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this is not the end. by jamuel

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Author's Chapter Notes:
The boring shit that no one likes.
They had been traveling for hours now, they'd made there way to Santa Carla, not by choice.
They were walking on the boardwalk, Candice had been looking for a new trebus ring when she'd been approached by a messy haired blonde.
"now now, pretty little ladies shouldn't be walking round on there own at night round here, its not safe, you never know what lurkes in the darkness" he spoke in her ear.
"she's not." marko said in a firm tone. Paul spun round to find a young lad about 17 stood with a straight face. Marko walked to Candice and grabbed her round the waist.
"Candice c'mon, you need rest"
They walked down a street be to stopped by 3 lads on motorcyles, one dark brown hair, the blonde they'd encountered not long ago and a platinum blonde that seemed to be there leader.
"you seem... Lost, I'm David" the platinum blonde spoke directly to marko.
"marko, and kinda we're on the move at the moment"
All 3 boys looked at Candice.
"and who are you?" David said looking at her.
"well if you need a place to stay, come with us?"David suggested.
"we don't have a bike?"marko said.
"hop on the back of ours?"
Marko hopped on the back of the messy blondes, his name was paul.
"get on mine, Candice?" David smiled. She did and they set off.
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