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Reviews For Once a Vampire, Always
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Reviewer: redeyedcat Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10 Feb 2010 3:06 pm Title: One a Vampire, Always


I only briefly know about "Underworld" but enough to know about the mysterious figure of Selene, who you have written perfectly and inserted into this universe with effortless flair.

So much is happening in this fic regarding Star; some many aspects of her conflicted emotions, but only told and interwoven skillfully into the subtext of the prose and text; giving it an awareness and poignancy that is captivating.
"She is riding the carousel again and David is there, reaching for her with his gloved hands, leather on her arm, bruises under her flesh, and his mouth and his blood and the way his coat moves against her legs as if it is alive."

A threatening image that chilled me. You've written this with a real feeling of foreboding, of danger and paranioa, but is it real or a case of Star's own mental state?
You've made Star seem small, normal, pained in this fic, where everything moves around her, and the way she reacts determines her own destiny.

"She’s a shadow, an oil slick, the feathers of a dead raven – things which are not supposed to be so enticing, but Star cannot look away."
Lovely description and character observation to create otherness...making the macarbe beautiful.

You've explored Star's sheer vunerablity in this universe with great insight. She lives in a world without vampires, yet the irony is they haunt her every waking moment, however unknowingly; one cannot experience what she experienced and come away unscathed. Bittersweet, painful, and sad, for she is lonely....but jubilant and hopeful near the end, as Star discovers a new purpose for herself.

An original, interesting, affecting and brilliant gem of a story.

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