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Immortal by VampirePrincess1987

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Story Notes:
I do NOT own anyone or anything from The Lost Boys.
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No copyright infringement intended.
I clung to his arm, the icy air nipping my face. For a June night, it seemed like it was mid-winter.
For a few minutes, I had been sensing someone watching us, but I was too frightened to tell him. I tensed up as motorcycle engines roared closer and closer. I felt him tense up as well, aware that these weren't any old bypassers.
"Olivia, run. I'll catch up."
"No! What if they're just regular old people passing by? I'll feel so stupid."
"Better safe then sorry. Go!"
I let his arm go and ran, my ballet flats making soft tapping noises on the pavement each time I took a step.
After a few minutes of running, I could feel someone staring at me. I stopped, shuddering from fear and coldness. I allowed the wind to blow my long platinum blonde curls into my face.
I mentally counted to three before turning around.

Standing about 20 feet away was a handsome guy with curly blonde hair, wearing a colorful jacket.
Wasn't he one of the boys from the group everyone was scared of?
He had an evil smirk on his face, which scared the living crap outta me. He began to walk forward, which triggered something in my head to make me sprint away.

But I wasn't fast enough.

He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back.
I screamed as he sunk his teeth into my neck, causing a sharp, stinging pain to erupt.
But no one came.

I dropped to the ground, weakened by blood loss. To any person, I would be dead. I heard him walk away, and then silence.
Then motorcycle engines, and laughing.
I layed there for at least 10 minutes before I heard him.
I opened my eyes slightly and saw Alan, tears forming in his eyes. He carefully turned my neck, exposing the bite marks.
"Olivia, I need to get Edgar and Sam. I promise I'll be back. Stay here!"
"No, please! Don't leave me!"
I clutched his arm, begging for him to at least take me with him.
In the end, he ran back towards the comic shop, leaving me to bleed out.
What an awesome boyfriend...
"Olivia, what a pretty name."
I turned my head a bit too quickly, causing warm fluid to stream down my neck. Perfect, I destroyed the clot.
"Please, help me."
The brunette guy bent down and picked me up bridal style, carrying me to wherever.
"Who are you?"
"That's not important. He needs you."
Well then!!
"Who needs me?"
"You'll see."
Chapter End Notes:
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