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Love for Blood by Kellcool

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners eg. Warner Bros. Original characters and plot are however my property. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. And so on.

I originally wrote this nearly 10 years ago. This story hasn't been up in a few years, and I have changed it- hopefully for the better! Character names and personalities may have been altered, and mistakes have hopefully all been corrected.

I shall post each chapter up as I alter them. Hopefully I shall get on to doing the sequel "Turbulance of the Soul" next.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners eg. Warner Bros. Original characters and plot are however my property. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. And so on.

Looking back on how the chapter is structured, and its length, I have yet to decide if I should edit the placement of my chapters. Let me know if you think it is either too long, too short, or there is a better place for the end of the chapter.
Beautiful. Just beautiful. So calm and peaceful at this time of day, Savannah thought to herself as she watched the ocean from her perch high on the cliff. The sun had begun to set and was dipping into the sea, with warm oranges and reds being casted from it in soft rays.
She loved watching the sun go down, because that meant that the party could begin.

It had been three years since the deaths of Buffy and Faith, and her watcher had came to her and told her of her destiny, her path as the chosen one. The fight in Los Angeles had been the turning point. The fight claimed many lives, including the ones on the side of evil. Well, mostly. Vampires and demons still wandered the earth, but not in such a large numbers as before.

She now resided in Santa Carla for one purpose and one purpose only- its title. Murder capital of the world. She didn’t believe that, since there was no Hellmouth here and one still remained in Cleveland, but still she came at the order of her watcher to do her job. To slay.

The cool breeze caused her long, waist-length strawberry hair to flutter as the last traces of red left the sky, and she stood up.

Her boots made a crunching sound as she made her way down the gravel path, towards the light filled boardwalk.
She huddled inside her black leather jacket. Although Savannah was of a slightly bigger build than previous slayers, and lacked any sort of height, she was not unpleasant to look at. Her dark strawberry hair looked like ignited flame against her usual black attire. Her pale skin made her grey eyes stood out beautifully as she scanned the area.

She soon met the boardwalk rush. The usual people were laughing and joking, basically having fun. As she walked, she checked for any suspicious characters among the throngs of people. As she did, stall holders tried to get her to buy trinkets and gypsies wanted to tell her fortune, but she just shook her head gently in refusal.

After about an hour of patrolling, with no luck, she planted her butt onto one of the seats next to the bar in a club called the “Twista”. She ordered a pint and dished out her cash. She didn’t have a job, slaying took up most of her time, but a lot of the demons and vamps who she killed had quite a bit of cash on them, so, in a way, she got paid.

The drink was very bitter, but she needed it tonight. She was feeling discontented, and what bugged her more was that she didn’t even know why. Probably lack of slayidge. The drink felt cool in her throat and she gulped it down, liking the comfort it gave her.

Her ‘spidey’ senses began to tingle. It was when she turned to leave that she felt a pair of lone eyes watching her. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, as she was rather used to it. Many demons stalked her before they sprung. If she was right about her surveyor, her unhappy mood would soon been fixed. No beast would pass the opportunity for fresh meat, especially when it wanders out into the night alone.

The cold air hit Savannah’s skin as she left through the fire exit, making her shudder. After taking a few paces into the alleyway, she turned, expecting to find some creature of the night. Instead, silence and darkness greeted her. She was so sure of her pursuer that she had even gripped the hunting knife inside her jacket. Letting out a sigh, she walked out of the alleyway, disappointment in the air.

She patrolled the length of the boardwalk, hopes for a hunt deflating with each passing moment. Part way through her journey, she sat down on one of the wooden benches. She rubbed her feet which were now sore from walking.

‘Hey,’ a male voice sounded. She lifted her head. Her eyes rested upon an oval face with crystal blue eyes, and soft curly blonde hair that travelled down his back. It was almost the same length as Savannah’s. But what really caught her attention was his jacket, covered with all sorts of colours and patches, tassels falling down one arm.

‘I think I saw you at the club earlier’. He was leaning against the back of the seat, a Cheshire cat smile lingering on his lips.

‘Did you now.’ Her guard was only partially up. He had caught her in her own thoughts.

‘Why are you all alone?’ She looked into his youthful eyes. They danced with mischief. ‘A girl like you shouldn’t be alone in a place like this, it could be dangerous.’

‘I can take care of myself’ Savannah challenged. He smiled and sat next to her on the bench.

‘I never said you couldn’t’.

‘You implied it’.

‘Well aren’t you firey? Why so defensive?’ He queried.

‘Maybe my mother told me never to speak to strangers’.

Her face held a glint of a smirk. She was enjoying the banter. His cheeky attitude and gorgeous face didn’t hurt either.

‘Well if no one ever spoke to strangers, then the world would be a very lonely place, wouldn’t it?’ At this, her smile lit up.

‘I guess so. Anyone ever tell you that you are kind of a know it all? You seem to think you have an answer for everything’.

‘That’s because I do. I’m a well of endless knowledge.’ He said jokingly as he laughed. Savannah shifted her weight on the bench to look at him properly as she tittered. She felt her defences slowly falling.

‘Well then, Mr. Knowledge, how about you tell me what I’m thinking?’ She raised her brow. He raised one hand to his temple, and reached one toward Savannah’s in a humorous gesture. He closed his eyes and pretended to concentrate.

‘Hmmmmmm. You were thinking, I should take this strapping young man on a ride’,

She giggled as she spoke, ‘Strapping? Who talks like that anymore? And look who’s blowing his own trumpet!’
Dropping his hands and placing a mock frown on his face he said, ‘Well if you insult me I won’t go on that ride that you want me to’.

She laughed. ‘I wasn’t even thinking that anyway, buster!’

‘I bet you were’.

‘Nuh- uh’. A moment of silence.

‘Well how about you go on a ride with me anyway?’ He kept his Cheshire smile. It was a secret smile. It piqued her interest and made her heart flutter a little at the same time. She paused. She should really get back to patrolling. She wasn’t here to have fun. She was here to do her job.

He saw her hesitation. ‘Go on. What’s the point in life if you don’t take a chance on someone once in a while?’ He stood and offered his hand, all the while grinning. The youth in her fought the slayer in her. She was allowed to have fun and save the world, right?

‘I guess one ride couldn’t hurt’. She said as she rose, batting away her niggling thoughts. She walked with him, her enthusiasm radiating. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


Marko had approached this girl as prey, but now they were having a blast. He genuinely liked her, and that was a rare thing. There was something about her that sparked his interest, from when she first opened her mouth.

‘Want to go on another?’

‘No, no! No more, you’ll make me sick!’

‘Come on, just one more ride.’

‘No seriously, anymore and my gut goes out the window!’
Laughing, he led her down to the almost deserted beach and sat down as they talked.

‘So, tell me about yourself Marko. Do you have any family?’

‘Yes. Well, sort of. They’re not relatives, but they’re the ones I always go to. We aren’t family as such, but we look out for one another. You?’

‘Only a brother, and he still lives in England. We don’t see each other that much anymore.’


‘It’s all right. It doesn’t bother me anymore, the open road is my company now.’ She said with a flourish of her hand.

‘You have a car?’

‘No, motorbike.’

‘Really? I have one too. We’re getting more and more in common with each other every minute.’ He smiled. Did he have a crush on this girl? No, don’t be stupid, she’s a human.

‘Seem’s like. So…it’s getting late, maybe I should head back.’

‘Do you want me to take you home?’

‘Yeah, that would be great Marko.’
Maybe he was wrong. Maybe there was something there.

They got to his motorbike. She hopped on behind him, hands on his shoulders, supporting her until she had got onto the bike properly. Her hands wandered down to his stomach, were they held tightly.

Driving in the cold night, she clung tightly to him and told him where to go. Houses whizzed by and hotel lights blazed at them as they got closer to Savannah’s home.


He helped her off of the bike, and she led him to her front door steps.

‘You know I had a great time tonight Marko,’ she said bounding up the steps.

‘Me too’ He beamed his smile. ‘So, like, should I meet you again?’ He tried to sound cool and less interested than he really was.

‘If you think you’re brave enough,’ she dared. He laughed.

‘Okay, pick you up at nine tomorrow night?’

‘How about we have lunch instead? I get kinda busy most nights’. She really shouldn’t put off her slayer duties for a second night in a row.

‘Nah, daytime isn’t good for me. I have… family commitments.”

Her slayer senses kicked back in at that point, ‘Why not come round about dinnertime? Isn’t that late enough?’ In the daytime, she thought.

‘There was this new club I wanted to take you to, it opens at nine.’

‘Oh, okay.’ He just didn’t want to take her out for food because of a club, no biggy, right?

‘So, I’ll pick you up at nine o’clock then?’ He reaffirmed.

‘This is usually were I would say, “No. I’ll pick you up at nine.” But I don’t know where you live.’

‘Maybe you might find out sometime. A slick smile toyed about his lips.

‘Yeah. Well, see ya tomorrow, then!’

‘Bye.’ He kept his eyes on her as he walked back to his bike.

Savannah shoved her hand into her bag and pulled out the keys to her apartment, jammed it into the lock and pushed open the door, while Marko revved up and sped off.

It was a small place with only a kitchen diner, bathroom, a space just enough to fit a dingy sofa and a small T.V in for the living room, and then there was her room.

As she walked into the bathroom and began stripping to have a shower, she remembered her conversation with her watcher a few weeks back and then the one with Marko tonight.

‘Now Savannah, remember, not all vampires are as obvious about their…appetites as others. The reason for so many killings in Santa Carla is not only because of the population size, but because there are so many new and vulnerable people arriving there each day who don’t know who to trust. And most of the victims are mainly girls in their early twenties…see where I’m going with this?’

‘Yeah, you’re telling me to watch my back ‘cause you’ve just described me in a nutshell. But seriously, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I’m the slayer.’

‘You’re also a young woman looking for a good time. It could just as easily be you. I worry for your safety.’

‘Listen S, I’ll be fine. Don’t sweat.’ Savannah had always called her watcher S, as it was quicker than his actual name, Sebastian. And less embarrassing.

‘Please, just watch out for any boys that come your way, and make sure to see them during the day.’

‘Don’t be such a square. I know how to do my job.’

And now Savannah was going back on that and meeting again with a boy she has only known for a few hours. During night time.

…‘Nah, daytime isn’t good for me. I have… family commitments.’ …‘Why not come round about dinnertime? Isn’t that late enough?’…

She needed to know if this guy was for real, or for blood.

The hot shower soothed her as she thought this over. She would take a few things with her tomorrow night. Crucifix, holy water, the usual. She didn’t think she’d need them, but it didn’t hurt to be prepared.


The air outside the lost cave was cold, but Marko didn’t feel it, and if a huge gust of wind came, his face would be stuck in that cheeky smile that he wore. He didn’t know what it was about Savannah that made him feel this way. Was it just his over active sex drive in seeing her in those figure hugging clothes? Or did he actually like this woman? He got off of his bike and headed to the entrance. He heard the familiar sound of Paul singing along to Guns and roses as he jigged about the broken fountain.

‘What kept you, man? Sun’s gonna be up in about 3 hours, and David wants to cause some havoc on the beach before- hey, dude, what you smilin’ about?’ he asked as he flicked a long, blonde stray hair from his face.


‘Nah, it’s gotta be something. Hey! Did my little Marko get lucky?! Ah ha ha!’ Paul whooped as he jumped off the fountain and began to dance around the cave, coat tails flapping. He gestured with his two fingers spread and a licking motion.

‘No, I didn’t get lucky,’ Marko stated.

‘Then what dude? Cuz, like, you couldn’t have found anything else better than sex, and if you didn’t get fucked, then I’m outta options on your grin.’

‘I just had a good night. Where are the others anyway?’ he asked.

‘David’s in the book room and Dwayne said he’d meet us up later cuz he hadn’t fed yet.’ He gave Marko a once over and said, ‘And by the looks of it, you haven’t either.’

‘Yes, Marko, and what could have possibly been so pressing as to not go?’ came David’s cool, hard voice from the shadows in the dimly lit cave. He stepped forward, his ankle length black leather coat swaying slightly against his hips. Those piercing blue eyes never left Marko until Paul spoke.

‘Dunno, man. He won’t give. I thought he got laid, but he said no.’

Obviously David decided not to press the matter, because he dismissed the subject and picked up his motorbike keys, then headed out the entrance. The other two took the silent command and headed towards their bikes. The boys jumped onto their bikes and sped off towards the beach, just in enough time to catch some action before the sun came up.


Wandering down the sandy beach, Rachel stopped and turned, thinking she heard a noise. Nothing. Then, out of the shadows shot a hand and grabbed for her. Her heart pounded as she screamed. She tried to make a break for it, but the hand was too strong and pulled her in.

Fangs sank into the golden, sun-tanned flesh on her neck, the coppery blood oozing out of the wound.

The body went limp in Marko’s arms as the last of her life’s blood was drained from her body. It dripped off of his chin and stained the front of his shirt. Licking his lips, he strode over to the others who were waiting for him.

‘Marko, she was a sexy Chico goddess! You could have at least copped a feel!,’ said Paul. Dwayne made a grunt of agreement.

‘I was too hungry.’

‘Obviously. What’s with you tonight?’ piped up Paul.

‘Nothin’. Now are we gonna have some fun or not!’ he cheered partly changing the subject. I’m not that out of it tonight am I? He thought.

The other guys joined him, and the Lost Boys pack headed off to find the fun.


Savannah awoke to the sound of her alarm clock buzzing from her small bedside table, taking her out of her dreamless sleep and into the real world. 1:45pm it flashed in bright red numbers, illuminating her face.

She stumbled out of bed and pulled a brush through her knotty, tangled mess of hair. It proved to be a difficult task because of its length and the fact that the hair bobble she wore in bed was caught up in it. When she finally managed to make her hair look half decent enough, she plodded into the kitchen and boiled the kettle to make a mug of hot chocolate. She plonked herself onto one of the stools at the hatch-way that went through to face the living room.

Sipping from the mug, she thought about Marko. He said he was taking her to a club tonight, and not to sound superficial, but she didn’t have a clue what she was going to wear. Nothing too drastic, and nothing too casual, she thought.


As Savannah pondered about tonight, Marko hung from the sleeping bar in the sleeping room. He was upside down, arms crossed, as he had done for every day since his turn to vampirism around 40 years ago.

He dreamt of that fateful night, when he had met the Lost Boys, his soon to be pack.
It was 1969, the wind howled and the rain fell, but Marko didn’t care. He was far from the oppression of his father, making his own way. He had little money and no job. Regardless of the bleakness of his future, he had never felt better. He was free, riding on his motorbike, through the cheering crowds and hippy music. He was alive.

Jumping off his ride, he saw three guys with bikes as impressive as his, talking and occasionally looking his way. He shrugged it off and headed toward the on-street diner to order a burger and a soda, then off for a night on the boardwalk.

Chewing on his food, he saw them again, outside the diner-café. He tried to ignore their presence, but it kept on nibbling at the edge of his mind, though he didn’t know why. He finished with his burger and chose to ignore the fries that he also ordered, and started to the boardwalk. He felt a prickle at the back of his neck. The guys were following him, and they knew that he knew they were.

Marko turned into the tobacco shop, and there they were, watching as he paid for his smokes and as he left the shop, heading towards his bike.

Without turning round, he spoke, ‘Why are you following me?’

There was several sniggers as replies, then a tall blonde haired, blue eyed one said, ‘Just think you look kind of lonely.’ Marko stopped and turned. They had gone. He turned back and there was the tall blonde. ‘I like your bike. Wanna come ride with us? We got ours, you got yours. Do you know where Hudson’s Bluff is?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, it’s overlookin’ the point.’

Blondie laughed softly. ‘Yeah, it is.’ He offered out his hand. ‘I’m David.’

He took it, still unsure. ‘Marko.’

‘Well Marko, come on.’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Come on, what have you got to lose?’

He paused. He didn’t really have many friends in this town yet. He could use some. He nodded and made his way to his bike, noting that whilst David was speaking, the two other guys had gone and got their bikes and placed David’s next to his. They all hopped on and revved their motors. When they raced off into the night, whooping and yelling loudly, Marko joined in. As he did, he noticed David turn his head slightly behind to smirk a knowing smile in his direction.

The dream then flashed to Marko drinking the blood-wine, becoming one of them. Becoming a creature of the night, willingly. After a time, David had shown Marko what they were, and offered him immortality. A life of freedom and all night partying. He accepted, feeling the oppression of his life slipping away.

In his dream, he could not taste the wine, but his conscious remembered it well. The copper taste of usual blood, but the slight edge of vampire taste to it. It flowed down his throat, boiling in his veins.

The boys cheered and took Marko in their arms. Then the
dream flashed again, to his first kill.

Her blood was so warm and luxurious to him, he drank from her vigorously, the ecstasy of the kill high. He panted as he let go. As the blood poured over his chin, he looked at the body. The whole entire dream had been the same as his memories. However, when he looked at the face of his victim, it wasn’t the blonde victim he had claimed that night, but Savannah, lifeless on the floor.

Marko stirred from slumber to find David, Paul and Dwayne calling to him, waiting down below. It was time again to feed.


Ding-dong. The doorbell to Savannah’s apartment sounded, telling Savannah that Marko was here.
Skidding along the laminate flooring, she caught the door handle ,stopped sliding, and swung open the door. Marko stood there with his motor bike keys in one hand, grinning up at her.

‘Hi.’ She said.

‘Hey. Ready to go?’

‘Yeah, sure.’ Then she looked down at her feet and reconsidered, ‘Helpful if I was wearing my shoes and not my fluffy purple slippers to go in.’ And smiled.

‘Yeah, doesn’t exactly go with the halter neck and skirt, which by the way looks really nice.’ He said, beaming from ear to ear at her choice of clothing.

‘Thanks. Just a sec and I’ll get my shoes.’ She walked to a door and opened it, then pulled out a pair of knee-high black buckled boots, then chucked her slippers in. She could feel him looking at her butt as she bent over to pull them on. She couldn’t help but lean a little further down so that he could get an eyeful more. She cast a glance at him and saw that she got the reaction she wanted, he was practically drooling, eyes fixated on her body.

‘Want me to get you a cold shower?’ She gleamed at him. He looked at her face and put on an embarrassed look.
Laughing, she grabbed for her leather jacket, and walked to the door. Her low heels clicked on the floor as she went down the steps and locked the door. She fumbled with the keys for a moment in the lock, then turned to face Marko.

‘Let’s go.’ He said heading towards his bike.


She sat on his bike as on the night before, and tightened her arms around him. They set off, and to her surprise, he leaned back into her a little more, pushing his tight little body up against hers. She wasn’t going to lie. It felt great. Savannah clung onto him tighter.

Building blocks flew by and people chatted on the sidewalks of Santa Carla, all with smiles plastered on their faces and ice creams in their hands. They drove on the boardwalk through the crowds and lights, then out through the other side.

Where are we going? I thought all the clubs were on the boardwalk. Savannah thought to herself.
The mass of people got less and less as they drove further away from the boardwalk, and then, Marko stopped the bike and hopped off in a quiet street. Too quiet.
‘What are we doing here?’

‘The club is down there.’ He pointed at a dark alleyway. Alarm bells screamed. Savannah didn’t trust him now. He was sending her into a dark alleyway, with no one around.

She cautiously stepped forward. Suddenly, Marko pushed her against the wall. Taken by surprise she started to lift her fist. Then she felt the crush of his lips on hers. It took only a moment for her to regain her composure, and respond. His lips tasted salty, like the sea. The warmth of his against her was both welcome and slightly arousing. She didn’t want to part from his warm mouth, but sense told her different from her body’s desire, and she pushed him back slightly, separating them.

‘Marko.’ She breathed heavily.

‘I’m …sorry. I’ve wanted to do that since last night.’ He panted. She just looked at him, then stepped up closer.

‘So where’s the entrance to this club then?’ And she smiled, taking his hand.


‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so…forceful’ he trailed off, worried. For a moment, his bloodlust had taken over, and he almost lost control. If it weren’t for Savannah’s sweet response to the kiss, he might have. Is that so bad? C’mon man, you do stuff like that every night, it’s what you do to survive. And what’s more, you enjoy it. This is just another girl who’s gonna end up as a snack; or by judging from her looks, a feisty feed, the demon in him encouraged.

Feed. That word pounded in his mind hard and wouldn’t go away.

‘Don’t sweat it. It’s nice to see a man with passion.’ She grinned as she turned to find the entrance.

‘Down here.’ He said guiding her down the alleyway. He held her arm lightly as he did, feeling her muscle underneath, surprisingly large for a girl, but dainty enough for her slender posture.

His eyes moved from the darkness to her beautiful face, then slid to her throat. Her translucent skin revealed her bold blue veins, singing with fresh blood. It was just begging to be ripped open and drank dry. His fangs lengthened and eyes glowed amber, a familiar dark force taking over him.
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