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The Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up by JSArmstrong

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warning! This chapter contains non-explicit rape. Do not read if you’re underage or if you feel uncomfortable with these topics. Remember this is just a fictional story.
Well as you read in the summary this a Lost Boys/ Peter Pan crossover. But I assure you this ain’t a fairytale. Wendy is a hell of a lot different than how she was portrayed in that tale, thanks to the situations she has been in. Now, I can’t tell you a lot about how she got to California in the 80s, that’s something that will be revealed in later chapters, as well as the connection between the Lost Boys from Peter Pan and The Lost Boys from the movie.
And I made this story because there isn’t any other story in here that’s anything like it, and I once hear a saying that if you want to read a story that hasn’t been done yet, then you must write it yourself. There are some very strong parts in this chapter concerning rape and child abuse, so I apologize if I offend someone. You must remember this is just a story.
The chapter names are the names of songs that I used for inspiration. I think it will fit nicely if you read the chapter while listening to the respective song, but that’s only if you want.
Sorry for any mistake. I don’t currently have a beta.
Soundtrack: Janie’s got a gun “ Aerosmith.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable characters or settings. Both belong to the respective owners of TLB and Peter Pan. I do however own the original characters and the situations.
Chapter 1. Wendy’s got a gun.

She pulled the trigger…. and he never knew what happened. One bullet was all it took to end her pain, and she had finally had the courage to do it. I was all over now. His peaceful face now covered in blood, and hers covered in sweat.

Slowly she lowered her hand and let the gun fall to the floor, her eyes never leaving the corpse. The whole situation was too surrealistic to be true. She couldn’t even believe what she had done...

She had shot a person. No. She had murdered a person.
There he had been, sleeping and completely unarmed. And she had shot him, giving the bastard absolutely no chance to defend himself. She acted like cold blood murder… And the worst part of it all was that she didn’t felt sorry. Hell, she had even enjoyed it.

She let go of the mouthful of air she had been holding and walked backwards until she reached the door. And then she started running without a purpose. I wasn’t the brightest idea, but she didn’t know what to do next. She had nowhere to go. She was alone. The last connection to her past was lying dead on a sofa, thanks to her. She ran and ran leaving the house behind. It was starting to get dark, the last rays of light covering her sunken face. She probably looked like shit, but it didn’t even matter. Her appearance had stopped mattering to her when her mother had died…When he had killed her.

It was also getting cold and the only thing she had was her old leather jacket, which disgracefully had way too many holes. But it wasn’t like she simply could go back; she didn’t leave anything important in that horrible shack. She didnt even owned anything at all.

It wasn’t like she didn’t plan it all. She had taken all his money and all the junk food she could grab before she killed him. She was as ready as she could ever be. But I wasn’t enough. Maybe she could survive a couple of days, but she dubbed the nearest town was that closed… not without a car at least.

She stopped running when she reached the highway, not wanting to waste her energies. After getting her breath back she started to walk again, following the road this time. She couldn’t even see the house anymore which was a relief. It wasn’t like she was afraid of the cops or anything, no one would probably notice the body until it was well rotten and started smelling. No, she just hated that place.
She felt the cold wind pass through her hair. A reminder of all the ways she could die. Maybe she would freeze to dead. Didn’t she deserve it after all?

She kept walking until she saw a small pond at the side of the road. She sat down and then washed her hands. The water was very cold but she didn’t cared she just wanted to get rid of her terrible sin. She washed her face, trembling a little, and then she opened her eyes and gaped at her reflection.

How could she have change so much in such few years? She didn’t recognize the girl that gazed back at her with cold blue eyes. It was the most broken sight she had ever witnessed. She couldn’t possibly be that girl.

Not been able to hold it any more, she started to cry, the tears running without control. She hated herself more that she had ever hated anyone; even more than she had ever hated him.

She laid down by the pond, crying for all she had lost, for the life she could never get back, and as the time went by she felt asleep without noticing, as she stared into the black sky.


The girl watched intently as the paramedics took the dead body of her mother. She couldn’t acknowledge all that had happened, and the image of him strangling her mother with his bare hands was too much for the girl. She didn’t understand what had happened. Her daddy loved her mommy…

She walked back into the house as the ambulance disappeared behind the trees. She headed into her room and slowly closed her room. Everything was still in the same place it had been when her mommy had come to say goodnight and tuck her into bed.

She closed the door and sat down by her big window, looking at the stars. Trying to understand what had gone wrong. Then there was a knock at the door.

-Wendy… - the voice said- Let me in Gwen. We need to talk.
He had called her Gwen. Just like her mother used to do.

-Come on Wendy!... Just let me in. - He said this time a little more annoyed. Slowly she got up and then did the most stupid thing she could and opened the door.His face was full of red scars. Nail scars… His brown eyes stared at her in a way she didn’t understand.

-What…What happened? - She asked the first thing that came to her mind. Her voice breaking only a bit.

-Now now… Don’t look at me like that girl. - He stepped into her room and then locked the door. Never taking his eyes off her. - What exactly did you see?

She started to tremble, and immediately shook her head. - I didn’t see anything…

-Don’t lie to me! - He said and grabbed her arms with force. –Now tell me what you saw.

Tears started to fall down her cheek against her will. - I just… I…. you were…choking mommy…

His grip on her arms got stronger. And she didn’t know what was going on. He had never acted this way before. He had always been nice to her since he married her mother.

-You need to know little Wendy that I only did what I had to do… and I will do it again if necessary. You understand me?

Was he also capable of killing her? She didn’t want to die…

-But you don’t need to worry… you know that Daddy loves you. - Suddenly he wasn’t gripping her arms anymore. He was stroking them tenderly. He was staring weirdly at her. Then his hands started to caress her neck and face, to finally rest in her small breasts. She wasn’t breathing anymore.

-If you fight…you will just end like your mother, child. - His hands lowered even more, and then she ran toward the door, trying to escape. But he took her hair and threw her into the bed. Next thing he was all over her and she couldn’t stop crying.

-No, no, no Dad…PLEASE! NO!

But he didn’t listen to her. And then without any warning she felt pain between her legs.

With every thrust he gave she wished she could fly toward the stars, and leave everything behind…

And then between the pain and her tears she saw him standing in the window. A dark shadow gazing at the scene. His cold blue eyes never leaving hers.

She wished he had really been there to save her.
Chapter End Notes:
I know how this site feels about underage sex so I didn’t state her age and I try to make it the least explicit. The rape scene is very important for the rest of the story I don’t take this sort of topics in a lightly way. Again I apologized if a I offended anyone. And he is her stepfather, not biological father.
Anyways, hope you like it and please review. This chapter was sort of a prologue, and the next one will be more of an introduction chapter to the situations that will happen in the story. I do promise you, however, that you will see David in the third chap.
Please review and tell me what you think you beautiful readers.
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