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Truth, Justice, And The American Way Tribes by LongLostFrogSister

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Story Notes:
This is a little before the Sam and Michael situation. Sooo yeah. Enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:
First Chapter! Yay! :)
I stared out the car window. The car ride wa silent until mom spoke up,"We're here!"

"Finally," my twin brother, Toby, muttered. My brothers weren't to happy about moving. I was. I hated where we used to live. All the damn vampires. But, I'm sure Santa Carla won't have any vampires. Will it?

I have black hair that is cut like a boy's. For a girl it's called a pixie-cut.So yeah, I have a pixie-cut. I have dark brown eyes and I'm 15 years old. I read a lot of horror comics and books. I also watch a lot of horror films. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts etc. are all real. No one ever believed me and that's why I really never made friends. Because they al thought I was crazy and weird. We're moving to Santa Carla. Where no one knows me. I am just gonna act normal and make some friends!

I have a little brother and a twin brother. Gordie, is thirteen years old. He has light brown hair and tan skin. He has braces and he's quite skinny. Gordie is a smart kid. Though he also gets beat up and picked on by other kids.

Toby in my twin brother. He is 4 minutes older than me though. He always rubs it in my face though. He looks a lot like me, though his skin is just a little lighter.

I love my brothers. They are like my friends if anyone isn't.

We arrived at our new house. It was a light green color, cucumber type color. It had four bedrooms. Yipee all the children get their own room! It was planted right on the edge of town, along with other houses.

I jumped out of the car with my backpack. I raced toward the door, knowing whoever gets to a room first, they get it. My brothers ran out of the car too, but I had already chosen a good room.

"Hey, no fair!" Toby said standing in my door way.

"It's completely fair, I got here first!" I smiled at him and chuckled. After I had claimed my room, I went to collect the rest of my stuff.

In two hours, my room looked perfect. My posters of Michael Jackson, The Doors, and all my other favorite artists were all hung up on my walls. My bed was made, and everything was arranged how I wanted it.

"Danny!" I heard my brothers call from downstairs.

"Hm?" I leaned against the stair railing.

"Well, are you coming?" Gordie asked.

"Where?" I asked confused.

"To the theme park, remember?" Toby said as if I was stupid.

"Oh, yeah! Wait just a minute! I have to get my shoes!" I ran back up the stairs and pulled on my white converse. I threw on my hat and shoved my wallet in my pocket. I ran back down the stairs. Then we left for the theme park.

We walked there because it was really nice out. The sun was setting and it was nightfall by the time we got there. We went on a couple rides then just started walkin around and checking out stuff.

"I'm hungry can we get something to eat?" Gordie asked.

"Yeah sure, Gordo!" I saiud and we walked over to a little shop. Toby and Gordie ordered some food while I picked a table outside. I gave them money for the food and sat down as they walked off. Just out of the corner of my eye, I saw four biker-looking dudes. They looked about seventeen though. Isaw them watching me. I turned my head to look at them. I was right they were staring at me.

The first one had bleach blond hair- almost white. The second one had curly blond hair. The third one had dark brown hair. He looked kinda scary. But then, they all did. The fourth one was blond and his hair looked like twisted sisters'. They all had long hair and were on there dirt bikes when a teenage girl and a little boy went up to them. The girl got on the back of the bleach blonde's bike and the little boy, on the back of the brunette's. They sped off. I could still feel the brunette's eyes on me. Boy, they were creepy!

Toby and Gordie came back with the food. I started shovling french fries in my mouth and Toby took a big bite out of a burger.

"You two eat like pigs!" Gordie stared at us in disgust.

With our mouths full of food, at the same time, Toby and I said,"Can't help it!"

After we were finished eating, Gordie pointed out to a store on the board walk, "Look a comic book store!"

My brothers and I loved comics. They were more into the super hero type stuff, and I was more into the horror comics. We entered the store. There were to adults asleep on a bench, and a couple of other peole, here and there. Toby and Gordie instantly found the type of comics they like. I, however, could not find the horror comics.

I saw a guy with a box of comics, stacking them on the shelves. He had dark brown hair and eyes. He had tan skin. I supposed he worked here, since he had that box of comics, so I confronted him, "Can you show me where the horror comics are, please?"

"Right this way, miss," he led me through the store and to the section I was looking for.

"Thank you!" I thanked him. I picked up a comic that looked interesting. It was called Destroy All Vampires. I could tell that he was still standing there.

"What's your name?" He asked me.

"Danny Marquette. What's your's?" I replied.

"Alan. Alan Frog," he stuck his hand out and I shook it. "You new here?"

"Yeah. We just arrived today." Then I pointed ou my brothers, "That one, is my twin brother, Toby. And the other one is my little brother, Gordie."

I realized we still held hands. I let go and blushed.

"That's my brother, Edgar," he pointed to a boy with brown hair and a piece of cloth tied around his head.

Alan looked at the comic I held in my hand, "That's a good choice. That one is real helpful."

I gave him a questioning look.

"I'll explain later," Alan said, "Can I get your number?"

"Yeah sure!" He handed me a sharpie and I wrote it down on his hand. Just then, Toby and Gordie came up to me, "Are you ready to check out?" Gordo asked.

"Yeah," I handed the sharpie back to Alan, "See ya!" I smiled at him.

"Bye!" He smiled back. We paid for the comics and walked back home. I crashed down on my bed and smiled. I had just met the cutest guy, and he asked for my number!! Best day ever!
Chapter End Notes:
Look for the next chapter soon!
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