Blue Eyes and Brown Freckles: Blood Lust! by XxCreeper24xX

Summary: First Lost Boys Fanfic...DavidxSam...mainly! Others will be involved! Maybe a StarxMichael scene...just don't know...
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INTRO! by XxCreeper24xX

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Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson

I fell fast asleep that night. I pretty much forgotten all about my older bro Michael being a 'Blood-Sucking' Vamp and all-so I crashed!


I soon opened up my eyes, to find nothing but the darkness wrapped around me. I kind of freaked out-but it wasn't bad. I stepped out of bed, rubbing my head as I thought about what strange shape my hair must be in...'Shoot!'

I knew the only way to find out was down the hallway, into the complete blackness! I closed my eyes for a few seconds and swallowed allowing myself to take in the right amount of air and rushed straight across, making my way into the bathroom FINALLY!



-I jumped after he came crashing into me, and I tumbled to the floor as his warm wet tongue began to lick my face.

-laughs were so loud I bet they would have woken mom and Michael up...but I stopped as fast as they came just in case. Holding Nanook close to me.

My heart beating fast, my body so tense I began to shake.

Nanook began to whimper with small growls, which gave me some sort of idea that Michael was near. "...Michael?"I spoke out into the darkness that stared me in the face, with my butt still on the floor.


-he jumped right out from behind me, as Nanook attacked him!

I yelled for him to stop, but he wouldn't. "S-Sam...get-ugh! Get the me!SAM!"he shouted so loud I had no choice...I scrambled to my feet, and on my way up, with my hand on the sink, I cut it against a razor that was always up there for Michael.

"Ow...why do you keep those there!"I took my hand and looked down at it, with the big bloody puncture that lay on the palm of my hand...

...I wouldn't dare of tasting it! Just looking at it gushing out like that, and the feeling of it was disgusting! It made my stomach turn wildly like the spin of a washer...


After getting back to reality, there was a stumbling down the stairs, and I stepped from the bathroom, and flicked on the light...Michael was laying at the bottom of the steps, unaware of me staring down at him.


I ran as fast as I could down the stairs, and mom came out just when I appeared! "MOM!"

I backed up quickly from barely conscience Michael..and that's when she bent down to see what was wrong and she was ATTACKED! Blood flew against the wall, that she was pushed up against, her mouth agape with nothing but moans and cries slipping out in no-breaths at all!

Nanook went in an uncontrollable barking rage and I fell over my own two feet, trying to find my way up the steps...

"!" I stuttered to myself in small whispers, as Michael let go of mom and realized what had happend! He looked at her...her tears, the blood that came pouring from her neck with a massive chuck of skin missing...he let her fall to her butt, and I watched!

-he turned back to me with eyes so yellow and golden and teeth so large and covered in blood..."No...please. Don't hurt me! GET BACK!"

I pulled out a cross from my back pocket, and shoved it before me, turning my face.


He growled in pain, when I noticed smoke fumeing from him..."Sam..STOP! PLEASE AHh!"he screamed in terrible pain, I had to put it down.

he finally removed his arms from his face that he was trying to hide from the cross and touched mom's hand. The hunger for blood finally left Mike. His eyes were blue again but his teeth were still covered in blood...I was still shaken! Every step he made, I went up a step...



he looked at his hands that were covered in mom's blood-I looked at him, trying to catch words to say, but nothing came out!

Nanook continued his barking spree, until I knew I was fully aware of what was happening!

Bloody Encounter! by XxCreeper24xX

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{Bloody Encounter!}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson


I blinked my eyes a few times before I actually let them stay open for good. I did see her, and she was smiling. What was she smiling about?

I sat up, and realized that I was wearing white. I was in a white bed...that can only mean one thing. I was at the hospital. But why me? Shouldn't it be my mom...she was the one who was bitten.

I looked around the clean room and found Mike.

He was dressed in black, sitting in the corner, with the collar of his jacket flicked up.

-they both noticed me figiting in my skin, trying hard not to make any movement..."Honey. Are you okay?"mom asked, putting her cold hand over my hand that seemed way warmer than hers.


"Yes he is okay Ma'. Just leave the kid alone."Mike stood up from his little chair in the corner, and walked over to me.

but something about him was very strange.


He got close to me, and put a hand over my forehead:

-his blue eyes scanned over me a few times and that is when I knew that he wasn't himself; that smile was the clue.

It wasn't Michael's smile...



When we returned home, mom wasn't the same either. She was a bit too happy than she usually is...and a little less protective.


I still don't believe that Michael was still a vampire, if Max was dead! It didn't make any sense at all...Grandpa still let us live with him, but the house was under a lot of construction due to the fact that half the house was torn because of Grandpa running his car through it like a mad-man.

I just want Michael back...

Later that night,

"Where are you going Sam?" Michael caught sight of me, as I scooted from the table, and froze as he had spoken to me.

I looked around nerviously when I gave him a slight smile.

"I am going to do dishes tonight. So you and mom can take a little break, ya' know?" I shrugged my shoulders taking my plate and Michael's plate and stepped into the other room, finally away from him. "Huh..."I let out a sigh of relief and leaned against the fridge.

"Leave me alone!" she screamed as her hand came in hard contact with his cheek, and she was off. But she hadn't gotten too far.

He leaped into the air, and began to fly like those crazy vamps. His face morphed into his true form and claws ripped through his fingers like Wolverine..."Gotcha'!"he put strong arms around her waist, and pulled her close, landing back onto the ground, where he dropped her and she did a few rolls.

The moon shone on his fangs as he smiled, causing them to glow in the darkness of the night. "H-how is this died!"startled Star got to her feet once again, breathing heavy staring deeply into the golden eyes of her once deceased lover.


The blond whiskered vamp smiled with an evil snicker.

"Oh know what I want."he came towards her and all that was heard aloud was her screams...

I tried to forget the fact that my own mom was now one of the the 'Creatures of the Night'...I had to call Edgar.


"Damnit! Pick up the phone Edg-Sammy? Hey little bro." It was Michael. He appeared right in my room with a cold breeze to go along with his vampire-ness.

I dropped the phone, and put the covers over me as high to my chin as I could. "What?" I spoke back, hoping he would just leave.


"I was wondering. Maybe you and I can go out around town. Like bros."he put his hand on my left shoulder and I brushed him off. "I don't know..."I gave him a weird look, as he lay himself fully over my bed beside me, putting his arms behind his head for support.

His face turned to mine...I could smell his cologne he was so close.

"Why little bro. Afraid I might BITE you?" he smiled, as he squeezed his fingers tightly around my arms that begged for air. "I won't. I would never forgive myself if I would ever bite you. Your my little brother and I need you..."he told me in a soft voice, while strangely cuddling close to me.


"Um...Mikey I think this isn't a good time. I have to get my sleep..."I tried to get him to listen to me instead of trying to sink his teeth into me.

"Nah...just let me-have a taste!"

that is when I did anything I could to defend what was left of my family in this house. ME!

"Get away! I have a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it!"

I stood on my bed barefoot, as Mike stood tall too, smacking the thing from my hand. "Why oh why sammy. I need you. You need me..."his eyes suddenly turned golden like they have before, and his fangs stuck out like two white pearls.


"See ya!"I jumped from my bed, and rushed out of the bedroom-but what caught me...scared me! "Hey now. Don't be so cruel to your big bad brother." when I turned around to surely see Michael's face, I saw a different face.



It wasn't really Michael the whole time. It was that punk Vampire David...who had given my brother his own blood.

"Where is Michael?"

I jerked beneath his tight grasp, watching his claws extend slowly from his fingers.

He smiled with a loud laughter behind: "Oh he is with your mom...they are both enjoying the Exotic taste of fresh Red Wine..."he glared at me, bringing his claws closer to my skin.


"Let me go!"

I pulled out from his grasp, but it was painfull! I took a hard falling, holding my hand in pain, actually realizing the tiny stitches that held the middle of my palm together.

I tried to keep my blood from spilling out, but it did anyway.

"Mh? What's this?"David gotten closer, and pulled me up by my hair, pinning me to the wall. It was the blood he was after...I looked up from my injury at him, and got him right between the eyes with my fist.


He was stunned a few seconds, but that was it.


he managed to still have a hold of me, and slammed the door shut once he knew he had me where he wanted me.


"Tell me something, kid?" he began, watching me from across the room. I huffed! "What?"he sat down on the edge of my bed, removing his black leather jacket..."Is this what your brother Michael looks like?"

I turned to him, and all of a sudden with a quick flash of his built chest, he was a mirror image of Michael for real! So it really was David when I thought that it was Michael. I felt terrible..."Get away!" I headed for the closet, but he appeared before me in a flash. "What? You don't like your big brother?"he drug his face close to mine, I barely had any room to let myself back away.


I turned my face to the side, and he smiled turning it back.

"What are you afraid of? Is it me...oh look at me Sammy. I am a big wimp..."he shone those blue eyes in my face, as I had trouble keeping my mind on the fact that it was David not Michael. I still held my bleeding hand, that had began to drip on the carpet...

"Let me take care of that."

he took my hand roughly into his own, and pressed the palm to his lips. The close feeling sent chills down my eyes closed in that small split second, feeling his wet lips over-come the heavy amount of blood that continued to pour.

"S-Stop..."I begged him, but it was like he wanted me to beg him-

"I don't think I will..."he continued to taste me, when his tongue darted out, and dug beneath the stitches, licking the fresh pink flesh underneath all the blood.

"Damn! That stings!" I cursed loudly, letting my head fall back against the closet door, hoping this will end soon!

"Sam...oh Sammie."

I slowly opened my was nothing but clouds at first, but then I finally caught something. David! and darkness...

his pale ringed hand fell upon my forehead, as I could still feel the burning sensation that he gave me from my hand that began to throb and pulse beneath the open skin.


I tried to see what was around me, but I was too tired to even do I rested my head back down and dozed off!

End Notes:
E/N: David and cute!

David and HIS boys by XxCreeper24xX

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What is going On?}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson


There was a slight breeze on my face, and against my neck...I could barely keep my eyes shut.

I opened them, and realized I wasn't at home wonder it was cold. It was a dark tunnel or maybe a cave of some sort but I couldn't see anything, until there was a snap of a pair of fingers, and a light from inside flicked on brightly!


I blinked a few times to get used to the light, and went on in deeper; What was I thinking.


I said out loud, and it came back to me in annoying echoes. Now who ever was in here had to have heard me coming now.

And I was right! There was someone or something in there; the strange thing is that there was laughter, not laughter just creepy snister laughs...and mumbling of words that I couldn't quite make out.


I finally stepped into the lighted room, and it was true. It was exactly like a room. It had a many candles around, a few lamps, and a lot of miscellaneous things. Well not what I would really like to have in my room, but they did have a few comics to my liking in a pile beside a large throne-like chair.

"...?"I looked up slowly to find that someone dressed in dark clothing and bleached blond hair sitting in it like royalty!


I moved backwards, hoping I can make my way out...but as I did I was backed up into something...or someone?

"Hey kid, where do you think your goin'?" it must have been one of David's vampires...the ones Michael always tells me to stay far away from. This one was dressed in black but his dark toned chest was noticable. A leather jacket, with a few torn spots, some old holey grey jeans, and a nice pair of what looked like laced up combat boots.

And just like David, he had the dangling earing, but two instead of one.


His hair was long and dark, and he gave me the complete stare-down! I felt very uncomfurtable once I realized that this was David's hideout, where him and his vamps go and suck blood! Oh my god! Why was I here? How in the world did I get here anyway?

I forgot that question completely once a few more punk vamps popped out from random places in the cave, each of them with their own dark look. To me, I thought David was the best looking one out of them all! Well considering that he was the leader, he had to look good.


"Sam. Come here." David broke the silence, and my eyes zipped away from the pile of comics to the whiskered blue eyed face of David.


"No...Michael told me to stay away-from-you-guys." I noticed the others were closing in on me, so I decided to listen to David, and slowly come towards him. "That a boy."he smiled at me, and once I was close enough, he grabbed my wrist, and pulled me beside him, well actually onto his lap.

I swallowed, wondering what was going on inside his head as I sat here.

"Now. Let me introduce my boys."he brushed those words against my vulnerable neck, and laughed as I squirmed.



Michael was sitting by the docks, tossing rocks into the ocean.

-cool break of day was slowly becoming bright. He looked over at the horizon, and had to start getting inside before the sun was to show.

He couldn't believe he was still a freak. A creature that only comes out at night because they have to, not because they want to. But it was his fate, unfortunately, and for his mom, that was the worst part. He would just stake himself right here, or let the sun burn him to death-but he didn't want to leave Sam and Lucy...or even Grandpa.

The only one left of their family was Grandpa and Sam.


That is when he stopped to wondered. "Sam!"

"Let go of me!"

I screamed, my throat had to be raw already by how much screaming and yelling I had to do.


David put his hand over my mouth, and shushed me; "'s okay...don't be so jumpy." he told me, but I still didn't understand. I attempted to push him, but that only made things worse!

He dropped me to the ground, and I scrapped my shoulder against a rock. David rose up before me, in a long trench dark jeans and boots, with face distorted the way it was without that human disguise. "Sam don't you want to be with us? You can live forever, you can party for the rest of your life..."

he explained to me when all I could do was look for a place to run.

"No I don't want to!"I shouted at him, realizing the scrape that I had gotten was bleeding, but barely through my shirt.

"Oh and this was my mom's favorite!"I told myself, as I was forced back up by David's black nailed ringed hand, and sat into his chair. "Now listen here!"he enclosed me, his arms on both sides of me, blocking my way of trying to leave. I swallowed...looking behind him at the others that stared hungrily at me, while the face of creeps stared me down.

"Since your here, you have to obey my rules kid. NO stupid shit okay? And I always get a taste of the guest..."he smiled, with bright fangs glistning in my eyes.

I moved a bit in the chair, as his hand snaked around my neck, and bent it back, getting a better view of my throbbing neck.


I was waiting for it to happen. Just waiting for David to sink his teeth in, but he didn't! I felt no pain at all, except the way he wrapped his hand around my neck, blocking my airways...


-I turned my head back, as his hand moved with it, his eyes staring deeply into mine..."I can't!"he announced quietly at first, but he ended up shouting it, as if it was hurting him inside.

Dwight came to his side;

"Hey man. What's okay?"

He grabbed him by the arms and sat him down into the pile of pillows that were backed up into the corner...wipping the beads of sweat from his face.

"Fuck Off Dwight!" he growled harshly towards the tanned vamp. Dwight growled back, but listened to him.

I sat there watching with silent breathing...

"What am I suppose to do now?"

I asked aloud, everyone's gaze snapped at me in that instant! It freaked me out!


Dwight walked over to me, with a confused grin on his lips.

-but before he could even take a bite from me, David rushed from the ground, and completely threw himself at Dwight, knocking him over!


I watched their faces turn- and their claws extend, grabbing at eachother's throats like crazies...all I could do was jump from the throne, and get caught by another vampire...but this one was good. It was Michael?

"Mike...!" I opened my big mouth, as soon as his hand enclosed over it.


X xXx X


it was David...his face was completely normal again, and so was Dwight's. They were both nearly bleeding with tiny scratches down their faces, when David stepped close to Mike and I, I knew I had to run!

"Michael...we have to leave! Come on!" I freaked-but his arms around me were holding so tight, I knew any moment here that my ribs will start to crackle and POP! Just the thought of that made my skin tingle...Uh!


"Leave him alone David!"

Michael stood up for me, protecting me like a normal older brother was suppose to. I just hope he doesn't turn on me!

David stopped in his tracks, with his boys surrounding him;

"AWw...he passed out in a soft fluffy voice, cocking his head to the side...brotherly love how sweet...but the kid's MINE!"he jumped into the air, and knocked Michael over some how, leaving me unprotected with my body missing his protective arms.


2 hours...

the fight didn't last long.

I crashed out in the pile of different colored arrangement of pillows, with the sounds of drunken laughter, and smells of alcohol and smoke filling my nostrils. It was so hard to keep myself sound asleep...

End Notes:
E/N: I love DAVID so SO MUCH! And CUTE!

David and Dwayne by XxCreeper24xX

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
{Bloody Alcohol...and the Bloody Truth!}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson

I woke up with a major headache!


There was loud music playing, and a hot blazing bon-fire a few feet away from where I lay on a jacket of some sort...outside in the dark.

The wind was cool, but also very warm and also hot! I scanned around my dark surroundings, and had no clue who any of those crazy dancing people were...or who that man sitting beside me was...until I gotten a closer look.

It was Dwayne.


"Stay back!" I jumped to my butt a few teeny tiny inches away, but not far enough.

He smiled softly, and got to his hands and knees before me. "I won't hurt ya' boy...your too cute to bite anyway. That's why I am taking you from David." I stared blankly at him, nothing left to say...I just couldn't believe I heard him say that...did he really say that?

He brushed his tongue over his lips, noticing those small tiny prickles of dark hair above his upper lip...and a few hairs on his chin, as he had gotten near me.




I closed my eyes tight at first, just trying to tell myself this wasn't really happening, just to ease my didn't work.

"...don't be afraid...I won't be the one to hurt you."Dwayne brought himself closer to me, so close I fell backwards with my back laying in the dark grass and his body above mine. "I-I-I..."I couldn't make out any words, when he touched my cheek with a soft brush of his hand, and leaned down to supposively lay a kiss on my lips?

I jumped up instantly!

"What are you doing?"I growled nerviously, ready to toss the cross in my pocket at him.

The long black haired vamp smiled mischieviously, and stood up walking the opposite way, leaving with an angry evil stare on his face...I turned around to see who his eyes were seeing and it was David.


"I see you are well aquainted with Dwayne." the blond vamp popped-a-squat up against the tree that was behind me, and called me over, patting the ground beside him.

I didn't know what to do at this point. I was in shock! I was almost bitten several times, almost kissed by one of them, and now I was suppose to obey them? What else could go totally wrong...

"Why should I trust you?" I stood up before him, his blue eyes glaring up at me without him standing up to meet me.

He sighed.

" just sit down and have a few swigs."he smiled with a drunken expression and tossed the bottle of random wine into my arms that struggled to catch it. I held it with both hands to read the label. But there was no label.


"Oh, No. It is probably one of your you did Michael."I figured, giving the bottle a chuck into the darkness of the outside. The same punk music playing in the almost reminded me of a teenage hangout out here. But only it was dark and there were blood sucking freaks!

Michael was still inside the cave...

...he was sitting in there alone when she came along. It was Star...the sight of her nearly stopped his heart.


he stood up from where he lay surrounded by dimming candles.


She smiled and followed him.

"Where-what are you doing here?"he asked as she placed herself right between his legs, causing him to lift his body up a bit for comfurt...her body barely covered at all except for a tiny tank and a long clear silky skirt...

she did nothing to answer that but a sweet smile.

He stared at her like she was someone else when she came in for a kiss...he did accept that kiss, until she ran her lips over his cheek towards his neck...where she suckled and nipped alittle bit.

I knew it was way passed my bed time according to the darkness of the sky, and the brightness of the Full Moon.

It began to get a little chillier too..."...?"

David and I headed down to the bon-fire, with my arms around myself to keep warm. David gave me a stare. "Take my jacket Sam."he had picked it up from where our previous spot was, and handed it to me. That was what I was laying on...David's leather Trench coat.

I shook my head.

"No...I am fine. The fire will do it."


David continued to stare down at me, with a smirk on those lips;


"Now Sam...these are friends. Not don't freak!"he pulled me close to his side, letting me take in all the random faces of all those different skin-toned vamps.

I swallowed hard, knowing whatever David says never I have my cross just in case.

David put his trench back on, flipped the collar, and began to dance along with the rest of them, grabbing a bottle of booze from someone beside him.

I just stood there like an some frightened child waiting to be sucked! "Huh..."I sighed and as I went to turn, I ran into Dwayne again. I looked up at his smiling face and turned the opposite way to face the fire. "Hey kid. I won't hurt ya'. Like I said before I won't be the one to hurt you."

He grabbed my forearm gently, and pulled me away from the crowd.


"Let's go for a swim." he announced, finding a perfect far away spot where the river began, and started to strip.

I watched in embarasment. I couldn't undress in front of him...especially some random dude I barely knew. "I-I can't swim."I told him, hoping to get out of it..."You can swim Sammie boy." a man from behind took a tight hold of my arms; it had to be David.


I fully turned to see that it wasn't David. It was my bro.

"I don't want to swim. It's probably too cold anyway..."I squeeked, begging him to not let me go in when Dwayne finally jumped into the water with a loud splash.

Michael smiled; and striped of his shirt. "Come on. Don't be a chicken!"he smiled continuisly, his nice toned chest sparkling in my eyes, as I felt a few heat bubbles pop over my face. Damn. Was I blushing? No!


"I want to go...home Mikey. I'm cold...and-I stopped right when Michael made his closest appearence before me, taking in my scent.

I moved slightly forward, with his arms around me.

"Michael...what are-you doing?"I asked him in full-nerviousness, his smile still there. "Get in! Please?"he pulled me closer, but I used my hands to block off from rubbing into his chest. It made things a lot nerve-wreaking, and disturbing..."Come on little bro..."he whispered into my ear, as I tried to stop him from getting so close.

I heard more movement of water;

"Stop it! David!"

Dwayne stood behind what was appeared to be seen as Michael but really wasn't once I took a wiff of him, and he smelled of alcohol, blood and even more blood.


David smiled at me, and let me go!


David headed the opposite way which was back to the fire, putting nothing back on, but his long trench and his same leather pants that remained there.

Dwayne and I were still alone...again.

"Becareful kid. David does that alot...especially if he has taken a liking to someone. And in that case, he likes you. But he can get pretty mean. I'm the one you can trust." he was still covered with water droplets, trying but couldn't keep my eyes away from his tanned chest...he was really...I mean. Kind of cute...


David made his way back to the cave as another day appeared over the horizon.


He sat down on a box full of random shit...thinking hard to himself with a bottle of booze to keep him occupied.

Dwayne returned but with Sam.

The two vamps eyed each other grimly, and hatefully...the boy standing very close to him.

*Back to Sam POV...

I watched David from behind, and noticed how upset he really was. Face full of anger, full of rage and also full of sadness...



I stepped away from Dwayne, who was supposively my protector, and was standing before David. "What do you want kid?" he dropped the empty bottle, and rose up. I watched as I swallowed, completely forgetting what I was going to say.

Dwayne was right behind me;



Early Morning...

I fell fast asleep without remembering a thing from before.

David and Marco were talking, as Dwayne was cuddling close to me, his eyes still closed in sleep-mode.

I couldn't help but smile...

End Notes:
E/N: This is meant to be a Sam and David story...but it doesn't involve Minor/Adult sex-scenes...just sexual romance...and lots of fluffy...

STUCK!! by XxCreeper24xX

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
{Bloody Desperation!...and stuck in Bloody Love!}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson

"Sam...Sammie? Sam!"

by the sound of the voice it was Michael. I opened my eyes as hard as I could they just didn't seem to open as fast as I thought they would.

I felt the touch of his hand over my forehead;

"Hey! What are you doing?"I asked him, brushing his hand away angrily.


I was happy I could no longer see clouds...and fog covering my eyes til the point when I couldn't see a thing!

"I was seeing if you had a fever buddy...geez!"

Michael answered moving himself from the bed, which was practically my fault for being such a loud mean ass! "I'm sorry Mikey." I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down beside me. He smiled, and then looked down at his hands.

I looked at him; and sat up.

"What's wrong Michael? Is everything alright?"

I wondered, putting my hands over his shoulders. It was really quiet before he even replied back. "Oh, yeah. Everything is alright bro. Don't worry!"he told me in the most unusual-happy tone of voice Mike had ever was kind of freaking me out! "Remember what I said Sam. Leave them alone!"

I saw the anger in his eyes shimmer into mine..."Yeah..."I nodded and he smiled. "Good boy."He patted the top of my head, and left the room.



I sighed letting myself fall into the bed again...arms spread apart...and legs too. I felt so tired I didn't know if I would even wake up If I went to sleep again.


I propped myself up in no time at all realizing whose voice that was. It was David.


I stood up and reached for the window...and it was him. He was standing right below outside of Grandpa's crazy so-called-house, on his dirt bike with his boys.


I ran back inside as fast as I could, but it wasn't the smartest idea.

Before I made it to the door, he was there!

"Sam? Don't you remember? What I said to you...I'm yours!"he smiled that creepy smile, locking the door shut.

Michael was gone by the sounds of it. If he was here, he'd be up here by now...he must have gone out with Star...David's Ex-girlfriend. "No that was only a dream David!" I backed myself up into the closet door, his arms blocking my way of moving!

"I know...but it wasn't just a dream boy!"

he growled pushing his body close to mine. "All I want from you is a simple little kiss...can you give it to me?" he cocked his head slightly, using one of his gloved hands to stroke my chin. I could hardly move...I don't know why but I was starting to feel much comfurtable this close to him...being close to somebody.

I swallowed-turning my face from his to think without distraction.


he turned my head back gently, and pressed his warm moist lips to my forehead, his eyes shut.


I almost pushed him, but I soon just gave up and followed him. "Go slow..."I added into the silence, finally letting my eyes lock onto his as he moved his lips slowly from my skin.

He snickered and gave me a sweet gentle smile;

"Sure...he whispered and wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace! I didn't know what else to do...but hug him back. "..." I never felt this way before...well especially towards a dude! It was so so wrong...don't you think? Mikey would probably kill me...but I didn't care-well at least not right now.


He slowly let me go, and I let go of him.

we stared at each other for a long time until he ran towards the bed, and began to jump on it like some little kid...again! He reminded me of Laddie...that one boy that was always usually around Star.

Actually David was more childish when he wanted to be more than that least I thought.


I actually was looking forward to that kiss, but when I didn't get it, I felt a little bit better. To tell the truth I have never kissed anyone...not EVER!

-yeah laugh it's sad...but true. Everyone wants me...I am like the cutest 13 year old out there...I mean come on!

"Sammie? Come here."

he still continued to jump, calling me towards him with a finger.

I did follow to his command, and stood right before him, my feet still on the carpeted floor, and hands at my sides...looking straight up at him, with his leather crotch close to where my face was.

"...what? Not my dick kid. Me!"

he yelled down at me, grabbing me by the shoulders, and held me tight.

I looked at him frightendly, heart thumping fast, and blood boiling! I didn't know what was happening but it was cool!

"Kiss? Don't you still want that kiss?"

he asked me, placing a hand over my cheek...I knew I had turned red by how hot my face was becoming. I looked down at first then looked up at him, and nodded slowly...Damn! I felt like some innocent little boy...with some creepy petophile trying to get with me...EWw! That thought was so totally WRONG!

David smiled and with a "Hm." his lips carefully and slowly touched mine. But not fully...

...he was giving me a taste of what kissing was like. It was almost like a brush of his lips, but I wanted it more! I just didn't know how to do it right!


30 minutes...

He was still bent over slightly enough to reach my small height, cold gloved hands gripping my face tight, and lips still barely touching mine...he reopened his blue eyes, and smiled against my lips, and grunted!

"That is all for today. I have to go!"he told me, his hands still on my freckled face, then slipped away once he jumped from the bed, and jumped straight from the window!

I watched him and the others;


He gave me one last smile before turning on his bike and leading the pack...but there! Dwayne...he stared quickly up at me from the window, and all I could do was stare back! My heart was racing BIG time now! I forgot how much Dwayne liked me...and I completely gave myself to David!


I left the window, and smacked my hand to my forehead..."SHIT! SHIT SHIT!"

I did that several times, until I heard the bikes fade off into the distance, and Michael climb hurriedly up the stairs. I had to hide or do something! "Please don't bite me. Please don't bite ME!" I crossed my fingers and shoved it in his face...but he grabbed my hands and pushed me so hard I fell onto the bed.

"Sammie. Why didn't you listen to your big brother?"

he crawled down over me, starting with a knee between my legs, and two hands gripping my wrists. I couldn't believe the kind of predicament I was in right now, Michael leaning over me as if he was about to do something I knew we both would regret. Not to mention Grandpa and Mom would freaking KILL us. NO, I take that back-MURDER US!

"Mike! Get off...what are you doi-ng?"I moved back and forth under his restraints, but he finally enclosed me with a silent kiss.

-I knew every part of this scene was so SO SO Wrong! "Mike...!"

my mouth moved from his in a quick movement, with anger burning into my eyes...I was actually more scared than angry! I loved Mikey...but not that kind of "Love"...

he sat up, standing his two feet back onto the floor, and realized what he did.

"Sam...Sammie. I didn't mean to...I guess it was just something that I had to was kept inside so long-? the both of us froze completely with shock! WHat did he just say! What did he just say?...Everything was going TOTALLY WRONG I just hoped to not understand anymore of it... was quiet for a long LONG time...

End Notes:
E/N: Yes...Michael said he liked CUTE!3 But Dwayne had a little thing for Sam actually BIG-thing! :D Anyways, David is now Sammie's, Sam doesn't know what he wants to do anymore...Dwayne is a little 'Heart-broken'...and Michael had just kissed Sam. His first actually KISS! OHh David iz gunna be MAD at you MIKEY!...stay alert FOR NEXT CHAPTER!

Cat and Mouse: I'm Yours! by XxCreeper24xX

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
{David's Boy}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson


"Let me GO!"

I couldn't actually hear myself screaming, but I knew I was, the way my mouth seemed to open and the burning pain that filled my throat.

I was barely awake but somewhat aware of what was going on.


David snickered at me, sitting on his bike, supposively waiting for me to get on. I shook my head-"I-don't want to."I hissed, giving him the evil eye.

he turned his head to laugh, and jumped off quickly!

"Don't you like me Sammie?"

he grabbed me from behind, pulling me close to him, with a pull of my body. I swallowed hard this time, not knowing what to do, until his boys arrived. I saw Dwayne and he saw me...

...he motioned for me to come over, and David seemed to ignore what was happening and jumped onto his bike. "Let's go!"

The whole ride down there, was terrifying, but yet very powerful, with my adreniline rushing towards my head...and a smile appeared on my lips.

"You'll learn fast Sam!"

I could hear David from in front shout, the cold dark wind blowing through our hair.


"Were home..."David yelled his arms spread apart as if he was similar to Jesus on the cross, his voice echoing throughout the cave.

I was still along-side Dwayne, who never gave me a reason to be afraid of him...not one. David saw me and I backed up. Dwayne stepped forward before him, both growling a staring deathly at one another...were they fighting over me? That wasn't man!


"What Dwayne? You going to bite him like 'Laddie'?" David stated, crossing his arms. I looked up at Dwayne and put a hand on his shoulder...not too much shorter than him.

It was silent for a couple long minutes...

...Marco and Paul pretended like they didn't hear them. But it was hard when they were talking about Laddie.

Dwayne spoke next:

"I wasn't the one who bit him David! It was YOU!"he accused David.

David only smirked that nasty smirk and rolled his eyes;

"It was a DARE Dwayne. You DARED me to do it...he started, voice full of rage and anger. I tried to stay out of it by standing behind Dwight.


"You still bite him! You didn't have to...

Dwayne got a little too close to David's snappers making me feel a bit nervious. David raised his head to the sky, and laughed. "Well I did. And he tasted so good. You know what?"


I shouted, getting right literally in between them, putting hands in their faces...I knew that was the biggest mistake I ever made, well besides the time I put that tarantula in Mikey's bed...that was...okay I rambling inside my head.

"Kid what are you doing?" Dwayne eyed me differently, as I looked to my right and found David's lips in a smile.

"So Sammie. You think your the tough kid in Santa Carla don't ya'?"he put his hands on my shoulders, gripping tightly; Dwayne attempted to free him from me...but David was way too strong for him.

I quickly thought of something, and gave a shake of my head.

"No...NO...No!" I sounded like I was being teased by Michael for something stupid...but really I knew that was the right thing to do. Shake my head.


David's blue eyes moved up to Dwayne then at mine.

"Just don't do that again...your a good kid Sammie."he patted my head, messing up my golden hair with a ruffle of his hand.

I laughed slightly, and grabbed his hand;


David cracked a smile, on that whiskered face of his...I turned away with a face as red as a Tamalee. "..."

I didn't understand why I was so into David all of a sudden. It was like he had me hypnotized or something...under a spell maybe? He could've known Black-Magic...Nah! I don't think so.


David never left his hand from me, but looked up straight at his boys, and announced to them that he was going out for a little "Night-Flight".

That can only mean one thing; he was going hunting...I backed up until his gloved hand dropped and his stare came back to me in shock! "What is it Sam?"his creepy smile caught me in frozen state.

I turned around little ways to see Dwayne, and then back at David. "Can I come with-you?"I managed to get out correctly this time without being a chicken about asking some vampire if I can go hunting with them. Now that isn't right...

Dwayne fidgeted.

"Sure...if you want to. That be cool with me."

I could already tell this wasn't going to go good, but my smile of acceptance was perfect enough for me.

We left the cave finally, and stood outside in the darkness of the outside world, listening to the soft crashing of waves hitting the rocks.

David was enjoying the wind; letting his head fall back slightly, and his arms apart. "Doesn't it feel good Sam?" he asked me in wonder, zipping his look back at me. I shrugged and said: "I's cool and all."

I felt so stupid at that I probably would be nervious throughout the whole thing.


"Take my hand kid!"he announced, giving me his leather gloved hand.

I looked at it as if I was stupid or something; "Just grab it..."he raised his voice a little bit, causing me to back! He sighed; "I'm sorry Sam. If you want to come with me, your going to have to take my hand. Now take IT!" he started over gently this time...

...I remained calm and grabbed it securely.

he smiled;

"Good! Now hold on!"

and after that nothing made sense anymore...he flew into the dark air with a swift jumping motion his hand still grabbing mine so tightly it hurt! "Climb on to me..."he commanded softly, and I did, trying not to look down as I did so...

...I grabbed so tightly, that I thought his trench would have fallen off as I moved up his back, wrapping my arms around his neck resting against his hidden collarbone. "I-I feel-s-You saying you feel scared?"he interrupted my sentence rudely, but tried to tell me that there was nothing to worry long as I followed his rules.

"Don't worry Sam. We are here!"

I looked down opening my last eye, and watching as the ground was coming up to me as if we were falling. I grabbed tighter, burying my face into the back of his neck.

I could feel him laughing with a shaking of his shoulders.


"Geez kid. Were on the ground now!"

I jumped from his back, and met the soles of my sneakers to the soft grass beneath. I smiled happily!


"Sam? Come on...he stood before me, his back slightly turned to me, waiting for me to follow. His hand out for me.

I swallowed the hundredth time, and took it, feeling how cool the leather of the glove was when touching my skin...he took me somewhere...somewhere I didn't know where-whoa that made a lot of sense?


It wasn't what I expected.

It was the park...Santa Carla park. "Come on!" David smiled his voice loud in the darkness of the night, as he ran towards the swing set, and jumped onto a swing, holding to the top of the whole body...swinging from it like a monkey, with his feet dangling.

Right then and there he reminded me so much of a young boy...a little boy who only wanted a friend...and that friend was me!



I walked towards him, but he jumped from it, landing with jingles of chains and who else knows what...with that long trench of his dropping a couple lags behind him.

I stopped instantly right there moving my foot backwards.

"You wanna play with the bad boy?" he began to circle me, his nose up high and smile shown bright. I watched as he moved around me with blue eyes locked to his, waiting...just waiting for him to finally do something.

It was silent-again! Damn I hated the silence...especially around *Cough-Cough* Vampires!

I nodded slightly- and he stopped! He raised his hand to my face, resting it on one side of my face...causing me to burn up around that area..." gotta' catch me first! Hahaha!"

and before I had time to make even the slightest move or the slightest breath of air...he was gone!


{Cat and Mouse!}


I searched every possible area around the entire park...under the slides, under the jungle-gym...under the picnic tables...wait! Why the hell would a Vamp be under the tables anyway? DuH!


I finally quit just enough time for me to sit down and catch my breath.

"Sammie? Oh sammie!"

his voice ran around me like little soft buzzing of bats...screetching in the night in faint echoes...not screeches. Echoes...

I turned around!

he wasn't there! No where in sight!

"Come on. You can get me boy."

his voice sounded so much closer than before, getting my heart pumping and my mind rushing!

I could even feel a tiny breeze of cool air against the side of my neck, when turning around, I met David! Finally! "I win this round. Next round...if I find you-you belong to me...and if you find me...then I belong to you...sound fair?"

he stood before me, his sharp ice-blue eyes, and bright bleached hair glowing in the night...washing all my thoughts and worries away.


I nodded with mouth open, but closed it just in time before I began to drool...Oh god...that was close!


he placed both gloved hands on my shoulders, whispering into my ear what he had left to say...he was gone again! Quickly out of sight...out of exsistence!

{2 Hours...}

It was burning bright when I opened my tight eyes..."AHh!"

I used my arm to hide from the blinding light. I was home...again? Michael was in view, in my blurry view, and closed the blinds, before removing his dark shades.

"Why were you with David and his boys? Damnit Sam I told you not to go near them. They are nothing but trouble...and Sammie...I can't afford to get you be like me. I love you little bro." he got down on his knees leaning himself against his bed...brushing hair back from my face.

I could hardly remember what he was doing, I was so tired. My eyes started to close and I finally closed them...



"David? David...?"

I called out into the cool damp darkness of the night, the bright moonlit night... reply came for me.


I soon found myself walking again, trying to find him.

"Come on Sammie. Your getting warmer!" his voice was so close it almost sounded like a whisper in my ear.

I looked to my right-then my left...I was becoming very frustrated and scared...just a bit nervious too..."I can't!"

-I turned around as soon as a broken limb from the tree I stood beside fell down,with a silent crash and I found him! He was hanging from the top tree branch, messing around like the crazy kid he was born into.

"You found me!"

he jumped from the tree, looking away afraid he was going to hurt himself with the impact of the landing, but there was not a scratch on him. He landed straight on his feet.

David stepped closer to me, grabbing my wrists.

"I'm yours...he whispered into my ear so softly and so sweetly it had to be true...


ISSUES! by XxCreeper24xX

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
{Issues spreading like DISEASES!}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson

This was so stupid. I was still only 13! My birthday is another WHOLE year away! Damnit!


I was walking along with Edgar...Edgar Frog. The kid that practically saved me from the whole "Vampire" thing...but everything changed as it always does here in Santa Carla.

"So Sam? What happened to David? I thought he was killed...and his boys?"the 15 year old turned to me, when all I had to do was stare down at the wooden walkway of the beach as we walked. "I guess he isn't dead, neither are his 'Boys'...I don't know what happend. I know I haven't seen Max around anymore...I don't know." I shook my head, noticing that Edgar's gaze was still on me.

He sighed; that has to mean that he didn't know what to do as well as me...



I returned home, finding Grandpa in the garage messing with his nice ride. I didn't want to bother him so I just headed inside as quickly as I could before he stopped to talk to me...our Gramp was Coo-Coo!


"Mom? I'm home!"I called out into the one but Nanook came to my call. I smiled and got down to his size. "Hey boy!"I ruffled his pretty fur underneath my hands, and looked up at the top of the stairs where Michael stood?

"Michael? What are you doing back?"

I asked, standing up as Nanook began his protective growling...I tapped on his wet snout causing him to whimper instead of bark. Then my gaze came quickly back to Michael who came walking down each step with 'ME' deep in his stare..."Where were you Sam?" Michael completely pushed my question aside, and butted himself in.


He stood tall before me, his hands tucked in his back pockets, staring heavily at me as if I was in deep trouble! Oh god! What did I do...?

I backed up a bit-Nanook continuing his barking!

"I-I was with a friend...why?" I swallowed what was left of fresh saliva in my mouth, and felt it slowly go down; shuddering afterwards in disgust!

-Michael nodded his head. I looked back down at Nanook, and gave him one big hug! "Stop it Nanook! Be a good boy!" I patted him softly, and grabbed him by the collar hoping to make my escape into the kitchen as I fill his food dish...but Mike stopped me!

"Sam? I didn't mean what happend...It was an accident!"he held tight to my forearm squeezing tighter everytime I moved eye-contact...I nodded in acception. "It's okay bro..."I faked up the cutest smile ever and headed into the kitchen finally. I was just worried about mom...I haven't seen her for a few days now and I was a bit scared!


I called Edgar that rainy evening...but he didn't answer; must be busy or something.

"Okay. Now what comic should I read tonight? Hm?"I studied each comic cover carefully rubbing my chin in long-thought...still didn't know which one. They all were read over a million times! Maybe more!

"Batman or Superman issue 25?" I still had myself in terrible Comic-thought, when Michael suddenly barged into my room, and stood in the door way with a smile.

"How about Superman bud. He's just like me..."Michael told me, flexing his big muscles as so, causing me to do nothing but smile back. I gave one nod. "Sure..."I gone with his idea and opened it up. "Do you mind if I sit?"he wondered, being careful of me and Nanook who lay at my feet.


{David and Boys!}

I had fallen into a deep sleep, my mind drifting far far off into the world of unknown.

"Sammie...Sammie. Wakey wakey!"

a calm-yet very deep manly voice of someone I knew quiet well-David called to me.


I opened up my eyes to only find myself in another awkward yet amusing position in Dwayne's arms. Wrapped tightly in his leather jacket.

"Wh-what is going on?" I jumped up in a hurry, but the touch of Dwayne's gentle hand stopped me and I remained standing, looking down at him. David growled finding him sitting in his chair, and the other boys standing beside him.

"He is a cutie Dave."Marco smiled, slowly circling me, as all I could remain doing was stand and become a nervious-wreck.

"He is! He's mine Marco..."David broke the circling, pushing hungry Marco aside, and letting him have his way. "Yes he is!"he placed a cold hand over my cheek, but I brushed it off...I could tell by that evil look in his eyes that he wasn't well amused by my quick action!


It was so so quiet I could swear I heard the beating of my heart and the pulsing in my veins as we all stood there, eyes on each other.

David killed off the silence, with a kiss!

His hands held my face, as Paul and Marco by the sounds of it yelled and cheered David on: "Whoo! That's it DAVID!" Paul yelled with voice louder than ever echoing throughout the cave. That just pissed David off!

"I can't do this here...come on Sam."he drug me along with him as I tried not to look back at the hurt-upset face of Dwayne...


Once David had his lips on mine again, I had to stop him!

"David...this isn't right...I-I-..."Fuck! Here we go again! The stuttering...Damn! David scratched the back of his head, putting his arms around me if to say 'I'm Sorry'.

I couldn't give up on him...he was too adorable...WHOA! Adorable? What was coming over me...? Maybe I was hanging too much with Mikey! HAh! No...I just seemed so attracted to him-it was strange.

"I'm sorry David. I'm just a young teen ya' know. You can't go too fast man." I explained to him, and this time pulled him in, with a tug of his leather collar, and pressed my lips carefully onto his. It was way too sweet and gentle! Felt a little baby-ish! "Kiss me right-kid!"he growled at me, holding me closer against his body this time, that I had my hands pressed to his chest.

Oh-kay! So put your arms around his neck and...

We continued on further with the kiss. Insanely quickly turning it into a full-out make-out scene...I wasn't good at all with that.

David laughed at my goofs but it was all good!

"Geez kid. You need some good old fashioned experience..."he patted me on the cheek, and kissed my nose last of all.

I felt so embarased. Never EVER will I kiss anyone like that! That was horrible!



Once we arrived back inside the cave...I found my spot where I was before I was woken, and lay down, hoping that Dwayne would come back and snuggle with me.

Damn! I sounded so desperate...!



The rain began to slow down...

Michael and Star were in the house, close together-as close as anyone could possibly get...then star bent her head down against his shoulder and whispered:

"Do you love me, Michael?"

-that question took him by suprise! He was stunned...completely frozen! He knew he loved her...but he didn't know how to say it..

It was quiet for a few seconds, and his kiss said it all.


They removed lips and Star closed her eyes, her head still on his shoulder, and his arm tightly around her securely.

"I have to tell you something...Michael. You might not like it..."she had gotten his attention faster than the crackling of lightning..."What?"he waited for her to say something and what she was about to say might change THEM!

"I am pregnant!"she admitted, tears already building up inside her sweet twinkling eyes...that Michael fell so much in love with...

He rose up to his feet!

He blew out the candles, and flicked on the light. "What? From who...?"

he wondered anger building up inside...Star almost had control of her emotions but it wasn't long until she let them all out! "'s Davids. I am sorry I didn't tell y-ou...she was so afraid she would hurt him even more if she continued so she gave up and closed her mouth, only seeing the bare back of Michael.

"Mike..."she reached out to comfurt him, but all he did was snap at her!

"No! No...I think I need some time to think, Star. Please..."he didn't bother showing her to the door, she already knew the way out.

She looked at the door and then at him.

"I-was the last thing she said to him-until they met back a few days later...

{Sam's POV}


I was up half the night. David and Marco were asleep; not hanging from the cave walls like I'd expected them to be doing, but David fell asleep in his chair, and Marco fell asleep on the torn sofa in the corner of the far end of the cave, with Laddie with him.

I just stood there outside of the dark place, getting some fresh air. It didn't help my nerves and alertness at all!


I turned around normal-speed, and noticed it was Dwayne.


The one I always thought was the gay-lover of David's. That's how cute he was. David and him used to be way close, but not anymore I guess. Seeing that they both keep trying to get a hold of me!

So complicated being this cute and all!

"Hey...are you okay?" I asked, my arms crossed over my body for warmth from the cool midnight after-rain breeze.

He nodded with a look down.

"Sam. I have to tell you something...something about David."he admitted to my face, and I listened well. Just before he opened his mouth anymore, the devil himself was before us! "So what are you two boys doing? Sam get inside!"he rushed me softly at first in his tired-voice...I didn't want to.


he shouted and then I did!


"What are you doing Dwayne? Don't tell the boy lies about dear old David...night, night!"he patted Dwayne's cheek but was forced off roughly, and David faded off into the darkness of the cave.

Dwayne remained outside, thinking about everything...what this world was becoming...what he was becoming! What David was QUICKLY becoming!

End Notes:
E/N: Star is pregnant...with David's baby. If you remember back quick to an earlier chapter in the begining, he attacked Star...during that time, they were split! He wanted her back! But she didn't-so he did what he did!...Dwayne still 3's Sam and David still 3's Sam too...but watch out! In next chapters there MIGHT BE: DavidxMichael or DavidxDwayne...but don't worry. There will still be a SamxDavid! Love Corey Haim...RIP! and Keifer Sutherland333333...BLAH BLAH! OHHOHHOHH! I ALMOST FORGOT! There MIGHT ALSO BE: EdgarxSam, Samx Dwayne, or SamxStar{Just curious} or SamxMichael...just stay tuned and find OUT!Don't know what I am going to do with Lucy Emerson...the boy's mother...:/
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