Blood Child:Origins of Rebirth by autumn lyrical

Summary: How did the Lost Boys come to be? From David's turning of Dwayne in the dark streets of Santa Carla, through to Marko and his pain in the ranks of the enemy, this tells the origins of their rebirth.
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1. Chapter 1 by autumn lyrical

2. Chapter 2 by autumn lyrical

3. Chapter 3 by autumn lyrical

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Chapter 1 by autumn lyrical

Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

Chapter 1

Dwayne sat dejectedly in the dark, the cold weather outside seeping through so that his room was as freezing as it was outside. He winced as he traced a large purple bruise forming on his face, the sharp stabbing pain almost making him cry out. Almost, but not quite. He was scared, scared for himself, and for his mother. Who knew what that asshole of a step-father had done to her?

It was all too quiet now, he could hear nothing. The silence was slowly getting to him, eating away at him and he didn’t know how much longer he could take. He absently brushed away a stray strand of his long brown hair and stood up slowly, careful as to not make the old floorboards creak.

Opening the wood door he peered out into the darkness, heart thumping in his chest. Dwayne slowly edged his way down the stairs, worry creasing his face. Not a sound.

Turning on the kitchen light his eyes widened and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Tears trickled their way down his cheeks as his knees gave way and he dropped down to the cold linoleum floor, the body of his mother lying in a pool of her own blood.

Suddenly he felt cold. So cold. He wanted to scream out the pain, but any sound refused to come out. He wanted to get away then, to run and never come back. Thoughts rushed through his head and pure adrenaline rushed through his veins.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, stopping only when he was far away from the place he had once called home. But the image of his mothers face, captured in agony would not leave his mind.

The cold chilled him to the bone and the heavens themselves opened, crying its tears along with him. Lightning sparked across the night sky, as if photographing his moment of sadness.

He was held in his deep despair and wandered the streets of his home town. No-one knew what he was going through, and he wished his pain on no-one.


David scanned the darkened streets, the rain seeming not to bother him. His cerulean blue eyes were sharp as they flickered over streets, looking for potential victims to quench his bloodlust. He calmly kept his growing need for blood at bay as he continued his silent search.

Eternity seemed like a good idea, until you found out that you had to spend it alone. Loneliness weighed down heavily on his heart, yearning for a companion.

With a sigh he slid into the darkness of an alleyway, a potential victim shuffling his way already. He shifted into his vampire face, eyes turning yellow tinged with red, but before he could attack something in the eyes of this mortal made him hesitate.

Soulful eyes attracted David to this youth, a pain in those deep orbs of brown that he could relate to. Seizing the chance he stepped out of the shadows, a small smirk on his face he saw the slight surprise in the youth’s eyes.

“It’s dangerous to be out this late, shouldn’t you be home and safe?” David asked, voice only slightly mocking.

The youth frowned, as if wary to tell him anything. He lowered his eyes, thick eyelashes shadowing the brown depths from the vampire. When he spoke his voice was soft, hesitant. “I don’t have a home. Not anymore.”

The last statement seemed so final and David knew that this mortal and himself had something in common. His own life hadn’t been all strawberries and cream either. Before Spike had found him he had been a loner, shunned by his family and friends. He had a feeling that he knew what he was going through.

“I’m David.” He said, holding out his gloved hand as a gesture of friendship. The mortal looked at him warily, as if waiting for the stab or cruel cut of a knife. Hesitantly he took the offered hand, his voice coming back to him all the stronger.


David’s soft smirk grew and before Dwayne knew it he had been pulled into a tight embrace. Dwayne struggled against him, trying vainly to get free, but David tightened his hold and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. Finding the pulse, which was beating wildly, he bit down sharply into his neck, the blood flowing freely into him.

Dwayne cried out, an intense pain pulling at his heat, drawing the lifeblood out of him. Moments passed, and he felt himself grow weak. Slumping in David’s arms his vision growing blurry, colours meshing with each other, dazzling him.

David caught the limp and dying body before he fell. Grabbing the ornate bottle that was a present from his sire before he left, he quickly uncorked it and placed it to Dwayne’s lips. “Drink.” Was all that he murmured to the raven haired youth, and Dwayne was soon swallowing David’s potent blood.

Dwayne’s heartbeat slowed, becoming weaker and David lifted him up into his arms with no problem at all. As Dwayne slowly died in his arms David flew back to the caves where he had hidden during the day, flying silently and quickly through the night.

Chapter 2 by autumn lyrical

Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

Chapter 2

When Dwayne awoke it seemed as if he were in another world, one that was completely alien to him. Santa Carla had always been his home, but this, it all seemed so different.

Pain laced through him, and he moaned, clutching at his stomach that clenched tighter. Arms encircled him gently and he looked into the cerulean eyes of David, who seemed to be so much paler than he did the night before. Ethereal. He stared at this being before him and he didn’t know how such a pale and angelic-looking being could exist.

David helped him to his feet, and grinned as he saw his first Childe’s amazement. He watched as the wonder grew as the raven-haired immortal took in his surroundings. They stood in what looked like a sunken hotel, hidden underground. David smirked, gazing at Dwayne as he inspected the cave with a careful eye.

He walked over to where his Childe was standing, which happened to be near the entrance to the back caves where he slept, and placed a firm hand on his shoulder. He had to be careful, younglings were easily impressed by their new vampiric abilities and had a strong bloodlust, so David had to play it safe, take his time.

Leading Dwayne outside into the warm night he guided him to where he kept his own bike. And beside his own was a gift for his newest son. “It’s yours.” He murmured unnecessarily. Dwayne turned to him, almost speechless, a smile formed on his lips and the two vampires revved up their engines and rode off into the night.

The thrill of speed was intoxicating as David and Dwayne wove in and out of people, bonfires and collected gangs on the sandy beaches of Santa Carla. The night was clear, David leading the younger immortal to the more secluded parts of the beach.

David stopped, throwing a slight smirk over to his younger companion who wore a confused expression. Motioning Dwayne forward, David crouched low behind a sand dune, the light from a bonfire making the cerulean blue of his eyes dance.

Dwayne tensed beside him, eyes fixated on the scene before them. It was a gang, spending a typical evening on the beach. It was late, so many were just leaving, one lone mortal left spread out near the bonfire.

The mortal was one of the most slender of the group, short black hair framed his face, slightly covering dark eyes. Dwayne kept his eyes on the mortal, not noticing that David had already begun to stride toward what would be his Childe’s first kill.

With a speed known only to them, David snatched the young mortal from his resting place, holding him firmly so he could not struggle. Dwayne’s heartbeat quickened, and he swallowed thickly. He could almost taste the blood, almost smell it.

Before he knew what he was doing he had joined his sire beside the young mortal, and David had moved the youth into his own arms. A primal desire ran over him, pulsated through him and his face turned feral as he bit sharply into the boys neck, revelling in the taste of the coppery blood that ran down his throat.

Having drunk the boy dry, he dropped the cold and lifeless body to the sands only to see David’s smiling. His sire pulled him into a tight embrace, and the two turned back to their bikes, riding across the coastline of Santa Carla, terrorizing the tourists as they went.

Chapter 3 by autumn lyrical

Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

Chapter 3

Paul ran hid fingers through his long blond hair, glancing at the many tourists wandering the Boardwalk as he did so. Why was he here? Pretty simple really. He’d ran. Like most of the teens or kids that attracted some kind of trouble he’d done the thing that seemed the most obvious at the time. Run.

He was hungry, as he had only scrounged enough money days ago for a meagre meal. Sighing, he continued his walk on this cold night, the stars no visible due to the many flashing lights of various rides and vendors.

The people didn’t seem to notice him, to look past him as if he wasn’t there. He was used to this though. He was used to the stares he got from some people, mostly guys from gangs. All he had were the clothes on his back, not much really and a pang of fear ran through him as another gang spotted him from afar. It was safe to say that they didn’t like what they saw.

These guys were looking for a little fun, although their meaning of the word ‘fun’ was to basically kick the shit out of some random guy. And these were big guys. Very big guys. They were taller than Paul, but built bigger, muscles clinging to their bones.

The leader and his gang surrounded him and Paul knew that he didn’t have a chance. One against twelve weren’t very good odds. As the first fist contacted with his face he abandoned all hope that he could get out of this. It was hopeless. Fists made contact with shoulders, torso and face, breaking the skin with their large hands. Blood dripped down Paul’s pale form as he lost consciousness, purple-black bruises marring his face and body.

Content with the damage they had caused, the gang ambled off, looking to terrorise more of the populace. Paul lay on the sands, the remoteness of his location meaning that he might not be found at all.

A figure swooped down towards the unmoving mortal, raven hair blowing in the cool breeze. He bent over the still form, checking the pulse before lifting him into his arms, careful not to damage the youth further as he flew back to safety of the cave.


David sat were he usually did, comfortable but tense. He’d swore that he’d seen his sire here, sure that he felt the old power. And he was angry. Angry that his sire didn’t want to speak to him, come see him. After all, David was his first Childe. First true child, one that was an equal and not just a minion. Angry that his sire didn’t want to see the life that he had made for himself.

He shook his head, thinking this deeply wasn’t good for him, he preferred to act rather that to reminisce. It was his job as Master Vampire to protect himself and his Childe Dwayne.

On the edge of his senses he felt the familiar aura of his Childe, and another. Mortal. He could almost smell the hot blood; almost taste the youth’s mortality. Dwayne stepped into the safety of the cave, the limp and bleeding body of a mortal in his arms. David rose, watching as Dwayne placed the mortals’ body on the floor in the centre of the cave, which just so happened to be in front of David.

Cerulean eyes skimmed over bruises marring pale and smooth skin. He traced a particularly nasty bruise on the youths cheekbone before turning his gaze to Dwayne. The raven haired vampire simply nodded and David knelt down beside the teen.

Wrapping his arms around the shoulders, David supported the limp body in his arms before sinking his fangs into the neck. Hot blood rushed into him, sating an old and ancient thirst, drinking the red, coppery liquid until the heart almost stopped beating.

Drawing away David was touched by how beautiful the mortal was. Beautiful in the sense that he was alive, not just in body but in spirit; he had felt it as he had drunk the lifeblood. Something so similar. This mortal reminded him of someone.

David sighed as he looked upon this mortal. His name was Paul that was much that he’d picked up from the youths mind. Dwayne was looking at him, the body of this mortal, and soon his gaze met with that of his sires’.

David took one last look, before tearing open his wrist and placing at the youth’s mouth. Now was not the time for the ceremonial bottle. Pain laced through him as he felt Paul draw the blood from the wound, reflexively drinking David’s infested blood.

With a yell of pain David pulled away, panting harshly as Paul’s body became paler still, and the heartbeat began to slow. He turned to Dwayne, who now knelt beside him and wiped away a single tear that had fallen.

He was weak, too weak. And he couldn’t show that weakness to his newest Childe when he awoke. He had to be strong, for his family, his sire, and for himself. And as the sun began to sink below the horizon, both vampires retreated into the cool dark, the body of Paul now laying on one of the canopy beds in the corner, lifeless and still upon the bed sheets.

Paul reminded David of someone that had once been a constant in his life, someone that was full of life and vigour. He would protect this one, with his heart and his soul, and he would keep his family safe, for that was what a Master Vampire should do.

Chapter 4 by autumn lyrical

Chapter 4

The moon shone in the clear night sky as a small group of young men made their way into the busy paths of the Boardwalk. One behind the other they trailed, lead by a beefy looking man, his girl clinging to his arm only slightly more that desperately.

Their leader was Greg, and his girl was called Shelly. There was only one thing that you should know about this particular gang. They were the Surf Nazi's. Nice title, don't you think?

One stood out amongst the rest, long curly blond hair tied back at the nape of his neck. He was smaller than the rest, almost angelic, and his eyes beheld something akin to discontent. Why he was here he didn't know, just that he wanted to get away from these arrogant fools that he once called friends.

Marko was here on vacation, and had (unfortunately) been initiated into the Surf Nazi's incredibly quickly. He shook his head with a sigh, there was nothing he could do about it now.

The Lost Boys made their way through the crowds of people, knowing full well that they were respected. Led by David, the remaining two vampires smiled predatorily at the thought of the hunt later on that night. Dwayne, as always, was silent as he followed David, Paul trailling behind as the leader led them towards what the children of Santa Carla called a merry-go-round.

Greg sat beside Shelly on one of the benches on the carousel, his comrades laughing and shooting glares to any that dared oppose them. Marko stood in the background, much as he had always done, un-noticed and un-heeded.

Now Shelly had always loved to tease Greg, so as soon as David stepped aboard the moving carousel she shot him a smile, which he replied with a polite smile of his own. Greg's eyes narrowed and he didn't like this one little bit. With a snarl he made a lunge at David, who easily dodged it and held the angry Surf Nazi at arms length. The remaining members of the gang stopped their banter and focused their attention on their leader.

In the background Marko stood off to the side, his forehead creased in thought, again he wasn't noticed, so wasn't bothered by any of them.

David pushed Greg away, a smirk on his lips as he saw the approach of Big Ed. The security guard was as wide as he was tall, that much was for sure. He peered at the rival gangs through small eyes and told them in his whispering, but commanding voice 'to stay off the Boardwalk'.

Paul stayed beside Dwayne, eyes scanning the crowd of angry Surf Nazis. Frowning as he noticed a smaller of to the side he sharply nudged Dwayne in the ribs, who looked at him with a scowl. Nodding over in Marko's direction Paul offered his fellow vampire a raised eyebrow. He'd recognized Marko from somewhere, but things had changed so much lately that he knew that the younger teen wouldn't recognise him.

Paul sighed inwardly, he doubted his cousin would know him on sight now.
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