Blood Child:Origins of Rebirth by autumn lyrical

Summary: How did the Lost Boys come to be? From David's turning of Dwayne in the dark streets of Santa Carla, through to Marko and his pain in the ranks of the enemy, this tells the origins of their rebirth.
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Characters: David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul
Genres: Angst, Drama, Supernatural
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Chapter 4 by autumn lyrical

Chapter 4

The moon shone in the clear night sky as a small group of young men made their way into the busy paths of the Boardwalk. One behind the other they trailed, lead by a beefy looking man, his girl clinging to his arm only slightly more that desperately.

Their leader was Greg, and his girl was called Shelly. There was only one thing that you should know about this particular gang. They were the Surf Nazi's. Nice title, don't you think?

One stood out amongst the rest, long curly blond hair tied back at the nape of his neck. He was smaller than the rest, almost angelic, and his eyes beheld something akin to discontent. Why he was here he didn't know, just that he wanted to get away from these arrogant fools that he once called friends.

Marko was here on vacation, and had (unfortunately) been initiated into the Surf Nazi's incredibly quickly. He shook his head with a sigh, there was nothing he could do about it now.

The Lost Boys made their way through the crowds of people, knowing full well that they were respected. Led by David, the remaining two vampires smiled predatorily at the thought of the hunt later on that night. Dwayne, as always, was silent as he followed David, Paul trailling behind as the leader led them towards what the children of Santa Carla called a merry-go-round.

Greg sat beside Shelly on one of the benches on the carousel, his comrades laughing and shooting glares to any that dared oppose them. Marko stood in the background, much as he had always done, un-noticed and un-heeded.

Now Shelly had always loved to tease Greg, so as soon as David stepped aboard the moving carousel she shot him a smile, which he replied with a polite smile of his own. Greg's eyes narrowed and he didn't like this one little bit. With a snarl he made a lunge at David, who easily dodged it and held the angry Surf Nazi at arms length. The remaining members of the gang stopped their banter and focused their attention on their leader.

In the background Marko stood off to the side, his forehead creased in thought, again he wasn't noticed, so wasn't bothered by any of them.

David pushed Greg away, a smirk on his lips as he saw the approach of Big Ed. The security guard was as wide as he was tall, that much was for sure. He peered at the rival gangs through small eyes and told them in his whispering, but commanding voice 'to stay off the Boardwalk'.

Paul stayed beside Dwayne, eyes scanning the crowd of angry Surf Nazis. Frowning as he noticed a smaller of to the side he sharply nudged Dwayne in the ribs, who looked at him with a scowl. Nodding over in Marko's direction Paul offered his fellow vampire a raised eyebrow. He'd recognized Marko from somewhere, but things had changed so much lately that he knew that the younger teen wouldn't recognise him.

Paul sighed inwardly, he doubted his cousin would know him on sight now.
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