coming back to him all the stronger.


David’s soft smirk grew and before Dwayne knew it he had been pulled into a tight embrace. Dwayne struggled against him, trying vainly to get free, but David tightened his hold and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. Finding the pulse, which was beating wildly, he bit down sharply into his neck, the blood flowing freely into him.

Dwayne cried out, an intense pain pulling at his heat, drawing the lifeblood out of him. Moments passed, and he felt himself grow weak. Slumping in David’s arms his vision growing blurry, colours meshing with each other, dazzling him.

David caught the limp and dying body before he fell. Grabbing the ornate bottle that was a present from his sire before he left, he quickly uncorked it and placed it to Dwayne’s lips. “Drink.” Was all that he murmured to the raven haired youth, and Dwayne was soon swallowing David’s potent blood.

Dwayne’s heartbeat slowed, becoming weaker and David lifted him up into his arms with no problem at all. As Dwayne slowly died in his arms David flew back to the caves where he had hidden during the day, flying silently and quickly through the night.
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