Ryan the Reject Vampire by TikTac

Summary: We all have that one trait that everyone hates...almost everyone, that is.
Ryan is a reject, and when you're a reject in high school, you get your rear handed to you. Ryan gets a little more than he expected.
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Story Notes:
The title is really kind of an inside joke. I was gonna give it a rela title. But I couldn't help it XD;
This is my first Lost Boys fan fic. Please don't flame or anything. I'm kinda sensitive at times.
Excuse any OOC-ness; I can't write fanfics of any kind worth crap.
Excuse the overage of System of a Down-song-inspired chapter titles or Stephen king novel inspired quotes. I'm obsessive.

RADiO by TikTac

Author's Notes:
The title is meaningless. I was listening to Radio/Video by SOAD when I added this and it popped into my head. I also felt somehow compelled to write it RADiO. I like all caps letters with lowercase i's. I'm weird like that.
Anyhow, this painfully short chapter isn't much of a chapter. It's really just an intro to Ryan. No, he's not a Marty Stu or anything. I'm just trying to go slowly with his meeting up with the pack. Or as slowly as I can before I explode from not being able to write about them. Whatever.
Slowly, the sun began to ease it's way up over the Santa Carla horizon. Foggy and cool, the morning air seeped in through Ryan's open window - merging with the smoky incense drifting about the small room. Ryan's pale, almost pinkish red hair was ruffled and drooping down into his face, where two bright firey eyes peered out. Ryan ran his tongue over his sharp, pointed fangs and sighed. "Another day, another fucking bruise, I bet." he muttered.
To put it simply, Ryan was a reject. A reject vampire.

His parents told him it was a gift for him to have been turned into this special breed that could be out in sunlight and sleep whenever the hell they liked, but it was a curse, no doubt. Ryan never lost that evil appearance. At school, he looked just like any regular vampire in Santa Carla would when feeding.
School was always like hel lfor Ryan. Naturally, going to a high-class high school risked facing stick-up-their-ass rich kids and telephone-pole-up-their-ass teachers. And when you're a very obvious vampire, things like that can get to you.

"Ryan, honey, are you ready?"
Ryan inwardly growled at his mother's voice from the other side of his door. "..Yeah," he muttered. He tried to yell it as if he wanted her to hear, but it came out a feeble moan. His mother didn't seem to notice much.
Slowly, the reject vampire slid his shoes on.
Ryan had a fairly normal appearence outside the vampiric qualities. He had a nice face, but nothing too extravigant. His pale hair was streaked with a darker red, and not that orangey red that most people call 'red hair'. Like a real red. It looked as if it would've been blood red had it been darker and not as faded. Ryan didn't hair anymore.
He dressed awfully basic for a vampire. A blue hoodie. A t-shirt(today is was red). Jeans. Tennis shoes. He wore what were essentially hobo-gloves. They had been regular gloves to hide his long nails at one point, but the claw-like fingernails kept tearing the fabric. He accepted the gloves for what they had become and learned to simply stuff his hands in his pockets at school.

Ryan staggered tiredly out of his room and stumbled into the bathroom that sat close at hand. He picked up the big hair brush and brushed out his hair a few times, giving it a nice fluffy look that covered his eyes as best as he could. He tentatively poked his lip where his fnags had cut him last night and sighed.
At least his parents accepted him even after he'd been turned. Blood was hard to come by, but with a few connections, his mother had been able to get Ryan blood from the local bloodbank daily.
Ryan's mother was a young woman for her son's age of seventeen. She'd only been fourteen when she had him, but even then she'd wanted a baby. Surprisingly, Ryan's biological father had stuck around. It was the sort of unusual chance family that almost never happened.
"Hey, mom." Ryan greeted dully. The dark-haired woman smiled at him with her eyebrows cocked curiously. "You actually got ready today?"
Ryan nodded, not fully grasping the sarcasm.
"I'm fine, mom." he murmured.
"You don't sound fine."
Ryan shrugged. "Whatever." With that last grumble, he grabbed a hold of the pouch of dark red liquid on the table. Unconsciously, he glanced at the clock. "Oh, shit!" he winced, "The bus'll be here any second..dammit.."
His mother just smiled. "Take your breakfast with you and go."
"Mom!" he snapped, "I can't just drag a bag of blood onto the bus..!"
"Yes you can, dammit, now get out there before I have to drive your whiny rear to school."
Ryan sighed, defeated. With a huff, he carried his 'breakfast' out to the bus that sat there, idling on the street beside his house. "I'm goddamn lucky I live right next to a bus stop," he growled.
Slowly, he stepped onto the bus.
The sudents instantly gasped and began to chatter among themselves, squeaking like squirrels(or really fucking annoying birds)about the creepy vampire kid. Who had just walked onto a bus with blood in his hands.
That almost sounded metaphorical, and Ryan could only wish it was a metaphor.

His seat was at the back of the bus, near the emergency door, that way should anyone pull out a wooden stake on him, he could escape and fall into the road.
'And get run over by cars,' he thought, 'how fun.'
But part of him was saying it might as well be a bit better than being tormented by the sheer arrogance of the closed-minded Neanderthals that were supposed to be the top students in the state.
The other teens began to laugh. That could only mean they were making jokes about Ryan.
"I'm gonna guess more fag jokes?" asked a voice beside him. Ryan nodded faintly to the long-haired teen beside him. Danny Verone, or Funyun as he was called by some(God only knows why), was grinning that stupid grin of his. Ryan laughed, but it was a stressed, false laugh. "I don't get why they don't do it to you. You're the one wearing girls' pants."
"But I'm open about being gay," Danny countered, "So they have no reason to tease me about it. I won't care."
Ryan cocked his head, "You're saying I should just admit it or are you saying they just got bored with tormenting you?"
Danny sat there, brow furrowed in deep though. "....yeah." he whispered, in a rather girly tone of voice, "Yeah, you should admit it. And they're bored with me."
"Kinda like the way the world is bored with Star Trek." commented the un-enthused voice of the school's resident emo kid. Josephus Marr insisted people go ahead in calling him by his real name. Danny didn't care whether he was Danny or Funyun, but Josephus cared is someone tried to call him Jo. Joey, now, that was just asking for it.
Ryan laughed, "Jo, you kill people with your wondrous dry humor."
Josephus narrowed his eyes, "Call me Jo one more time and I'll..." he trailed off .The usually-witty teen hadn't yet thought of todays torture threat.
Danny looked up at the ceiling in even deeper thought than before. He paused for a rather long time. "You could...drown him. In a lake."
The other two didn't bother replying. Danny was deep into today's bout of general idiocy.
End Notes:
Yes, the pack will appear in the next chapter. And then they'll be there through all of the story. This is only an intro to my OCs so that I don't have to interrupt the later chapters to describe them and their worthlessness. Ha-ha.

Please comment, but be nice. I'm just a 14 year old loser who sits in front of her computer constantly. It's not my fault I have no life.
Oh, wait, yes it is.
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