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Love, Loss, and Gain by FangirlingOverVampires

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DUSCLAIMER: I do NOT own anyone or anything from The Lost Boys or Harry Potter. All rights go to the respected owners. No copyright infringement intended.

"Mum, I'm bored. Are we there yet?"
I craned my neck towards the window, and in the distance I saw the 'Welcome to Santa Carla' sign.
"A few more minutes. 15 at the most."
Ron groaned, as did Percy.
Being cooped up in the car for at least 3 hours was NOT fun at all. Plus, she took our wands so we wouldn't give ourselves away. We didn't have to do that; our clothes signaled we weren't from around here. Dumbledore used the time turner and sent us back to 1987. Oh joy.
"Mum, how long has it been?"
"Fred dear, it hasn't even been 30 seconds."
I fumbled with my seatbelt and jumped out, almost falling due to the numbness in my legs. I took a deep breath and smelled ocean air, due to the fact we had bought a beach house. I ran inside after dad unlocked it and looked around at our new surroundings. Gorgeous hardwood flooring, walls painted in a matching color, and ceiling lights.
I walked into the kitchen and saw a deck.
"Oh my word!"
I carefully slid the glass door open and stepped outside, remembering what I saw.
On the back of the sign welcoming us to Santa Carla, there was a message spray painted on the back saying that it was the murder Capitol of the world. My heart jumped a bit at the thought of Ginny. She was 15, but I felt so responsible of her and Ron since they were younger than me.
I had just turned 17 the month earlier.
I screamed and jumped about a foot in the air. Fred and George cracked up, tears running out of their eyes. I held my heart, breathing heavily.
"Not funny!! I just about had a heart attack!"
They were leaning on each other trying not to fall over. Apparently it was a riot that thy almost killed their triplet sister.
Yeah, that's right.
Fred, George, and I were in my mum's tummy at the same time. I was born first, making me the leader. Yippee.
"Sorry, Rose. It was Fred's idea!!"
"Hey! You were the one who scared her!"
They bickered for a minute or two before I walked up the stairs to pick out my room. I stopped at the top, and noticed that all the doors had little plaques with letters on them. The first one I saw had a cursive R on it, which meant my room had been picked for me.
I hesitantly opened the door, and gasped.
It had purple wall to wall carpeting, purple walls, and large windows on the back wall. I walked in with a huge smile on my face. This was the best thing that ever happened to us! I didn't know how they ever afforded it, but all I knew was that they wouldn't catch me complaining.
"Like it?"
I felt happy tears sting my eyes as my mum stood in the doorway, smiling. I ran over to her and engulfed her in a huge bear hug, knowing that I had been given a second chance to be a better person. I promised myself I'd never do anything bad ever again.

But that promise would be short lived.
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