Meeting Max by Kira

Summary: David finally grows into his vampire-powers.
Categories: David
Characters: David, Max
Genres: Drama
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Chapter 1 by Kira

Max lead David down the stairs into the cave, snapping his fingers and the barrels lit. David gasped as his eyes moved around the room. So many possibilities.

"This is mine?" he asked quietly, in the months under Max's teaching he had became much bolder, almost the punk who would form his pack. . . but not quite.

Max smiled and nodded. "Yes, do you like it?"

David smiled making his baby face look even more innocent for an instant. "Thank you."

He spun around slowly mind already turning over the possibilities. Max stood back watching him plan.

As David wandered eyeing things he explained about the history of it, and hotel it used to be. Thrilling him.

* * * * * *

A month later he had his chair in and a few other objects including a couple gypsy canopied beds. It was huge, for one person . . .

Although that was soon to change. His solitary existence was about to be shattered with the arrival of a wounded vamp needing someone to give him strength, his soon to be second in command, and one day one of the greatest loves of his life. Soon, though he did not know it, his life would change again.

For by the end of the month, a stranded, wounded, frightened vampire would stumble into his life, with two possessions. A teddy bear and collar marked Dwayne.

The End
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