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Don't Be Scared by autumn lyrical

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Don’t Be Scared

After the little stunt with the train, Michael decided that he definitely didn’t want to do that again. No way. He brushed his short curly hair back out of his cobalt blue eyes, listening to the yells and chatter of the Lost Boys as they entered the cave.

Michael sat with Laddie, who had stayed behind with Star. She seemed to be preoccupied with David, and that saddened him. He sighed, watching as the two snuggled unawares.

Paul and Dwayne sat chatting about various musicians, arguing about who the better singer was, the argument now starting to get heated.

He felt warm breath on his neck and turned to see Marko grinning at him. He returned it and Marko’s grin grew. He held out a black gloved hand, which Michael accepted, after looking at Laddie for reassurance, Laddie grinned and Marko helped the (unknowing) half vampire to his feet.

“Would you like a tour?”

How could he resist? Here was this angelic young man who was offering to show him around. He couldn’t exactly say no, could he? So he accepted Marko’s offer and they trailed round, looking into each dusty and dirty room in the sunken hotel.

Some of the rooms weren’t so dusty. He recognised one particular far out room and quickly identified it as Paul’s. He was right of course. Dwayne’s room was plainer, although cosy and David’s room was shut off. No-one ever went in there, Marko had said, not even David.

Last but not least was Marko’s room, and he followed the blond angel into his haven. He was awestruck, this was the topmost room, one that had an open balcony that led into a dense cave. Silently he admired the sight of the greenish-white light of the lamps glitter off of the stalactites and stalagmites, making them shine, glittering diamonds.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Marko’s voice whispered into his ear, tickling the sensitive flesh below it. Michael shivered slightly, tensing as strong arms wrapped around his waist, suddenly, he didn’t think that Marko was talking about the view. For moments they stood there, watching the reflection, the deep darkness of an unknown cavern.

“The others don’t know about this place. Just me, and now, you.”

Marko’s voice was low and Michael’s heartbeat quickened. Slowly, he turned around in Marko’s arms, now face to face with the curly haired youth. He stared into his eyes, loosing himself in those orbs.

Marko’s breath was soft and warm against his face and his eyes flashed golden for a second, and Michael doubted his eyesight. Marko wet his dry lips with his tongue and voice came softly, echoing the words he spoke earlier, when they hung underneath the railroad tracks as the train passed over them.

“Don’t be scared Michael.”

Their kiss was sweet and passionate, and Michael suddenly didn’t have a care in the world, and was lost in the moment between them.

Marko’s tongue slipped into his mouth, caressing it as his arms tightened around him. Michael moaned softly, lost in the moment. They parted, heaving in well-needed oxygen and Marko placed tiny kisses along his jaw. Michael sighed, he had a feeling that things were going to get much better.
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