Love Forever by i heart lostboys

Summary: A lonely Michael sits in the dark cave alone as a half vampire only to wind up in bed with the handsome David.
Categories: Lost Boys, David, Michael Emerson
Characters: David, Michael Emerson
Genres: PWP (porn without plot)
Pairing(s): David/Michael
Warnings: Slash (male/male parings), Smut (graphic sex scenes)
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1. Chapter 1 by i heart lostboys

2. Chapter 2 by i heart lostboys

Chapter 1 by i heart lostboys

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Disclaimer-The only thing I own in this story is the story. Everything else belongs to Warner bros.
The juicer stuff happens in the second chappter.
All the boys had left the cave leaving Michael alone. Since Michael had been left alone, he decided to think about some things. He sat in David’s chair, thinking about why he also felt like he never wanted to leave David’s side. Every time David touched him or even brushed against him, he felt a bolt of small pleasure go through him. He had been in love with men before in Phoenix, but only a few had ever wanted anything to do with him. Michael finally decided that he would ask David about when they got back from the boardwalk or where ever they had gone.
Since Michael was a half vampire he could see in the darkness, and thought that he would test it by trying to look at things on the other side of the cave. After a few minuets of this, he get bored, so he thought to read one of Paul’s comic books even though he didn’t really care for them. After a while of reading, Michael dozed off unknowingly.
When he finally woke up, Michael noticed that the oil barrels had been lit, the comic book he had been reading was gone, and his shoes were off along with his socks. While he was trying to figure out who had done all this, he felt someone behind him. But when he turned around, no one was there. When he faced the cave entrance again, he could have sworn he saw some one standing there, but when he blinked and looked again nothing was there. Michael finally stood up and walked around the cave trying to see if anyone was there. After he found nothing, he went to David’s chair and sat back down only to stare at the entrance.
Michael suddenly realized that someone was standing behind him massaging his shoulders. He tilted his head back and looked into David’s smiling face.David stopped massaging his shoulders and walked around to stand in front of him. David grabbed Michael’s hands and gently pulled him to his feet.
Once Michael was standing, David cupped Michael’s face into his hands put their faces closer together. David gently pressed his lips and Michael’s together and kissed him. David pulled away and whispered; “Now you know why you feel so attracted to me. You love me.” Michael finally realized what David meant as he looked at David’s face.
David was smiling again and pressed his lips against Michael’s and harder, this time thrusting his tongue into Michael’s mouth. Michael put his hands on David’s neck and started kissing him back. After a few minutes of kissing, David started putting his hands under Michael’s shirt moving upward. Michael then realized that David wasn’t wearing his gloves, and that his hands were soft against his skin.
David pulled away from Michael and stripped his two jackets, black shirt, and boots off standing in front of Michael with only his pants still on. He stepped closer to Michael and taking both his hands guiding them to his erection that was pressing against his pants making a bulge. Michael rested his hands on David’s fly gently stroking him through the fabric.
David groaned quietly and Michael quickly undid the zipper and buttons that were keeping him taking David into his mouth.
Michael dropped to his knees in front of David and taking his cock into his hands. Michael licked the swollen head as he slowly brought it into his mouth. He felt David’s hands in his hair as he slowly took the entire length into his mouth. David moaned encouraging Michael to start sucking. He sucked the entire length before letting the head fall from his lips. He knew David was getting closer to his release so Michael took a few deep breathes and took David back into his mouth. After only a few minutes of sucking, David unexpectedly thrust deeply into Michael’s mouth and crying out at he came into Michael’s mouth.
Once David’s soft cock fell from Michael’s mouth, Michael was tugged back to his feet by the hands in his hair. Once he was standing again, David took off his own pants since he didn’t have any more need for them.
He went back over to Michael and stripped his shirt off of him, and Michael did the rest of taking off his pants and underwear.
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Chapter 2 by i heart lostboys

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Tanned fingers twisted in spiky blond hair, and his knees pulled back until they almost hit his chest, Michael was in bliss. David was flattening his tongue against Michael's rectum, pushing his tongue in ever so slightly. Michael twisted his fingers deeper into David's, silently begging for more. David understood, and pushed his tongue into Michael halfway, then pulled it back out. This continued for several more minutes, until David's tongue was licking Michael's prostate.
This had Michael wiggling as the tongue continued its assault on his ass.
After David had loosened Michael with his tongue, he straightened back up, and gently inserted two fingers into Michael. He whimpered softly, then straightened and draped his legs over David's shoulders.
David smirked softly, and added another finger into Michael. This caused Michael to gasp and his legs drooped off of David's shoulders. David quickly pulled his fingers out, and looked at Michael properly.
"Exactly how I wanted you."he whispered softly as Michael wrapped his fingers around his own prick.
David watched Michael jack himself off for a few seconds, until he grabbed Michael's wrist and pulled his hand away. Michael had a confused look on his face, and the only thing he got back was a smirk.
David scooted himself closer to Michael's entrance, and leaned over the brunette.
He guided himself to Michael's hole, and began pushing in slightly while kissing the still man underneath him.
David slid into his lover's ass slowly, letting him adjust to him, even though Michael was wiggling underneath him and verbally begging for more.
David finally complied, and suddenly he found himself trapped in between Michael's legs that were know wrapped around his waist.
David began thrusting, and Michael's found themselves on David's shoulder's drawing blood, so that it was running down his back.
Michael arched his back, and his cum was soon splayed across his stomach and David's stomach.
David began thrusting faster, and soon found himself spilling his sperm deep into Michael.
He pulled out, and collapsed beside Michael.
David pulled Michael against his chest, and soon were sleeping as lovers ans the sun rose.
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