Choose Your Family by queenbrooklyn67


Rose Emerson wasn't a perect teenage but was a perfect trouble-maker and certain boys with similar reputations notice. Will Rose accept there life-style or will she finally do a good thing for her family?
Warnings- Spoilers for anyone who hasnt seen the movie, mild feeme slash, drug use, and mild violence


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Dear Diary by queenbrooklyn67

Author's Notes:
I do not own any of the lost boys. The only character I own is Rose.


Dear Diary that is not private,

Well I think it sucks that mother is making me have a diary but its better then going back to therapy. Also what's the point of calling this a diary when my parole officer is going to read it every month? The reason why I have this diary is so I don't have to go to therapy anymore. I hate therapy, why should I pay someone just so they can hear me bitch about my life and problems? So instead I have to write at least a paragraph every day. So I might as well get it over with right now. I'm moving with my mother and two brothers to my grandfather's house. Were moving because my father got to keep the house in the divorce contract. I never really liked my father, yet I didn't hate him either. I guess it's because I take after him the most. My twin brother Michael and I take after him and my younger brother Sam takes after my mother hundred percent. Michael looks like my father and he acts like him somewhat, when Michael is piss I usually see him as my father. He's the lucky one, I take after him whether I'm piss or not. The only difference between Michael and I is that I have light brown eyes, instead of dark brown like Father. My family is basically the normal family. Not perfect yet not horrible. My mother is the nice mother and sort of cool in a way. I'm not close to her tho and I understand why, but she wants to be close to me. She says this move is a start over and she wants me to start over. As well as be close to her. I might try it, only for her tho. I might be mean and cold at times but I do have a heart. It's just not a red one. The oldest sibling is Michael. He's the one that has to take over as being father. He always thinks that he has to be there for us and look after us. I don't mind it but most of the time he over does it. Yet he can be the most stupid of all of us at times. I am the closest to him in the family tho, he also taught me how to ride a motorcycle while I taught him how to fight and make knifes. The middle child is of course me. I'm the child that strangely has the most attention but not in a good way. I'm known for this habit of making trouble my shadow, even if I'm in the dark. When my parents were still together I use to be the bad seed of the family. I mostly stole from stores and got into a lot of fights. As well as having bad luck with relationships. There was always something wrong and it wasn't what people would usually expect. My last three relationships were "interesting" My first one was with a girl stripper, my second one was with a 32 low life, even lower then my dad, and my last was with the principal of my school. However because of the last relationship I got expelled because it was my choice to go out with the teacher and the teacher got a year in jail. Funny I thought he would have gotten more. Anyway, after that the cops finally caught me stealing from a store for the 12th or 13th time and decided to put me in juvie for six months. It would have been two weeks if I didn't date the people I dated. When I got out tho things started to settle down for a good month. Then my parents started fighting and finally decided to get a divorce. My father kept the house and most of our money while mother kept us. What a fair trade right? Unfortunately because of this I was given the choice to go to therapy because they thought this would be a horrible experience for me. I didn't want to go but they force me. It wasn't that bad since I only went for a day and didn't even say a word to them. Because of that I got this diary instead. Sam also has to go but he's okay with it. Since he's a little angel and only has to go once a month. Sam is basically like any fourteen year old angel. He's sweet, caring and loves his family. However he loves to bitch about how we shouldn't have left Phoenix and has an obsession with comics. I'm close to him as well but I'm more close to Michael. Also because of Sam being an angel I have this soft spot in me for children. I do want between four and six kids. Can't wait to see my husbands face when I tell him that. Sam also has this soft spot for his dog Nanook. I don't know why he named him that but I thought it was a cool name. I was also happy that Sam is not a cat person, I love cats, and they don't love me. Sucks for Michael tho, because dogs don't like him that much. But at least they don't growl at him. Lastly is my grandfather, I really don't know anything about him. I was never close to any other family members besides my brothers. But I think Michael mentioned that he has a few screws loose in his head. Oh well, as long as he doesn't mess with me then will be fine. Well I think I wrote more then a paragraph today so until tomorrow diary.

Love you Parole Officer,

Rose Emerson

Date: June 6th, 1987

Time: 11 A.m.

Weather: Hot, It is the summer

P.S. - I understand why I have to write the date and time for my Parole officer, but why the weather as well?

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