Little Bunny Foo Foo by Raeann

Summary: Sheer silliness for the Sisters Of Porn.
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Chapter 1 by Raeann

Little horny Carla sneaking in the Lost Cave
scooping up the vampies and having her way with them.
Along came the fanged fairy and said
"Little horny Carla I don't like your attitude
scooping up helpless vampies and having your way with them."
"Aw, but look at em. They're so cuuuute."
Horny Carla..."
Carla mutters under her breath.
"What was that?"
Through gritted teeth Carla reponds, "Nothing."

Then along came
Little horny Valley sneaking in the Lost Cave
helping horny Carla tie the vampies up.
Along came the fanged fairy who said
"Little Horny Valley I don't like your attitude
kidnapping helpless vampies to use in your sexcapades."
"Are you crazy? Fresh meat! Look at them! Forever young and forever gorgeous. I'm getting a woody over here."
"Valley, it's not fair to take them in the day."
So Carla and Valley pouted and plotted as the fanged fairy flew away.

Then along came
Little horny Tracy sneaking in the Lost Cave
spying her precious David and stripping off his clothes.
And along came the fanged fairy and said
"Little horny Tracy I don't li..."
"Aw, cram Tinkerbell. I'm 28 years old and if want some, I'm getting some!"
The others stood flanking their sister. Suddenly a beuatiful dark light appeared, floating into the cave. It materialized into Happy Nana Jaye Vamp taking over the proceedings scooping up the fairy and ripping off her head.

"Now off you girls go as the Sisters of Porn. Make Nana proud. And leave the dark sexy one for me."

Then came along
Little horny Raeann skipping through the Lost Cave
seeing the commotion and wanting some of that.
"If you help us you can have some," the girls cried happily as they naked-ized the sleeping boys.
"Can you strip a sleeping body?" asked Carla.
"Can I?!" Raeann's eyes lit up as she headed over to Dwayne.
Nana cleared her throat. "Honey, he's mine."
"Oh but Nana, can't we share? He's too damn sexy to pass up. I've been after him since I was 13!"
"Well aren't you a determined little thing. All right Nana's not a glutton. We'll work out a schedule. Now hurry girls,the sun is going down."
"That's not all that'll be going down," Raeann giggled.
"Raeann, behave yourself."
"Sorry Nana." The twinkle in Nana's eyes showed her approval. As the girls worked diligently, in came
Little horny Michaela skipping through the Lost Cave
bopping over to Dwayne and running a hand up his thigh.
"Is there room for one more?" And as she asked, more dirty little birdies appeared in the entrance, some rubbing their sore heads after bumping them on the cave entrance.
"Where's Paul?" screamed Lola. "I want him NOW!"
"I want in too!" cried Frosting.
"Marko! Marko! Marko!" hollered Donna in an Animal-like frenzy.
And as the sun sets on the Lost Cave, the boys wake to find themselves tied and naked as a large group of overjoyed young women lick their lips and rub their hands together.

"Uh, boys?" David looked around. "When did this happen?"
The girls surrounded them, choosing their favorites, sometimes swapping, everyone full of happiness (and other fun stuff).

Very happy Lost Girls resting in the Lost Cave
anticipating nightfall when the fun begins again.

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