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Killed For Love by OliviaRose

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Story Notes:
I do not own anyone or anything from The Lost Boys.
All rights go to the respective owners.
No copyright infringment intended.
I pulled on my black converse, tying the laces as quickly as I could. My heart was practically in my throat.
I got up from my crouched position and pulled open my bedroom door. The hallway was dark, signaling everyone was asleep.
I counted to three and flew down the stairs, my platinum blonde curls bouncing.
I stopped at the mirror by the door and examined myself.

My soft grey eyes were twinkling in the moonlight sreaming through the window. My pink mini dress looked perfect, and my makeup was flawless.

I unlocked the door and slunk outside, shutting as quietly as I could. Last thing I needed was to get caught and have my friends think I ditched.
They said we would meet on the beach, so that was were I was headed. I ran down the dirt path leading to the road heading to the boardwalk.

After maybe 10 minutes, I had managed to successfully get on the secluded area of the beach. The cool ocean air softly caressed my face, sending shivers down my spine. I heard talking and laughing coming closer and closer to where I was standing.
I turned and saw a small mob of maybe 20 surf nazis staring at me, coming closer. I casually looked at the moon and began to speed walk in the other direction.
I sprinted as fast as I could, but not fast enough.
I was violently shoved to the sand and kicked in the spine 4 times. I began to cry.
The attacker grabbed my knee lengh hair and pulled me up.
3 guys with knives began to stab my stomach, arms, and even my left kidney.
After a few minutes, they all kicked me one final time and walked off, laughing again.
************************************************I clutched my left side, blood dripping down my now mutilated body. I smiled as I spotted the edge of the cliff. My final resting place.
I limped over, looking at the ocean below me. The rocks were very sharp and looked almost tempting. The rough waves crashed, making a drowned noise; music to my ears. I paused as motorcycle engines roared in my ears.
"What are you doing here?''
I slowly turned and saw them.
The 4 handsome strangers I was always warned about.
That was all I could sputter before I collapsed to the ground in a bloody heap.
Chapter End Notes:
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