Choose Your Family by queenbrooklyn67


Rose Emerson wasn't a perect teenage but was a perfect trouble-maker and certain boys with similar reputations notice. Will Rose accept there life-style or will she finally do a good thing for her family?
Warnings- Spoilers for anyone who hasnt seen the movie, mild feeme slash, drug use, and mild violence


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Dear Diary by queenbrooklyn67

Author's Notes:
I do not own any of the lost boys. The only character I own is Rose.


Dear Diary that is not private,

Well I think it sucks that mother is making me have a diary but its better then going back to therapy. Also what's the point of calling this a diary when my parole officer is going to read it every month? The reason why I have this diary is so I don't have to go to therapy anymore. I hate therapy, why should I pay someone just so they can hear me bitch about my life and problems? So instead I have to write at least a paragraph every day. So I might as well get it over with right now. I'm moving with my mother and two brothers to my grandfather's house. Were moving because my father got to keep the house in the divorce contract. I never really liked my father, yet I didn't hate him either. I guess it's because I take after him the most. My twin brother Michael and I take after him and my younger brother Sam takes after my mother hundred percent. Michael looks like my father and he acts like him somewhat, when Michael is piss I usually see him as my father. He's the lucky one, I take after him whether I'm piss or not. The only difference between Michael and I is that I have light brown eyes, instead of dark brown like Father. My family is basically the normal family. Not perfect yet not horrible. My mother is the nice mother and sort of cool in a way. I'm not close to her tho and I understand why, but she wants to be close to me. She says this move is a start over and she wants me to start over. As well as be close to her. I might try it, only for her tho. I might be mean and cold at times but I do have a heart. It's just not a red one. The oldest sibling is Michael. He's the one that has to take over as being father. He always thinks that he has to be there for us and look after us. I don't mind it but most of the time he over does it. Yet he can be the most stupid of all of us at times. I am the closest to him in the family tho, he also taught me how to ride a motorcycle while I taught him how to fight and make knifes. The middle child is of course me. I'm the child that strangely has the most attention but not in a good way. I'm known for this habit of making trouble my shadow, even if I'm in the dark. When my parents were still together I use to be the bad seed of the family. I mostly stole from stores and got into a lot of fights. As well as having bad luck with relationships. There was always something wrong and it wasn't what people would usually expect. My last three relationships were "interesting" My first one was with a girl stripper, my second one was with a 32 low life, even lower then my dad, and my last was with the principal of my school. However because of the last relationship I got expelled because it was my choice to go out with the teacher and the teacher got a year in jail. Funny I thought he would have gotten more. Anyway, after that the cops finally caught me stealing from a store for the 12th or 13th time and decided to put me in juvie for six months. It would have been two weeks if I didn't date the people I dated. When I got out tho things started to settle down for a good month. Then my parents started fighting and finally decided to get a divorce. My father kept the house and most of our money while mother kept us. What a fair trade right? Unfortunately because of this I was given the choice to go to therapy because they thought this would be a horrible experience for me. I didn't want to go but they force me. It wasn't that bad since I only went for a day and didn't even say a word to them. Because of that I got this diary instead. Sam also has to go but he's okay with it. Since he's a little angel and only has to go once a month. Sam is basically like any fourteen year old angel. He's sweet, caring and loves his family. However he loves to bitch about how we shouldn't have left Phoenix and has an obsession with comics. I'm close to him as well but I'm more close to Michael. Also because of Sam being an angel I have this soft spot in me for children. I do want between four and six kids. Can't wait to see my husbands face when I tell him that. Sam also has this soft spot for his dog Nanook. I don't know why he named him that but I thought it was a cool name. I was also happy that Sam is not a cat person, I love cats, and they don't love me. Sucks for Michael tho, because dogs don't like him that much. But at least they don't growl at him. Lastly is my grandfather, I really don't know anything about him. I was never close to any other family members besides my brothers. But I think Michael mentioned that he has a few screws loose in his head. Oh well, as long as he doesn't mess with me then will be fine. Well I think I wrote more then a paragraph today so until tomorrow diary.

Love you Parole Officer,

Rose Emerson

Date: June 6th, 1987

Time: 11 A.m.

Weather: Hot, It is the summer

P.S. - I understand why I have to write the date and time for my Parole officer, but why the weather as well?

Move in Day by queenbrooklyn67

Author's Notes:
i do not own Lost boys, just Rose.

I was in the car sandwich between my brother and Nanook. Nanook was on my right near the window while Michael was on my left with his right arm around me and I was resting my head on his shoulder. I know if people looked at us right now they would think we were a couple or in incest but this is just how we were. Our stuff was in a trailer being pulled along and I and Michael's motorcycles were in the back. Sam was sitting next to mother up front with the window rolled down and looking outside. Mother was searching threw some radio stations to find a good song and so far, all the ones she pick were horrible.

"Oh how about this" Said mother picking one of the songs she liked.

"Umm...No" said Sam as if he was thinking about it before he answered. "Mom what's that smell?" said Sam smelling some of the air.

Mother inhaled some of the air and let out a good sign as if she liked the smell of it. "That's the ocean air." She said hitting Sam shoulder playfully.

"It smells like someone died." Said Sam with a hateful voice.

"Aw honey, Look guys I know the last year hasn't been easy but I really think you gonna like living in Santa Carla." Said Mother.

As she said that the back of the Welcome to Santa Carla sign said Murder Capital of the World. Isn't that perfect.

"Hey Sam I think you were right saying how it smelled like someone died." I said while smiling.

"YOU SEE, I told you." Said Sam turning towards mother. I always loved messing with Sam, he was to easy sometimes.

"No honey, your sister is just joking with you and being mean." She said looking back at me.

"I'm sorry Mother that I can take a joke and Sam can't" I said still smiling at them.

"Hey I so can take a joke." Said Sam looking back at me.

"Oh yeah. Well then Sam did you know that I saw you master baiting to one of your comics?" I said smirking to Sam. At that joke Michael laugh. It's the first sound he made since we left Phoenix.

"WHAT I DO NOT." Said Sam looking back at me.

"THAT IS IT WITH YOUR MOUTH ROSE." My mother said looking back at me. I just kept laughing along with Michael. Truth be told, I lost fear of both my parents long ago.

"Mother, I was only joking with Sam, you know that." I said smirking at her.

"Yes I know that but your language is not acceptable. And why do you call me mother? You always called me mom before." She said looking concerned.

"Its...nothing mother, just a force of habit." I said looking out my right window now. I always called her mother since fifteen. I don't know why I did honestly it was a force of habit, but I guess it was my way of showing her that we weren't friends, just that she was my mother and I was her daughter.

I decided to make some conversation with Michael since he's been strangely quiet the entire drive.

"What's wrong Mike? It's not like you to be quiet, especially if I'm making fun of Sammy." I ask Michael whispering so Mother or Sam wouldn't join.

"I kind of agree with Sam. I didn't want to move here either." He said whispering back to me.

"Hey look on the bright side, were away from father and who knows maybe there will be some fun stuff to do here. Plus will be out of the house every day so it doesn't matter. Lets try looking for jobs." I said to Michael trying to make him see the good in moving here.

"Yeah that's a good idea. Hey mom can be stop by before we see grandpa to look around the place for awhile." Said Michael so he can get there attention.

"Sure, let's stop by here." She said pointing to a boardwalk.

We got out of the car and decided to split up. Michael took his bike and I rode with him since I was almost out of gas. Sam took Nanook and went with Mother. We road and talk to every person that look like a manager and ask them for jobs but they said they didn't have anything that was legal. And I wasn't willing to take the chance of going back to juvie any time soon. We got back into the car without finding any work but we did manage to get some site seeing done and find out some cool stores to go too. When we finally got to grandfathers house I thought it was something out of an Indian book. We all got out of the car to see an old man lying down on the porch. I'm guessing that's our grandfather. This is an introduction I won't forget anytime soon.

"Dad, dad are you alright?" ask mother grouching down next to grandfather.

"Looks like he's dead." Said Michael. Here's the stupid Michael that shows up every now and then.

"No he's just a deep sleeper." Said Mother smiling down at grandfather

"Who the hell sleeps on the Porch?" I said looking at mother with a confused look.

"If he's dead, can we go back to Phoenix?" said Sam with a hopeful voice.

My mother just looked at him with an annoyed look. I was starting to get annoyed as well but I didn't show it.

"Playing dead, and from what I hear I'm doing a damn good job of it too." Said grandfather laughing.

"DAD, oh DAD." Said Mother hugging him. I could see Michael and Sam looking at each other. I just kept staring at them. Thinking they were both freaks at that moment. I just decided instead of watching them hug I would walk into the house and unpack my things. Also pick my room before they do. I decided to pick my room were I can walk onto the roof threw the window. I don't know why but I love doing that. After I unpack my things I saw Sam coming into my room with an annoyed look on his face. I wonder what he's going to bitch about now.

"Rose, Grandpa is so weird. He ordered a T.V. guide, yet doesn't have a T.V. who does that?" said Sam looking at me for an honest answer.

"Crazy old loners who like to greet people by pretending there dead" I said honestly to Sam. "Get out, I have to change." I said to Sam looking threw my clothes.

"Where you going? We just got here?" said Sam being nosy as usual.

"I want to go to the boardwalk. You and Mike can come if you want. But don't expect me to be with you all night. I want to try and look for a job, that's legal." I said still looking threw clothes.

"Alright, I'll ask him" he said walking out and closing the door behind him. As he left I decided I would wear a dark red Tang top with black tight jeans, black high tops and a black leather jacket. While I was deciding to do with my hair my mother came in and smiled at me.

"I love your hair. I wish I had black hair, instead of brown." She said still smiling at me.

"Umm thanks Mother. Is there something you want." I said looking at her with confusion on my face.

"Yes I heard you were going to look for a job and I was wondering if I could look for one with you." She said smiling with hope.

"Umm okay sure. But I do want to walk around on my own for a bit and meet some people if that's okay." I ask her. After I ask her that I had an even more shock look on my face. I never ask her to do anything?

"Yes I wouldn't mind that at all." She said smiling at me. Mother.....when did I start calling you that?

Video Store by queenbrooklyn67

Mother and I were walking across the boardwalk were most of the stores were. We were also making some small talk. Mostly things about school, boys, and clothes. To anyone else it wouldn't mean anything, to mother and I it meant a lot. We never talked like this, even if it was meaning less stuff. So us actually talking like this because we wanted to and not force to it meant something that we won't forget anytime soon. Michael and Sam left us looking at shops so we could talk while they looked for something cool to do on the boardwalk. I just hope Michael doesn't go home with some chick tonight because he is my ride back, since I forgot to ask Grandfather if I can borrow some of his gas.

As we were walking I saw this little boy crying. Mother and I walk up to him.

"Hey what's the matter? Are you lost?" ask my mother in a kind voice.

"Mother lets ask the man in that store if they've seen his parents." I said to her pointing to a video store.

We walked into the store and as soon as we do I see a kind of dorky looking man behind the stands. He gives off the impression that he's sweet and harmless.

"Excuse me, this little boy is lost and we were wondering if his mother might be in here?" Mother said looking down at the boy.

I looked behind her to see four boys that looked like rebels without a cause. One of them was looking at us and he had icy blue eyes with platinum blond hair. I expected him to turn around when I caught him staring but strangely kept on staring with no emotion on his face what so ever. It just looked like he was trying to hear what my mother was saying. What's this guy's problem? He finally turned around and followed the other guys around the store.

"I don't really know" said the dorky looking guy that appeared to be the owner.

As soon as he said that a women came rushing in the video store.

"THERE he is." Said the women coming up behind the boy and hugging him while smiling up at my mother. I was happy that she found him.

"There you are" said the owner giving him a green lollypop with a smile. The kid thanked him and left with his mother. "Well done" said the owner giving my mother a red flavored lollypop.

"No thanks...Well second thought." My mother said with a smile taking the lollypop.

"I told you not to come in here anymore." said the owner to the four boys. He seemed to give them a glare and the boys just smiled at him and began to walk out. Except for one who was staring at my mother and me before. He seemed to stay a little longer and looked at me as if asking me to come with him. Like that will ever happen. I just turned away from him and walked to the girl behind the register and when I walked away he seemed to walk out like the rest.

"Do you know those boys?" I ask the girl since I saw them shortly talking to her.

"Yeah, everyone on the boardwalk knows them. Well not really knows them but knows of them. I'm Maria by the way." she said smiling.

"I'm Rose. Do they always act like they own the boardwalk?" I said smiling a little bit

"Well yes actually, because they kind of do. No one dares to mess with them and who ever does is a moron. All we know about them is that there a gang and that they love coming into this store." She said the last part kind of hateful.

"So people are afraid of them because there a gang with motorcycles and freaky hairstyles?" I said looking like I didn't believe her. And I honestly didn't.

"Well here those hairstyles are normal. Is that your mom talking to Max?" she asks me looking at her owner.

"Yeah it is. She seems to really like him. Is there a job opening here"

"Yeah there is but there's only one left." She said looking kind of sad.

"I'll let my mom have it. She seems like she likes that guy and it would be better for me if she's out of the house." I said with a smile. "Maybe you would want to hang out sometime"

"Yeah that would be great. And if you ever want to find me I'm always here except for Sunday." She said smiling too. I guess it's been awhile since someone asks her to hang out.

"Rose we have to go find your brothers and get them home." She said to me.

"See you later." I said to her and I waved at Max while I walked out the store.

Boardwalk by queenbrooklyn67

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was one of those interesting days. Mother and I actually got along and talked as if we were best friends and I'll admit it was kind of nice. While we were looking for jobs we found this lost kid who was as cute as can be and found his mother. It wasn't hard to find her since she came rushing into the video store we went in to look for her. However while we walked into the video store we found this "gang" of guys that obviously were freaks. One of them was even staring at Mother and me in the freakiest way you can imagine. It wasn't perv-ish or anything but it wasn't normal either. Anyway I found out they were a gang that sort of owned the boardwalk. I swear you don't know how bad I wanted to show them what a real gang is. Maybe one day I'll have one? Anyway I met this cool chick named Maria who seemed like the only normal one at Santa Carla and wasn't a freak. Well at least I haven't seen her freak side yet. Mother also met some nice guy in the video store who was also the owner. He seemed really sweet and caring and if mother and he get a little comfortable I might like him. I mean he's a total opposite from our father. He was also nice enough to give my mom a job. Also Michael and Sam had an interesting day was well. Michael found this cute chick that he said looked like a gypsy. Sam said he was basically stalking her. Sam also said she was hanging out with a gang of motorcycles riders. When Sam said that I nearly died of laugher. If she's with those wannabe's then she must be a total whore. Sam said he met some guys in a comic book store that were kind of freaky and acted like they knew something that was "so cool". They also really wanted him to buy a vampire comic. Of course Sam being the angel isn't into horror. Anyway I'm going to the boardwalk tonight to try and find a job for myself. I might also stop by to talk to Maria.

Rose Emerson

Date: June 7th 1987

Time: 8:45 p.m.

Weather: Still hot

I decided to wear a black off the shoulder top with black jeans and black high heels. I didn't wear my jacket so I could show off my shirt a little.
I also took my bike this time to the boardwalk and gave Sam a ride while Michael rode next to us. This time tho we all went our separate ways. Michael went for some clothing to make him try to stand out and probably impresses that gypsy chick. Sam went to the comic book store as expected and I decided to walk around the boardwalk still trying to look for a job. I thought I visit Maria later. While I was walking down the boardwalk I found a cute little boy sitting on a beach looking kind of sad. I walked up to him and while I was walking I saw him look up at me with total shock on his face.

"What's a cute little boy like you sitting alone on this bench?" I said smiling at him. I hope this one wasn't lost too. If he is then I'm going to become a super hero to save all the lost children here.

"I-I'm just sitting here. I was supposed to wait here until the others come back here to pick me up." he said kind of looking down. Was I bothering him?

"O okay. Just making sure you're not by yourself. Am I bothering you?" I ask him kindly.

"No not at all. It's just usually the others don't like seeing me talking to anyone else." He said with a sad face on. It was also kind of hard to hear his voice; it was almost like a whisper.

"Well I don't blame them. It's not good to talk to strangers. Shit even talking to me, I'm a stranger." I said smiling a bit at him.

"Well, my name is Laddie. Now were not strangers." He said smiling really big.

"Well my name is Rose. NOW were not strangers. But don't trust people to easily Laddie." I said smiling at him.

"I know...." He said looking at the ground again.

When he said that those wannabe's pulled up next to the bench. They looked at Laddie and then looked at me. Of course it was these guys that were picking up this kid. I notice that the freak in the video store smirked at me and finally spoke.

"I remember you, but we never actually met. I'm David." He said still smirking at me. Should I really give this asshole my name?

"Rose Emerson." I said to him with no emotion on my face but a tone of harshness.

"Laddie where's Star?" David said still smirking except looking at the Laddie.

"I don't know, she said she was going to walk off alone for awhile." He said kind of terrified.

"And you let her?" said David with a demanding tone.

"Don't talk to him like that. He didn't know any better." I said yelling back at David. Then I thought about what I said. Maybe he did know better?

".....Boys introduce your self to Rose." Said David still smirking. What's with this guy?

"Dwayne" said the Native American that was next to David.

"I'm Paul." Said a guy that looked like a runway Diva to me. He was also smiling.

"I'm Marko." Said a boy in a sparkly jacket and when he said his name he waved a little. He also gave a small smile.

"Rose, do you want to hang out with us for a little while?" said David offering me his hand. This guy did have a major ego and I hated that in guys.

I was about to tell this guy off when Laddie grabbed my hand. I looked down at him and his eyes were filled with wanting and begging. As I looked back up at David I had no choice but to take his hand and get on the back of his motorcycle.

Friends? by queenbrooklyn67

I notice that the boys didn’t ride very far, in fact they stopped riding in less then four minutes. I was still on David’s bike tho. He was leaning on his bike looking down at the floor. He pulled out a cigarette pack and took one out, he offered me one and I took it without looking at him. I took out my lighter and lit my cigarette and also lit David’s that was now in his mouth. We didn’t really say anything, kind of had the vibe that nothing needed to be said. Yet it wasn’t an awarded silence. I kept looking at Laddie every now and then. I kept wondering why a little kid would be with a bunch of weird guys. He looked the most comfortable with Dwayne and Dwayne didn’t seem to mind. Not like a father and son but more as a big brother and a little brother.

“So do you have the crush on Dwayne or Laddie? David asks me not looking at me. I guess he finally noticed I was starting to stare.

“Ha Ha very funny.” I said sarcastically but not seriously since I had a smile on my face. “I was wondering why Laddie is with you. It isn’t normal for a little boy to be friends with a gang of boys.” I told David truthfully.

“Well we don’t know why but he ran away from home. We found him sleeping on our couch and decided to let him stay with us. He’s kind of distant from everyone except Dwayne and Star; he seems to be warming up to you tho. He’s kind of shy.” He said looking at me.

“Star’s that gypsy girl right, my brother has a little crush on her.” I said smiling at him.

“I know, I saw him last night. He looks a lot like you. Are you close to him?” He asks me as if he’s been thinking of asking me this for a long time.

“Well yes actually. I'm very close to him, I'm close to Sam too but closer to Michael. Sam is the youngest of all of us.” I said in a matter of fact voice.

“What about your mom? Are you close to her?”

“Well were starting to get close. It’s kind of nice.” I said smiling to myself.

“I’m glad, it’s important to be close to family. Our gang is like a big family.” He said moving a little bit closer to me.

“And your there daddy?” I said smirking a little bit.

He chuckled a little and looked at me smiling. “More like the oldest brother looking over the younger ones when daddy can't.” he said stressing the daddy part making me smile a little. Maybe these guys weren’t so bad. “It would be great to have a little sister. Star hasn’t wanted to be that for a while.”

“You asking me if I should join your gang?” I ask him as if not believing him. He nodded and waited patiently for my answer. “I mean it would be nice and all but I finally started to settle down with my family. I….I don’t want things to go back to the way they were.” I said now looking at David’s bike. I always knew it was my fathers fault for making our family distant but I also knew it was me as well. Always getting into trouble only made it worse.

“I promise you things won't go back to the way they were with your family. It will be better.” He said placing a hand on my shoulder. As if he was trying to make me reconsider my answer but it only made me suspicious of him.

“How do you know what my family was before?” I ask him confusingly.

“…….I don’t, I was just guessing that before your family moved here your family must have been pretty bad.” He said now looking at the floor as if I found out a secret and he was ashamed of it.

He notices Star walking and Michael following. She was laughing and Michael was smiling. They looked cute together. He flicks his cigarette to the ground and got on his bike. I put my arms around his waste like I did before and he rode off with the other boys to were Star and Michael were. They came right in front of them and Michael stared at David confused and then notice me. He didn’t say anything but still held a confused look on his face.

“Were you goin Star?” David asks her in a demanding voice.

“For a ride, this is Michael.” Said Star looking at the ground. She obviously didn’t know that I was his sister.

“Lets go.” Said Michael smirking and acting like he was taking Star. Sometimes he had a big ego I wanted to beat out of him. Then again so did I.

“Star?” said David as if asking her a question. What ever it was it seemed to make Star leave Michael and go on the back of Paul’s bike. Paul was laughing a little and Marko was smirking.

“Come on Rose, let’s go home.” He said kind of demanding but looking at me with pleading eyes. I knew he was really asking me then demanding me but probably wanted to look tough in front of them.

I was about to say something to him when David said something.

“You know were Hudson bluff is, over look-in the point?” he said in a challenging way.

“I can't beat your bike.” Said Michael in an obvious tone. At least he knew were to draw the line unlike me.

“You don’t have to beat me Michael, you just have to try and keep up.” he said smiling.

Michael looked and me and I shrug my shoulders and gave him a look that said “I don’t know.” David rode off towards the beach with everyone behind him. Everyone was laughing except for Michael and even I was laughing and having fun. I didn’t even notice that I was holding David tighter but he notice. He didn’t seem to mind since he was smirking. I notice that the boys seemed to slow down a little bit but David and Michael kept riding. It was obvious Michael was trying to beat him and David kept challenging him shouting him to “Come on” I stopped having fun and started to hold David tighter because I was obviously scared. However he seemed to come to a sudden stop while Michael almost fell over the cliff that no one even saw because of all the fog. David found it enjoyable but I sure as hell didn’t and I let him know that by punching him in the back as hard as I can. He looked over his shoulder at me still smirking as if he didn’t feel that.

“WHAT THE HELL You DOIN HUH?!” shouted Michael running towards David getting ready to fight him and I was hoping Michael would actually fight him. What David did could have seriously hurt my brother.

“NOO” shouted Star but Michael paid no attention to her and punch David. I was starting to wonder if Star shouted no because she was worried Michael?

David had obviously got hurt a little but didn’t show it and still kept that smirk. Not even getting angry at all. Why won't David fight back? The others kept trying to hold Michael back but he just kept shaking there arms off but he didn’t move any closer to David. Michael notice that David didn’t bother to get up and fight and Michael wanted a fair fight.

“JUST YOU, COME ON JUST YOU. Come on……just you. Said Michael still angry and wanting to fight David.

“How far you willing to go Michael?” askDavid in a calm voice.

I didn’t understand what that meant or what he was truly asking. All I knew is that whatever he said seemed to calm Michael down. He got off his bike and held a hand out to me to help me off his bike. I didn’t want to take it but I guess I didn’t want to start any trouble either since it seemed to settle down too I decided to take his hand. But he didn’t let go of it when he helped me off the bike. He kept holding my hand while he seemed to walk down the cliff. Everyone followed and so did Michael. As we kept walking we found this cave that seemed to be there home. At the entrance there was a sign that said “DANGER” …..

One of Us by queenbrooklyn67

We were walking into the cave with Dwayne in the lead holding a torch with Paul behind him yelling loudly as if he was on a roller coaster. Laddie was behind Paul and I notice Dwayne started lighting some bins in the cave so it there would be light. Marko walked in silently holding a pigeon and petting it. I was surprised he could hold one so easily and it wasn't fighting to be free. David and I walked together still holding hands while Star and Michael walked side by side behind us. David let go of my hand and walked in front of the fountain in the middle of the cave that Paul was standing on. The cave was pretty huge and pretty awesome. I only saw one bed that was behind some beautiful curtains. That's were Star was and it looked like she was hiding. Dwayne was sitting with Laddie on a couch while Paul was sitting on a chair. Marko seemed to be the most distant walking near the entrance still holding the bird.

"Not bad huh? This was the hottest resort in Santa Carla about 85 years ago; to bad they build it on the fault. In 1906, when the big one hit San Francesco, Ground opened up, this place took a hitter right into the crack." Then he walked back over to where Michael and I were. He stopped right in front of me and was an inch away from my face. "So now its ours." He said smirking.

"So check it out." Said Paul lighting a joint.

David put his arm around Michael's shoulder as if giving him a little tour.

"Marko, food." Told Marko and Marko let go of the bird and left without saying a word. "That's what I love about this place. Ask and then you get." Paul handed David the joint he had. "Thank you. Appetizer?" Said David asking Michael if he wanted it. Michael took it without saying a word. "You guys will like it here."

I notice that Star was staring at David and Michael where the bed was. I guess I should get to know everyone and might as well start with her. She seemed the most distant from everyone. I walked up to her and she looked at me with a sad face.

"Your Star right?" I ask her even tho I knew it was her.

"Yes." She said with a sad tone still looking at me.

"I'm Rose, Michael's sister. Do you like Michael?" I ask while I was walking into the room and sat on the bed.

She did the same and sat on the bed next to me. "Kind of. He's really cute and seems nice." She said smiling a little and blushing. No one would be able to tell because of her skin tone but I could tell.

"He really likes you. You know he wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for you." I said smiling at her.

"That's not true. You wanted to come here with the guys and he would come to protect you."

"No he would just yell at me and tell me to get off. Or tell them something embarrassing about me so I would want to leave." She laughed a little at that but I could tell she still wanted to be distant. "But seriously he's a really sweet guy."

"Yeah he seems like it. Do you like David?" she asks me now looking right at me.

"Well.....I didn't at first but I don't know. I think he's hot and all but...... there's just something. Why do you ask?" I said now looking at her.

"He was talking about you yesterday. Said you were in Max's store with a woman. He seems to be very interested in you. Rose....promise me you will be careful. Your brother as well." she said with a wanting voice.

"I'll watch my back and I'll watch Mike's too. I always do, hey are you a real Gypsy?" I ask her trying to change the subject.

"A little bit, it was my job before I met the Lost Boys. I use to pierce ears and read peoples hands." She said smiling. I was guessing that the gang was called the Lost Boys. That's a cool name actually.

"Can you read my hand? I always wanted someone to do that." I ask smiling like a little kid.

"Sure." She said sitting cross legged on the bed. I sat that way too and I gave her my right hand.

She started tracing lines and told me what each of them meant.

"This line means your motherly.......Your also free spirited and Strong willed." She said tracing some different lines. Her emotion however changed when she trace a certain line on my hand. "This line means vengeance and its crossing your life line." She said looking at me.

"What does that mean? I ask her.

"If there's no line crossing your life line it means you die of age. If another line crosses your life line it means you die because of that. Is there anyone you want to avenge Rose?" Stars ask me with interest in her eyes.

"No... I guess not yet." I said looking at my hand now. I always believed in things like this. I guess no one lives forever.

"Feeding time, come and get it!" shouted Marko coming back with food in his hand.

"Chinese, good choice." Said David taking a box.

"You hungry?" I ask Star. I know I was starving.

"No I'm not. But don't let me stop you from eating." She said smiling at me.

I left the room and walked up to Marko who was handing out the food.

"You a fan of pork fried rice?" he ask me handing me a box of food.

"I am, thanks." I said smiling at him

"Well at least SOMEONE thanks me for getting the food." He said sarcastically.

"Shut up Marko. You know you always get the food." Said Paul hitting his arm playfully.

I laughed a little at this and started to walk back to the room were Star was waiting for me.

"Rose stay over here with us." Said David staring at me. At this Star came to the entrance of her room and stared at me. Maybe David didn't want me to be isolated from them like Star was. I gave her a sorry look and sat next to Michael and he smiled at me. I started eating my food while David said something.

"Guest first." Said David handing Michael a box of white rice.

"No thanks." Said Michael very low.

"You don't like rice? Tell me Michael, how can a billon Chinese people be wrong?" he chuckle a little at his joke. "Come on" he said playfully.

Michael decided to eat and took the white rice. He kept eating it and I kept eating mine.

"How are those Maggots?" ask David towards Michael. Everyone started to snicker except Star and Laddie.

"What?" ask Michael clueless.

"Maggots Michael, Your eating maggots how do they taste?" said David while everyone still snickered. Michael looked down at his food and did see maggots.

As soon as he did that he spit out his food and drops it to the floor. Everyone laugh except Star who said Leave him alone. I looked down at his food and saw it was white rice. No maggots at all, but I did know that David did something. I just don't know what. I glared at David evilly and he noticed. He stops laughing and looked at the floor.

"Sorry about that. No hard feeling huh?" said David towards Michael.

"No." said Michael trying to think if he saw rice or maggots.

"Why don't you try some noodles?" ask David handing a box of Low-main towards Michael. I looked in the box and saw just noodles so I knew nothing was wrong. But something apparently was to Michael.

"There worms." Said Michael

"Worms." Said David in a way that he couldn't believe it.

"Don't eat-"said Michael but didn't finish when he saw David eat the noodles.

"There only noodles Michael." Said David.

Everyone started laughing again while Michael snatches the box from David to see only noodles.

"That's enough." Said Star coming near us.

"Aw chill out girl." Said Paul.

"Mike you okay? You wanna go home?" I whispered to Michael. No one seemed to hear us except David. But I paid no mind to him right now.

"Rose you believe me right? I swear I saw maggots and worms." Whisper Michael.

I didn't get the chance to answer him when I saw Marko walk up to David and he whispered something in his ear. I could barley hear what he was saying but I think he said "Give me my whine." Everyone started to get quiet and I saw Star come closer to us. Marko came back with a beautiful bottle covered with gems and a small cup. He handed both of the items to David. He poured some in the class and put it on a table next to him. I could see that inside the cup the whine was crimson. David also drinks some of the whine from the bottle. When he was done he kept his eyes closed and it looked like it was the best thing in the world. He opened his eyes and pick up the cup from before.

"Drink some of this. Be one of us." Said David handing the bottle to Michael and the cup to me.

Everyone started to clap and I notice that Laddie was getting up from the couch and walking towards Star. He was looking at me with pleading eyes as well as Star.

"You guys don't have to." Said Star to us.

I knew we didn't have to, but what harm can be done by one drink? Nothing was wrong with it since David drink some of it nearly 3 seconds ago.

"Rose." Said David and I looked right into his eyes. He didn't say anything but kept staring at me. It was like I was glued to the spot on the ground. I stared at my drink and just thought what the hell and drink all of it in one shot.

"BRAVO!" shouted David and everyone started cheering as well. I could hear Michael chuckle and say the word blood in the joking way and drink some of the whine from the bottle as well.

"Come here Rose." Said David

I couldn't really think straight since the whine seemed to be going straight to my head. I walked over to David and he grabbed my hand and forces me down on his lap. I didn't struggle to get up since it felt like I really need to sit down or I would pass out on the floor. He kissed me on my cheek and told Marko to give him a ride. Marko started to push David and me around in his wheel chair and while he did that I started to fall asleep in his lap.

Hang Over by queenbrooklyn67

"Wake up." said Michael; at least I think it was Michael.

I was past out on my bed and I felt like shit. Michael hit me on my head and I finally decided to sit up. I opened my eyes and I quickly wanted to shut them. It was a normal morning but the sun seemed to be killing me. I was trying to remember what happened last night but I barley remember anything. As I was trying to remember what happened Michael threw a pair of red shades at me. I quickly put them on and it helped right away. I finally looked at Michael and I notice he was wearing his black shades and the same clothes he wore yesterday. Including his jacket and sneakers. I looked down at myself and I noticed that I was wearing the same outfit that I had on yesterday.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" said Michael with a tone in his voice.

"I remember drinking some whine and sitting with David, then nothing. We probably got drunk." I said to Michael barley looking at him. "What about you? How much do you remember?" I ask him trying to get out of bed but failed miserably.

"The last thing I remembered was eating rice that looked like Maggots. I'm starting to wonder how we got back. I check the garage and both of our bikes are still there, along with Grandpa's car. But you past out at the cave and I don't even know what happened to me. So how did they get back here?" ask Michael while he moved toward the bed to sit next to me.

"The guys probably helped us get home or something, I don't know. This doesn't feel like a normal hang over." I said now looking at the floor.

"Well mom called and she's going out tonight with Max. She wants me to keep an eye on Sam so I can't go out tonight." Said Michael in a harsh tone. Michael never acted that way before. Let alone have an attitude with Sammy.

"Come on, mother hasn't been on a date in awhile." I said to Michael.

"I really don't wanna watch him Rose." He said to me with a tired voice. "Can you watch him?" he asks me.

"No way I always watch him." I said to him with an attitude.

"Well can you at least take him to the Comic Store? He ask me but I just want to sleep." He said lying down on my bed.

"Yeah I'll go as soon as I change and write my paragraph in my diary. Go sleep but I might come home late alright. I want to hang out with Maria." I said to him while I was rubbing his head.

He just grumbled something and fell asleep on my bed. I kept rubbing his head and notice that he had an earning on his right ear. I rub both my ears and I felt a earning on my left ear. I stood up from the bed and pulled out one of my small mirrors to see what my earning looked like but when I opened it my reflection was different. You could barley see me. In fact you could see right threw my face. I wanted to scream but I didn't want to scare my brother and I didn't even have the strength too. I also noticed that my earning was the same one that David has on his right ear. I just threw my mirror to the floor and grab a purple tang top and my jacket. I quickly changed into that and grabbed my diary and left my room to write in the living room. As I entered the living room I saw Grandfather pulling out one of his beers from his second shelf. I remember Sam telling me that one of Grandfathers rules was to not take anything on the second shelf. He took a long sip of it and when he finish he stared at me and then formed a smile.

"Well hey there Rosie. It's nice to see you're finally awake. How are you feeling?" ask Grandfather in a nice way.

"Fine Grandfather. Can you do me a favor and tell Sam I'll give him a ride to the comic book store when I'm done writing in my diary." I ask Grandfather while I was pulling out a chair from the table and sitting down getting ready to write.

"No problem Rosie." He said leaving with a beer in his hand. But for some reason I really wanted it and I hate beer.

"Grandfather? Is it okay if I have one of your beers?" I ask him nicely.

"Umm..... sorry Rosie but Lucy would kill me if she found out I gave you one." He said smiling nervously. He left quicker then I expect and I decided to shrug it off for now.

Dear diary,

This morning sucks! Yesterday was a great day and it had to be ruined by this morning. Yesterday my plans didn't go the way I wanted them too. I was planning on seeing Maria but I found this kid named Laddie sitting a bench by himself. Of course I couldn't ignore him so I had to talk to him and he seems like a sweet kid. Unfortunately he was with the gang on the boardwalk who I found out were a bunch of cool people. The leader's name is David and he told me that Laddie's a run away kid. David isn't so bad, he's actually pretty cool, except for his ego. He also asks me to join his gang but I turned down his offer. I actually like how my family is right now and I want to keep it that way. I'm sorry if you're upset that I didn't say no to him because of you parole offer. I know that we have such a good relationship. I also found out everyone else's names. Dwayne seems to be second in command. He's a Native American and doesn't talk a lot. He also seems to be the most closet to Laddie besides Star. Star is that gypsy chick I mentioned yesterday and I found out that she's not the gangs whore. In fact she doesn't seem to like the gang at all. I don't understand why? I found out that she is sort of like a gypsy being able to read peoples hands. She read mine and told me that I was motherly and strong willed. Those didn't surprise me but what did surprise me is that I was going to die by vengeance. Anyway the last two Lost Boys are Paul and Marko. They seem to be best friends. Paul is sort of a junkie and is very wild. Marko is kind of shy but has a good sense of humor. Yesterday Michael and I hang out with all of them and we had a lot of fun. Until Mike said he saw Maggots and worms as his food. I knew David did some kind of trick but I just don't know how. We also seemed to get drunk last night and now have to pay the price by this horrible hang over. This hang over tho isn't normal. I can barley keep my eyes open and when I do it feels like there slowly burning. So Mike and I are basically forced to wear sunglasses. We also don't even remember how we got home or how our bikes got here as well. I also noticed that Michael had an earning in his right ear and I had an earning in my left. I didn't expect my earning to be David's but it was. This however I'm going to keep a secret between you and me parole offer okay. When I looked into my mirror, my reflection wasn't normal. It was basically see- through and I literally could see right threw me. It scared me to shit and that's why I'm terrified of telling anyone. I can't even tell Michael or Sam. I just grab a purple tang top and my jacket and kept on the same jeans and heels as I had on yesterday. I'm just going to take Sam to the Comic Store and then go to Maria house to calm me down. I hope it works.

Rose Emerson

Date: June 8th 1987

Time: It's too early to read the clock

Weather- BRIGHT

I closed my diary and decided to take it with me. I took one of mother's old purses and stuck it in there. I grabbed it along with my keys and went to Sam's room. I knocked on it once and opened the door to find him reading a comic on his bed.

"Sorry to kept you waiting. You reading to go?" I ask Sam trying to show him that I was perfectly fine.

"Yeah lets go." Said Sam dropping his comic on his bed and walking towards me.

We walked towards the garage and I sat on my bike and noticed that a small note was placed were the break was. Sam was sitting behind me wrapping his arms around my waste. I decided to read it later were I was alone so I just put it in my bag for now. I rode off to the Boardwalk and I parked by bike. I noticed that there were a lot more people here then there usually are at night so I made sure that Sam got to the comic book store before I left to hang out with Maria. As we were walking down the boardwalk to the store Sam and I started to talk since we haven't had the chance to before.

"So what happened last night? You and Mike don't look to good?" said Sam with worry.

"Don't worry about us Sammy. Were just in hang over's. Michael is just really tired and cranky and I'm...just worried. So how do you feel about being baby sat by Michael" I ask him in a playful way.

"I'm piss about it. I am fourteen, not some little kid." He said with an angry face.

"Well maybe mom would treat you like an adult if you didn't read superman comics." I said sarcastically.

"Don't start this again." He said with an annoyed tone.

"Fine I won't. But how about this, I'm going to hang out with Maria today and before I do, I'll talk to mom about giving you some freedom."

"Yeah that be great." He said smiling.

We finally walked into the comic book store and I was about to say goodbye until I saw some fourteen year old boys staring at Sam. Sam just shook his head and started looking threw comics. They saw me and stared at me even weirder. As if I was a frog in a science class. Maybe these were the boys that Sam mentioned that acted like they knew a secret.

"Notice anything unusual about Santa Carla yet?" ask the dark haired boy.

"Naw, it's a pretty cool place if you're a marsh in." Said Sam

"Or a vampire." Said the other boy with light brown hair.

"Are you guys stiffing on newsprint or something?" said Sam in a joking way with a smile.

"You think you really know what's happening around here, well I'll tell you something, you don't know shit buddy." Said the light haired boy.

"What's your problem? Piss that mommy and daddy made you work?" I ask them in an angry tone.

"So you think we just work in a comic book store for our folks huh?" ask the dark haired boy.

"Actually I thought it was a bakery." Said Sam still looking at comics.

"This is just our cover. Were dedicated to a higher purpose. Were fighters for truth, justice, and the American way." said the light haired boy in a very serious way.

"All alright." Whispered Sam.

"Hey man, read this." Said the light haired boy again. This time showing him a comic about Vampires.

"I told you I don't like horror comics." Said Sam paying no interest in it.

"I'll pay for it if you leave Sam alone." I said stepping between them.

I took out some money and handed it to them and put the comic in my purse.

"Our number is on the back of all our comics and pray you never need to call us." Said the dark haired boy.

"Whatever" I said to them. "Sam, get whatever comics you want and hurry home. You better be home before sundown." I said walking out of the store. I walked towards my bike and hopped on it. I was about to drive to the video store until I decided to read that note that was attached to my bike.

Rose and Michael:

Try not to eat a lot and sleep as much as you can during the day to feel better. Also we'll be seeing you both tonight, no matter where you are.


Vampire by queenbrooklyn67

I kept reading over the note and didn't know what to think. It was nice that he told us what to do to feel better but the last part creep me out. Well there's nothing I can do about it now. I rode off the video store and parked by bike near the railing. I was kind of hoping that the Lost Boys would be in there but they weren't. Max wasn't there either. Instead it was mother at the counter and Maria at the register. Mother noticed me and smiled. I walked towards her with a small smile on my face.

"Hey mother. Michael told me that you were going out with Max tonight." I ask her trying to start a small conversation.

"Yeah I am. He's really sweet and I really like him." she said smiling and looking down a little embarrassed.

"Well I don't know if Mike and Sam like him but I know I do. Were is he?" I ask her looking around the store.

"He works the night shift. Except for tonight the store will be closed."

"O alright. Hey I also wanted to mention that Sam is piss that you made Mike baby sit him." I said remembering why I wanted to talk to mother.

"Well yeah I know he's old enough to be by himself. But I still wanted to make sure he was safe. Since grandpa won't be there tonight because he also has a date with the widow Johnson." She said that with her eyes rolling a little.

"Well I'm gonna talk to Maria now." I said smiling and walking towards Maria. She noticed me and smiled.

"Hey what's up?" she ask me.

"A hang over. I wanted to hang out with you yesterday but I got a little side tracked." I said to her.

"Well what you do?" she asks a little interested.

"You know those guys that always come into this store." I whispered to her.

"Yeah what about them? Did they hurt you?" she whispered back worried.

"No the exact opposite. There actually pretty cool, Michael and I hanged out with them." I told her and I stop whispering.

"Rose you shouldn't be hanging out with them. Usually people who hang out with them wind up missing. There use to be a cop on the boardwalk that made sure everything was okay, you know no trouble and when he told the Lost Boys to get off the boardwalk because they were messing with another gang, that cop was never seen again. If you don't believe me you can check the missing person flyers." She said with an angry face on.

"Well usually gangs fight with other gangs and get mad at cops if they bother them." I said back to her with a harsh, sarcastic tone.

"Well yeah but I think they killed him. Your hanging out with murder's then." She said trying to convince me to not hang out with them.

"You know you can be over reacting. Besides why should I care if they killed someone? I didn't know that guy." I said with harshness in my voice. "When do you get off? We can check out the boardwalk if you want?" I said to her trying to change the subject.

"I'll hang out with you during the morning when I don't have work. But I don't go out at night unless I have to work. It's not safe to go out at night here." She said going back to her register.

"Well then call me sometime when you're free to hang out. Here's my number." I said writing down my number on a piece of paper. I handed it to her. "I'm gonna sit here for a while, I feel like I really need it."

I walked away from her and sat in one of the chairs in the store. I was looking threw my purse and I decided to read that Vampire comic I got at the store. I wasn't a real fan of comic books but I did think vampires we kind of cool. I started to open it and I thought it would tell a story of a vampire killing a girl but instead it was just a bunch of writing. With no pictures or anything. I started reading it and it was about what vampires usually did. They always came out at night since the sun kills them. It also said that vampires don't travel alone and when they do, one of there members aren't far away.

Vampires must drink human blood in order to live or the thirst will slowly kill them. It's a rumor that vampires can survive on animal blood if they drink it. They will still remain half vampires but the animal blood won't last them for very long. Probably only a year, a year and a half if there lucky. Half vampires can turn back to human if the head vampire is killed. But once you're a full vampire there is no going back. Vampires usually lure there pray by seducing them or pretending to be there friend. They also do this if they want you to be part of there pack. Humans can become a vampire if they drink a vampire's blood or get bitten. Vampires also have there strengths and weakness. There strengths are being twice as strong as a human, being able to fly and being immortal. Some of them even have powers. Usually the strongest one has powers. Mostly visions, telepathic, or illusions. There weakness are the sun, extremely weak if they don't feed, have no reflection in the mirror, and can easily be killed if a stake is shoved straight threw there heart.

Half vampires also have there weakness. There reflections are transparent and there strength is extremely weak. Mostly wanting to rest during the day and there finger nails grows longer then usual. Also a change in there attitude.

I decided to stop reading from there. I was starting to think of everything that's happened since I met the lost boys. They only come out at night and Maria said that it's dangerous to come at night here. The boys in the comic book store said there are vampires in Santa Carla and my reflection was barley visible when I looked into my mirror. I also did feel weak and wanted to rest. And Michael did see maggots and worms when we were at the cave because David must have the power to make illusions. And David handed us a red drink...... I'm a vampire.

Answers by queenbrooklyn67

I just kept staring forward at nothing. How can I be a vampire? Vampires aren't real, but there's no other explanation. I threw the comic in my bag and left the store. I didn't bother to say goodbye to Maria and mother. I just wanted to sleep, no I needed to sleep. I could drive home but I was too tired. I would probably crash if I rode my bike. So I just decided to walk down to the beach. I sat down and I didn't care if sand would cling to me. As I lay down to look up at the clouds, I slowly started to fall asleep.

I felt someone tap my shoulder a little hardly to wake me up and I woke up quickly realizing I feel asleep on the beach. As I sat up I looked at the person who woke me up and I was surprised to see it was Dwayne. He sat down next to me and he took off my sun glasses.

"Just checking if you looked like a raccoon." He said smiling at me. He handed me my sunglasses. "But you did get some color. You're lucky you don't burn or you would look like a lobster."

"I can't believe I feel asleep on the beach." I said looking at the ocean.

"What were you doing here anyway?" he asks me a little interested.

"I was just dropping of my little brother Sam. I was just really tired and I knew I wouldn't have the strength to drive back home." I said standing up. "I feel a lot better now." I said smiling at him.

He stood up as well and smiled at me. "That's good. I was just gonna get something to eat and I saw you on the beach. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Well thank you for doing so. I didn't want someone to take all my stuff while I was sleeping. Where are the others? Don't you guys usually travel as a pack?" I ask remembering that I wanted to ask them if they were vampires. But not look like a fool while I ask. So I guess I could find out another way.

"David had to talk to Max about something. Star and Laddie decided they didn't want to go out tonight so they stayed at the cave. And I have no clue what Paul and Marko. Probably nothing good." He said with a small smile.

"Yeah probably. Why is David talking to Max?" I ask very interested.

"Oh......I don't really know. Probably...taking the heat for all of us for always going into his store and bothering him." he said stumbling on some of his words as if he was thinking of what to say.

"But how can David talk to Max tonight if he's on a date with my mother?" I ask starting to not trust what Dwayne was saying so much.

"Well that's just what David told me. I don't really ask a lot of questions. Just listen." He replied quickly.

"What do you guys do that's so bad? Because when I was in there with my mother that day all you guys did was walk around the store?"

"I guess we scare some of the customers." He said smiling a little to himself.

"I guess. I'm going to see David, I'll see you around." I said waving goodbye to Dwayne.

He did the same and walk in the opposite direction away from me. I guess the first place to look for David is the Video store. As I was walking to the store I started to think about Dwayne. He seemed really nice and not as cocky as the other guys. I was kind of surprised that he talks. Then again he did say he mostly listens and doesn't ask questions. As I was walking to the video store I saw it was closed. Just like Maria said it would be. No one there or not even around it for that matter. As I turned around to look somewhere else I saw David staring at me with no emotion on his face.

I gasp a little and then smiled at him. "You scared me."

"Sorry. I guess I do that to a lot of people." He said smiling at me and walking next to me. "What are you doing here?"

"Dwayne said you were here and I wanted to talk to you about some stuff. A lot of stuff actually." I said walking towards the boardwalk while he was walking next to me.

"What's on your mind?" he asks looking at me.

"Umm.....Oh yeah I noticed that Michael and I have earrings. Why did you give us them?" I ask remembering the first thing I thought was weird.

"Well the earning is sort of like our gang jacket. We all have one, even Star and Laddie." He said never looking away from me.

"How come my earring is yours?"

"Well that's a little hard to explain. You know Michael's earring is also Star's. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you give your other earring to someone you like." He said still looking at me.

I just looked to the ground a little embarrassed after he told me that. For once I didn't have a snappy comeback or reply.

"I like you a lot Rose." Said David now holding my hand.

I looked up from the ground and at David, smiling at him. "I like you too. However that letter you left me kind of creped me out."

"Well I knew you and Mike wouldn't be feeling well so I thought I should tell you to have a lot of sleep."

"I wish I paid attention to that. Instead I feel asleep on the beach." I said trying to hide my embarrassment. "It was worth it tho." When I said that my voice changed and David noticed.

"What you mean?" he asked.

"I got a cool comic about vampires. I don't really like comics but I liked that one. It explained a lot. Especially my reflection being different." I said to David. He didn't say anything and in my mind I was wondering two thoughts. Either they were vampires or I made him think I was completely nuts.

"I was planning on telling you and Michael tomorrow." He said looking at the floor. "Did you tell Michael?"

"Not yet." I said to him with an attitude as I let go of his hand. "How could you make us vampires, make me a vampire?! When you ask me to be part of your gang I said no, did you think I would say yes to being a vampire after I told you that?!" I said slightly shouting.

"Look when you said that you liked your family I understood that. That's why I thought if I turned Michael then you could be with your family still." He said trying to calm me down. "We can turn all of your family members if you want. Even your grandpa if you like him."

".....How do you know I'm staying with my grandfather?"

"The note said I would find you no matter where you are. I thought you were home but I only saw Michael and Sam. I got a good look at your grandpa before he left in his truck." He said with a stern face on.

"Oh, well sorry then, I just think it's weird since you always know stuff I never tell you." I said.

As I said that David pulled my arm behind one of the boardwalks stores and slammed me against a wall. Not hard enough to hurt me but hard enough for me to be shocked and a little scared. As I kept staring into his eyes he slowly lowered to my neck and started to leave a bunch of kisses. He stopped and then bites into his wrist. I was confused as to why he did that but I couldn't really ask since I really wanted to drink his blood.

"I'm going to bite you after you drink this. Then after you make your first kill you'll be my childe and my mate." He whispered to me and then went back to kissing my neck.

I didn't really hear anything he was saying, all I wanted was his blood. So I drink his blood as he painfully bites my neck. As I kept drinking I wasn't thinking of my actions until much later....

I should Have Stayed Home by queenbrooklyn67


Dear Diary,

........I don't know how to start of this paragraph today. Last night I got all the answers I needed. I drop off my brother Sam at the comic book store and the two boys that Sam said acted like they knew a secret gave me this comic book about vampires. After I read it, I knew why the boys acted like that. I was a vampire, well half. I become a full vampire after I feed. I don't feel any pain tho, maybe it's because I drank some of David's blood yesterday. He also drank some of mine. That's why I'm wearing this Black Chocker. David told me that I would be his mate and childe when I feed. I didn't know what that meant so I finish the rest of the comic book when I got home. It said some vampires want to find a mate that they can spend the rest of eternity with. So I guess its like marriage except divorce isn't an option. I never knew David liked me in that way. I know he likes me because he said it to me yesterday and I do like him, a lot. But I didn't know he liked me this much. When I was driving home I was thinking a lot about Michael, Sam, Star, and Laddie. Shit I was thinking about all the lost boys. I know that Michael is a half vampire and I don't know if he knows it or not yet. I'm also wondering if I should tell him. Would he believe me? I don't blame him if he doesn't. And Sam, what about him? David said that they could turn all of my family members if I wanted but Sam is only fourteen. I don't want him to be fourteen forever. Which got me thinking about Laddie? Laddie is only eight, maybe nine. Is he a vampire? How could they turn someone so young? It also got me thinking about Star. I remember David saying something about Star not wanting to be there little sister, so I guess she's not happy with being a half vampire. I also met Dwayne yesterday; he seemed like a really nice guy and didn't have that much of a big ego. He did get me a little UN trusting of him when he said David had to see Max. But the store was closed just like Maria said it would be so I don't know. I decided to drop it and worry about more important things happing right now.

Rose Emerson

Date: June 9th, 1987

Time: 3:56 P.M.

Weather: Guess

I closed my diary and put it back in my purse. I decided to look in my bedroom mirror to see if my reflection would be transparent like it was yesterday. As I looked into it, it was the same. I could barley see my blue corset top and ripped dark blue jeans. As I walked to the living room bare-foot and with my red shades on I saw Michael walking into the house and putting his sunglasses back on. I looked at the living room table and saw Sam staring at Michael with a little fear and Grandfather drinking one of his beers with sunglasses on. I saw Grandfather look at Michael and then me.

"Well....looks like I wasn't the only one who got lucky last night." He said with a smile.

I guess when he went out with the widow Johnson things got little to extreme for old timers. Should I reply to what he just said?

"Did you take care of everything Mike..." said Sam with a low tone that barley is heard.

Mike didn't say anything back to him; he just kept staring at him with sympathy eyes. What was Sam talking about?  Sam then looked at me with even more scared eyes and said nothing to me. He just walked right by me. I grabbed his arm so he could tell me what's wrong but when I did that he just shook with fear and started at me. Was he scared of me? I just let go of his arm and then he bolted up the stairs to his room. I looked at Michael and he just stared at me with sad eyes. He walked up to me and just grabbed my arm and pulled me up stairs to my room. As we walked in he closed the doors behind us and locked it.

"What's wrong with Sam?" I said to him with an attitude.

"Well.....yesterday night while he was taking his bath....I tried to....I guess kill him." he said while looking at the floor.

"WHAT?!" I shouted at him.

"Well I didn't. I wanted too but Nanook stopped me and bites my hand. Rose I wanted him. I was so hungry and when I drink some milk I just spit it back up and that only made me even hungrier. I....was also....flying"He said very quickly afraid of what I would do.

"O..." I said looking to the ground. When I looked at Michael hands both of them were perfectly fine. "Michael Nanook didn't bite you, your hands are fine."

"He did bite my hand.  You can ask Sam if you don't believe me. I notice that my hand completely healed when....." he said looking away as if embarrassed.

"Well come on Mike, when did you notice that your hand was completely healed?" I said getting impatient.

"Well I went to see Star yesterday night right before mom came home. I went to ask her if she knew what was happening to me. When I ask her she just said she couldn't tell me. Then....well lets just say grandpa was right when he said he wasn't the only one who got lucky last night." He said with a red face and kept looking at the floor.

I decided not to reply to that. What would I say about that? I mean I honestly didn't care, I was happy that they liked each other. "Look...that's between you and Star. So what do you mean that you were flying?" I ask him with confusion. I didn't even know that vampires could fly.

"Well Sam found out I was a vampire because he saw my reflection in the mirror. It was like looking threw a window. You could see right threw me. Then he ran up stairs and called mom."

"Mother knows about this too!" I said getting angry. How many people knew about vampires?

"Yeah but as I was flying I told Sam to help me and he did. Also when I left to find Star he told mom that he got scared by a comic book."

 "So Sam knows that were not completely human." I ask him wanting to know more about Sam. I was kind of hoping that Sam wouldn't be involved in this.

"Well he said that I was a vampire but I don't know everything. I plan on finding Star tonight and bringing her back here. I don't think she's safe with them. So what about you? What did you do yesterday night? You didn't even talk to me when you got home. You just read a comic and then went to bed." he said kind of sad.

"Well after I drop off Sam at the comic store and saw Mother and Maria I kind of past out on the beach. I didn't have the strength to drive home." I said to him a little sheepish.

"Are you insane?! You could have gotten hurt or someone could have stolen all your stuff!" Mike kind of shouted when I told him that.

"You think I don't know that? And don't you start about me getting hurt when you're the one who fucks someone you only knew for two days. Besides Dwayne woke me up so no one took anything. I....also talk to David yesterday." I said to him. Should I tell Mike what David told me? I mean what he told me isn't anything compared to what Michael and Star did. They just had sex; David wants me to be with him forever. And I.....kind of want to be with him.

"Rose....I don't want you to hang out with him or any of them from now on." Michael said with a stern voice. Of all the times Michael has to act like a father he chose's now? He should have acted like that before, not now.

"No Mike, I like them and if I can't hang out with them, then you can't hang out with Star." I said getting defensive.

"Rose I'm older then you I can tell you what to do and what not too." He said with a stern voice.

"Michael I don't listen to any authority figure. What makes you think I would listen to you?" I said with harshness that I never used with Michael before.

I was about to walk out of my room when he said this. "Because I'm not an authority figure. I'm your brother who cares about you."

I was half way threw the door when he told me that. I never expected him to tell me that. He was right, I just wish he wasn't.

"Mike.....the reason why I won't stay away from the lost boys is the same reason why you won't stay away from Star." After I said that I walked out of my room and slammed the door. I grabbed a random black pair of flip flops and grabbed my purse to maybe have a smoke to calm me down. But then I decided that wouldn't help me enough. Maybe a visit from Laddie would cheer me up? With my mind made up I walked to the garage door and rode off to the lost boys cave without telling anyone goodbye.

Star and Laddie's Story by queenbrooklyn67


I parked my bike in front of the cave's steps. I walked up them as quietly as I could but even that couldn't have stopped the horrible creaking. I walked up them and then down into the cave to see no one there. I walked into the room that was Star's to see Laddie holding a teddy bear, sleeping next to Star. I smiled at both of them and put my bag under the bed. As I did that Star woke up and was shock to see me. But it quickly disappeared when she saw me. She smiled at me and sat up on the bed motioning me towards the bed. I walked over to her and sat on the left side on the bed and smiled at her.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up. You can go back to sleep if you want." I said trying to be nice.

"No, its fine. How have you been?" she said in a kind of whispered voice.

"I've been okay, I guess. Star I've wanted to ask you something. I...know that you're all vampires. Are you a vampire?" I ask kind of scared of the answer.

"...No. I'm half, so is Laddie. I never wanted to be a vampire; I only wanted a place to stay." She said kind of sad looking at the bed.

"What do you mean Star?" I ask very interested

"Well I was turned before Laddie. It was when I was still a gypsy, reading hands and piercing people's ears. I barley got enough money for food and usually had to sleepin allies. That's when I met David. I guess you could say he sort of had a crush on me. He introduces me to everyone like he did with you and Michael. He also offered me a drink from the bottle and I drink it. But when I did find out I was a vampire I hated it. I wanted to see the sun, to grow old and die. Then David and I stop talking and now its like were strangers. That was a month ago...." She finishes her story and still continued to look at the floor. I was shock that David use to like her but I wasn't jealous. It was a long time ago so why should it matter. I am surprised he never told me tho.

"A month ago? You must be in a lot of pain then, always being hungry." I said worried about her.

"Well I guess you can say we have an advantage. Girl vampires can go longer without feeding then male vampires. But it's the worst for Laddie. He's just a child and he's always starving, more then me. He drank from the bottle four or six weeks ago."

"Why would they want to make a child a vampire?" I ask completely dumb forted.

"It was an accident. I found him sleeping in my bed and then we planned on calling his parents and returning him home but we saw that Laddie was drinking from the bottle. So we basically had no choice but to keep him. He doesn't get in the way, but we all know one day he's going to snap and probably feed on ten people." She said as if she was going to cry.

"I....I really don't know what to say. I don't want him to be a kid forever but I also don't want him to be in pain. I don't want any of you to be in pain." I said looking at her eyes.

"It...gets more painful everyday. But at least I still age. It's just slower and I can still go out into the sun, even if it burns me a little. Do you and Michael want to be vampires?" She asks now looking at me.

"Well....I doesn't know what Mike wants...but..." I said now trying to find the right words to tell her.

"Do you want to be a vampire? Do you want to be a murderer?" she asks with a serious and stern voice.

"I do and I don't. I don't need the sun to survive, and I probably wouldn't have a problem killing. I know that sounds wrong but I do need my brothers to survive...I do need my family."I said now thinking about everything.

If you gave me the choice of being a vampire a month ago then I would have said yes without hesitation. Now that I actually like talking to my mother and kind of warming up to grandfather, I can't be with them. I mean I could but I probably end up killing one of them by accident like Michael almost did with Sammy. And I can't help wondering if this is God's way of punishing me. I've always wanted nothing to do with my family, except my brothers of course. And now that I want to spend time with them I can't. What's even worse is that I haven't made up my mind if I want to be a vampire or not. I mean I like David and I like the rest of the guys. They were basically the family that I always wanted when I was younger. Now I finally have a chance to be with them...And now I don't want too.

"You should get some sleep." Said Star noticing I was spacing out. 

She moved closer to Laddie so I could sleep in the bed with them. I decided that I should sleep if I wanted more strength at night and I soon feel asleep with them. I didn't know how long I was sleeping but when I moved my arm to where Star would be there was nothing. I quickly sat up in the bed and notice that Laddie wasn't there either. I walked out of the room and into the living room of the cave and notice that Marko and Paul were sitting on the couch looking at me with smiles on there faces. It wasn't a freaky smile but it was weird.

"When did you get here princess?" ask Paul still smiling.

"I don't remember the time but it was in the morning. Where's Star and Laddie?" I ask and it was obvious by the way my voice sounded that I was scared.

"David and Dwayne took them some place. Don't worry they'll be back before the sun is up. Me and Paul have to pick them up when were done."Said Marko.

"Done with what?" I ask kind of suspicious

"It's a surprise for you and your brother." Said Paul getting happy.

Cliff Hanger

I should Have Stayed Home again by queenbrooklyn67


After Paul said that my heart skipped a beat. What did he mean a surprise for Michael and me?

"What do you mean by that? Where is my brother!" I shouted at him with an angry voice. But I wasn't angry at all. I was terrified.

"Relax Princess, were not going to do anything to your brother or you. Were not going to hurt either of you, in fact were doing the opposite, were helping you. "Paul said with a smile. It wasn't one of his too happy smiles but it was still freaky.

"Unlike you, Michael ...isn't going to willing talk to us." Marko said.

"What do you mean? I ask clueless

"Well you came here and stayed for no reason. Michael won't do that, in fact he wants nothing to do with us. All he wants is Star, or so we know." Explained Marko.

 "So when your brother comes here and realizes that she isn't here, he's going to have to find us so we could "tell" him were Star is." Said Paul stressing the word tells making it obvious that they weren't going to tell him.

"So were is Star and Laddie?" I ask.

"We would tell you but we can't. David told us not too." Replied Paul

"We were all surprised that we saw you here when we woke up. Especially after you found out what we really were." Said Marko.

"Well I was kind of mad at my brother." I said looking down at the floor.

"What for?" asks Paul very interested.

"He told me not to hang out with you guys. And I was mad because I wanted to hang out with you guys. So I came here to stay away from my brother and to see Laddie to cheer me up. But he was sleeping and I didn't want to wake up. So before I went to sleep I talked to Star." I said with complete honesty.

"And what did she say." Said Marko with a serious and harshness voice. It kind of scared me because Marko isn't one for being harsh.

"She just told me how she and Laddie became a half vampire." I said looking at him hoping he would drop it.

"That's all Princess?" said Paul with a serious voice as well.

"Yeah that's all." I said. I think they knew I was lying. I didn't want to tell them that Star told me David use to like her. I felt Star did something horrible talking to me. But why didn't they have these mood swings when I was talking to her last time.

After I said that to Paul I felt a hand touch my shoulder and held me in place so I wouldn't be able to turn around. It was obvious that I was shocked because I tensed up.

"You sure that's all?" whispered David.

End Notes:

Authors note

I know my chapters are getting shorter and shorter but you have to bear with me. I'm in school now and I will be completely busy. But I do promise that I will write a new chapter every Saturday or Sunday. But it may be chapters that are short like this or long like my other ones. Thank you for taking the time to read this authors note and not skipping it like I do.

P.S. - get use to the evil cliff hangers

Answers Come Along with Questions, Memories, and Thoughts by queenbrooklyn67



"Yeah that's all." I said. I think they knew I was lying. I didn't want to tell them that Star told me David use to like her. I felt Star did something horrible talking to me. But why didn't they have these mood swings when I was talking to her last time.

After I said that to Paul I felt a hand touch my shoulder and held me in place so I wouldn't be able to turn around. It was obvious that I was shocked because I tensed up.

"You sure that's all?" whispered David.

I knew it was David's voice that asks me that question. I knew I could lie to Marko and Paul but could I lie to David?

"Dwayne is waiting outside.  I want all of you to go to the center of the boardwalk. We'll be there in a minute." Commanded David looking at Marko and Paul.

He still didn't let go of me or even loosen his hold. Marko gave a nod and Paul didn't have any emotion on his face as they left the cave. David still didn't let go of me until I heard all of there bike motors start up and leave the cave entrance. When we couldn't hear the boys cheering anymore David finally let go of me and walked right in front of me so I had no choice but to look at him. He didn't have any emotion on his face but I could tell he was angry.

"Why did you lie to them?" ask David in an angry tone. It wasn't a loud tone but it didn't have to be.

"I felt like I was in trouble. Lying is a little habit you pick up when you're always in trouble." I said to him with sarcasm and  an angry tone. I wasn't really angry, just annoyed at his question.

"Its one thing if you lie to the cops about you dating a teacher, it's another thing if you lie to your true family that has similar reputations to yours." Said David without any emotion.

"How did you know that?!" I shouted at him.

I didn't like people knowing about the people I dated or what I did. It was bad enough having my brothers know it. But at least I knew how they found out, a fucking pig told them. But how the hell did David find out?

"When I drink your blood I saw every memory you had. Memories about you in juvie avoiding shankings, memories about your father and how you were secretly his favorite. Even memories about you in your mother's car making fun of Sam. "Said David with an angry tone. "Because I drink your blood I can tell were you are, who you talk to, and especially when you're lying. When you become a vampire you will see every memory I have and much more because you also drank my blood." Said David back to his emotionless tone.

"When I become a vampire?" I ask him. I honestly have no intention of being a vampire. At least not right now.  

"Baby there's no going back. You can postpone your transformation but you can never stop It." said David with a logical voice.

"There is going back if you kill the head vampire. David I want to know who the head vampire is. Is it you?" I ask him with a panicky voice.

I didn't want him to be the head vampire. I didn't want any of the lost boys being the head vampire. I always knew I would be able to kill if I ever needed to, but I also knew that I could never kill someone I knew.

"Would you kill me if I was?" ask David with complete seriousness.

"....No." I said in a low voice that could barley be heard. For humans ears of course.

As I finally tore my gaze from David's to look at the floor. Another habit I pick up from always being in trouble. But as I did that he grabs my arm and kisses me. It wasn't just a peck either or a nothing kiss. It meant something. I also realized that this was our first kiss. It was long and I wanted it to go longer and maybe even further but he pulled away.

"We have to go before we miss your brother. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the both of you." He said with his usual tone and smirked.

"David.....what do you have planed for Michael and me?" I ask with a scared tone.

"...I'll...tell you if you tell me what Star told you." Said David. I didn't want to tell him but I never like surprises.

"Star just told me that she didn't want to be a vampire and how Laddie became one. Also.....that you had...a crush on her." I said looking to the ground. I could tell that David was angry, no that's an understatement, and he was completely pissed off. "I'm not jealous or anything. I'm....just a little hurt that you...didn't tell me. I would have preferred to have found out from you then Star." I said looking to the floor again.

"I was afraid too. I thought you would want nothing to do with me if you found that out. I wouldn't have blamed you either. So I was planning on just keeping it to myself but when you drink my blood I knew you were going to figure out sooner or later so I just decided to tell you when you became a vampire." He said looking at me. But I didn't look back up at him. When he said that a thought entered my mind and even if I wanted to push it out I knew I couldn't.

" still like Star?" I ask in a weird voice. It probably wasn't weird to him but it was weird to me. My voice sounded like I was about to cry. And the last time I cried was when I was twelve because my cat ran away from me and got hit by a car.

He looked at me with shock written all over his face but I didn't see it because I was still looking at the floor. I didn't see his face I just heard no reply so he must still like her.

"My mother is probably worried about me, I'm going home." I said to him with no emotion in my voice but my face was filled with sadness.

"No don't leave." Said David reaching out to me but I didn't want him touching me. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from crying if he touches me. So I just jerk backwards and fast walk to the cave entrance but I didn't make it because David held me in place with his arms around my stomach and my back against his chest.

"LET ME GO!" I cried out hoping it would come out as an angry scream but it only made it more obvious that I was about to cry.

"No I'm never gonna let you go. This is why I didn't tell you because I knew you would leave. I knew you would still think I liked her. I don't like her anymore Rose.  You might not believe me now but when you become a vampire and see my memories you will believe me. I promise." He said rather fast and still holds me to his chest.

After he said that I stop fighting him to get free. I stopped moving completely hoping it would calm me down but it didn't. It only made it worse because when I stopped moving David held me tighter. I wish he would have let me go. Not because I didn't want to be with him anymore because I did. Not because I didn't believe him, because I did, even if I didn't want to. I wanted him to let me go because if he did then maybe I wouldn't be crying right now.

Rivalry by queenbrooklyn67



"LET ME GO!" I cried out hoping it would come out as an angry scream but it only made it more obvious that I was about to cry.

"No I'm never gonna let you go. This is why I didn't tell you because I knew you would leave. I knew you would still think I liked her. I don't like her anymore Rose. You might not believe me now but when you become a vampire and see my memories you will believe me. I promise." He said rather fast and still holds me to his chest.

After he said that I stop fighting him to get free. I stopped moving completely hoping it would calm me down but it didn't. It only made it worse because when I stopped moving David held me tighter. I wish he would have let me go. Not because I didn't want to be with him anymore because I did. Not because I didn't believe him, because I did, even if I didn't want to. I wanted him to let me go because if he did then maybe I wouldn't be crying right now.

It felt weird when I was crying. But it also felt good, like I was letting go of a lot of built up anger and sadness. Before my cat got hit by a car I remembered that I use to cry a lot. But never in front of anyone. Usually when no one was home or when I was in my bed trying to sleep. It was nice to be in David's arms while I cried but in my mind it felt wrong. Like I shouldn't be crying in front of him, in front of ANYONE. As my silent tears fell David kept holding me. Maybe if I started talking I would stop crying. My voice didn't sound crackly but if you looked at my face it would be obvious that I was crying recently.

"What do you have planed for Michael and me?" I ask him trying to calm myself down.

He didn't answer me right away. He just kept holding me.

"David answer me." I said to him.

When I said that he just kiss the top of my head and held on to me tighter.

"Were going to take you and Michael to a party." Said David with no emotion.

I didn't say anything, I was to shock too. The way Paul and Marko were talking about the surprise made it seem like something horrible.

"Oh, well if that's it then why can't I tell Michael about it?" I ask David leaving his arms and looking at him.

"Because.....he probably won't go if we tell him." said David as if he had to think for an answer. "Come on everyone's waiting for us."

He grabs my hand and we left the cave. We walk to his motorcycle and I looked into the mirror to see if it looked like I was crying. Even tho my reflection wasn't fully there I could tell that it looked like I didn't cry. David got on the bike and I got on behind him. As soon as I put my arms around him he rode off. I loved it when David and I ride together. I loved the feeling of the cold air smacking against my face and blowing threw my hair. When David stop riding I saw he parked near the rest of the boys motorcycles, but I didn't see them around.

"Where are they?" I ask David as I got off his bike.

He turned off his bike and got off as well. He grabbed my hand as usual and pulled me up to wear the carousal was. We stood at the center of the boardwalk looking at the beach over a bar. On the left side of us were the stores and the right side was the carousal and other rides.

"They probably went to get something to eat." David said, when he said that the first thing I thought of was them killing people.

"Are they...You know....eating as in killing?" I ask him in a kind of disgusted way.

"No, we haven't fed at all today. There probably eating Chinese food." David said still looking at the beach.

"You guys really like Chinese food." I said in a joking matter.

"Well it's the best food here in Santa Carla, besides your blood." He said smirking towards me. I kind of got a little creep out by that.

As I looked to my left I saw the boys coming. Dwayne gave me a small nod and stood next to David on his left side while Marko smiled at me and stood next to me on my right side and Paul smiled at me as well and stood next to Marko on his right side and sat on the bar instead of standing up like the rest of us. We were all looking out at the beach not really saying anything until Paul saw some people. They were a group of boys with long hair in Mohawks with weird color hair, mostly green.

"Look at them, they think they own Santa Carla." Said Paul with an annoyed face on.

"Who are they?" I ask a little interested.

"The Surf Nazi's, there our rival gang. Basically the exact opposite of us." Said Marko also annoyed.

"We own the boardwalk and they own the beaches, mostly having bonfire parties. They also travel by surfing or skateboarding." Said David looking at me.

"We mostly fight with them whenever we see them." Said Dwayne with no emotion on his face.

"Were you guys here first or were they here first?" I ask very interested now.

"We were here first." Said Dwayne still with no emotion.

We stop talking after that, we just kept looking at the beach.

"Hey..." whispered David to me.

As I looked to him he grabs my chin and kisses me. I kiss back right away until I felt someone pull me off of him. When I opened my eyes I saw Michael holding David with a face that said "I'm gonna kill you." I was about to grab him but Marko held me to him.

"Where is she!" said Michael is a very piss of tone.

David just chuckled "Take it easy Michael."

"Where is Star, David?" Said Michael still angry.

"Michael if you ever want to see Star again, you better come with us NOW." Said David.

He didn't wait for a reply; he just took my hand and pulled me back to his bike. The others did the same but except driving off they waited for Michael to get on his bike. I notice that his bike was parked next to there's. Michael finally decides to come to his bike but he didn't come on it. He just looked at me and then at David with a piss face on.

"If I go with you guys, I want Star and Rose to come back with Me." he said in an angry tone. Why would he think I wouldn't go home with him? I mean I was mad at him but he is still my brother. I was about to say that but I saw David having an angry face and he told him.

"Star will met you tonight if you come with us but I'm not forcing Rose to go back home if she doesn't want to."

I was going to tell Michael that I would but David started his bike and so did the others. Michael got on his bike and showed them that he was ready. Then David speeded off and the others followed as usual. While we were driving to god knows were I was starting to think about what David said to Michael. About not forcing me to go back home if I don't want to. He said it as if I was being force to stay here with him.

What's the reason? by queenbrooklyn67

We all kept driving longer then we normally did. Usually we would stop driving in less then four minutes. But this drive was ten minutes and it wasn’t normal since they all drive faster then the speed of light. I also knew that they weren’t driving slowly because of Michael because he would drive fast too, not as fast as them but fast enough that you could see him behind you. So where ever we were going it was pretty far. I started to get scared because I didn’t know were I was and for once I felt scared with David. He was taking me to this place that I had no idea were it was and I wish that I was behind my brothers bike or at least on my own. It was also very dark here, more then usual. I tried looking ahead to see if the others were there and I couldn’t see Dwayne at all. I saw Marko pretty good because of his jacket and I couldn’t really see Paul but I could hear him. Shit I think everyone in Santa Carla can hear him. I look behind me and I couldn’t see Michael’s face but I could see his bike pretty well because it was red. As I turned back around to look ahead I actually saw some light. As we came closer to the source of light I notice that it was a Bonfire with a bunch of Surf Nazi’s around it. Basically partying like wild animals and not caring how loud they were.     I notice that the boys slowed down there bikes to a complete stop and parked a good distance away from the Surf Nazi’s. But not very far, we could still see them perfectly but they would have a hard time seeing us. I saw the boys get off there bikes and climb up a tree near the bonfire party. They were basically like little five year olds, acting really happy and trying to hide there laughs. David got off his bike last and unlike helping me off and walking with me, he ran right to the tree and climb up along with the other boys. So I basically got ditch for a tree. Michael shut off his bike and got off. He looks towards me with nothing but hate and walks over to where I was standing.  I didn’t say anything to him; I didn’t even have an idea of what to say to him. But apparently he had something to say. “You left the house to hang out with them?” he asks as if disgusted.“Your one to talk, leaving Sam and mother alone to fuck Star.” I said to him with Venom in my words. “I left to figure out what I was and it’s different Rose.” He said looking to the ground. “How is it different Michael? Because I think it’s the same!” I said getting a little loud. “Michael, Rose over here.” said David looking at us. But instead of his giving one of his smirks he was actually smiling. “You don’t want to miss this.” When he said that I got a little distracted from what Michael and I were talking about but Michael didn’t pay a mind to him. He was still piss at me.“It’s different because Star wants nothing to do with them. You’re a different story.” He said in a whisper as he walks in front of me.   I was speechless when he told me that and I let it show on my face. He was right; in fact he couldn’t have been more right. I liked all of them and I wanted to be with all of them now. “Well I guess the reason why you won't stay away from them is the same reason why I won't stay away from Star.” Michael said to me with a sad smirk. “Yeah, but now I'm wondering what the reason is.” I said to him with no emotion but sadness in my voice. I didn’t wait for his reply but I just climb up in the tree next to David. He was on the highest branch and was the only one not jumping around happily but I could tell he was smiling. Marko was on the second highest branch trying to hide his laughs and Paul was on the third making Dwayne on the last. Both Paul and Dwayne look like they were about to see the best stuff in there lives.  I saw Michael coming to the tree but he didn’t climb on a branch, he just stood at the bottom. I look at David to my right and he was still smiling and looking at the ground. “You told me we were going to a party.” I said to David with a piss of tone. “We are at a party, a bonfire Party.” He said to me with a smirk. After he said that to me he pushes me off the branch and I hit the floor. It wasn’t enough to knock me out but it hurt like hell. When I opened my eyes I saw Michael looking at me with a shock face on and I was shock too. “WHAT THE HELL DAVID!” I shouted at him but he just laugh along with the others. “Initiations are over Emerson’s, time to join the club.” Said David looking away from us.   When he finally looks at us he was completely different. He had yellow eyes and fangs. He was also laughing like a mad man laugh. When I look at the others they were all the same. I look to Michael and I notice that he was completely terrified, like he was about to cry. I was also scared but not as much as him. “Michael lets go home.” I said to him shaking his arm so I could get his attention. But Michael didn’t respond to me which made me more scared then usual. Everyone else kept laughing but I notice that David stop and he was looking more piss then ever. I just kept staring at him with fear in my eyes. As soon as I blink all of them were gone and I saw them attacking everyone at the bonfire. I saw all the surf Nazi’s screaming for there life’s, begging to be left alone and the boys just laughing and biting into there necks drinking there blood. They were all scared and terrified and look… delicious.


Michael's Realization by queenbrooklyn67

Author's Notes:
Sorry for the long update

They were all like animals and I could feel myself changing into one of them. I kept hearing voices in my head and all of them were telling me to join them in there killing spree. I tried to look away but my eyes kept targeting back to those people. But the way I was looking at them wasn't nearly as bad as Rose. She was drooling from her mouth and both her eyes and teeth changed. Her eyes were yellow with a tint of red and they look like cat eyes. I also saw that her nails were also kind of long and a disgusting yellow color. Her hands were holding the tree as if for life but I could tell it wasn't enough to hold her back. I was holding onto a tree too but my nails didn't turn into that. I guess I still had some of my humanity left. I saw one guy that was crawling in the sand, trying to get away. But as soon as Rose saw him she apparently got even hungrier and quickly leaps into the air to get him. I wanted to grab on to her but I couldn't force myself to let go of the tree, I knew if I had then nothing was going to stop me from joining Rose. 

            I saw the guy in the sand scream to the top of his lungs when Rose landed on him. Nevertheless his screams soon vanished when Rose sunk her teeth into the right side of his neck.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." I screamed after I saw Rose feeding.

When I screamed I stumbled backwards and let my grip go the tree go. I rolled into the sand at least twice along with my face was within the sand. I felt that the hunger I had inside me was dying down a little bit since the screams were silence and now all you could hear was the harsh wind blowing.  I look up at where I recently fell and saw the guys march up the mount and stand up there. All of them had blood covering around there mouth's and some of them had blood dripping down into there neck or had blood completely covered on there neck as well. Paul and Marko had no expressions on there face's but Dwayne had an angry expression for some reason and David had a smirk on his face.

"So...Now you know what you are, now you know what we are. You'll never grow old Michael, and you'll never die...but you must feed." said David while he was whipping some blood off of his neck with his index finger.

I look at them all with a tired expression and when I look behind all of them I saw Rose walk up the hill with sorrow in her brown eyes to match with the blood dripping down her lips. I look at her with disgust as I heard the guys break into there laughter. I couldn't bear to talk to her or even look at her so I drop my head back into the sand for a few seconds. As I got enough strength I speedily stood up and sprinted to my bike. I roared off into the night listening to the faint sounds of the vampire's laughing and the thoughts running threw my head. I could practically feel the sweat raining down from my forehead as I drove home. The cold winds wouldn't be able to calm me down or even bring me back to my senses. I arrived at my house in less then four minutes and saw that Sam's window was open as well as his desk lamp on. I thought about how Rose leap into the air when she was about to kill and I rapidly copied her movements and silently leap into Sam's room.

            I notice that he was putting something in his closet and didn't hear me but as he closed his closet door I see him with a terrified face on and he gave a short scream in surprise by seeing me. I wanted to calm him down but I was never very good at that.

"It's okay....I knows what I am now Sam..." I said with my voice out of breath as if I ran a mile. My sentence didn't even phase Sam's horror as he put up a hand as if to tell me to stop or stay away from him as he slowly took two steps toward me.

"Michael I'm basically a good kid, so just don't kill me." He said with a wary voice. I gave a small smile at him letting him know that I agreed with him and that his blood wasn't tempting me to kill him.  "All we got to do is figure out who the head vampire is...I thought it was Max, but I was wrong. Just work with me, will get threw this and you'll be okay." He said to me with his hand still reach out in front of him.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Sam was terrified of me right now but what he just said to me showed me that he somewhat understands what I'm going threw and wants to help me. But I don't know if it's because I'm his brother or if he's terrified if he doesn't fix this he will be on my dinner menu.

"Hey, did Rose come back yet?" Sam asks as he lowered his hand back to his side.

My face quickly changes into one of sorrow and regret. I tried to think of some way to tell him what Rose did but it got interrupted when I heard a voice calling my name from outside of Sam's window.  I turned around and heard Sam walk towards me and look out as well to see Star.

"It's the girl from the boardwalk is she one of them?" ask Sam still looking at Star.

I didn't reply to him once again as I glared down at her.

"I have to talk to you can I come up?" ask Star with hope and worry.

"No!" I shouted back and turned around to look at Sam. "Sam don't let her get in here okay, lock the door when I leave." I told him with care as I walk towards his bedroom door to leave. But I was formerly again interrupted by a gush of wind blowing and I knew right away that it was Star. I turned around and gave her a blank expression as she returned it.

"She's one of them!" shouted Sam and answering his own question with horror on his face again. He ran into his bed as if he was on fire and quickly got under the blankets and hides his entire body with it but his face. "And don't you dare tell me, it doesn't make her a bad person, MIKE!"

I sort of block him out and just look at Star with an emotion that didn't even have a name. I don't know what I was feeling right now; all I knew is that I had felt betrayed by my sister and by my sort of girlfriend.

"You know where David took me tonight don't you Star? I ask with a knowing tone but it still sounded as if I ran a mile.

"Who's David?!" ask Sam as he sounded like a horrified kitten.

"Rose's boyfriend..." I said with acid in my reply.

"Rose's mate..." corrected Star with pity. What's the difference between a mate and a boyfriend?

"What the hell!" shouted Sam like an angry kitten, I would have loved this once in a life time chance to see him this scared any other time.

"Yes I know where David took you. He wouldn't have done it if I didn't like you, I tried to warn you..." said Star with sorrow in her voice as if asking for forgiveness.  

"It was that night in the Cave wasn't it, it wasn't wine David gave me to drink, it was blood. It was David's blood..." I said the last part very low and finally realize how all of this madness had happened.

"You drank someone's blood are you CRAZY!" shouted Sam who obviously was only hearing some parts and trying his best to take in small bits of the situation.

"Well Rose and I are just like David now Star." I said with realization and regret.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ROSE!" shouted Sam once again not understanding the small bits he was getting.

"Yes...Rose might be just like David but your not. You're like Laddie and me, were not one of them-"

"Until you make your first kill!" whimpered Sam as well as interrupting Star. Star didn't say anything but change her facial expression knowing that Sam was right. "Wait a minute...what do you mean Rose might be just like David!" shouted Sam again but I couldn't force myself to answer him and apparently neither could Star.

"Why didn't you kill me last night?" I ask Star thinking of everything that has happened. I also wanted to know if Star truly was planning on betraying me all along.

"You were suppose to be my first...It's what David wanted. But when Rose wanted you in her life, he didn't hesitate to change his mind. But even if he didn't change his mind I wouldn't have killed you." Said Star trying to reason with me.

"Because you care so much about me." I walk up to her with a face that told her I didn't believe her.

"Yes I do." Said Star with love in her eyes but I didn't want it right now. I just felt so much anger. She tried to touch my face with her left hand but I quickly jerk it away with my right hand.

"It's all your fault, If I didn't meet you that day then maybe I would have made Rose come off that bike and we would all be home right now. It's your fault my sister is gone." I said the last part with regret and I could feel some tears coming into my eyes but I would never be weak in front of Sam when he needed me the most right now.

"What do you mean Rose is gone?" said Sam with a low voice not wanting to hear or believe it himself.

I saw Star look at him with sympathy but then I just got even more riled up and my face became covered in rage.

"What do you want from me?" I ask trying to get to the point as to why she is here.

"I wanted to tell you that it's not to late for you...but for me it gets harder and harder to resist...I'm weak." She said the last part with a few tears falling from her eyes. However I just got more furious at her and grab her shoulders to make her look at me.

"Why did you come here tonight STAR." I said wanting to get to the point since she wasn't going to get there anytime soon.

"I was hoping you help Laddie and Me." she said looking at the floor.  When she said that my face changes again to a look of sympathy and then laugher.  When I ask her for help she couldn't do a think but kiss me but now when I find out what I am she needs my help? I just kept laughing and I could tell my laugh sounded like one of the lost boys laugh, a laugh of cruelty...

When I turned around to head for the door I heard the gush of wind again and saw that Star was gone. I ran towards the window and called her name but she was no where to be found.

Sam got up with the blanket still wrap around him and looks out the window along with me.

"Don't kill anybody until we get back to you!" Shouted Sam and then he quickly jump back on his bed and started looking threw his comics.

"What are you doing?" I ask still staring out of the window.

"I got connections." Sam said as if he didn't have time to explain and in reality he really didn't.

He found the comic he was looking for and pick up the phone near his bed and started dialing a number on the back of the comic book...

Nights of Regrets by queenbrooklyn67

Author's Notes:
Sorry for the long update XDD o and that i keep changing the rating.
When I met the Lost Boys it was a regular day with an un-expecting surprise. I was working at my stand I built with scraps of wood I found in the dumpster. No one knew what it was built out of, because I put a beautiful purple sheet that covered the entire thing. I also made a nameplate that said Gypsy on the table and on the left side had 100 small needles and two bottles of medium sized cleaning alcohol. On the right side of the table were 20 different earnings. Most of them were pairs and several of them were studs and few hoops. A good number of them were mine and the ones that weren’t are ones I found on the beach. Everyone knew of me at the boardwalk, regulars at Santa Carla would want piercings and then they would tell there friends that I wasn’t a rip off like numerous other stands here. It was always the tourists that wanted to have there palms read. Regulars in Santa Carla knew it was better not to know there fate, unless they were the dare takers.

That’s when I met David, I knew who he was but I never saw him this close before. He was leaning on the stand looking at me dead in my eyes. His icy stare that once sent chills down my spine now sent fear. Every girl would fantasize about the Lost boys, they didn’t care which one they had. As long as they were with one of them, they can say there life was worth living. The only girl who didn’t have a fantasy about them was Maria, a goody good who worked at a video store to afford her rent. All of the Lost boys stared at her the way David was staring at me right now but she didn’t even flitch or feel anything go up her spine. Which lead me to think that she was a lesbian.

“How about you tell me what my hand says about me?” said David putting his right hand on the stand.

I didn’t say anything; I didn’t have the courage too. I just tore my gaze to his hand and tried my best to not look into his eyes. I started tracing my index finger on the lines of his hand. I knew he didn’t care what his hand said but I tried to let him know that I was only doing this because of the money. Before I told him what the lines meant I was going to ask for the money.

“Before I read your hand I want the money first?” I told him not bringing my glaze from his hand.

“Well I have no money…but how about I offer you a place to stay.”

I will always remember that day. Of course now I don’t remember it as a regular day. Now I remember it was a night that changed my life forever. It change the way I thought about Maria being a goody good lesbian when she was actually a smart girl not wanting to get hurt. While I was with the boys I found out some things about them but not much, I would always distance myself from them. I knew if I got close to any one of them, they would make me feed. One of the things I learned was why they kept bothering Maria. At first they wanted to kill her, but after they failed getting her alone they decided there new goal was to play with her. Try to mess with her head and get on her nerves whenever they could. I still don’t know if they still want to kill her or “turn her”. After the fifth week I was with the Lost Boys I fell into depression. I was even thinking about killing my self until I found Laddie sleeping in my bed.

Laddie and I spent a month together, starving and waiting for death. Somehow I knew that Laddie would cave before me, since he developed an attachment to Dwayne. Whenever Laddie is with Dwayne he forgets what kind of monster he really is. Its obvious Laddie thinks of Dwayne as an older brother and it scares me that he cares so much about him. So I tried to make him stay with me, by bribing him to go see a concert. He really liked it and I did as well until I saw a boy staring at me. I tried to brush it off while I was dancing but I found myself enjoying that he was watching me, since he was good looking. However I quickly dismiss the thought and realize I couldn’t like him. If I did then the boys would want him to be one of the lost boys. So I quickly took Laddie and ran away. I tried to give the guy the impression that I was already someone else’s girl (that someone else being David). He knew what I was doing and was enjoying it, which was a bad sign. Whenever David enjoys something, he will want the joy to keep going, so I knew I would see him again.

“Star I want you to bring that boy back to the cave.” Said David not looking at me.

I quickly look at him and knew who he was talking about, but what I didn’t know was why it should be me.

“Why?” I ask with fear. If David just said he wanted me to kill him, I wouldn’t have been surprised, what was a surprise was that he wanted him to come to the cave. As I look around for answers from the other lost boys I saw surprise and confusion on there faces as well.

“Because you’re going to kill him in front of us, were tired of waiting for you to do it alone.” Said David still not paying any attention to me.

Now everyone understood and the confusion was gone. They decided for me to make my first kill in privacy because I didn’t want to do it. They assumed the starvation would eventually get to me and I would just snap but I never did. So apparently David would force me to kill the guy and everyone would make sure I did it.

The next day I did what David told me to do, bring Michael to the cave. I was flirting with him but while I was doing that I found myself intrigued by him. Unlike other guys who replied with sweet nothings like saying “I have a beautiful name” he replied with his true thoughts saying how it was kind of hippie-ish. So when he asks me if I wanted to get something to eat I had to say yes, I wanted to know more about him. However the lost boys pulled up in front of us with a girl behind David. When I saw her I was confused and felt a sting of jealously. I wasn’t found of any of the other lost boys but I did like the fact I was the only girl.

“Were you goin Star?” David asks me with his demanding voice. I could tell he knew I wasn’t going to bring him back to the cave.

“For a ride, this is Michael.” I said without looking at David. I didn’t know what he would think and that terrified me.

“Let’s go.” Said Michael trying to take my hand. I really wanted to go with him but if I did he would be dead by tomorrow morning.

“Star?” said David as if reading my mind. He didn’t have to say what he would do if I went with him. So I just went on the back of Paul’s bike.

“Come on Rose, let’s go home.” Michael said to the girl behind David’s bike. It surprised me that he knew her and for that I felt more then just a sting of jealously. She didn’t realize that I was watching her with envy and hatred.

David challenged him to race to the cave and my realizations kick in. I was no longer worried about the girl “Rose” but for Michael’s being. Did David pick up this girl because he knew Michael would follow them for her? What’s so special about her that caught both Michael and David’s attention? But then I realize something and my envy and hatred for her disappeared. I also got Michael and David attention, so maybe she’s just like me.

That night is another night I will regret. I was being selfish and I didn’t warn Rose or Michael about what we really were. All I said to Michael was that he didn’t have to drink the liquid and I was telling him that it was blood but he didn’t listen. And for Rose I didn’t even try and stop her. And my reason is completely selfish and I will never be able to tell anyone about it. Truth be told I didn’t want to stop her, because I knew she was just like me and I thought maybe I wouldn’t be alone with this Starvation. However I realize she was nothing like me and turned into a vampire the next night. So now I'm even more afraid then I was before, because I did have a connection with Rose, so will she try and convert my feelings about become a full vampire?

"Enjoy the Show..." by queenbrooklyn67

Is it supposed to feel good when you are able to hear everyone’s whispers? Or having your body feel as cold as death? Or realizing that you are dead and yet you are able to walk, talk, and still act like you did when you were still living? The only difference is now you have to kill to be able to live. And the mess up part is that you’re okay with it. Your okay with betraying your family once again and forever being the person you didn’t want to be. What you’re not okay with is that your brother didn’t join you in this eternity of bliss. Those thoughts are completely selfish and yet I was thinking them the whole ride home. As I was walking down the stairs into the cave I saw Star sleeping in her bed with Laddie hugging her closely. I wonder what she will say to me tomorrow when she finds out I'm a vampire. I hope she’s okay with it; I wouldn’t want to scratch that pretty face up if she gets mad at me. 

While I was thinking about Star a certain aroma hit me. It smelt like delicious blood and cigarettes with a hint of the person’s own scent.  I didn’t have to turn around to know that David was behind me staring at me. It’s almost as if I could smell where everyone is. I knew Dwayne was sleeping in the back of the cave with Paul and Marko and I didn’t even see or hear them come in. Feels like I have eyes in the back of my head. Dwayne scent was kind of unknown but I could tell it was kind of spicy. Paul scent smelled like weed, which was pretty obvious as to why he would smell like that. Marko smelled strangely like cotton candy and Star smelled exactly like the ocean. Laddie scent I couldn’t really pick up since Star scent was strong and Laddie’s was weak. I loved my nose; I think it’s my favorite new part of me being a vampire. I bet Maria will smell like Perfume or lotion and Sam would smell like a smelly comic book store. What would Mom smell like? I have a feeling Michael will smell like his leather jacket……Michael…..Why didn’t you become one of us?  Why do you have to be so weak?“When will my brother become one of us?” I said in a low voice that sounded different from my normal one. It sounded deeper and somewhat sexier. Like I was trying to seduce someone to do a ghastly thing.  I turned around and face David to come face to face with that smirk I hate and yet love. “That depends on him. We didn’t rush you and we won’t rush Michael.” David said as if he knew everything would work out. “How can you be so calm all the time?” I ask in wonder and flirty while I inch my way in front of him. David came up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into his eyes and saw something more there, something erotic. His hand slowly trailed down my shoulder and drifted to my waist. He raised an eyebrow suggestively and pulled me closer to his warm and tempting body. I fit into his arms perfectly, it was like a puzzle piece that has finally found its place.  My hand raised to meet his face, I rubbed across his chin and copied his facial expression. I heard a sort of rumbling noise come out of his chest, it made me giggle but in a sexual way. I closed my eyes and moved my hand from his chin to his mouth, rubbing back and forth across his lips with my thumb. He started to rub my back tempting me to take it farther, reaching his hand higher until he touched just under my neck and started to mimic my fingers actions onto my upper back. I opened my eyes and mouth wide open and stared him in the eyes. My body suddenly jerked at the feel, sending a shiver down my spine. The sexual feelings of lust were nothing new to me but this feeling was beyond what I was used to, as was the look in David's eyes. I pulled myself higher up and searched out with my lips for the tempting feel of his. "Not so fast," David grabbed my shoulders and pushed me a few inches away. He held a smirk on his face, then just as fast as it had appeared he was looking away from me. Somewhere off to my right was a couch and that was the object of David's search. He looked back at me and started to walk towards the couch, making me walk to that direction as well. I was being cornered, and I liked it. David started to kiss up and down the skin on my neck, still he lead me towards the couch. In the heat of the moment my face started to heat up I was just so excited and wanton, this was a new reaction for me. Slowly David was reaching around my body and pulling at the rim of my shirt, trying to tear it off of my body without actually destroying it. I stopped us from moving and pulled it off myself, teasing him in the process. My control over the situation ended with a wink, that was too much for David to take. I was pushed onto the couch before I could even think. David had his hips pressed up to mine, I could feel him and it made me feel hot and flustered. He was holding my breasts in his palms and had his legs on either side of my body. I suddenly jerked my body upwards to meet him and trailed my fingers up and down his chest. I was reaching for the bottom of his shirt so I could pull it off of him and see his well toned chest, finally. David growled and started to pull down my pants, he kissed at my stomach and nuzzled into my bellybutton. I grabbed his hair and pushed my head against the couch. Gradually he went lower, taking my pants with him. I closed my eyes and let the emotions take me. When my pants finally came off David hurriedly came back up to face me, lust fully conveyed in his expression. "David we have to be quiet," he winked at me and started to kiss my neck once more, biting and nibbling at my hot and bothered flesh. I could feel the mark forming onto my body, I put my hands between our bodies and grabbed at his belt undoing it and pulling it off of his body. He was now done with my neck and was putting little kisses down from my neck to my ear until he reached his destination that is. That is when he blew in my ear, making me quake with excitement. "Yes," I moaned. I started to rub my foot against his leg trying to get a reaction out of him. It worked. He quickly pulled at his pants trying to take them off, and I helped him. We were suddenly in a hurry to finish what we had started and when the pants were finally off I looked into his eyes and felt myself give in to him. It was the perfect start to a new beginning. In a hurry David unclipped my bra and moved to my underwear while I myself pulled at his boxers. All the while we were staring each other in the eyes, it was like we were stuck in a magnetic pull and couldn't look away. When we were both completely naked David pulled me closer to him and moved his hands across my naked body. I had had enough of his teasing and grabbed hold of him, he jerked into my hand with a swift gesture.  "Stop teasing," I bit into his ear, "someone could wake up at any moment!" "That just makes it kinky, and dirty," He took a strand of my hair and started to twirl it around his finger, we were still staring at each other. "It's already dirty now stop playing around!" I was getting frustrated, there is only so much a girl can take. His reply was a simple laugh and before I could roll my eyes at him he thrust into me. A squeak left my lips and David's eyes held in his laughter. Before I could send him a sarcastic response he moved. The feeling was incredible. A moan escaped my lips and my instinctual reaction was to wrap my legs around his hips, so I did. He was pulled even deeper into me, his head landed onto my shoulder with a groan. I pushed onto him and then slowly pulled away, it was time to set a pace. The first few movements are always the simplest. They start off with a calm staring or a crazy searching look, yet it is still not to the point were you can't stand not being one. It isn't as powerful as it would soon be, and that is why I started our pace slow and steady. It started our feelings and gave us time to enjoy each other. I could feel the smile on my face and no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it there was no stopping that show of weakness. David didn't agree with my slow and steady, lets get to know each other, attitude. He grabbed my face, tilted it to the side, and bit my right ear. I could feel his warm breath and his quickening movements and it was driving me crazy. I liked that he was so into this but he just didn't realize that I hated the control coming out of him. I turned my head against his grasp and glared into his eyes, but that wasn't enough for me. I slowly trailed my fingers down his chest until i reached his hips, grabbed them, and pulled them to an almost stop. When he wouldn't obey my command I dug my nails into his skin until he did. I never expected to hear a groan in his throat though, that was an added pleasure. "Rose..." David's face was once again in the crook of my neck, I could literally feel the whisper against my skin. "Yes David?" Suddenly David was scratching my back and biting at my skin, I could feel his tongue but just barely. "DAVID!" "Yes Rose?” I could feel the taunt in the words and it infuriated me while at the same time made me want even more. "David will you stop that?!" I could hear the vibration through his chest; it told me the truth, that he was laughing at me. I didn't wait for him to stop, instead I decided he needed to be taught a lesson. I grabbed his neck and rubbed my lips against it, nuzzling his neck. He could feel me slowly move against his hips while still holding him in place. "Rose, will you please stop teasing and let us get to the good part?" I liked how slow it was and how I could feel a climbing feel in the pit of my stomach. I really liked how slow it was coming too, as if I could make this last for longer than it eventually would. But I knew it would end, at least I planned on enjoying it until the very end. "If you go slowly for a while I'll let you back in charge," I licked my lips, "promise?""How can I resist you?" David was smiling. He leaned down into my neck and started to nibble on it while he slowly and harshly jutted out of me only to return. "Like that?"I bit my lip holding in the moan I could feel in my throat. I shut my eyes and simply felt the emotions riding through my body. My arms went around his neck and I slowly moved my hips into his. Relishing the moment. I felt his lips on my throat and the smirk along with it. Still our hips met in a slow rhythmic pattern. It felt as if I was slowly dying, a wonderful fabulous death. I didn't want it to end. His teeth scraped against my neck and my hips started moving faster, David didn't try to stop me. I could feel myself heating up and that warmed David. It was wonderful, that steady heat, it made me want this more and more. David could tell that I was becoming excited and quickened his pace. My breath was quickening and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I could hear the groans and moans radiating out of us, I was panting and that heat was becoming hotter and hotter. The steady pumps that David was creating didn't seem as steady anymore; in fact it was downright uncontrollable. I loved every second of it. "Rose you are so beautiful when you look at me like that," I had a gleam in my eyes and decided it was time to take this further. I grabbed David and pulled him closer, breathing in his ear, and started to pump onto him. He groaned and I moaned and could feel myself getting closer and closer. David grabbed my hips and slanted them so that he had a better angle. He kept hitting me in the most wonderful places and I could feel a twisting inside of me and wanted more and more."I'm close, please David I need this!" My voice was cracking and I was trying my hardest to get what I wanted, no, needed."Of course and that's when it happened, he bit my ear and sped up his speed. I held in my scream by biting his shoulder and scratching his back, he did the same as we orgasmed together. My heart beat and breathing started to slow and I could feel David start to move. Suddenly he wasn't looking at me but behind me at the wall. "Enjoy the show?" I turned in the direction he was facing to see who he was speaking too. The person was none other than Star who held an emotionless face but had eyes that were of deep depression.

No One can Save You by queenbrooklyn67

Star didn’t speak or move or even blink. She looks like she’s in another world, a world where it’s only her and her thoughts. David didn’t care that she was awake the whole time. He just gave his usual dark chuckle, and got fully dress in his usual attire.

“Good night Ladies.” Said David while heading into the back part of the cave.

Star didn’t lift her gaze up when he spoke. She didn’t even look like she heard his voice. I quickly put on my clothes as well and walked over to Star. I took my time to sit down next to her. Her gaze still remains on the floor, not even considerate about my presence.

“Star?” I said in a somewhat annoyed voice, yet I wasn’t annoyed at all. “Star, honey? My face is up her, not on the floor beneath you?”

My voice still sounded seductive and not like my old one, that held emotions to them, like pleasure and sorrow. And now it’s only malice and vanity. She looked up at me with her mouth slightly ajar.

“I’m sorry...” She whispered with much regret and guilt

“Sorry for watching David and I?” I ask questioning if that is what she was apologizing for.

“No…I’m sorry for not stopping you.” She said now with a stern face.

“Well honey no matter what you said, me and David would still me on that couch-“I was explaining until she quickly stood up and stared at me with such hate. For a second I didn’t think it was Star.

“I meant I was sorry for not stopping you from becoming this monster! I thought you were like me and that we could be friends!” she shouted with two solitary tears falling from each eye.

She quickly calmed down and went back to her gawk look. I was very taken back from her outburst, but also very irritated by it. She talked as if we were in high school, as if I just backstabbed her.

“You wanted me to become this monster. Well guess what, you got your wish Star” I slightly shouted. Each word was dripping with venom.

“No…I wanted someone who would understand me. And would maybe, be my savior from this. I wanted it to be you, but I got your brother instead.” She said the last part as if she would cry again.

“My brother is not going to be your savior. He’s going to be one of us. Or in your words a Monsterrrr.” I said smirking and dragging the “r”. Michael is going to be one of us; he’s not weak like this insect in front of me.

“I didn’t want him to drink the blood, I cared about him too much to see him become like me…” she seemed to be going off into her own world again, talking to herself. She quickly got out of it and looked back into my eyes with rage.

“Can’t you see what he’s done to you?! You were never like this, you use to care. And now…now no one can save you.” She said losing all her rage and hatred.

I got up smiling and walked towards her. She seemed to not be frightened but looked me in the eye to see what I would do. I put both my arms around her waist to bring her body towards mine. She seemed to be uncomfortable with our bodies having no space between them. I started to move my mouth closer to hers, as if I was about to kiss her. However I murmur softly against her lips.

“Does it look like I want to be saved?”

I harshly pushed her against the wall and walked toward the back end of the cave. She didn’t move or say a word until I left.

When I got to the back end of the cave, I saw the lost boys hanging upside down from a railing like a bat. It was an unusual sight but you got to do what you got to do. I quickly hung from the railing upside down like they did as if I’ve been sleeping like this for centuries. I was sleeping between David and Dwayne. As I closed my eyes, I quickly fell into slumber. My dreams however, were odd. They were of Star and David.

Star was at a desk and David was walking up to her. I couldn’t hear their conversation but I could make out the scene. He was asking her to read his palm like I ask her the night we met. However this scene shortly ended and began to another one where David first saw me in the video store. I could feel his want and curiosity as if it was my own. This scene ended as fast the first one. Now it was when Michael and I first arrived at the cave. As the scene started to play out, I quickly realized these were all David memories. Every scene we had together played out through my head. I saw how he flew me home when I first drank his blood. However instead of leaving me in my bed like I thought he did, he left me on my porch. How did I end up in my bed? The next scene was him talking to the lost boys. I saw them all jumping off train tracks with my brother. When did that happen? Was it the same night he left me on my porch? Then the scenes became about us again. For a long time they were only about us. Now this memory is of only him. No one is walking with him and he is not giving his usual facial expression. He’s walking behind Max’s video store…

As I was deep into this certain memory, an ear splitting scream is all I hear. I quickly snap my eyes open and change into my vampire form to look down upon Sammy. He looked back into my eyes with fear and screamed to the top of his lungs. His fear drowned me out from the screaming, it was almost as if I couldn’t hear it. As my eyes come back into focus I see he is with a boy from the comic book store. The other one just drop down from the latter next us…What was he doing up here???

As I look across I see Marko has fallen to the ground with a stake through his heart. For a moment I feel like my body is being ripped into two half’s. I’m silently thinking about praying to a god who no longer wants me. I want to pray to him and ask him if I'm dreaming. By the hand of some kid, my brother will die in seconds. A kid who is friends with my human brother…my human brother that will die by my hand tonight.

“You’re dead Meat!” shouted David as he leaps down from the rail. The trio ran as fast as they could towards the exit. I leap down to go after them along with David. I knew he was once my brother, but seeing as how his friend just killed my new brother…he deserves to die in his place. The comic book brothers were out of the cave but Sammy wasn’t. David quickly latches onto his leg pulling him back down into the cave. As I looked outside I could see the sun was up and we were the weak ones now. The comic book brothers are pulling Sam into the sunlight, along with David.

“David the sun is out!” I shout to him but it’s too late. His hand gets caught in the sun and in milla second lights on fire. I gasp at this and look completely petrified. If his entire body went into the sunlight, he would die instantly.

He backs into the cave with a lonely tear falling from his eye in pain. I run to him to make sure he’s okay but he’s not looking at me. He suddenly chuckles his dark signature snigger and only says one word.

Big Shoes to Fill by queenbrooklyn67

A family member has died today. And by night fall, two more will die. I don’t care if they use to be my brothers. I don’t care if I would have died for them. I care that they killed my new brother, who was the most innocent of us all. Even if he was a monster, he was still an angel. Star and Laddie were gone and we knew that Sam would never have been able to have carried them out with his small body. So it could have only have been Michael. My twin brother who swore to protect me no matter what, has betrayed me for Star. Well he will get what he deserves. Just like Sam will and the Frog brothers. And even cute little Laddie and bitchy Star. We weren’t sleeping, even if it looked that way. We were commutating with each other in our minds and resting to gain our strength. David commanded that we were going to kill them all tonight. None of us disagreed; we were too blinded by rage to even think about disagreement. Dwayne really wanted to kill Sammy. He mainly wanted to do it for betraying me. In his mind, family is the most important thing. I found this incredibly sweet and told him I would be honored if he killed my former brother. Even though what he said, about family being the most important thing is making me a hypocrite. Since Sam was a member of my family, key word was. Paul wanted the Frog brothers; he wasn’t about let Marko die in vain. I felt bad for Paul; he was Marko’s big brother, always looking out for him. So everyone accepted for him to take both of them on. David and I got into a little disagreement about who should kill Michael. I wanted to kill him so imperfectly; he deserves to die the most painful death imaginable. Not just because he sold us out, or that he was my brother and betrayed me. I want him to die a painful death because I loved him the most. And giving him the most twisted death to have ever excised is my way of saying goodbye. David didn’t tell me the reasons he wanted to kill Michael, but he did give me a reason to not kill him. It was only one and one was all I needed. He told me if he could have Michael, then I could have Star. And that thought sent more shivers down my cold spine then I have ever gotten. With Star I would not hold back, I would give her everything she deserved and more. And the most pleasurable thing I could do to her is killing Laddie right in front of her. Dwayne didn’t object to the murder of Laddie. He choose his side and will have to stick with it. Even if he is only a child, we all know there is still a monster deep inside him.       So we all slept the best we could, with revenge on our minds and waited for the sun to go down to raise havoc on those bastards. And as I slept, my dreams became David’s memories again. But it kept replaying a certain one over and over again. It’s when he is walking alone and is going behind Max’s video store. The memory never shows who is meeting up with or why he is going there. It just stops before he can fully be behind the store. And this memory worries me. It worries me so much, that I don’t want to ask David about it. For I fear that if I do, I will not like the answer.  As the last bit of the suns ray’s lit the ocean and darkness took over. We all snap our eyes open and were ready for our revenge. We silently, yet quickly flew to my former home. None of us said a word to each other, words were not necessary at the moment. We all had our mission and we will complete it, we have too. As we were flying above the ground we saw Michael and Sam trying to untie Nanook from grandfather’s wooden fence. We were about to get both of them from the ground but they already made it into their house. We all split up and busted into different windows. I busted threw my old bedroom window and heard several wood busting and glass breaking threw out the house. I was going to find a way to locate Star but there was no need. Laddie came running towards me, quickly followed by Star. They both stop and stared at me in fear and were about to turn around and run back but the door quickly closed and shut them both inside with me. Laddie began to softly cry at seeing my vampire face. “Rose” Laddie whimpered as be crept closer to Star. She didn’t take her eyes off of mine but held Laddie’s hand in a form of comfort.“Honey why are you scared?” I ask in an innocent voice. “It’s still me. The same me that you met three days ago. Or did you forget about that?!” I roared the last bit at him making him even more afraid. “Did you forget about Dwayne and how he cared for you just as much as Star does?! And I bet you also forgot that you were going to end up like this as well.” I said with a smirk, loving how frightened the child was becoming. “Leave him alone Rose.” Said Star finally saying something. “Aw, the gypsy speaks.” I said moving closer to both of them. “Your fight is with me, not Laddie.” She stated, reading to sacrifice herself for the child. I was about to object and say it’s with both of them but I saw Laddie’s face change into a vampire one. It only lasted for a couple of seconds but it was enough to see that he was hungry and the thirst was finally getting to him. If he feeds on one of the humans in this filthy shack, then all is forgiven with him. “Sure, Laddie is free to go.” I said to her shocking her even more. But she didn’t waste this opportunity for him to escape. He quickly ran past me and climb out my window. “You really think he’s more safe out there then in here? You think that David would hesitate to not break his neck or those Frog brothers to put a stake threw him?” I said acting like I was concerned. “I know that out there he has a chance.” She said trying to be brave. “You had a chance Star. All you had to do was become one of us and you threw it away.” As I was about to go and slice her neck open but I hear pipes bursting from the house. I look toward the closed door to see blood coming from underneath it. This blood doesn’t smell human and it has a hint of…marijuana. This distraction is enough to let Star run past me and fly out the window. I let her escape and make no attempt to run after her. I just slowly walk to the door and open it to find that the pipes are bursting with blood…Paul’s blood. Another one of my brother’s has died but I have no time to mourn for him. I have to find those Frog brothers that are responsible and still have to kill Star. But I couldn’t move. I felt like my body just shut down. And it hurt like hell; I rapidly put my hands on my stomach and fell to the bloody floor. Coughing up my own blood to mix with Paul’s. I realize that something was wrong. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was something to do with David. I hurriedly ran through the bleeding room and down the stairs to smell a hint of burned spice but the scent that was overpowering all the other’s was David’s. I was about to walk towards him to see that my mother had arrived with Max. The frog brothers and Sammy were in front of her trying to make up some excuse as to why the house was a mess but I paid more attention to Max. I went back to my human face and silently followed him. He walked to Grandfather’s shed and I saw that David was impaled by several horns. I covered my mouth and let tears fall freely from my eyes. Max’s turned around to face me and had no look of fear on his face. He silently walked towards me and put his arms around me in a fatherly hug. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. My hands wouldn’t remove themselves from my mouth and I didn’t want them too. He started wiping my tears away and whispered to me“You’re not meant to die here. You have big shoes to fill.” I removed my hands from my mouth and looked at him with confusion. “Go back to the cave.” He told me in my mind. I knew then he was a vampire but I was still confused. However I didn’t question him and I couldn’t bear David’s scent any longer. So I hastily ran back up the stairs and flew out of my bedroom window to the cave. When I got there I just collapsed onto the ground. My entire family was dead and we didn’t get revenge on anyone. This cave still had all of their scents and it was just as unbearable as my former home. So the first thing I thought of to destroy the scent was to burn everything in here. It’s not a logical move but I had to do it. I burned down Star and Laddie bed, I burned down the couch David and I made love on, I burned down the posters, I even burned my diary. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. I lost everyone and if I knew our memories were still in this place, knowing that there scents would have always been here, I just couldn’t take it. And even though everything inside was burned down I still smelled David’s scent. It wasn’t as strong as before, it was weak. And yet it felt like he was right behind me. As I turned away from the burning cave to look behind me, I saw David there. Limping towards me, with barely any life left in him.
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