Every Rose has it's Thorn by David

Summary: Well people Thorn is the leader of the lost girls and is one of the most hateful females you will ever meet. But was she always that way???
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Simon by David

Rose felt a huge wave of relief surround her tired body and suddenly the butterflies of nerves began floating around inside her stomach, but not the kind her father gave her but the kind Simon gave her. Simon had been a wonderful boyfriend to Rose for many years and no matter what emotional baggage her family bombarded onto her she knew Simon would never judge he was more a shoulder to cry on.

“You shouldn’t be here” Rose whispered attempting to warn him off, keeping her glare to the top of the stairs watching for her father.

“And neither should you” retaliated Simon smugly, Rose liked the fact that Simon always had an answer for everything but it was times like this she wished he didn’t.

“If my father see’s you he’ll…” began Rose her nerve’s beginning to play up again, luck never went her way and she expected her dad at any minute to catch them.

“He’ll kiss my white ass that’s what he’ll do” snapped Simon, he loved Rose but he hated the fact she tolerated her father even though she didn’t have to.

Rose although she loathed her father with a passion she still had her loyalty and wouldn’t have her father disrespected. She gave Simon an unimpressed glare then attempted to slam the door shut but found it hard with Simon’s foot lodged in the foot of it. She looked down at his foot then into his eye’s demanding him to mouth his foot with only the use of her eyes. Rose’s anger melted away when she seen his smile, it was what first attracted him to her. She always told him that his smile could melt the coldest of hearts and although she hated to admit it but it had worked its spell on her.

“I’m sorry Rose, it’s just you shouldn’t let your dad run your life.” Explained Simon in his softest most sympathetic tone he could muster.

“You think I don’t that???” snapped Rose, she felt trapped, enslaved but most of all weak. She was nineteen she could walk out now and never return but she wouldn’t.

“I know it isn’t that easy, come with me I wanna show you something” urged Simon giving her that look which said I ain’t taking no for an answer.

“I have to cook for my father…I can’t” she replied, she really wanted to go but she knew she’d be disciplined for it if she did.

“He knows were the oven is let him cook for himself” replied Simon, he extended his hand to her once again giving her his trademark smile.

Rose swallowed hard as she glanced down at his hand, she knew that he wouldn’t make her leave if it wasn’t important and her curiosity was growing with every given second. She looked into his eyes and she decided to let her heart decide but it wasn’t even a difficult decision she grabbed his hand and slammed the door shut with the other. She stood looking into his pale blue eyes, her father always said Simon was poison well if that was true then she was happy to be intoxicated.

“Well here I am” she said, she was already feeling regret and she hadn’t even left the driveway but it was too late now her father would already know she’d left.

Without saying another word Simon took off into a sprint trailing Rose along behind him. She tried desperately to keep up with him so he didn’t begin literally dragging her. She smiled she felt free but with Simon there the most important thing she felt was safety. She didn’t ask Simon were she was going because she didn’t care as long as he was there. After a few minutes Simon stopped outside the children’s park which was deserted as it was night time. Rose looked around hoping he wasn’t being serious, he didn’t coax her to leave her house to go to the park did he.

“This is it, I’m gonna get my butt whooped because you want me to come and play on the swings.” She joked; she began rubbing his back as he was arched over from the sprinting.

“No don’t be ridiculous, I’m just too tired to continue.” He replied, he took her hand and led her into the park and led her over to a bench near the slide.

“Well then what was so important that you wanted to show me???” asked Rose, she didn’t like to admit it but the curiosity was killing her.

Simon reached a hand into his jeans pocket and pulled out a tiny little square box. Rose eyed it and again felt those wretched butterflies shot around in her stomach. She felt her heart race as she watched Simon slowly get down on one knee in front of her. As he slowly prized open the box her gaze met the ring, it was beautiful, it was gold with a diamond encrusted in the centre. She looked at Simon and seen the nerves in his eyes as she was sure he could see the nerves in hers.

“Rose McKenzie, will you marry me???” muttered Simon in a voice that was both shaky and changing in pitch with every syllable.

“Yes of course I will” replied Rose; she felt tears of happiness fall down her cheeks.

Simon pulled the ring out of its box and placed it on Rose’s finger sliding it down until it would budge no further. Rose extended her arm so she could look at it from the distance and it was still as breathe taking as it had been moments ago. She leapt to her feet and dived into Simon’s arms kissing him passionately. When she was with him her troubles seemed to melt away and now that they would be married she’d never have to be without him.

“Well Mrs Simon Locke to be, we should get you home.” He smiled, he grasped her hand and they both headed the return walk home not as lovers but fiancée’s.
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