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Keeping the Heart by Keya [PG-13]
A new evil has marked Cassandra as his own, bringing out aspects of her past, which in turn effects Marko, and the Pack as a whole. This story is set in Carla's The Protector Series universe. The Heart Series Story Three
[The Protector Series] None
Genres: General, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: None
Series: The Protector Series: Other Authors' Stories, The Heart Series
PG-13 • Completed: No • 4 chapter(s) • Published: 22 Jan 2005 • Updated: 22 Jan 2005 • Word Count: 2538 • Read Count: 7795 • Reviews: 0 • [Report This]

When Lindsay Emerson got attacked surf nazis while waiting for friends, she resorts to jumping off Hudson's Bluff to end the suffering.

But she was stopped by "them."

They nurse her back to health, only to give her the blood.
She starves herself. She didn't want to be a killer.
But a certain curly haired blonde saved her.

And she falls for him. Hard.
[Lost Boys] OC: Female
Genres: Drama
Pairing(s): Marko/Original Character
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: No • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 14 Aug 2012 • Updated: 15 Aug 2012 • Word Count: 404 • Read Count: 1322 • Reviews: 1 • [Report This]

''Cat' finds something interesting on the way to visit some Friends and decides to step in...' Takes place shortly after the Movie.
[Lost Boys] Alan Frog, David, Dwayne, Edgar Frog, Marko, OC: Female, Paul
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Pairing(s): David/Original Character, Dwayne/Original Character, Marko/Original Character, Paul/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes, Blood play, Character Death, Heavy Violence, Mild Violence, Other potentially disturbing content, Smut (graphic sex scenes)
Series: None
R • Completed: No • 3 chapter(s) • Published: 29 Jan 2007 • Updated: 08 Sep 2007 • Word Count: 21560 • Read Count: 4068 • Reviews: 4 • [Report This]

Knowing by Black Raven [PG-13] starstarstarstarstar
She knows....

Dwayne reflects on love, on lust, on darkness and forgetting.
[Dwayne] Dwayne
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, General
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Adult Themes, Other potentially disturbing content
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: Yes • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 06 Dec 2007 • Updated: 06 Dec 2007 • Word Count: 780 • Read Count: 15817 • Reviews: 4 • [Report This]