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Crimson Ties by Desemond_Le_Mortis

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It's 2012, a good few decades since the Frogs took his brothers and his maker from him. But David is nothing if not paitent. Years after traveling the globe, learning of the other species of his kind and things like magick, he returns to Santa Carlo, only to be shocked by the appearance of a young woman with a striking resemblance to his Maker, Max. He learns that she is a pagan, the descendant of a family notorious for it's connection to the occult on one side, and a direct descendant to his Maker in the other. In his and her blood lies the key to bring his Family back. So he cultivates her, teaches her, brings her to his point of view and when everything is ready, they bring back all of the Lost Boys. But there is a catch to Aserah's magick, they are all now bound to her. She belongs to them, they belong to her. In all things. And now they must figure out this bond with the young pagan as they all plan their revenge on the unsuspecting, older, and non-the-wiser Frogs.

Chapter One: To Every Devil His Due

After a international trek across the globe from which David has not only healed completely from the assault by the young and ignorent teenagers who murdered his family, but also learns about other species of vampires, creatures of the night, magick, and the occult, David returns home after the call to return to Santa Carlo becomes irresistable. To his shock, as he walks along the beach he and his Family use to cruise with wild abandon, he comes across a beautiful young girl with long dark hair, a dark tan, and emerald eyes that bares an overwhelming resemblance to his Maker.

David's POV

The smells, tastes, and sounds of Santa Carlo, how like a siren's song it was to him. He never really forgot it, not across the many miles, the sight and sounds of a thousand wonders he laid his eyes upon on his international trek to forget the days and nights that led to the loss of his entire family. He owed alot to the ignorence of those teens, had they been better at their jobs, they might have actually killed him instead of wounding him with anteleer horns, of all things! Oh, don't get him wrong, it hurt like hell and it took him a long while for him to heal from the wounds the holy water and the blood loss left, but it didn't kill him. And the manner that his brothers had been killed had left open an interesting little loop hole that before his trek, he wouldn't had even known was there to be exploited. The Frogs had not used holy objects to kill them, nor were they anything that remotely resembled paladins, like Miss Integra Hellsing, someone he had very narrowly escaped durring an underground war that shook the English Night. Not that he would have ever harmed someone like her, she embodied all to much that which was the best in humanity while his real enemies embodied the worst.

But that loophole, he was going to use it! His brother's blood called to him no matter where he went, no matter how many he killed, or how much blood he drank, or how much booze he drained to kill the pain. The possibility to bring back everything he had lost was to great. And their voices sang to him across the devide. There was something about this moment, something that put an urgency to this need that had not been there before. Something about this night was important, and why he walked those still familiar streets, nostagicly recalling what was still the same and what had changed. The tech savy world of 2012 left that of the 80's in the dust. The sound of a thousand voices still rang, and the ferris wheel still ran, and the air sang with that of the corrupt and the fatally young. No longer the capitol for murder, being replaced by places like New York and Los Angeles and Bejing but the air of danger and death still hung about the town like a warm cloak. Humans were as clueless as they had always been about him. The females flocked to him, easy kills, practicly begging for him to do it. He had things like the stupidity of the Twilight series to thank for that. And on that horror, he immediately began to shudder in revulsion at the horrible images that brought up! If it had been David, he would have drained that stupid bint Bella within the first ten minutes of hearing her love sick stupidity spill out of her mouth! Really!

And don't even get him started on the sparklepires! He actually had to leave after being physically ill due to how badly the image of his kind was represented by the horrible franchise. He had to do something to bring back to life what vampires REALLY were! These thoughts played through his mind as the sound of the waves crashing into the nightime shore filled the air. He was so distracted by his distasteful thoughts that he didn't notice crashing into a young woman till she was holding on to his frame to try to keep both of them from falling in a frantic manner! "Damnit man! Hold on, if you don't we are both screwed!" the sound of her voice brought him back, but what he saw when he saw her face almost made him drop to his knees! The young woman was beautiful, tan skin, long dark hair, startling emerald eyes, but most of all how her face was structured, the tone of her voice, the aura of power that surrounded her and the area in which he stood. The resemblance to Max, his maker was overwhelming! His grip on her immediately got tighter and he knew his image changed.

To his shock, the girl showed no fear of him, no fear at all! He felt her grip loosen as she became more certain that he wouldn't tumble and take her with him. An darkly amused smile lit her face as she gazed upon him. "You were hoping for a scream?" she quipped. He took in his surroundings, realizing he had stumbled on a young pagan, setting the beach grounds for a ritual, and if the offering of clearly human blood and her tightly wrapped palm were any indication, it wasn't for the light of heart. The cage of a dazed snake in the corner and he had a better idea. He gave her a smile in return, the predator in him returning to the surface. "I have no need for that, I can make you scream anytime." and he did what he did best, turned on the fear and the sexuality that usually made it all the worse that the victims felt dirty that they desired their killer. Instead, she laughed, the dark tone went straight through him, turning on his interest. "I'm sure that you can, mister, if I wanted that. But as you can see, I am in the middle of something a bit complicated. But you can return to slay me in any manner you may prefer, later." He growled in appreciation of her daring answer. He moved closer to her, and she didn't move a muscle even as he moved into her space.

"David, Little Bird. My name is David, such a lovely creature of curteosy should return the favor. Or I could send you to the realm that you are so intent on using tonight." he spoke again, lips brushing her ear, smiling when he felt a shiver going up her spine, finally getting a reaction out of her. She took one step back, one hand placed firmly on a slender hip, drawing his eyes to a well formed but petite frame, lovely hourglass figure and legs that defied her tiny size. A half mocking expression was on her face, and he saw past the bravado she put on for him and saw there someone who had no fear of Death. She had a mad love affair with Death, and would welcome it. She was a cast out, someone considered to dangerous, to strong to be allowed to be apart of society. It was a bad joke! But one that could turn the tables to their side, bringing a smile to his face. "Aserah Mayfair, and yes, that means "those" Mayfairs. Cast out, that is rather accurate. I'm to dangerous for them! Because I embrace the darker side of our family and I am not afraid of the madness. How could I be, with who my father was?" her answer intrigued him, and the more she spoke, the way she held herself, her defiance coupled with her sophicated polish made her resemblance to Max beyond maddening!

David dropped all posturing. He felt the swirl of the invisable spirits whom she would be sure to command once he left, but he wouldn't, not yet, not when the answers he had looked for so long could be right in front of his face! "Who are you, Aserah, who are you really?" he asked. "My father, Reynald Dellenoix's daughter." she whispered. David's blood ran cold. "If you are who you say you are, and you do not fear me, would you be interested in conducting an experiment with me?" he asked. Everything would be in the blood. If what his thoughts and senses were saying were true, it would be known the instant he tasted hers. He would know if she carried the blood of his maker, Max Dellenoix. "Perhaps. What would be in it for me if I say yes, if you are asking permission instead of just being curteous before taking what you want." Her smart mouth made him smile. Something about her made him feel alive for the first time in decades, he would not ever punish her bravado and would rip out the heart of any man that ever tried. He smiled a dangerous smile. "Aserah, you are simply to smart for your own good, why ask a question which you already know the answer too?" she gave him a throaty laugh. "Because to every devil goes their due, and the spirits would take the blood you will need if I am not allowed to close the Circle first, this is Necromancy after all."

He threw his head back in a howl of laughter that she joined. "Very well, close the Circle, Little Bird." and with a wicked little smile, she turned from him and raised her bare arms, and he took in more of her appearance. She wore a self made cloaked robe with slit sleeves. It was a dark forrest green with gaelic runes haphazardly sworn across the front and the eye of Bast sewn in gold in the back and gold lined the v-neck and the bottom. Her feet were bare but her nails both on her feet and hands were midnight black. She wore a single adornment, a pendant bearing a november topaz around her neck. Her eyes were rimmed with black and in her movements and speech she resembled an Egyptian priestess at the beginning of the world. A dark sorceress who could spellbind a nation. The energy poured out of her and when she finished he had to catch her as she began to drop. "You are to careless with your life, Little Bird." she gave him her first real smile. "What life?" she asked. He brushed her hair back from her neck. "If what I think is true, and you give me back what was stolen, a life beyond your wildest desires" he whispered, voice husky and soft against her skin and he felt that his power over her really did exist, she was simply more powerful than most.

His last thought before he bit her was that in his arms was the Great anti-Bella like female. Strong, outspoken, in control of herself and her desires. One deserving of eternity. And her skin gave for him and her blood flooded him with a thousand images, and everything was known in an instant!. He stopped far before it would do her any harm, healing the mark with his blood. He laughed in triumph and she laughed with him, because now they knew what their uncanny connection was! Here it was, the blood of his Maker, running in her veins! That is why everything had been so urgent! His Family knew she was here! She had the power, and the blood, and he had the blood of his Brothers, they were the key to bringing them back! She needed to be just a little stronger and they would do it! "Say goodbye to the life and home you knew, Little Bird. Because tonight, you and I will start the reforging of Our Family, and you will never be cast out alone, ever again. Don't try to run, you won't ever get far. You were never really one of them anyway." And she laughed again. "Do you know I dreamed of you and your family? And there was those voices, they led me out here tonight. FYI, Marco needs to learn when to shut his mouth!" he howled with laughter.

He took her hand. "Time to go home?" she asked. He gave her a wicked smile. "Exactly Aserah. Time to go home."
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