A Red Lily in a Field of White Ones by PaulsBabe1579

Summary: When Lily McGeorge, a lone vampire that killed her head, moves to Santa Carla, Marko becomes attracted to her and the boys want her to be a part of the pack and she falls ends up with one of the boys. (A story where she kills the Frog Brothers and Star).
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Chapter 1 Meeting, Greeting and Laughing by PaulsBabe1579

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer- I obviously don't own The Lost Boys ;)
I was driving down the road on my bike. When I heard people having a good night out on a board walk. Not surprising really since that's what people do on a board walk.... They have fun.
I decided to stop by and find something to eat, to sustain my hunger. I was Hungry for blood.
I had made it to the board walk and was walking around when I froze. Vampires live here... I haven't seen another Vampire since I killed my head the day after i drank blood. What? He wanted me to be his mate and all I wanted was to kill him. Instincts over..... Some old ass guy, who looked like a stoner from the 60's.
I heard a few cat calls as I was scoping out some food. Which was weird since I was dressed in my usual clothes. Black leather knee high heeled boots, Black skinny jeans, An AC/DC band t-shirt that was ripped off at the ribs leaving the AC/DC on the chest and my black leather jacket. My pale blonde hair was in it's usual loose curls down my back and i had thick eye liner and ruby red lips.
Not hot. Just Rock.
I walked past some surf nazis and they started calling out to me.
"HEY BABE!!" One called, "How's about you stop at my place to night and we'll ave a banging time?" He shouted.
I stopped and turned. "No thanks, I'd rather jump off a cliff." I had a snide snip to my voice. This apparently made him angry.
"Oh ya want some BITCH!? HUH? YA WANT SOME OF THIS!?"
"Ummm, I think I just told you I wont sleep with you so I'll go and let you get on with your petty existence."
I heard laughter and we both turned to see a group of boys on bikes, laughing their asses off. I smelt the air and could instantly tell that they were the vampires that lived here. I liked them already. Especially the one with curly hair that looks like he has the smile of the Cheshire cat . He had this vibe that came off him that I can't place. The platinum blonde obviously could tell I was a vampire and since he knew the others knew.
"I'll see you later tonight. I'll find you and it wont be pretty!" He said, in a threatening tone that meant he was planning on raping me and then killing me. I just laughed. It was funny seeing his face go purple.
"What? Like your face? I'm not scared of you so why don't you bring it? come on hit me! Or are you too weak?" I shouted to him. I wanted to humiliate him in front of everyone.
"Ya sure babe? We both know I 'm gunna win! I mean come on! your a chick!" He started to laugh at me.
"Oh so you wont fight then? I guess that means your a chicken!" I spoke in an airy tone with a sigh at the end.
His face went red, then purple. He swung a punch at me, and I easily dodged and dropped back on my hands and kicked my legs on the side of his right knee and he fell on the floor. I jumped up and put my foot on his stomach digging in my heel.
As I left the guy on the floor, winded, I heard more laughter coming from the group of vampires.
"So your new in town? What's your name?" Platinum asked.
"Lily. What about you?" I asked back to be polite.
"I'm David."
"Dwayne" The dark haired one replied shortly.
"Hey, I'm Paul." The one who looked like twisted sister replied. I instantly liked him. He was cute, like a baby brother cute.
"And I'm Marko." Curly boy said. I liked him. I don't know why but I did. I felt this pull towards my chest. It was weird.
"Nice to meet you." I smiled friendly, which Marko returned.
"Are you staying long?" David spoke with darkness in his voice.
"Probably, if it's all right with the residents" I said hinting towards our Vampire-ness.
He smirked at me. "We'll need to ask our head but okay with me and my boys."
"You still have a Head? So it was just me who kills their own head.... Damn that sucks." I whispered the last part.
"You killed your head?!" Marko laughed.
"Well yeah. He was some old as ass guy who wanted me to be their mate and I didn't want his old man hands on me! And anyway.... He didn't call to me and also he looked like a stoner from the 60's!"
"Valid reason." Marko casualy said.
"We could go see Max tomorrow, you can stay with us tonight." David spoke with a calm voice. " We need to pick Star and Laddie up first before we eat though."
I nodded my head in agreement. " I'll go get my bike, cya soon." I turned and left to go get my bike.
When I met up with them, I could tell that the girl was a half-ling because she looked it and the boy was because, well, he was a little kid.
Star sneered at me, with hate in her eyes.
"Why's she here?" Her voice held venom in it and I couldn't help but smirk at her.
"Well Chica, I need a place to crash and these fine fella's offered me one. Ain't that sweet?" The boy's could tell I was toying with her. It worked since her glare deepened. "Oh honey don't glare. It'll give you wrinkles." I spoke with a condescending tone.
"Star just leave her alone." David sighed. And with that we left the board walk and were speeding down the beach.
When we arrived at the cave, I was in shock. It was the most amazing place ever. It was different. I liked different.
We were sharing some funny stories, when Star cut me off.
"He turned around and his eyes grew wide, like the size of dinner plates then h-"
"Oh please. Know one wants to hear about a time when you ate a guy." Star huffed.
"Okay little miss gypsy, if you say so." I had a little baby voice on, and made the guys laugh. Even Laddie was smiling.
"David are you just going to let her talk to me like that?" She snapped at David.
"Hey leave him out'a this, your just jealous of my hair." I said to her.
Marko looked at my hair, then at Star's, then he got up, walked over to Star, and touched her hair, walked back over to me and touched my hair and smelt it.
"Mmmhhhhmmm. I think she IS jealous of your hair. Damn girl! I bet even Paul's Jealous!" Marko laughed.
I started laughing so hard, that I had to lean on Marko for support.
"Everyone's jealous of my hair!" I laugh shouted.
The night was spent like that, joking around with the guys and flirting with Marko, he was sooooo cute and adorable.
I went to bed that night hanging from a metal pole in the ceiling with the boys.
End Notes:
I changed it to Marko.... I don't know why but I did
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