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this is not the end. by jamuel

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“DAD that’s enough!” marko shouted pushing his dad away from Candice.

Marko’s father had asked marko to do the shopping and he left his girlfriend Candice at home, he thought nothing of it, untill he walked In to see Andrew(his dad) with his trousers and underwear around his ankles and Candice screaming in terror.

“what the fuck are you doing!?” marko shouted punching Andrew in the face.

“marko! Its not how it looks i-”Andrew couldn’t finish his sentence before marko interupted.

“you’ve done cocame again havnt you!” marko released him grip from his father and rushed over to Candice.

Her bleach blonde hair was backcombed and wavey. Her eyes piercing blue. She wore a grey high waisted skirt with a flowery top and headband with pink flowers, white allstars and many bracelets.

“Candice are you ok? Did he hurt you? Marko said in horror. Candice looked behind him.

Marko span round, Andrew punched him in the face, marko fell to floor in pain and Andrew walked over to Candice and pulled her up, and hit her in the face to before kicking her in the stomach. Marko raced to the fireplace and grabbed his old primary school football trophy and hit Andrew and temporarily knocked him clean out. Giving marko and Candice the chance to leave. They didn’t hesitate, it hadn’t been the first time markos dad had tried to fight Candice and marko, but he’d never tried to rape her, only marko, ever since marko was young, he’d tried touching marko, and tried to shag him but marko always fought him, but this had triggered marko, he’d finally reached braking point, he lent against a lampoast. Candice looked at markos angelic face in the yellowy-orange glow from the lampoast, she walked over and gently put her tanned hands on his face and kissed him.

“baby, cheer up, I knew this opportunity would come, I’ve already got my money in my bag, we’re leaving” Candice said opening her hype backpack. It had millions inside.

Marko gleamed with happiness.

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