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Reviews For Lost Boys Drabbles
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Reviewer: Weirdly insane Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 08 Dec 2010 5:59 pm Title: Drabbles


*Growls quietly* Why has nobody reviewed this? Grrrr.... come on, if people are going to read this, can't they at least spend a minute to leave a review.

How do I know this didn't take you ages to write. It's politness to leave a review if you've spent ages writing it for the pleasure of us readers. Even if you hadn't, I would have still reviewed it either way.

Tsk, tsk, rude people.

Moving on...

Cracking work here. I love one-shots, drabbes, anything like this. Origninal, different, and unique. It gets boring to read pairings with OC's, they're all the same. *sigh* They litter FF.

So now I go for one-shots that have never been done, like this.

This is sometihng new I've come across and I love it.

The line from David- when he said WTF man- just cracked me up. I don't know why. I coud see David saying that with a curled up lip and a glower.

Oh, god, I'm laughing again just thinking of that.

The detail and descriptions were excellent. This was done at a smooth and steady pace. It was a joy to read. Well done.

Next time, if you write again, I'll leave a longer review. :-)



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