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Reviews For In the Memory (Sunshine, Salt, and Sand)
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Reviewer: redeyedcat Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Feb 2010 7:41 am Title: In the Memory (Sunshine, Salt, and Sand)

(I'll stop now, I swear.)

Hm. Well, a more bitter ending for Star, considering Michael's presence as well as Maria's. You bought the struggles, the conflicted emotions to life though your well written, observant, simple prose. I absloutely adored the last paragraph; the ongoing beauty of their interaction, and then the crunching declarative at the end, bringing it once more to a subtly haunting climax.

You've crafted a universe set in realism (despite the presence of vampires XD) exceeding well, and added realistic consquences all around. Again, fab work.

Author's Response: Oh, dude, you absolutely don't have to stop. I'm pleased to find someone else who is a fan of Star!rnrnI kinda don't have words left; the awesomeness of this review has stolen them from me. Thank you so much!rnrnOne of the reasons I like writing LB fanfic is the way it allows writers to explore a realistic world as well as a supernatural one. In some ways, the vampires could be only an allegory for the dangers of love and teen rebellion, etc., so I think twisting my writing to try to capture that balance between treating the vampires as real and treating them as this story which captures the very real dangers of the world, especially when you're not the majority sexuality or religion or whatever.rnrnI'm so glad you're enjoying my Star stories! I have another in proress that I hope to finish soon.

Reviewer: PythonPrincess Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Jan 2008 7:13 am Title: In the Memory (Sunshine, Salt, and Sand)

Very interesting spin. I always wondered why I got the idea Star and David were never involved...
Nicely written!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I really enjoy writing Star/Maria, so I'm glad to know you like it.

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