Falling in Love Since He Bit Me... by Tranquility Moonbeam

Summary: Alternate Universe: David and the boys weren't killed...but they go to Columbus, Ohio. What they is something you'll least expect...
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1. Prologue by Tranquility Moonbeam

2. An Awakening of Death Accompanied by Classical Music by Tranquility Moonbeam

3. Like a Butterfly Without Her Wings by Tranquility Moonbeam

4. Chapter 1: Vampire Meets Mortal by Tranquility Moonbeam

Prologue by Tranquility Moonbeam

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The original characters are based off of real life people but I have changed their names to protect their privacy.
This story is dedicated to them for giving me the kick in the butt to start writing because I spent so much time whining about it...I'd also like to thank my family here at lostcave.net and especially to Carla because if I wouldn't have stumbled upon her 'Protector Series' I wouldn't have started writing this...thank you! :-D
The sun had set on a beautiful winter's day in Columbus, Ohio. David and the other lost boys had barely made it out of Santa Clara with their lives and fangs attached. Michael, Star, Sam, Laddie, Lucy, and the Frog brothers had managed to vanquish Max the vampire who everyone had thought was the lead vampire. David managed to miss the deer antlers by half of an inch, then with a swift turn of events attacked Michael and knocked him unconcious. David then went to Paul who was fighting with the Frog brothers and managed to kill Edgar by breaking his neck. Paul attacked Alan by drinking him clean. Meanwhile, Dwayne was downstairs trying to kill Sam. By the time that Paul and David had made it downstairs Sam had merely managed to escape. Paul gave David a grin and David knew that Paul had an idea to save Marko who was slowly dying. Dwayne, Paul, and David ran upstairs and Paul looked around for Star. Laddie was laying on the bed defenseless and still asleep. Paul grabbed the little boy and made a break for it. Star ran after Paul but Dwayne knocked her out by hitting her. David and the other two boys got on their bikes with Star and Laddie on the back and made a run for the cave.


When the boys got to the cave Paul ran ahead of the group. He ran as quickly as he could with the small boy in his arms to the place where Marko was laying. Paul looked at Marko and laid Laddie next to him.

"Here man, drain him dry before I feel bad about it." Paul said to Marko.

Marko sat and grabbed Laddie and drained him of every drop of blood he could get out of the little boy's body. By the time Marko was done drinking Laddie, Dwayne showed up Star who was still knocked out. Marko grinned at her and knew that he was going to mess with Michael big time. Marko grabbed Star and ripped her neck open and then drained every drop out of her. Paul and David could see the pleasure that Marko was getting of drinking Star clean. She had annoyed him so much while she stayed in the cave and now it was time for his revenge. Marko soon stood up and smiled at the other boys.

"What should we do now," Marko asked David, who stood near the door smoking a cigarette. David threw his cigarette away and looked to the boys.

"I think we should leave a little small reminder for Michael that you don't mess with us," David said as he looked to Paul. "Paul grab her body and let's roll." Paul did as he was told and grabbed Star's body. Marko and Dwayne followed Paul and David out the exit of the cave. The boys mounted their bikes and rode to the Emerson's house. Paul then saw the house a shmables with a truck in the wall and vampire parts in the front yard. Max was dead. The boys shrugged because they knew the truth of the matter. Paul laid Star's body on the porch of the house and spat on it.

"Let's get out of here. I'm sick of Santa Carla. Let's go somewhere else." David said to the boys.

"Where do you want to go David?" Marko asked.

"I know a place...called Columbus, Ohio.

An Awakening of Death Accompanied by Classical Music by Tranquility Moonbeam

Marko was walking through the snow thinking about Santa Carla and how much he missed the boardwalk. He hadn't found anything that was like the boardwalk in Columbus. It was a nice Saturday night and Marko kept walking down the street and then stumbled upon a sign. The sign read 'Short North' in gold letters; Marko looked down the street and noticed a building called Haiku. There was a crowd outside the building so he decided to join them and see what was going on. The crowd was talking about someone named Julia who was playing inside tonight. Marko walked up to the guy who said it.

"Who's Julia and what does she play?" Marko asked.

"Dude where the hell do you live, under a rock? Julia Heartilly is Columbus' piano playing prodigy." The guy boasted. Marko raised his eyebrow at the guy.

"I'm sorry I just moved here from Santa Carla, California. Would you direct me to any points of interest?" Marko asked.

"Well the Short North has a lot of people and clubs as well as the gallery hop. Then there's malls and crap all over the place." The guy said and walked away. Marko walked inside Haiku and saw the piano all set up. He decided to stay and watch the show. The time was now seven thirty and a lot of people were piling in to see Julia. He just so happened to find a front row seat to the piano show. Then he realized he was starving but not for food, for blood. He knew he could keep his hunger from getting to him for a couple hours so he just stayed seated at his table. The place was crowded with all kinds of people to come and watch Julia.

All of a sudden a skinny, hippy-looking girl who was about 5'5'' came out and the crowd went crazy. He figured that this was Julia. She sat down on the piano bench and welcomed the crowd and started playing a song that sounded familar. The girl began to sing softly the words he had heard before coming from his parent's old stereo as a kid.

'Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna knock right on the head,
You better get yourself together,
Or pretty soon you're gonna be dead..."
-Instant Karma! by John Lennon

He looked at the girl in astonishment. He heard that she was good, but to pull off Instant Karma! by John Lennon; he was wowed. She told the crowd to join in with the chorus and the crowd got excited and did what they were told. By the end of the song Marko was even on his feet. The girl moved from her piano to a guy who had an acoustic guitar.

"This next song is dedicated to my mom. She always sang this song with me in the car. I miss her a lot." Julia said and started singing Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin. Marko could hear the pain in her voice. By the time the bridge came along she got up and went to the piano and played the piano solo with the most enthusiasm he'd ever seen. As she finished he gave her a standing ovation. She thanked the crowd and performed two more songs. Both were songs to match her set. The last two songs were Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin and Time of the Season by The Zombies. She thanked the crowd and got off the stage. A swarm of people rushed to her and were asking her for pictures and autographs.

The guy who was playing the guitar during Julia's set, walked up to Julia. The guy hugged her and gave her a kiss. The guy grabbed Julia's hand and pulled her away. Marko listened in on the conversation. The guy told Julia that she wasn't allowed to talk to any guys unless they wanted an autograph or he would hurt her. Julia argued back and yelled at him telling him that it wasn't fair to her fans that she couldn't be fair to both the guys and the girls. The guy slapped Julia across the face and stormed out of the building.

"SQUIER! SQUIER! YOU'LL REGET DOING THAT ONE DAY WHEN I LEAVE YOUR SORRY ASS!" Julia yelled after him. Squier gave Julia the finger and stormed off. Julia was upset and Marko didn't like the fact that she was upset. Marko walked over to Julia and started talking to her.

"Hey are you alright? I saw what happened and I hope I can talk to you. My name is Marko by the way. Marko Blackman." Marko said to Julia.

"Yeah I'll be fine thanks for your concern," Julia shook Marko's hand. "Name's Julia Heartilly. The angry guy you just saw leave is my fiance Squier Gibson. Yeah he's an asshole sometimes." Julia smiled at Marko. The crowd had started shuffling out and Marko's hunger for blood was worsening. He figured that Julia wouldn't be missed so he intended on drinking her dry.

"Would you like to go for a walk with me? I promise I won't bite, unless you want me to." Marko smiled at Julia.

"Sure whynot, my fiance is probably venting on his damn videogames anyway." Julia said. Marko and Julia walked up and down High Street and Marko drew Julia into a deserted alleyway. Marko pushed Julia against a brick building and started kissing her. Julia kissed back even though she was suprised. Marko kissed down her neck and then he bit her and she started to scream. Julia's blood was so sweet to Marko and he wanted more but then suddenly he stopped and let her go. Julia looked at Marko in complete shock and fear.

"Julia, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Are you okay?" Marko went to hug her and she backed away. She was speechless. Julia shoved Marko away and ran for her life. Marko could feel a headache and knew David was calling him so he went to find the group. He realized that Julia wasn't coming back, so he just left.

Marko goes to meet the group and notices that Dwayne isn't there. Paul is sitting on the couch listening to 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol. Marko crashes down on the couch next to him and makes the record player skip with the force of his butt hitting the couch.

"Dude you look like you just got dumped by some chick who didn't put out, what's wrong?" Paul says to the smallest vampire. Marko sighs and looks for David. David is nowhere to be found so he turns to Paul.

"That's sort of a way to put it man. I went to a restaurant and watched this beautiful girl sing and play the piano. I talked to her after her set; saw her fiance hit her and then storm off. I asked her if she was okay and I wanted to go for a walk so that way I could feed off of her. So we went for a walk then I took her into a deserted alleyway and I started to kiss her and then I started to kiss down her neck. Then I bit her and started drinking her blood. Her blood was so sweet and then I had the urge to stop drinking her blood. She pushed me away and ran off. I didn't even get to explain myself. I just said 'I didn't mean to do that.' and she didn't even say goodbye. I'm just nervous that she's going to go to the police and they come looking for me. Paul I feel so dumb." Marko explained to Paul and Paul started laughing. "What's so funny man?" Marko asked Paul. Paul continued to laugh and Marko didn't take to kindly to the laughter.

"Wow dude, you blew it big time. You better hope David doesn't find out or else he might kill you." Paul said after he stopped laughing. David walked into the house. He didn't look happy.

"Where in the hell is Dwayne? He's a half hour late to meet up for the feed." David noticed that Marko was sitting next to Paul with a grim look on his face instead the happy grin he always carried. "Marko how did your venture out in the snow go? Anything interesting happen?" Marko smiled and started to laugh.

"Well the snow is weird and I had a rather nice night. I went to a part of town called 'The Short North' and went to a place called Haiku. There was a girl who played piano and sang named Julia and she did a nice set and then I hung out with her for a little bit after the set. She was really nice; then she went home to her fiance and I came back here." Marko said to David and David raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure that's all that happened Marko? I heard there was a local piano player that got attacked and had two bite marks on her neck." David asked Marko making sure that he emphazized the her in the sentence.

"Would I be in trouble if I did it?" Marko asked David. David crossed his arms and looked at Marko sternly.

"God Dammit Marko! Why can't you go out and kill someone without letting them go?! This is the second time this has happened! Can't you eat or are you turning anorexic?!" David yelled at Marko and Marko cowered in his seat next to Paul. Paul didn't move a muscle or say a word because he knew that if he did he would get it for just sitting there even though he had done nothing wrong.

"I don't know why it happened David. I just couldn't drink her dry because I knew I was hurting her. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm sorry David." Marko said and David sighed and rolled his eyes. At that time Dwayne walked in and David turned to yell at him.

David yelled at Dwayne and the boys got up and went to feed.

Like a Butterfly Without Her Wings by Tranquility Moonbeam

Julia got home and slammed the door. She ran to the bathroom, closed and locked the door. She looked in the mirror at her neck. She felt the two small holes in her neck and started to cry. Just then there was a knock at the door. She knew who it was and she didn't answer.

How can a guy that nice and cute attack me? Julia thought to herself. There was pounding at the door and yelling from the other side.

"Julia why in the fuck are you home so late?! What were you doing, fucking other guys to spite me?! Answer me God Dammit!" Squier yelled as he pounded at the door. Julia figured she might as well open the door and get it over with or she'd get it worse when she would open the door later. Julia opened the door to a pissed off Squier Gibson holding a rope. She backed farther into the bathroom.

"Squier before you blow this out of hand just let me explain." Julia told Squier but he didn't let her explain. Squier grabbed her and looked at her neck.

"So you were out cheating on me? Well answer me whore!" Squier yelled as he slapped Julia across the face. Julia let out a scream as Squier pulled her by her hair into the bedroom and slammed her down on the bed.

"Squier I was attacked by a guy. He pulled me into an alley and bit me." Julia yelled with what little voice she had let from screaming in pain. Squier looked at her in disbelief.

"That's bullshit Julia! You are cheating on me and I know it. Who was the guy you left Haiku with then?" Squier yelled. Julia cowered into a ball.

"That was the guy who attacked me Squier! Gosh you are so insensitive. You act like I'm cheating when all I do is love you!" Julia yelled back and Squier punched her in the eye. Then he grabbed her again and tied her up with the rope. Julia tried to free herself and all she got was rope burns. Squier drug Julia to the tiny closet and threw her inside. Julia started to cry.

"You are going to sit in here in the dark and think about this. Until you can think of why you are a cheating whore you will not eat. Do you understand me whore?" Squier said. Julia cried even more and nodded her head because she couldn't speak. "What I can't hear you? I can't hear nods of the head stupid! Do you understand me?" Squier yelled.

"Yes Squier I understand." Julia said with the little voice she had left. Squier shut the door and walked away. Julia cried before she realized that she had her keys in her pocket and that she had a knife on the keychain just in case she did get attacked. Julia wiggled into a position so that she could reach her pockets and fiddled her hands into her pockets. When she finally got the keys out of her pocket she could hear footsteps and quickly hid the keys.

Squier opened the door and looked at Julia. Julia layed in a ball with tears in her eyes. Squier noticed her eye was starting to swell and blacken.

"Have you figured out why you're a filthy whore?" Squier asked and Julia shook her head. "Well then Julia you have some major thinking to do." Squier said as he slammed the door. Julia fished out her keys when she heard Squier walk away. She opened the knife and started cutting the rope. She heard the back door to the apartment slam and Squier's car start. Then she heard the car door shut and the car pull out of the driveway. She finally cut the rope and got the closet door open. She grabbed the telephone and called the only person she could think of that second; she called Raine Lionheart.

Raine heard her cell phone ring and looked at the Caller ID. It was her best friend Julia. She smiled and picked up the phone.

"Hey Julie what are you doing?" Raine asked because she was happy to talk to her friend. She could hear Julia crying on the other line and knew there was something wrong right away because she knew Julia never cried or got upset unless it was serious. "Julia honey what's wrong? Come on honey talk to me." Raine said to Julia.

"Squier...hit...me...I...stay...you...for...a...couple...days?" Julia stammered out in between sobs. Raine knew it was serious and got up and got her keys.

"Julie go to Flame's house and I'll meet you there. Don't worry darling I'll be there as fast as my little car can take me." Raine said as she hung up.

Julia hung up and then dialed Flame's number. The line rang once or twice and a male voice answered. This was Mathew Virgos, Flame's boyfriend that she was living with.

"Matt can I talk to Flame please? It's an emergency." Julia asked.

"Yeah no prob, this is Julie right?" Matt asked. Mathew was a fairly nice guy but kind of an airhead.

"Yes Matt it is. Come on I don't have much time. Please hurry." Julia told Matt. She could hear Matt tell Flame that someone was on the phone who sounded like a mess.

"Julia, sweetheart what's wrong? Are you okay?" Flame asked frantically.

"Flame can you come get me and take me over there. Raine is going to pick me up from there. I'll explain on the way there. Meet me at the Tim Horton's down the street from me." Julia said.

"Okay honey I'm on the way." Flame said as she hung up the phone. Julia packed what stuff she could into her suitcases and left her apartment. Julia walked as fast as she could with three heavy suitcases to the Tim Horton's down the road. By the time she got there Flame was there and ran up to her. Flame hugged Julia and helped her with her bags. Julia and Flame got into the car and drove off.

"Julia are you okay? My God your eye is swollen, there is a bite mark on your neck and you have rope burns on your wrists. What the hell happened to you?" Flame asked in a concerned voice.

"Well after my set at Haiku, Squier and I got into a fight over how I shouldn't talk to my male fans unless they want an autograph. Then he hit me and stormed off. Then this very cute guy asked if I was okay and asked if I would like to go on a walk with him. I walked with him and then he drug me into this alley where he kissed me and then bit me and it felt like he was drinking my blood. Then he stopped and I ran away. I got home and Squier beat me and tied me up and left. I got my keys out of my pocket and cut the rope and called Raine and then I called you and I got my stuff and left." Julia explained. Flame looked to her friend.

"Sweetie I am so sorry. Are you okay?" Flame asked Julia.

"Yeah I'm just starving. I haven't eaten in like twelve hours. Squier wouldn't let me eat." Julia said. Flame pulled into a McDonald's.

"What do you want to eat? I'll pay." Flame asked.

"Flame, you don't have to pay I got it." Julia said but Flame wouldn't take no for an answer. "Fine stubborn, I'll have a number one with a cherry coke with no ice." Julia cracked a small smile. She was happy to have Flame to make her smile and laugh. Flame ordered her food and paid. They got their food and drove off. By the time they finally reached Flame and Mathew's apartment Raine was sitting outside. Raine got out of her car and ran and hugged Julia.

"Darling are you okay?" Raine asked as they got Julia's bags into Raine's car. Raine noticed Julia's bite marks and swollen eye. "Julia do you want to talk about this?" Raine asked.

"Flame will tell you everything. Don't worry about it, I'll be fine." Julia said as she walked into Flame's apartment. Julia sat down and ate her food in silence as Flame told Raine what was going on. Raine wasn't shocked about the bite marks as much as she was with the black eye because of what had happened with Laguna. She still couldn't figure out who or what had answered her prayers and took Laguna away from her. She in a way hoped it had been Dwayne but since she didn't see what had grabbed Laguna she could only wonder.

"Well at least we have her here away from Squier and that hellhole." Mathew said to the room of girls. Flame looked at Mathew and smiled. Mathew smiled back and walked up to Julia. "If you ever want to stay here you're more than welcome to." Mathew said as he hugged Julia.

"Thanks Matt. Thank you all for doing this on such short notice. I don't know what I'd do without you guys." Julia said and Flame's phone rang. Flame looked at the Caller ID and looked at Julia with worry.

"It's your house number. Does Squier know you're here?" Flame asked.

"No I left while he was gone. I'm guessing that he just hit redial on the phone." Julia said and Squier's voice came on the answering machine.

"Alright Flame I know this you number because I found Julia's old cell phone and I know that she's with you. Either you bring her back to me and no harm will be done to her or I find her and I hurt not only her but you as well. So don't be stupid and give me back Julia." -Click- Squier hung up and Raine spoke up.

"Alright Julie let's get out of here before he finds us. Flame, Matt are you guys going to be okay?" Raine asked.

"Yeah when he gets here I'll call the police and say he's breaking into the house. I won't let him in but instead I'll make fun of him through the window." Flame laughed and Julia joined in. Julia ran up to Flame and hugged her. "Good Luck kiddo. Be careful okay? The both of you." Flame said and she hugged Raine and Julia.

"We should be fine. Squier doesn't have Raine's number because I had it memorized and deleted it from the cell phone." Julia said and her and Raine left faster than you can say the word poof. Raine and Julia made it to Raine's mother's house. Raine offered Julia the guest room but Julia felt uncomfortable.

"I know this might sound odd but can I sleep in your room with you, that way I feel safe?" Julia asked. Raine hugged her friend.

"Julia that's fine as long as you're comfortable and feel safe; and as long as you can tolerate snoring." Raine giggled.

"I'm fine with that as long as you can tolerate someone cutting down a forest with a chainsaw." Julia giggled back. Raine nodded and the girls got changed into their pajamas.

"Hey Julie, Lotus called me and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Outlands with her tomorrow. If you don't want to go that's fine." Raine said.

"I need a girl's night out. So tell the lovely Lotus we'll be there." Julia said as the girls climbed into bed and Raine shut out the light. "Goodnight Raine, and thanks again for helping me." Julia said.

"No problem darling, you know I love you too much to let anything happen to you. Goodnight Julie." Raine kissed Julia on the cheek and went to sleep.

Chapter 1: Vampire Meets Mortal by Tranquility Moonbeam

Author's Notes:
This chapter is in the process of being rewritten. Please be paitient.
But there were two bottles of blood to be drank from. The one Marko handed to David for Michael, Star, and Laddie had been the blood of Max. David's vampire father was long gone and he hadn't seen him since the night he was switched over. As for the rest of the boys, they had drank from David's bottle containing his blood. David decided that it was probably a good idea to get as far away as they could from Santa Clara as possible. So the lost boys ventured to Columbus, Ohio because the boys wanted a change in weather; and Paul, Marko and Dwayne being from the west coast had never seen snow. David had seen it all before but still loved how the flaky substence could envelope the earth with so much beauty.

Dwayne liked going to the docks along the lake to look out on the frozen lake. Everytime he had gone to the docks, he had never encountered anyone; but tonight there was a girl who was about 5'3'' and very thin and petite. Dwayne just scoffed and watched the girl because for some odd reason the girl seemed to captivate him. As he sat in the snow watching the beautiful girl he noticed something odd about her. The girl was crying. He got up to see if he could assist the girl but realized that he would frighten her by his appearence. The girl looked over to Dwayne and as if beckoning him over with her sad glance; Dwayne got up and walked over to her. Then he sat next to her and wrapped his arms around the girl's tiny exterior. He didn't know why but he felt the urge to protect her from the cold and whatever it was that was making her cry. The girl hugged Dwayne and cried into his chest. Though he was dead inside from being a vampire, Dwayne felt her body heat pulse through him. The girl looked up to him and smiled. Dwayne smiled back and kissed her forehead.

"Why do you cry pretty lady?" Dwayne asked the girl hoping to help ease the pain that she was feeling. The girl hugged Dwayne and began to sob again.

"I'm having problems with my boyfriend. He said that I was useless and that I was stupid." The girl began to sob again into Dwayne's chest. Dwayne couldn't understand why anyone would say something so terrible to such a beautiful girl. He ran his hand through her hair and he could feel the sobs letting up. The girl looked at Dwayne and kissed his cheek. "Thank you so much for coming to talk to me and keep me warm. Your kindness will not go unrewarded. My name is Raine Lionheart by the way. What is your name?" Dwayne was bewildered by the sincerity of the girl. Never in his life had he met a girl with as much politeness and sincerity. It touched his dead non-beating heart.

"Well lovely Raine, you're most welcome for the company. My name is Dwayne Dravenshire. Why do you stay with this guy who truly doesn't value your beauty and politeness?" Dwayne said as he stood up. He was hungry but Raine was so captivating that he could feed off her words for hours and never have to drink blood again. Dwayne got a sudden headache and he could tell that David was looking for him.

"Well Dwayne, the reason I stay with Laguna Liore is because my mother set me up with him and I really do not want to upset her because I'll be doomed to listening to her bitch." Raine frowned. Dwayne's headache was worsening by the second meaning that David was getting upset. He didn't want to leave Raine but he had to because he knew how David would react.

"I hate to leave you but I fear that my brother is calling me. Do not take this the wrong way Raine. I do not want to go but I have a duty to uphold. Goodbye fair Raine." Dwayne kissed Raine's cheek and hugged her. Raine would not release him from her arms. She did not want him to leave her.

"It's okay Dwayne I understand, and I also respect your ties to family. You may go, but promise me please." Raine smiled and hugged the vampire even tighter. Dwayne knew that this girl was different but couldn't place what it was. As his headache worsened, he knew he had to go.

"Promise you what?" Dwayne questioned.

"Promise me that you'll meet me here within this week at this same time." Raine smiled.

"I promise Raine. I will come back to see you." Dwayne promised Raine but wasn't sure if he could hold up that promise to her.

"Goodbye Dwayne. I will dream of you." Dwayne kissed Raine and hugged her tightly; and with that he was off into the night to go to David.

When Dwayne finally met up with David, Marko, and Paul; David did not look pleased. David walked up to Dwayne and grabbed his arm.

"Where in the hell have you been? You know better than to keep me waiting." David spoke sternly. Dwayne got free from his grasp and rubbed his arm.

"I was out at the docks looking at the lake and thinking. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting." Dwayne apologized. David knew there was something more to the story but didn't want to press it because he was starving. David motioned to the boys that it was time to go. Dwayne followed David while Paul and Marko filed out after. Marko smiled a cheshire cat like smile and laughed at Dwayne and Dwayne looked back at him and growled. Marko backed down and Dwayne walked up to him.

"What in the hell is so funny Marko?" Dwayne sternly asked. Marko realized that Dwayne wasn't smiling.

"I think it's funny that you were thinking considering that you obviously don't have a brain." Marko smiled and laughed again. Dwayne lunged at Marko knocking the laughing vampire down. Marko stopped laughing and pushed Dwayne off of him. "What the hell is your problem Dwayne? Ever since we came here you've been acting weird. What's going on man?" Marko said to Dwayne. Dwayne rolled his eyes and looked at Paul who was talking to David.

"Alright if I tell you what's going on will you promise to not laugh or tell anyone, including David?" Dwayne asked and Marko nodded his head. "Alright the reason I took so long is because I met a girl. She was crying and I don't why but I had the compeling urge to hold her. Marko it's weird I just held her and talked to her. I didn't even attempt to drain her of her blood. I felt like I had to protect her from something or someone. I've never felt that way man; what is it?" Dwayne could see the look of understanding in Marko's eyes that was beyond his years. Marko patted his vampire brother on the shoulder and smiled.

"Dwayne it seems to me that you might like this girl. Wow it's about time you started liking them because for a second there, I thought you were gay." Marko smiled. Dwayne smacked Marko upside the head and laughed. David came up and he didn't look happy.

"What's going on here? Marko? What is Dwayne hitting people for?" David rolled his eyes.

"Dwayne is just having a bad night David; just cut him some slack please." Marko said to David and Dwayne felt relieved. David walked away and the boys walked on. They finally reached the little man made beach and saw three groups of people. David sicked Marko and Paul on the first group and he and Dwayne took the second. Finally the boys were full and they were leaving to go home and Dwayne returned to his thinking spot on the dock where he hoped he would see Raine. He soared over the spot where he and Raine sat and he saw not only Raine but a male figure as well. Dwayne thought that this was the Laguna Liore guy she was talking about. He could see her struggling against Laguna. Then as if asking to die, Laguna raised his hand and struck Raine across her face. Dwayne was furious at this and did a nose dive and swooped Laguna off the ground and drank his blood dry from his body.
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